The Promise of the Future-GSR RP

After Greg got done talking to Warrick he shut his phone and stood up from the couch. He started walking down the hall, and he realized he stepped on a very creaky board. He froze in spot hoping he didn't wake Sara. But after a second he took a deep breath in releave and kept walking down the hall. He went into the bathroom and just sat in there because he was too lazy to get up as he was thinking about things. Then once he did he walked around the corner and saw Sara's bedroom out of the corner of his eye. He walked over to the dor to pull it to, but then as Sara was laying there sleeping it kept Greg staring at her for a while.

He was thinking how beautiful she really was, and how much pain she must have really been in, so he slowly walked into her room hoping not to wake her. Then he sat down on the edge of her bed. He wasnt sure what was happening, but he found himself put his hand gently on her forehead pushing her hair back away fromn her closed eyes. Then from out of npo where she kept her eyes closed as she slowly moved her hand up on top of his......
Sara was hardly back asleep when she felt Greg sit down on the edge of her bed. She kept her eyes closed. She felt him pull her hair back. She tried hard not to keep from smiling. She slowly moved her hand to his. "I'm not asleep yet" she said softly. Her eyes fluttered open "and now I won't be for a while" she laughed. Sara turned onto her side from her back, realizing she was probably giving him a peep show, she turned back onto her back. "I though you were leaving" SHe said and turned her head towards him.
Greg didn't really know what to say, feeling sort of stupid thinking Sara was actually asleep in just that short amount of time. Then he heard her say as she looked at him, "I thought you were leaving?"
Greg started to sweat from head to toe not knowing what to say, but then he thought he'd at least try and spit some words out, not knowing that was what he was actually going to do, spit!
"Well, I um, wasn't sure, what you really wanted me to do. I am, um, sorry........."

Sara wiped the side of her face off, and then Greg started to sink in his spot, but then as she started to laugh at him he sat back up and said, "Hey, that's not funny."
But at the same time he was laughing. The he found himself kindly pushing Sara to where he was now in the same position she was on the bed, again just staring into her beautiful eyes.....
"Well, I um, wasn't sure, what you really wanted me to do. I am, um, sorry........."

Sara felt the spit pelt her face. She s crunched her face up in disgust. She whiped it off and laughed. "Hey, that's not funny." He said, but he was laughing to. He pushed her so that he was almost laying next to her. She felt his soft gaze into her eyes. She turned her head to break his gaze. "Its fine you stayed" she said turning her head back to him.
He sat contemplating in his over sized chair for what seemed like hours. Why was life so difficult he found himself wondering as he picked up his cell phone. Grissom's mind was centered around only one thing...Sara. The way she felt as he held her, the way the corners of her mouth fluttered upward in a flirting smile, and the way the tears fell beautifully down her flushed cheeks. There was no denying how he felt about her because he felt lost without her. Starring at the phone it was almost as if he was beconing her to call him. He sighed as his hand quickly flipped his cell opened, and he dialed her number. His heart seemed to drop when it went straight to Sara's voicemail.

He stood firmly before he grabbed his coat, and stalked to the door. He needed to see her. More importantly he needed to tell her.
Greg just sat there looking into her eyes lost n the sparkling beauty. He knew she still must feel so bad about what happened to her brother, he just didn't know what to say. Everytime he was about to say something, something else stopped him, and he didn't know what it was. He sat back up all the way, but then Sara stopped him. He just stared at her, and waited.........
When Greg started to sit up, Sara grabbed his wrist so he couldn't sit up much more. "Don't go" she whispered after a while. She knew she sounded like a baby. She couldn't help it though. She couldn't face the world on her own right now. She gave him a forced puppy face.
It seemed he hit every red light, and the moment the traffic started to move a bit faster the flow came to a sudden stop. He cursed under his breath as he hit redial on his phone, and once again got Sara's voicemail. He thought about turning on his siren, but that was not his style--to break the law to get to where he desperatly wanted.
After Sara looked up at him and stopped him as she said, "Don't Go."
Greg felt something jolt inside his body, more or less his heart. So he layed back down, now all the way next to Sara and just stared at her, and then finally they both started blinking steadily, and finally...... They both just fell asleep.
Sara was satisfied once Greg lay back down next to her. She faced Greg, she yawned frequently. She closed her eyes, vowing not to fall asleep but she did against her will.

