The Promise of the Future-GSR RP

"I sure hope Catherine hasn't heard this..." Grissom said, stressing out suddenly. Sara plopped back down on the couch with her mouth ajar. Had this been what Catherine had left about? "What if she has heared" Sara pulled her knees up to her chest,Catherine wasn't one of her favorite people, but she still cared that she was there. After Cath had found out that Hank was cheating on her, she took Sara out for a beer, 'I have to be there for her.'she thought to herself. Sara leaned her head on her knees. What was cath going to do? She watched Grissom standing in front of her. "How come everything goes wrong for me?" She whispered fighting back a few frusterated tears.
"Sara... However Catherine decides to handle the media is her sole decision," he whispered as he sat down next to her. "This is not your fault. She's smart and can definately fend for herself."
***alright...I'm posting again as Catherine...I'm playing her until anyone decides they are interested.***

She pulled her vehicle to a harsh stop outside the Highball Bar, and noticed that it seemed a bit full for this early at night. Usually by this time, only a few regulars were hanging out, but then again it was football season. Opening the door to the bar, she bypassed the bouncer and took a seat at the bar.

"What can I get ya?"

"A gin and tonic, but make it a double," Catherine spouted at the bar tender.

"A double huh? Coming right up."

She looked up at the television and was grateful that in fact a football game was airing instead of the gossipy news. How did her life suddenly get dragged down to mere nothingness. She smiled at the bar tender as he set her drink in front of her, and she downed in one gulp as her mind heedlessly thought about what this could all mean for her. This was a nasty mess, and if Ecklie hadn't gotten wind over this it would only be a matter of time. Her job could easily be on the line because her past life was leaving a dingy after affect on the LVPD.

"Another one please."

The bar tender looked at her with a raised eyebrow as he poured her another drink.

"What?" Catherine asked as she made herself more comfortable on the bar stool.

"It's just been a long time since I've seen a woman down liquor like that."

"Then don't watch me. Look, if I need to get a cab at the end of the night... I will."

"Who shit on your day?" The bartender chuckled as he slid the drink in front of her.

"Who didn't... is more like the question. It's just been a long day."

"Call me Buzz," the bartender whispered as he wiped at the counter in front of Catherine. "I will have your next drink ready before you finish this one."

"Thanks," Catherine mumbled as she noticed a woman staring at her. She just chalked it up to someone recognizing her from the news, and did her best not to start a fight. Sitting back in her chair, she noticed a man a few chairs down from her ogling at her. She looked away as the woman moved to a table closer to where Catherine was sitting.

"You drinking alone?" She jumped momentarily as she felt a finger trace down her arm. It seemed everyone was playing musical chairs tonight because the guy that she noticed before was now sitting right next to her.

"What's it to you?"

His eyes moved to her lips as his hand moved bolder, and his fingers left circled marks on her thigh. "If you drink with me, me and my buds can show you a really... really good time."

Catherine chuckled at his come on, and motioned the bar tender for another drink. "I don't need you or your buddies to have a really good time. I'm very capable of that on my own."

"Tom... you've managed to piss the lady off already," came a light jovial voice from behind her. Whirling around in her stool, an older grayed hair man stood in front of her. "I'm Franklin, and this here is Tom. I hope he's not bothering you too much."

Catherine looked between the two men as she sipped on her drink. What the hell was going on she found herself wondering? But she decided to play along. "Tom seems a few too many gone, and you seem to be trailing right behind him!"

Franklin chuckled as he took a seat next to her. "Sounds to me that someone just needs to catch up! My friend Jim, whose over there needs to catch up himself. Why don't you join us?"

Catherine looked over at the table he gestered at, and his friend Jim looked a bit uncomfortable as he sloshed his straw around in his drink. He didn't really match his two other friends that were dressed in business suits minus their jackets. Jim had on a pair of blue jeans with a plaid polo shirt, and his loafer shoes seemed like they had been through many miles. "What the hell," she whispered as she sighed hard, and picked up her drink.

