Ryan/Valera #2 - Pushing the Dinner Plate Aside for Her

I'll bet they never even get to the setting the table for the meal!!! :devil:

I'm still aggravated about the Snake Lady ruining their scene tonight.

ETA ****passes out chips and salsa, various drinks, and brownies with ice cream****

So when Mariel, Ollie, Henry, Amrita and the others finally get here they won't starve! ;)

<<<<<Cuz, Susan's going to bed!!!! And I'll try not to have dreams of Ryan and the Snake Lady.........ughhhhhhhh.
I know. When I heard Valera's voice and I knew Eric and Calleigh were out of the lab I got all excited. And then I heard Snake's voice and ack! A perfect scene ruined.

Poor Valera. Ryan is breaking her heart :(

Ryan: "You back off, Snake Lady! I want Maxine Valera!"
***Takes a bowl of mocha almond fudge ice cream...and puts on a bib***

I like the new place, and what you've done with it.

Anyway, we really didn't get to see too much of Maxine tonight...and that makes me very :(

I hope TPTB are not ditching R/V for Ryan and the Snake Lady.

Hey everyone. I'm new to this thread. I've been thinking about it all day and I'm starting to like the idea of this ship :)
ETA ****passes out chips and salsa, various drinks, and brownies with ice cream****

*** kindly shoves whispers to Susan "YOU FORGOT ME!!!!

Congrats on the new thread.

*takes a brownie*

I wonder if you mated a "snake" and a "wolfe" what would you get? :lol:

Yikes! This is Ryan/Valera...HOT COUPLE!!!
Snake lady is trying to get with Ryan, eh? All i know is that snake BITCH best learn her place real quick or face the wrath of Valera. Hell hath no fury...
OMG...........Happy Birthday to me..........that is a HOT picture of him!!! :eek:

Can I be Valera for just 2 seconds????? :devil:

I'm OK now, really......... :D

I didn't forget you Shane, just hadn't seen you in a while! And I said "and the others" and I wasn't referring to "LOST" I promise! HA HA HA HA :lol: :lol:

Whit! Welcome! I've seen you in the Wolfe Pack thread! Good to have you here!