The Promise of the Future-GSR RP

Sara stared down at the strawberry blonde as she gasped for air."Sara?" she asked trying to stand up. Sara rushed to her side to help her up. of course she fell before Sara could help her. "YA, Its me" She said worried."How is she," a man asked. "Whats your name" Sara asked quickly. "Franklin. Is she ok, my and my pals were just -" he started but Sara cut him off."You were just what?"
"Taking her to her house"
"Why? Why would you care about her?"
"Listen, She was wasted like Tom in the backseat there. I had no ideas for her what so ever! Ya gotta listen to me lady" He pleaded. Sara rolled her eyes and turned back to Catherine who had passed out.

Franklin rushed to her car and grabbed her 1/2 gallon jug of water. "what are you doing!" Sara screamed as she dove for the jug. "Making my self useful" He spat back. "No, don't do-" He did it. He poured all the water on Catherine soaking her through. Her blood shot eyes burst open.“I’m… wet,” Catherine screached as she clumsily tried to stand up. “You…drenched me in water… for what?”

“Oh…wow, man are we having a wet T-SHIRT contest in the parking lot,” slurred the man Sara took as Tom. She spun around to give him the evil eye as he pushed Sara to the side to stare at what he could see through Catherine's white top.“Not bad…not bad at all.” She wrapped her arms over her chest. Nick pulled into the highball parking lot. "Catherine!" He called as he ran to her side. "Cat?"

“Well…whose next,” Tom asked with a big grin as he looked at Sara. “I can get more water?” Sara rolled her eyes. "Keep him in the car" Sara said to Franklin who escorted Tom to the car. She was walking to the back of her car to get Catherine a fresh tee shirt when she saw another car pull in. It was Grissom. She threw the Tee Shirt at Catherine. "Change into this and chat with Nick for a sec, Kay?" She called walking backwards. She stopped mid parking lot and flopped to the ground in a sigh. To much had happened in one day. Her legs just gave up on her.
*** Okay since I'm Roleplaying for both Grissom and Catherine at the moment...I have included both of their responses in this post, and it is separated with this ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.*** I hope everyone enjoys it!

Catherine watched as the shirt landed on her soaked lap as she looked up into Nick’s dark questioning gaze. “I’m all wet,” she answered his question laced with concern for her as she handed him the shirt that Sara tossed at her. Gripping the side of the car, she managed to stand up as her stomach roared back to life. “Not good,” she managed before she covered her mouth and roughly shoved passed Nick on unsteady legs before kneeling in the grass. Then it came up, the over amount of liquor she had for the night sent her body into angry shakes as she up heaved her contents.

She felt as Nick quickly pulled her wet hair back as she continued to dry heave. Once the heaving stopped; her body broke out in a clammy sweat, and her body soon was covered in tiny goose bumps from her clothes being all damp. Walking on unsteady feet back to Sara’s opened vehicle, she quickly looked around before her eyes met Nick’s. “Stand in front of me will you? I need to change out of this shirt.” She heard a muffled yes of some sort from Nick as he turned his back to her.

Yanking the obnoxiously wet shirt over her head, she quickly wiped her face with it before she threw it on the ground. Looking around, she realized Nick was holding the fairly dry shirt that Sara had given her earlier. She gently pulled the shirt from his hand, and pulled the shirt over her head and she swore she caught a glimpse of Nick’s face instead of the back of his head briefly. “I’m changed,” she whispered as she eased herself on the seat with her legs spilling out of the opened door frame. Half drunk and half sober, part of her was afraid to look at Nick. There was no telling what he was thinking of her after witnessing her up-chucking skills, and not to mention the latest press release of her exotic past. She had a rough past mixed with stripping, drug use, one night stands that she had never really discussed with him. She wasn’t proud of what she had been, and now that it was just out in the open for the whole world to view she felt incredibly vulnerable.

Closing her eyes in mortification, she tried to think past that as her eyebrows furrowed in deep confusion. “Nicky… why are you and Sara here? I don’t remember calling either of you? Did I call you guys? I remember drinking, and I kissed one of them,” she stopped as she covered her face with her hands. “Oh God… I kissed one of them in the bar and that’s all I remember…until I saw Sara’s blurry face before me when I was outside. Did Sara pull me out of the bar?”