They bypassed the table that the woman was sitting at, and Catherine could not help but feel as though she was being watched.
***This is from the POV of the lady Catherine saw in the bar (Jenny)***

The blonde walked into the bar. She briskly walked to the counter and took a seat."A gin and tonic, but make it a double," she had said, she sounded agrivated. 'how do I know her?' Jenny asked herself. She watched the blonde women down her beverage then get another. SaraShe thought. She had known Sara for quite a while from the Vege bar. She had seen this blonde before, maybe when she brought Sara something. What was her name. Carrie? no. Her head started to pound she was thinking so hard. She moved a seat closer, maybe she could talk to her for a minute. A man walked up to "carrie". "You drinking alone?" he asked her. his hand traced down her arm. 'she's had enough to drink' Jenny carefully followed catherine with her eyes over to the mens table. she whitnessed the blonde kissing one of the men then lauging.

Jenny whipped out her phone and dialed Sara's number. "Sara? Its Jenny. I need you to come to the High Ball, ASAP! Your blondy is here, frolicking with men" She said and hung up. Hoping Sara would come pick her up before the men were able to "Catherine" She said just remembering her name.
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*** Sara***
"This is not your fault. She's smart and can definately fend for herself." GRissom comferted her as he sat next to her. She leaned onto him, her tears dissapearing. "Alright, I try not to worry about her anymore" She couldn't resist Grissoms way of calming, it was almost like hypnosis. Her phone vibrated on the side table. She leaned over, the caller ID read Jenny. "Hmm, what could she want now?" SHe mumbled. "Hello?"
"Sara? Its Jenny. I need you to come to the High Ball, ASAP! Your blondy is here, frolicking with men"
"What! Wait, explain again" Sara said to the click of Jennys phone. "Shit" She mumbled as she jumped up to get her keys. "Catherine's in trouble" She said quickly, almost sluring her words.
"Shit" Grissom suddenly looked up as Sara muttered the word as she closed her cell phone. He quickly stood as he witnessed her quickly scrambling for her keys in her purse. "Catherine's in trouble." He heard her quickly add as she looked down briefly before she walked purposely to the door.

Caught off guard by her sudden reaction, Grissom scrambled after her. “Wait… Sara, do you want me to go with you?”
“Wait… Sara, do you want me to go with you?” Grissom said quickly. "I think its best you stay here" She called over her shoulder. She jumped into her car and fumbled for the ignition. "Start"She muttered to the car as she turned the resisting key, only to realize it was the wrong key. She fixed that and backed out of the drive way. "Cath, what did you get yourself into now?" She whispered to herself as if Catherine was there. She was racing as fast as she could down the highway to the bar. "Highball,Highball" she repeated to herself.
A night out was exactly what Catherine wanted, and sitting at the table with her new found friends she couldn't help the urge but to lean in and kiss Jim lightly. “You looked like you needed a boost,” Catherine slurred as she smirked at him.

Tom sat down next to Catherine as the waitress supplied the four of them shots of Catherine wasn’t to sure what it consisted of. Not to mention by now she had totally lost count. “Bring another round will ya,” Franklin asked as he handed her a 50 dollar bill. Catherine stared ahead as her body seemed to suddenly feel overwhelmingly heavy. Resting back in her chair, she barely managed to keep the shot that happened to be tequila down. Closely her eyes slightly, her world was slowly starting to spin. Truth was she had lost her tolerance of alcohol a long time ago. Vaguely feeling a hand resting on her shoulder, she found herself whispering incoherently to Franklin. He grinned at her as his friends broke out in laughter. “Tom be a gentleman and go get her a water,” Franklin whispered before a drunken Tom headed off to the bar.

