The Promise of the Future-GSR RP


CSI Level One
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Synopsis from Bullet_girl: It all started with a horrible moment for Sara as her brother Stefan was murdered during a drive by shooting. Hours later, Grissom arrived at Sara’s apartment, and noticed that her front door was slightly opened. Full of concern, he peaked inside and felt his heart drop as he witnessed Sara wrapped in the comforting arms of two other men. The two men being Nick Stokes and Warrick Brown. A small, but irrational part of Grissom could not help but feel betrayed. Was he to late to claim her heart? Had she already moved on? Would Sara’s tragedy bring about a promise of the future, a strong desired love?

Cast of Characters
Sara: CSISidle
Grissom: Waiting
Nick: Butterflied92
Warrick: Bullet_Girl
Greg: ericisacutie
Catherine: [/b]

Any open characters can be filled with permission of either CSISidle or myself by PMing one of us.

And the beginning...: )


He abruptly awoke from a deep sleep as he felt the perspiration that clung to his clammy body. He peeled the covers back away from his body as he stared at the read out display of his digital clock. 2:34AM. He realized then that he had failed to turn on the air in his condo.

The ringing of his cell phone jarred his immensely tired body to an upward sitting position. His hand roughly wiped at the sweat that had trickled down his eyebrow as it neared the depths of his tired blue eye. “Grissom,” his voice was gruff from his sleepiness.

“Grissom. It’s Brass. I have a DB out in front of The Ramport Hotel,” Jim stopped as Grissom interrupted him.

“Sam Braun’s hotel?”
“Yes, and it gets worse. The victim is Sara’s brother Stefan.”

Grissom could not get his head around the words victim, Sara, brother, and Stefan. Sara had a brother? This was news to him. Then again Sara rarely mentioned or talked about her family. Her brother died? This was bad. “I’ll be there in five. Just give me a few minutes. And Brass call Greg for me, and tell him to meet me at the crime scene.”

He quickly hung up his cell phone, and dialed Sara’s number. Her phone was turned off as her voice mail immediately came on. Damn. He grabbed his coat as he shut his phone without leaving her message. Truth was he was deeply concerned, and did not know what to say or where to begin.
RING Sara looked over her shoulder at the clock. 3:15. "CAn't I get ANY sleep!" she mummbled before grabbing the phone. Brri- "Sidle" she said, wipping the tiredness from her eyes. "Ya...mmhmm...Wait what!...Dead! Impossible!...Not Stephan no! the wrong guy was identified! recheck and call me back with the results...What do you mean you've checked him twice! Impossible!...Y-ya, t-t-th-that was th-the tattoo on hi-his a-ar-arm..... Thanks Brass.bye" By the end of the conversation she was wide awake and could feel the tears swelling up. She walked into her living room and sat ataring at the blank TV. She hesitantly reached for the remote and turned on the news. "A young man, Stephan Sidle, died this morning." That was all she needed to hear to make her turn off the TV and start to bawl.
Greg was sitting on his couch drinking a cup of his favorite, coffey! When the phone rang twice, he stood up slowly and walked over to his desk. He saw the number on it, and it was Brass. So he picked up the phone not putting his coffey down for one second.


"Hey Greg, It's Brass, we have a DB in front of the Ramport Hotel, Grissom wants you to meet him there, now!"

"What? Who is it, it sounds serious."

"His name is Stephan Sidle."

Before Brass even finished what he was telling Greg, Greg popped up and said, "Okay, I'll be there soon, bye!"
He hung the phone without even giving Brass the time to say good bye, and he was out the the front door in a flash.
By the name of Sidle, he knew something was up, and for his long ago feelings for Sara, he had to find out, now!

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Warrick sat at his kitchens island table, watching the TV when this shocking headline came up:
"A young man, Stephan Sidle, died this morning....."

"Oh no....Saras going to be devistated, man..." He talks to himself as he gets up to find his phone.

Once found, he flips it open and presses speed dial '4' on his phone and waits for her to pick up.

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Sara sat on her couch crying when her phone started to ring. The Caller ID read Warrick. She flipped open her phone, wipping away tears by her mouth, "Warrick, You heard Im guessing, could you come over? I really want someone to talk to!" She sat waiting for a response. "thanks Warrick, see you soon, and if Grissom calls you, please don't tell him. I don't think he knows about it yet." she choked and then hung up her phone. She threw it on the ottoman in front of her and resumed her place with her head in her knees, sobbing.

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Warrick sighs as he puts his phone away. 'Shes going to be a total wreck, I hope Grissom hasn't caught onto this yet' He thinks as he pulls himself together, has a shower and puts on clean clothes. Then he heads out the door and over to Saras place.


Knock, knock, knock.

Warrick knocks three times and waits for Sara to open her door for him. He was thinking all the while he was driving over ot there, wondering what he'd say and what she'd do. He's never had to do this before, so he hopes hes good enough for Sara. Right now, she just needs a shoulder to cry on.
Sara heard the 3 knocks, she realized that that had to be Warrick. She slowly got up and walked to the door. She wipped away the tears dripping down her face and reached for the door knob. as soon as she saw Warricks sympathetic face she melted infront of him. She fell to her knees bawling in the entryway. She felt pathetic that this time she couldn't even make it to the couch! She didn't want to move, she just wanted to sit and cry, no matter what Warrick said, thought, or did.
As Sara fell to the floor and started crying, he knelt down next to her and picked her up, taking her inside and closing the door. He puts her down on the couch gently and asks her, Sara, is there anything I can do for you?"
As Greg was on his way to the crime scene all he was pretty much thinking about was Sara and how she was feeling.
When he arrived he saw Brass standing by the hotel's doors staring down at the DB. He walked over to him with his kit and said, "Where's Grissom?" Brass just stared.

