The Promise of the Future-GSR RP

I'm willing to take on someone like Nick or Cath or Warrick if they show up but I don't think I should take Grissom; it might be too much for me to keep up properly with.
Grissom quickly walked up to Sarah and wrapped his arms around her."Sara...I'm here. I'm so sorry. I acted so selfishly,Baby, I'm so sorry."he said he rubbed her back. She dug into his chest a little more,giving her the sense of security that she needed right now. When he pulled back she tried to pull him closer but he came into kiss her. She was ,at first,startled but then she melted. She did not want to move. She sat there in his arms kissing him back, not even hearing the seconds tick by. Once he did pull away she could see that his eyes were shining.She didn't know what to say. To be angry or happy. She sat there, her expression between "umm...what the heck" and "YAY, I love you!" More on the "YAY, I love you side though"
Anyone interested in any roles for this RP? The following roles are needed!


Moving on to the RP!!!!

Grissom stared at Sara for a moment before he pulled away. "I'm sorry...I've waited to do that for so long.," his hands gestered to both of them as he continued on. "We are so complicated. I don't know where to go from here. I don't even know if this is right, but it feels right," he stopped as he bowed his head down briefly until he captured her gaze once again. "The last thing I want to do is complicate things for you further." He smiled as he ran his hand through her hair. "How are you holding up?"
Sara laughed as Grissom stumbled along his words to apologize. "I was awful for a while, but now that you are back here I am fine" She said happily. "Don't apologize. I'm fine with it" She said giving him a quick wink. Sara wrapped her arms around Grissom. She had been waiting for this for several years now. She was not going to let this pass her by.

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He gently led her back in as he sat on her couch. "I had to clear my head. This is a huge decision on my part. I needed to know I was making the right decision, and before I knew it I was in Lady Heather's driveway. That was where I went. I needed to talk to someone that would be unbiased, and set me straight," he stopped as he witnessed Sara pull away from his touch.

"Oh was nothing like that. We just talked."
Hearing Grissom talk about Lady Heather, she flinched away. SHe was never a big fan of her. "Oh was nothing like that. We just talked." He reassured her. She leaned fowared a bit. "About what? WHat is there to talk about with her" SHe added a little extra venom in the "her" She glanced over his shoulder momentarily to look out the window then back searching his eyes.
"Sara...Heather and I have always sustained a friendship throughout everything. I don't get why you would feel...threathened by her." Grissom shifted so he was facing Sara. "Why do you doubt my friendship with her? Yes...she leads a different life, but a life that I shouldn't judge."
Sara turned her head so she was facing him as he explained their friendship. "I know, I know. I just-Its just-She has never been my favorite. She does lead a different ife, a life that I don't like to much" She admitted curling up on the sofa a bit more. "I just don't understand that life style." She said turning away from him.
"Well Lady Heather is a breed of a different kind, and even though I don't necessarily agree with what she chooses as a career...I still care for her as a person." Grissom smiled momentarily as he shrugged at Sara. "I suppose I do have a soft spot at times. I just thought it was only for my bugs." He could not help but smirk at Sara as he winked at her.

"You up for a movie? I do have a rule though...nothing based loosely on true events."
Sara nodded as Grissom explained. "You up for a movie? I do have a rule though...nothing based loosely on true events." he asked. "Umm, sure. I guess I could. I mean, nothing on true events? What other movies are there? Cinderella?" She couldn't help but laugh at her own joke.
"Hey now...I'm a big fan of Peter Pan. I grew up on that story," he laughed as he ran his hand down the side of her face. "You're beautiful...I just want to spend time with" He looked away as a smile formed on his face. "Cinderella huh?"
Sara blushed looking away when he stroked her face. "Hey, it was the first movie that popped into my head" She laughed. "Thats fine with me" She raised an eyebrow with a slight smile.
Grissom laughed as Sara got up, and plopped Cinderella in the DVD machine. What was it with women and that movie? A classic tale of a beautiful damsel in distress rescued by her prince seemed to melt every woman's heart. He could not help but think Sara needed to be rescued as she plopped on the couch next to him with a slight smirk on her face. He wanted to just kiss her senseless, but knew that was last thing she needed. She was broken and fragile, and he wanted more than anything to just help her find the pieces and put them back together. "So I guess I'm supposed to stay awake for this whole movie?" Grissom joked as he ran a hand through her soft silky brown hair.