Review The Last Film You Saw ~ Thread 3

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The Upside of Anger.

Romantic Drama with Kevin Costner, Joan Allen, Keri Russell, ...

Briliant film! But with a cast like that how could that be any different, right? Joan Allen' character, Terry, is left behind by her husband. She thinks her husband ran off with his Swedish secretary. Now she's left behind with her 4 children. She's so miserable and sad that she tries to forget everything that has happened by drinking. This way she grows closer to her neighbour and drinking buddy Denny (Kevin Costner). Eventually they fall in love with each other but she tries to avoid a relationship meanwhile the lives of her daughters are changing too one of them gets pregnant and decides to marry. While the other decides not to go to college etc.. All against the will of there mother.

What I loved about the film is, the girls they're around my age (18) so it's very hard to not share there point of view. There mother sometimes makes a complete ass off trying to prove a point and the children just keep rebelling against it. Who didn't do that when he was a youngster right? In the end of the film everything falls in his place like a litte puzzle.

Everybody who likes romantic / dramatic films you should watch this one definately. It's a masterpiece :)
I saw the latest Harry Potter film. I really enjoyed it. I don't bother reading the books because I love the movies. :lol: The beginning was scary with those black things. I forget the name. :/ The things that suck the spirit out of the people or whatever. I love the concept that Voltemort and Harry sort of share one mind. So Harry had to be careful not to let Voltemort know what. Parts of it were funny too. Like that huge troll thing. HA I loved it when it took Hermione and Ron started hitting him with a stick but it didn't help and then Hermione ordered it to put her down and it did. Then after Ron was trying to be all tough: "Just stay away from Hermione." LOL. I can't wait for the next movie. :)
Weekend At Bernie's
I normally refuse to watch movies because they bore me to tears and I don't have the South Park Movie. :D This oldie was actually pretty good. When two office slaves are offered a trip to their boss' summer home and find the boss murdered, they have to pretend that he is alive to avoid being suspects. This movie is absolutely hilarious and I give it four stars out of five. * * * *
Last movie I saw was Young Frankenstein. I watched it with a great friend of mine and we were in stitches with laughter. The lines in the movie, and the plot made it a great parody. Then again all of Mel Brooks' movies are quite hilarious. I'd recommend any of hims movies for someone looking for a great laugh.
Harry Potter and the Order Of the Phoenix..
It was really good...Because I've read the book I know that parts are missing but it was good..It seemed to me like they could use some more time though..As any other HP film it had all the things that make the story so good and the series have so many fans
House of Wax

This is the worst movie I've ever seen. I didn't like any of the actors, especially Paris Hilton. The storyline was absolutely lame and made no sense.

The end was totally lame. The third son, lol. Oh yeah... and everybody died. I was about to laugh at the way they killed Paris's character.
I recently watched American Psycho 2. I was a huge fan of the first, starring Christian Bale, and saw the second and thought that it would be cool. It stars Mila Kunis, of That 70's Show fame, and William Shatner :) I actually found the movie funny, yet confusing. If you're up for a good laugh, I'd reccomend it.
Prozac Nation was the last movie i saw. I like it but there where parts in it that triggerd me. I also related very much to the Character so that was pretty scary and made me think a lot of all the things in live. But i like the movie and was happy that i saw it. It just wake me up again. Its a good storie about depressions and how it can look like for people on the outside but also how it is to feel like that. Thumps up for it..
SunsetBoulevard said:
House of Wax

This is the worst movie I've ever seen. I didn't like any of the actors, especially Paris Hilton. The storyline was absolutely lame and made no sense.

The end was totally lame. The third son, lol. Oh yeah... and everybody died. I was about to laugh at the way they killed Paris's character.
oh yes, i have to agree! it was more of a comedy than a horror movie...the actors were unbelievably untalented. it was really more a parody...maybe the writers wanted it to be like that :rolleyes: no they didn't :lol: but come on, what could you expect from a movie that has Paris Hilton in it? :p
Mr. Brooks 4.5/5

Psychological thriller starring Kevin Costner, Marg Helgenberger, Demi Moore.

Excellent movie. Kevin Costner portraits Earl Brooks, the killer, terrific. What I love about his character is that even when things turn bad, he's always in control. If you expecting to see a lot of Marg Helgenberger I have to disappoint you, she appears a couple of times but not over 5 minutes. Demi Moore starts as a detective that has been chasing the "thumb print murderer" for years meanwhile she's going through a tough divorce. The story of the film is not that complicated so everybody should be able to understand it. In the end the story holds up and that's what most films these days lack, a story that holds up 'til the very end. This movie is R-rated by the way
The last thing I saw was "Premonition" with Sandra Bullock and Julian McMahon. I thought it was a very good movie but it was kinda confusing the first time I watched it because of all the jumping around it did. But it is a good movie, I would give it 5 stars!!!
Rented Zodiac and thought it was pretty good overall. I was disappointed that most of the movie centers on speculation revolving around the person suspected of being the Zodiac killer and not the actual crimes themselves.
The last movie that I saw was "Hairspray". It was an alright movie. I thought it was really funny at some parts and a bit boring during others. The songs were catchy, and I thought that John Travolta was wonderful in it (and I don't even really like him as an actor).
The Simpsons Movie

I enjoyed this movie, it was good, not as good as the show is that, it still had some of the funny jokes through out, the only part of the movie I didn't like was Greenday, ew, but everything else was good.

Greenday died and it made my day, hahahha. yeah,
Lucky. I want to see the Simpsons movie so bad.

Mars Attacks

Definately one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. But not very, erm... smart. There were some VERY famous actors in it, and the whole storyline was random. The aliens were just goshdarn HILARIOUS!!! * * *
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