Greg stared back and said, "Um, sorry about earlier, I didn't mean to hang up on you like that, I said bye anyway."

"You should be sorry, I was telling you about the victom!"

"I'm sorry Jim, who is he anyway?"

"He's Sara's brother Stephan. He was shot durring a drive by."
Greg looked down at the body, and then he said still looking down, "Grissom hasn't made it here yet??"

"Not yet, he should be on his way though."

Greg thought to himself that he better go ahead and get started, so that's what he did......

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Sara let Warrick pick her up, she just really wanted to be with someone. "Sara, is there anything I can do for you?" She just shook her head. She rested her head back in her knees. She thought for a moment, "Call nick, ask him if he wants to come. I need my closest friends here right now" She sobbed.
He leans down and hugs her gently before opening his phone and dialing Nicks number.

They, as in all three of them have been friends for years and they have always helped eachother out in little ways, even if the other person doesn't notice it. Because of it, each of them has become a better person.

Nick picks up on the first ring, having noticed Warricks name on his caller I.D.

"Nick? Hey, It's Warrick. Could you come by Saras place now? Shes really broken up and she needs her friends with her at the moment." Warrick smiles and sits down next to Sara, putting an arm around her and drawing her in for a side-on hug.
Grissom hopped in his blue Denali, and turned on his police lights, and fled from his house in a rush. He passed every light that was red, and his surrounding seemed to mix in a pool of confusion as his vehicle continued to whiz past the few cars that were finding their way home from a long night.

His SUV came to a halting stop in front of the Ramport Hotel, and his foot hit the pavement the moment he shoved the gear in park. The police lights on his Denali continued to dot the sky in a mixture of vibrant hues of blue, red, and yellow as they continued to spin through out the night.

He grabbed his cell phone from his waist and hit speed dial one as he made his way to Brass. "Catherine...I'm sorry to call you in on your night off, but I need you. And NOW. We have a DB in front of the Ramport Hotel. I will explain more to you the moment you get here, but I need you to process the body. Only the BODY, Catherine," and with that Grissom shut his phone.

"Brass where the heck is Greg?"

"He's over there Grissom. He's analyzing the crime scene." Brass said as he gave Grissom a weird look. "How's Sara taking this?"

"I'm assuming not to well. Are there any witnesses?" Grissom asked as he shined his flashlight out on to the street.

"Yeah, and your not going to believe this one. A know it all thug is accusing the one and only...Sam Braun. It’s not good Grissom. It looks like Sam might have been the shooter."
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Catherine groaned as she picked up the phone and sounded quite irritated when she answered. She barely had time to say her name before Grissom went off and started demanding things from her on her day off. She listened as she heard his phone clicked closed. She stayed on the other line and sighed. "Good morning to you too," she said to herself before shutting her phone and getting ready for work.

She took a quick shower and put on her black pants along with a white tank which showed off more cleavage than most in her profession would, but with her past, and the way she was now, there wasn't much to be said about it anymore. Her co-workers accepted her for who she was. It wasn't until she was curling her hair when it clicked in her head. "The Rampart? What is Sam up to now?" she asked herself. She hoped her father wasn't involved in any of this.

In a matter of ten minutes after she had gotten changed, she was out the door and to the hotel. "Grissom, what's going on? You've never been like that on the phone, where is Sam?" she asked, shooting as many questions that she had at once. She was nervous about working a scene here because she was afraid her father would have something to do with it. It was times like these she was embarrassed to be a Braun.

She looked down at the victim and put her kit down. She swallowed hard as a picture of Sara found itself in her mind. She looked up at Grissom with wide eyes. "Who is this Gil?" she asked, hoping he noted the seriousness in the situation when she called him by his first name.
When Grissom came over to the body, Greg could tell he was worried about something, and he knew what. Sara.
He always knew Grissom had a thing for Sara, it was just so obvious to everyone's eyes.

But anyway, Grissom started asking Greg questions about what he found so far, but before he had a lot of time to do that, Greg shoved an evidence bag in Grissom's hands as he said, "I found a bullet by the victum, there's also one in his chest, but I decided to leave that one for autopsy."

Thirty minutes later Catherine came up to them and started asking questions as well, the one that stuck out the most was, 'Who is he?'
Greg's eye brows rised as he watched and listened.
Sara leaned her head on Warricks shoulder. There was a scent she recognized. She sniffed a little more. She realized the cologne that Warrick was wearing was the sme Stephan would wear. All her memories came back to her.

A 10 year old girl hid behind her brother. Stephan was protecting her from their father was trying to beat the both of them. Stephan was 15 at the time and he would protect Sara from their father no matter what the consecuinces. Mr Sidle reached around Stepha and hit Sara. Stephan turned around and grabbed Sara. He ran to his room and locked the door. Sara and him sat on the floor next to his bed and listened to their father beat their mother.

Sara came back to reality and started to bawl again. Nick and Warrick reminded her of her brother. Sara put her whole face into Warricks shoulder. The scent calmed her down a bit.