Grissom pulled to a stop as he got out of his vehicle. He saw Sara as she fell in the parking lot, and he immediately ran to her. “Sara? Hey are you alright? He asked as cupped her chin in his hand. She seemed more annoyed with herself as she stood up again.

When Sara stood, that was when Catherine caught his attention. “What the hell is going on?” Grissom asked as he quickly looked away from Catherine as she took off her shirt, and seemed lost until she found the one that Nick was holding. “She just undressed in public!” He stated in obvious shock as his face contorted in mystification. He saw as Sara’s mouth opened in alarm before a small giggle escaped past her lips.
Nick couldn't help but smirk at her when she said she was all wet, "Yeah, I can see that"

Nick watched as she threw up, he rubbed her back and pulled her hair back and rubbed soft circles on her back.

He quickly turned his head away as Catherine stood behind him and changed shirts, he felt her hand under his arm reaching for the shirt she told him to hold, and let it go, apart of him wanted to turn around, hell, he even turned his head back that way once, but quickly turned it back, afraid of getting a huge whack from her.

Nick looked at Catherine as she asked all the questions, he shook his head, "I don't know those answers, sweetie, Sara called me and here I am, I just got here"

Nick couldn't help but got a little jealous when she mentioned kissing guys at bars, he quickly shrugged it off, and looked over at Sara and then at Catherine, and gave Catherine a light smile, "Sara knows more, you can ask her" he touched her arm, "Can I get you some water?"
Sara snarled as she stood up.“Sara? Hey are you alright?" Grissom asked worried lifting her chin. "Just dandy" She snarled fighting the tears that challenged her eyes. “What the hell is going on?” Grissom yelled, looking past Sara's head. Sara turned around to see Catherine taking off her shirt behind Nick. Laughing and crying, Sara turned into Grissom's chest. "Oh Grissom, Catherine is wasted and those guys in the car were trying to get her home. One of them is drunk and completely unaware of his actions, to her disadvantage."Sara cringed at what she had witnessed earlier from Tom.

"Hey, do I get to go back to the lab tomorrow?" She asked taking a step away from him trying not to give away their new secret.
"Hey, do I get to go back to the lab tomorrow?" Grissom barely heard Sara's last question because his mind was stuck on Catherine being wasted at a bar with some idiot obviously making advances at her without her knowledge. He turned his head in Catherine's direction once again and noticed her sitting in the vehicle with her head bend down. What on earth was happening to his staff? They all seemed to be unraveling at a maddening speed. What the hell was Nick doing here? Hopefully, Warrick wasn't out gambling to just make matters worse.

"What?" Grissom asked a little frustratedly. "No, you can't go back to work tomorrow. You're on bereavement for three days. You need to take your time off wisely Sara. I don't think it was wise for you to come here alone. Especially with everything that you have had to deal with today." Shifting his weight to his other foot, he gave her an uneasy look. "What exactly did you witness out here tonight? Was Catherine assaulted? What do you mean that some men were trying to take her home? What did the drunk guy do? Is Catherine aware of any of this?" His questions seemed to explode out all at once.


"Sara knows more, you can ask her." She heard him stop as he gently touched her arm. "Can I get you some water?"

She looked down as she lightly shook her head no. "I'm sorry... about all of this," she whispered as she rubbed at her eyes. "Drinking was obviously not a good idea for me tonight." Dropping her face into her hands, she leaned forward only to collide into his stomach. It seemed that perhaps she wasn't as sober as she thought because her perception was off drastically. She could have sworn he was further away from her just a moment ago. Her head still felt incrediably dizzy and she wondered if her speech still suffered from her drunken impediment. "I'm exhausted. Will you... just motion Sara over here, so we can get all of this over with? I want to know what happened tonight before I go home."
Nick felt her head on his stomach, and he just reached over and softly rubbed her back, "I'll get her, but first", he leaned down so he was eye level with her, "If you think, I think, your a bad person, you're wrong, I don't" he smiled, "You're still Cat to me" he winked at her, and raised up and looked over at Sara, he too wanted answers, and if he got near that guy, he was probably going to kill him. He nodded his head at Sara, hoping to get her attention.