By the time Tom returned, the next round of shots were waiting on the table. Roughly taking a seat in his chair, Tom nearly tipped Catherine over in hers. The whole table erupted into a fit of giggles as they toasted to their next quick drink. Slumped forward, Catherine aimlessly grabbed at her straw and took a long sip of water. Nearly spitting it back up, her eyes welled up as she swallowed the harsh liquid. Rubbing at her head, she witnessed Franklin as he smelled her drink. “What the heck Tom, you got her straight Vodka?”

Tom burst into a fit of laughter as he slammed his hand down on the table. “It was just a joke,” he slurred.

Franklin’s face sobered as he stared at Catherine. “She can’t even sit up straight, and you thought this would be funny?” Franklin scoffed at his friend as he closed the tab. The men stood up suddenly, and Catherine started to see double as she tried to stand. Falling over, Jim helped steady her as Franklin rounded upon her other side. Catherine’s feet slowly shuffled towards the bar when the bar tender hollered at them. “You want me to call her a cab?”

“It’s okay, we will take her home.”

Catherine’s mind was spinning in more ways than one. Did they just say they would take her home? Nearly falling a few times in the parking lot, Franklin and Jim struggled to keep her up right as they came upon their car. “Open the door Tom,” Franklin spouted. Setting her in the back seat, Tom climbed in behind her as the other two found their seats up front. Looking back, Franklin noticed that Catherine was passed out. “Shit, try to wake her Tom.”

Tom smirked as he gently tilted her face up with one hand, and leaned in to kiss her on the mouth. In his silly drunken stupor he thought it would be funny to awaken her with a kiss. His other hand molded to the shape of her hip. The other two up front were arguing about going through Catherine’s purse to find her driver’s license, and were completing unaware of what was going on behind them.
Sara quickly pulled into the parking lot of the high ball. She looked up momentarily and looked in the window. There was Catherine sitting with 2 other men. Wait, no three, the third was bringing back a drink of some sort. Sara watched as Cathrine reached for the glass and take a sip, only to almost fall over. She watched the men arguing. she managed to read "sit up straight" "would be funny?” and "we will take her home.”
Sara was partialy out of the car ready for them. She croutched by the side door. They came out, struggling to keep the calling Catherine with them. "Woah! C'mon, pick her up!" One of them demanded as she almost fell to the ground. The man who looked a little drunk was helping this time, but maybe not the way he should have been. He was dropping random pick up lines on the half unconscious women. Sara couldn't help but snicker at the sight of that.. She picked out her cell from the middle compartement of the car. "Nick? Hey Its Sara, I uh, need some help here. we've got some drunk guys and they've got Catherine!" She whispered then hung up.
They threw Catherine into the backseat of their car. The drunk man climbed in next to her. “Shit, try to wake her Tom.” The man who seemed to be the leader of this expedition called. The man called Tom simply nodded, picked up Catherine's head and kissed her full on, His other hand on her hip. Sara's jaw dropped. Seeing one of her friends in this position was unnerving and also an excellerent for the fire that was starting to burn inside of her. All that she had been through today, and this is how her day was going to end! She stepped out from behind her car. "LVPD CSI Don't move" She called her gun raised. "Don't shoot!" The man in the drivers seat called. "What are you doing with her" She called from her spot behind the car. "Tom!" The man called. Tom was oblivious to Sara and was still trying to get it on with the unconscious Catherine. Sara caught a glimpse of the men in the front faces. Some sort of distorted look of pure horror and shock. They peered out from the front. "Take her! Take her! We were going to take her home!" The man shouted. Sara walked up to the side of the car and opened the door. "You aren't to bad looking eather" Tom said leaning over to Sara. She crinkled her nose in disgust. "Please, step out of the car" She said firmly. "You can't make me!"
"Yes, I can. I'm a cop" She stated stepping back. "A cop!" He shouted and then got frightened "A cop! A cop!" He shouted as he stumbled out of the car. He kept running. Sara just watched him run but after several yards he tripped over his feet and did a face plant in the parking lot. Still screaming all the while. Sara smirked then turned to the others. "Go help your friend" She said jerking her thumb in his direction. She leaned into the car and helped Catherine out. She put Catherine's arm around her shoulders and stumbled with her to Sara's car. "C'mon Cath!" She called. She sat Catherine on the passenger seat of her Tahoe. "wake up" She shouted as she splashed water on CAtherine's face, which sent Catherine gasping for air. "Still tipsy?" She asked a little agrivated.
Feeling something cold being splashed on her face, Catherine gasped as her eyes fluttered open. She heard a familiar voice, but was having a hard time pieces everything together as she saw what appeared to be a few blurry Sara's. Thinking she was hallucinating, she gently rubbed the liquid that was trickling down her face as she tried to sit more up right. "Sara?" She questioned disbelievingly as she grabbed the door frame for leverage to stand up.