"SARA!!" SHe heard someone scream her name. "SARA!! RUN!" It was Stephan. They were where he died. She couldn't move. A man in a car came barraling down the road shooting at them. She watched the bullet hit Stephan and watched him fall.She felt the ground open and she was falling "Stephan" she heard herself scream. SHe landed in her room from all those years ago. She could hear her mothers screams closely followed by her fathers rageing screams. She covered her ears trying to block out the sounds. Stephan ran in and sat with her. Comferting her, Protecting her. She could hear his heart beat; fast and furious. Stephan got up and walked to the door, the floor opened again and she fell back to where she had started. She was actually with the other investigators though. She went up and tapped nick on the shoulder. "Anything yet" she asked hopefully. No response. She asked again. He just continued working. She walked right in front of his face, he didn't even look up. She walked over to Stephans body and kneeled by him. She pushed back his hair. David took notice of that "Stupid breeze" he said to himself. Sara lay over Stephan and cried. Once more the floor opened and she fell through the darkness.
Grissom jumped out of his Denali, and took the stairs to Sara's apartment two at a time. He knocked lightly on her door, and waited but still no answer. He knocked again as he looked at his wrist watch, and tried to rationalize that she was just sleeping. But, something just did not feel right as his hand twisted the silver knob of her front door, and it opened without a noise.

He stared into the abyss of her apartment unmoving as he wondered if this actually constituted trespassing. Should he really be here? All his doubts seemed to rush together now that he found his renewed courage to face Sara and tell her how he truely felt. Slowly, but surely his feet stepped into her apartment. He took a small gulp of air as he shut the door behind him. How was one suppose to admit feelings of love? Was there a process to go by? He was in fact a scientist, and he was all about processes. He sighed at his own lack of abilities to develop anything sociable. Truth was this was never his strong suit.

His thoughts were abruptly interrupted as he heard her shrill scream of 'Sara Run...' that was muffled from within her room. Her bedroom door was partially closed as he rounded upon it. "Sara...," he whispered as he pushed the door open ready to calm her. Ready to just love her through the most devastating loss that she has had to suffer through. Ready to just be there, but more importantly he was ready to be there for her forever.

He stood in shock as it seemed his eyes were playing a trick on him in the dim light as he noticed another figure lying next to her. It was Greg. He was too late...IT WAS GREG? Sara and Greg both launched forward looking guilty at being caught, and Grissom suddenly found himself feeling rather foolish. What was he thinking coming here? What exactly did he just interrupt? All eyes seemed to lock in on Grissom before he quickly found his voice. He cleared his throat as he looked away from his workers. Good Lord...this was his staff! He just made a fool of himself infront of his staff!

"Sorry...I didn't realize. Excuse me," he whispered as he made a bee-line for her front door. He wondered why his chest hurt so bad, but then realized he had forgot to breath. He yanked open her front door, and climbed just as quickly if not faster down her steps. Unlocking his vehicle door, he hastily climbed in and realized that his chest still hurt.
Sara jerked out of her dream when she heard footsteps. She was surprised to see Grissom standing in the door way. She looked at Greg who was sitting next to her, probably thinking the same thing as she was.. oh no. She watched Grissom turn on his heels after stumbling on his words and flee out the door. Sara grabbed a jacket and ran after him."Grisson come back!" She yelled. She ran to the landing outside her door and braced the railing to lean over. She saw Grissom in his car, bracing his chest. She ran down the stairs and went to the window. "Nothing happened between Greg and I!" she said,"Please come out! or let me in and we can talk about this" she pleaded.