Review The Last Film You Saw ~ Thread 3

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I just watched "Hot Fuzz". It wasn't quite as hilarious as "Shaun of the Dead", but it was still pretty cute. And strangely gorey by times! :lol:
Oh, it's me again. Crazy.

Just saw "Live Free or Die Hard" last night and you know what? I LOVED it! :D It was completely full of action and just totally fun. Even some of the more improbable stuff had me giggling, so I was still enjoying myself. I think Len Wiseman has nicely resurrected this series, and Justin Long was really great as the sidekick this time around. The girl playing McLean's daughter was quite good as well- believable as being John's daughter. Timothy Olyphant was really good as the bad guy (just the right amount of bad guy mannerisms) and Bruce... well, Bruce was Bruce. That's always good enough for me! :lol:

Seriously, if you want a good romping action movie, check it out.

Next up, "The Transformers". Apparently, they're robots in disguise- who knew? :p
I jst finally saw Pirates of the Carebbean at worlds end, and I must say that it disapointed me. It wasn't even close to being as good as the other two. I actully found it boring and could not wait for it to end. Wait til it comes out on DVD or cable, it's too much money to waste IMHO.
just seen Die Hard 4.0 - Im not sure why it has a different title in Europe and I completly agree with Baba, it was incredible. a little over the top but I didnt mind at all. and Tim Olyphant was really great. he reminded me a bit of Johnny Depp. Justing Long was fun to watch and belivable. and I adored Kevin Smith

seen the trailer for Transformers but it isnt out till August here.
Dead Silence
This movie was good, but not as good as I though it was going to be. Umm, I loved seeing Billy from SAW in there, he's so cute, I would love to have a dunmy like him (wrong movie I better shut up)

Silent Hill
Second time I've seen this movie, and I still hate it, I don't understand it really, somebody told me if I played the game, I would understand it better. So I might have to play the game somtime, before watching it again.

Lady In The Water
Movie was stupid, all I'm saying.
i recently saw 1408.

that was an awesome thriller! there was one time where i actually covered my eyes. i never do that when i watch movies. there was also one point where i decided "he has to be in Hell". i actually want to watch it again.
luvspeed said:
i recently saw 1408.

that was an awesome thriller! there was one time where i actually covered my eyes. i never do that when i watch movies. there was also one point where i decided "he has to be in Hell". i actually want to watch it again.

Good to know it was good. I'm hoping to see it next week. It looks awesome- plus, it's got John Cusack in it, so that's a bonus! :D
Last night I went and saw "Disturbia". The first like, I don't know how long, but the first part of the movie seemed pointless and boring, but the second half was terrifying! I sat there hugging my friends hoodie because I was so terrified. So in the end I thought it was a good movie, but I thought the first half was really stupid.
Evan Almighty Was a nice family movie and thought it was good but of course predictable.

1408 I too would like to see this again. It was good a little slow at first but wanted to see if he would get out of that room or not and got interested.

License to Wed A lot of one liners in this one and some of them got me laughing. Those robot babies are freaky but funny. Overall a good movie.
I saw The Transformers and it freaking rocked! :eek:

Loved it! Great dialogue, great acting, fan-freakin'-tastic special effects... just a completely entertaining movie. I also sort of liked how all the regular characters had sort of savvy, cool dialogue, and then all The Transformers had the total cartoon, sort of lame/funny dialogue- I thought that was a fun mix.

Anyway, 5 out of 5! :D
Someone said about Silent Hill... my now-ex said back then about the games that you actually get scared with those.

Movies made from games usually need to play the game to understand.

My last film, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Yes, it is full-length movie and if you haven't played the game, it won't make any sense.

It was beautiful. I mean the characters and the fights. But got bit messy/confusing with some fast fighthing scenes. Surely ended too soon. I swear they could have easily make it 2h movie and add more journey there.

Live Free or Die Hard 4/5

Very very good but I still think the first one is the best. First of all cause the stunts are more realistic, I mean the stunt with the cop car flying in to the heli.. Nice aim McClane.. :rolleyes: Lastly, films who're made in the 80/90ties just have a bigger appeal to me. The storylines were less farfetched than now etc.

Bruce still IS McClane the lines he deliveres themselves are sometimes only funny when served right, which he did :)

I never heard of the guy who played the bad guy but he's really wonderful. I'll be sure to check out more of his films :D
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