Tripping over her own feet in the process, she fell down hard next to vehicle letting out a huge moan in the process. She had to be seeing things because she had no recollection that Sara came to the bar with her or ever met up with her. If she could just get to her vehicle so she could think. She needed to think because everything was a blur to her. Slightly crawling away, she shakily stood up and used the vehicle as a crutch.

"How is she," she heard someone ask as she looked up, and her whole world went unbelievably shaky as her head started to spin uncontrollably. Falling down yet again, her back made contact with the rear tire as her feet fell out in front of her. Cursing under her breath, her mind filled with thoughts of her new white shirt getting dirty. She took focus on the man standing before her, and that was when she remembered him. She had drank with him in the bar earlier. His name was Frank or wait... no it was Franklin, but she didn't feel very talkative as her stomach churned incessantly. Closing her eyes to help keep the nausea at bay, Catherine listened briefly to him whispering to someone before her head lulled back in a light drunken sleep.

Her light sleep didn’t last two long before she gasped out loud yet again as what felt like a bucket of water was spilled down her head getting her full body wet. Eyes ripping open, as she angrily wiped her face she noticed Franklin was holding an empty half gallon of distilled water container in his hand. “I’m… wet,” Catherine spat as she tried to stand up. “You…drenched me in water… for what?”

“Oh…wow, man are we having a wet T-SHIRT contest in the parking lot,” slurred a drunken Tom as he bumped into Sara as he ogled over Catherine’s shirt which was clinging to her skin. “Not bad…not bad at all.”

Wrapping her arms over her chest, Catherine glared at everyone standing in front of her as droplets of water continued to fall from the ends of her hair onto her shirt. Now she was a drunken angry woman.

“Well…whose next,” Tom asked with a big grin as he looked at Sara. “I can get more water?”
She picked out her cell from the middle compartement of the car. "Nick? Hey Its Sara, I uh, need some help here. we've got some drunk guys and they've got Catherine!" She whispered then hung up.

The minute Nick heard those words, he pressed his foot to the gas and floored it, a million thoughts raced into his mind, he could only hope nothing would happen and he'd get there on time.

He had a bad feeling all day and he was really hoping that it wasn't this.

He pulled into the parking lot and ran to look for Catherine and Sara.

Being a man, he was really turned on to see Catherine all wet, but he put that aside, Nick walked up to them, "Hey, you okay?" he got close to Catherine and leaned down to look into her eyes, hoping to connect with her and hear her say she was okay, "Cat?"
Grissom dialed Sara's cell phone number when nearly two hours had already passed. What was taking her so long? He got increasingly worried when her cell phone only rang twice before he heard her sweet voice as her voice mail picked up. He thought long and hard about where she had headed off to, and wasn't sure it it was the Highball Bar, but he didn't care as he grabbed his keys, and shut her apartment door behind her. He wished he had a key so he could lock it up, but his thoughts went elsewhere as he ran down the stairs and headed to his car.

Jumping behind the wheel, he reversed in a frenzy before shoving it into drive as he fishtailed out of her parking lot. He dialed her yet again, only to get her voice mail once again. "'s Grissom. Where are you? Is everything alright? Call me...," and with that he flipped his phone shut as he sped towards the Highball Bar.