Ryan/Valera #2 - Pushing the Dinner Plate Aside for Her

Valera is not going to be in the season premiere, not even in the flashbacks...
Its so unfair considering shes also been a part of the CSI team moreso, even an older part than Natalia and what do we get? Natalia becomes a regular and boti? not even in the flashback..i hate this...:(
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Can I please just reminds you that all talk of future eps (yes, the new season included), should be put inside spoiler tags, talking about an ep before it has aired is considered to be spoilery, and remember, some fans don't read spoilers, and therefore spoiler tags must be used in consideration to them.

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Now back to Ryan and Valera. :D
I hope she's going to be in some eps this season. I hope she has lots of scenes with Ryan. I love flirty moments between the two. The writers need to make those flirty moments more pronounced and less subtle though. :D
it wud be such an eye soother to c more scenes between them for longer durations
the new season...
This is one pair that just burns up the screen with their sizzling chemistry nd have so much potential..and a promo with them 2 gther in a scene wud be icing on the cake...
i want concern from ryan for valera and vice versa..like reallll strong one
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With the premiere just hours away, I wanted to remind folks of some things...

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Back to Ryan and Valera
Hey, fellow Ravers. :) Unfortunately Valera was not in the season premiere and Ryan was barely though. :( I'm hoping this will get better throughout the rest of the season, but for now... some hope:

Valera is supposed to be in ep 7 I believe. I think that's the crossover episode. Hopefully Valera's scenes will be Ryan... or at least one of them. :)