The Promise of the Future-GSR RP

His lips lightly grazed Heather's as she leaned forward. Grissom's mind screamed for him to stop, and before he knew it--he had slowly pulled away from her. "I don't know what I was thinking. THIS...," he stopped as he emphasized the word THIS with his hands as he referred to them. "Is so easy. Sara isn't! I don't know where to begin when it comes to her. I feel so off balance, and I lose my breath when I think about her...or US. It's a big be with her. I could literally be giving up everything I worked so hard to accomplish--just to be with her." He slowly walked around in a circle before he ended up in the same spot as he stared at Lady Heather.

"I'm sorry for I gave you the wrong impression. I came here to ONLY talk...I really need your advice. Is it worth everything that I could possibly loose?"
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So after Greg sat holding Sara for a few moments, he decided he'd go try and call someone to talk to with out letting Sara know. So he stood up and smiled as he said, "I'm going to go get some ice tea, you want some?"

So he left into the kitchen and pulled out his cell phone.
He thought about calling his best bud Nick, but changed his mind. All he wanted to really do was help Sara, so he dialed Grissom's number again. He didn't answer once more, but Greg decided to leave a friendly message this time.
"Grissom, please come back over here, Sara is still really upset, and she doesn't really need me anymore, I can tell she SO please, I'm sorry if you're mad at me, I will leave, but Sara needs you, so please come back."
Greg hung the phone up and thought to himself, had he just made matters worse betwine Grissom and Sara, or had he completely ruined everything.....
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Sara shook with the new found tears the slid down her cheeks. When greg stood up she felt a blast of cold air, a loss, like her life, the empty hole in the pit of her stomach returned. She shook harder now. "I'm going to go get some ice tea, you want some?" Greg asked. She shook her head and he walked into the kitchen. she heard him talking to someone,and a name, a name she absolutly loved to hear...Grissom. She lifted her head to see if she could hear anything but it was silence for a while. Her mind went to Grissom, her tears came slower now. She could feel herself calming down, just from the thought of him.
Grissom stared at Lady Heather, and wondered what the hell he was doing as his cell phone beeped indicating he had a message. "Sorry...I should have never Take care of yourself," and with that Grissom ran to his Denali. the thought of screwing up what could have been was almost too much to bear. He didn't need Heather to tell him what to choose in life. It was likely he could have both...Sara and his job. If not, he'd cross that bridge when the time came.

He sped back to her house as he listened to Greg's message, and he knew then that he was needed. He quickly dialed Sara's number as his heart beated wildly in his chest. He was not expecting her to pick up, but to his surprise she did. "Sara...I'm an idiot. I'm Grissom. I do things that don't make sense because...well I don't know why I do it," he started from the first moment he heard her sweet voice on the other end of the phone. He took a deep breath and realized she remained quiet. "Say something...anything. Just let me know that I didn't screw this up. Please."
"I suppose it's a question of which is more important to you...Sara or your job" Heather replied. But that was all she had time for because Grissom quickly ran off. She guessed he'd answered the question himself, and just hoped he made the right choice.

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Sara heared her phone vibrate. She considered not answering but Greg tossed it to her. She snarled at him and picked up the phone. "Sidle" she growled into her phone. Once she heared Grissoms voice on the other side, she perked up. "Say something...anything. Just let me know that I didn't screw this up. Please." he pleaded. "Grissom, come over." she said softly and hung up. She ran to a mirror and brushed her self to a somewhat decent look.
"Grissom, come over," was all he heard before he heard a dead dial tone. He looked at his phone in confusion. He shook his head as a small smile formed on his lips. That was just like Sara to hang up without giving either of them a chance to say bye. She always had to have the last word which usually landed her into a leap of trouble. Like the time she rebuffed Catherine in the hallway at work and got caught by Ecklie. Sara was known for her short fuse.

He was brought out of his thoughts as he parked his Denali once again in a parking spot at Sara's apartment complex. He jumped out of his vehicle, and saw her standing from a small distance. She looked so fragile as she remaining standing as her body started to shake from her sobs. Before he knew it, he was holding her in his arms. "Sara...I'm here. I'm so sorry. I acted so selfishly," he continued on as he rubbed her back. "Baby, I'm so sorry."

He pulled back a moment as the desire swelled inside him. He put his hand under her chin, and his blue orbs met her shaky brown ones. "I'm sorry," he whispered as his eyes roamed her face and fell to her small lips and settled there. He could not control his emotions as he leaned in, and ever so delicately sought her sulky lips.
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