Ryan/Valera #2 - Pushing the Dinner Plate Aside for Her

I've been in the mood for writing R/V but I don't wanna continue Fried Eggs and then drop it again, etc etc, and I'm not good at writing small little vignettes. Meh.
But you must! The wonderful ship that is R/V is sinking fast with no fanfic waves to keep it afloat.

Le sigh.

Don't force me to write. It won't be pretty.
Technically? We're going technical are we? *arches eyebrow*

I suggest we pool ideas as I have zero. What do we want to see from our lovely couple? (And don't say 'hot sex', Caro, because that's kinda obvious ;). )
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Yes, technically you each owe me around 5 stories or so.

I'd wanna see them explore Ryan's soft side. Come on, there is one, hidden under all that gruffiness, there's a guy with a barely beating heart and I think Valera could get it pumping. I also wanna see more of his sense of humor (something else I think she could bring out) and maybe things about his past.

As for Valera... well, crazies need love too (there's a title).
I'd like to see his softer side also. I'd also like to see Maxine as a main character, but then again I never get what I want.

Knowing more about his past(maybe parents, brothers, sister, etc.), like midnight said and well...to see him happy. And we all Maxine could give him that- and a swift kick in the arse.
The softer side of Wolfe. :lol: I want to see that too. That's the way I write him in my fics. Unless he's really pissed off about something. :lol: :D
Oh I'll go check it out!

I've started writing fics for RV(actually, I have to write 5o for ships5o. ;) ) I decided to just put it in a chapter like form. Here's the link:http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4364760/1/Awakening

And I wrote another one, I'm not sure if I'm going to continue it or not though: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4364754/1/Adventures_in_Curing_the_Common_Cold

Anyways, what are the chances of Valera appearing more in the new upcoming season? I'd really like to see more of her(with Ryan, cough). I still don't understand why they made Natalia a main character, sorry, but I'm not so fond of her.
I hope we get to see Valera more (and definitely with Ryan). Those two just look so cute together. I just can't decide which color I like her hair best... the brown or the blonde. :lol: Either way, they are definitely perfect for each other. :D I like Natalia a lot more than I used to (and much like Ryan this past season, she didn't get as much airtime as the others lol), but I really want Valera to be a full time cast member and be in more scenes with Ryan. :D

Just got done reading your fics. They're really good. :) I think the one with the baby is my fave. I just love the image of him holding a tiny baby in his arms. aww... And a Ryan/Valera kid would be so gorgeous... I just know it. :lol: :D
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They do.

Heck, she looks good both colors so its all good.

I'm starting to warm up to Natalia, but I'm still iffy about her. Meh. I'd much rather see Valera than Natalia, anyday. Lol.

Thanks! Dude, they're kids would be cute geeks.
I just made this and I'm thinking it might go along with either my "Never Alone" story (even though I'm probably going to make that baby a boy since they already have Ryan's niece living with them... and the baby in this pic is a girl) or I might end up writing another short fic to go with this picture.

So, if Ryan and Valera had a baby what do you think they would name it? Boys and Girls names.

In my "Never Alone" fic, if I make the baby a boy it will most likely be named Seth (or have that as the middle name) since that's Ryan's brother's name in my fic and Ry's brother died. For a girl, I have no clue really. :lol:
I think I once wrote a fic where they had a boy named Peter, and then another one where they had a girl named Lilia. And then another one I never finished where they had a Tabitha Jane. Probably Valera would want a really weird name and Ryan would want a classic name and they'd meet somewhere in the middle.

No Madisons, McKennas, Bailees, Kaylees, Mylees, Neveahs or any of those abominations for them.
I can see Valera liking unusual names for a girl like Patience. Patience Wolfe sounds funny though. :lol: Now I've got the GNR song in my head. :lol: As for a boy, I can see her liking maybe Gavin or something along those lines. Gavin Wolfe sounds pretty good. :lol:
I was watching the CSI Miami weekends last night. I think the ep was "Collisions" or something like that (where Nat had to reveal that she was once in a place for abused women). Ryan walked into the DNA lab and Nat was there and Ryan said to her "Where's Valera?" Nat told him she was meeting with someone and he asked "Do you know why?" I was like "Awww, he misses her!" So cute! So, it was kind of a Rave scene without Valera actually being there. It was just too cute! He likes her, he really likes her! :D

And did you notice in the ep "Ambush" (where Kathleen's body was found in her car) that there was a scene Ryan and Valera were in together and they were both kind of color coordinated. Both had on yellow shirts. :lol: Although Ryan's shirt was solid yellow and he was wearing a yellow/white striped tie (it reminded me of lemon candy canes lol) and Valera had a slightly darker and shiny yellow shirt on with some brown and other colors on it as well... but, I thought it was funny that they were wearing the same colors. Too cute!

Here's a little scenario I thought up:

Ryan: H, what is this team meeting about?

H: Well, I want to give you all something. Well, Calleigh has her own, so she doesn't need any. But, for the rest of you, here.

(He passes out a pair of sunglasses to Ryan, Natalia and Eric)

H: Okay, from now on, when we're outside, we're all gonna wear sunnies. Got it?

Valera: Um, Lieutenant?

H: Yes, Ms. Valera?

V: Why am I here?

H: Oh right! Sorry. (Hands her a pair of sunglasses) You get a pair too.

V (looks confused): But, I work in the DNA lab.

H: A little bird told me that you mentioned being interested in doing some field work.

V: Who said that? (she looks at Calleigh)

C: Wasn't me, Maxine. I swear.

N: Don't look at me.

E: Me either.

V: Ryan! (she smacks his arm)

R: What? I didn't say anything. Besides, do I look like a little bird to you?

E: No, you look like a wounded bird.

R (sarcastically): Ha ha ha.

V: You really didn't tell anyone what we talked about last night?

R: Max, I am a gentleman. I do not discuss with anyone what I talk to you about when we're... together.

Add on if you like. :D
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