Review The Last Film You Saw ~ Thread 3

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Last film I watched was 'Save The Green Planet' which is a Korean film and its ace. It starts off kinda humerous n a tad slapstick but then gradually gets more serious. Its about this guy who is kinda insane because he thinks aliens are set to take over the world so he has to kidnap the leader on earth to get their plans and stop the annihilation of the human race. He kidnaps the CEO of a chemicals plant he believes is an alien, so ensues torture etc. Then the guy escapes n finds stuff about the guy holding him which makes u think the alien thing is just a crazy excuse for revenge on ppl who ruined his life. I can't tell u anymore cos its too good everyone should go buy it! xx
Last film I saw was Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix.

Like everybody said, the film is getting darker and better. Darker? Yes, it is darker than the previous films. Not so sure bout the better part. Maybe I was dissapointed by the lack of scene where Harry was suppose to enter Snape's memory and saw his father bullying Snape. I have been waiting to see how Sirius look like when he was young. However, the fighting,wand duelling part is a worth watching experience...3/5
Last film I saw was Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix.
Im looking forward to that movie :)

Last movie I saw was Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
In my opinion, it was very entertaining. The plot was interesting and there was a few twists in it that really made it more exciting. It was also very 'different' but fun to see the characters switch powers (something to do with the Silver Surfer). Of course , the always Hot Chris Evans(Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch) heats up the movie. :lol: There were a very conflicts which helped the plot move along and there was some banter-(mostly)always a plus ;) I give it 4.5/5
P.S. I've been thinking whether I like the first one better or the second, and I don't really know! The first is great because, well...its the first and the second is great because of the plot and twists. So sorry- I can't choose!

So they 'ya go! :)
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!!!

YAY! I waited in line, all dressed up as Harry Potter.. and once again, it paid off!:lol: I thought the movie was spectacular - it captured mostly every essential event from the book, and the last bit was well worth it!!
Just saw "Sicko" and I highly recommend it. Very interesting stuff. Yeah, it shows one side of things as usual, but if you want to see the other side, just watch the news and the speeches the politicians put out. ;)
Saw Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. I found the movie much less entertaining than the first one. It was very predictable with Van Doom and Susan' faith. There was some light banter between The Thing & The Human Torch, which is always pleasant but it's not enough to make the movie. The Silver Surfer is a very cool looking character with interesting powers I feel that they could've done much more with his character.. o well. Something that also bothered me was the way they changed Jessica Alba's character. I mean those blue contacts were too much.. Does every stereotypical girl have to have blond hair and blue eyes?

I thought the same thing, the hair was too blonde and eyes too blue. But she had to stay that way to play Sue Storm, thats how the character looks.
The last film I saw was Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. It was very good. I enjoyed it. I think Ron and Hermione should have been Prefects and there should have been Quiditch, but overall, it was very good. I have seen it twice.
Well I found the contacts way too much they weren't like that in the first film.

Anyway I also watched Ocean's Thirteen.

I found it rather boring, I didn't even watch it until the end. The magic of the franchise is in my opinion just gone. How many movies can you keep on making about a bunch of robbers? I found the first one very good, the second one was mm okay but the third one is too much. There were a few funny moments in the film but nothing like the first. It's nice to see though that they're giving Matt Damon some more stuff to do in the films cause he really is a legend..


Why do they always have to make sequel, prequels etc until it's absolutely dull? Like Terminator, they're planning on making a 4th & 5th! Shrek , they're going to make a 4th.. The only franchise that hasn't lost any of it's quality is the Die Hard series.
i watched Transformers today. i thought it was an awesome movie! it had some great one liners and some kick ass cars! my favorite car was the Camero! anyway its a great movie to watch with family or friends.
The story was quite a cliche,despite the shock of a rat cooking,a very cute rat btw,but the animation was really awesome.

Shrek the Third.
It was fun,Puss in Boots was as irresistible as always (I heard there's going to be a "Puss in Boots" spin-off,looking forward to it),I liked that there were no songs in it but,anyway,everybody agreed that the previous ones were better.

OK, I'm in love with this movie. It was extremely good and intense. I feel like it was one of those movies that you can't say much about without giving too much away, but I will say that it was about a Marine Sniper (some of the coolest people on earth) and it stars Mark Wahlberg, who was gorgeous and did an amazing job. And it also gets into the government quite a bit.

I was very into this and it had me shouting at the tv, and that takes a lot. It is rated R, most likely for some of the violence, there is some blood and stuff involved, but honestly, if you can handle the CSI's, this is no problem. And the F-Bomb is thrown in here and there. But I'm a 15 year-old girl and loved it, so there's a lot in it for everyone.

Definitely suggest you see it.


Um, not my favorite. It may have been the fact that I was wanting some action and.. there was none, but it was kind of slow. It stars Ryan Phillippe who did a pretty good job in the film and Chris Cooper, who was outstanding. His performance was the main reason I continued watching. There was some scenes and shots of him that.. were simply amazing.

For someone who doesn't want action or blood or anything like that and likes governmental movies and such, this may be for you. It makes you think, which is always good. It is actually based on a true story, which was also interesting to learn about and also accounts for the lack of action if there was none in what actually happened.

So, you may like it, but there's a good chance you won't.
Hormiga said:
The story was quite a cliche,despite the shock of a rat cooking,a very cute rat btw,but the animation was really awesome.

Yes exactly what I thought about the animation. They did really great with the fur and water effect. The only thing that I found a little disturbing was the one part where the rat is running through a wall and sees down in apartments and in the one shot you see a girl holding a gun on a guy and the rat runs past but hears a shot and goes back and you see the girl drop the gun and kiss the guy. Now my first thought on that was that is not really good for kids to see because they might try to re-enact that scene with a real gun and there were very young kids in the theater, so I thought that was a bad call on Disneys part.
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