Review The Last Film You Saw ~ Thread 3

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Welcome to the third thread of the last film you saw. :)

The idea of the thread is pretty simple, tell us about the last film you saw and what you thought of it. :)

Please note the title change from the previous two threads. The title has been change to discourage one line posts. Please keep posts to at least two lines and unsure you give a review of the film.

Also note that any spoilers regarding any films must be placed in the spoiler code, it's fine to give a rough outline of what the film is about, but any details revealing the ending of a film or any character deaths must be in spoiler code.

The previous thread is located here if you wish to refer back to it. ;)
Yay a new thread!

The last movie that I saw was "The Manchurian Candidate".
I thought that the movie was very, very good. I liked the plot a lot (a presidential election) and I believe that the actors did a phenomenal job (Denzel Washington and Liev Schreiber). To me, this is the type of movie that you just have to keep watching because you need to know how everything turns out. I'd highly recommend seeing this movie if you haven't yet.

I also went and saw "Wild Hogs". All I am going to say is that you start laughing within the first five minutes and you don't stop until the movie is over. Or, at least my family didn't....
Ok, I'll admit, I'm the type to watch a movie, just based on the fact that one of my favorite actors is going to be in it. That's the only reason I went to see The Dukes of Hazzard when it came to theaters and that's the only reason I bought the dvd :lol:. When I saw the preview of The Guardian, I thought to myself, "Ooooo, Ashton Kutcher, this movie will probably be the worst movie ever, but I still have to see it." I never made it to a theater to see it, but I did get lucky enough to have a friend buy me a copy for Christmas, and believe it or not, I just got around to watching it. And boy was I wrong, this is one of the best movies I've seen in awhile. I was thinking it was going to be like that piece of crap, "The Perfect Storm," but this was so much better than that.

Don't watch it if you're a Kevin Costner Fan

I wanted to watch this film to see what all the fuss was about and also to see whether Phillip Seymour Hoffmans Oscar win was, in my humble opinion, deserved.

I can totally see why he won the Oscar, his performance was quite amazing and I was quite taken by his character, which was quite an odd one. The film itself is about an author (Copote) who decides to write a book about the murders of a family he reads in the paper one morning. He develops a kind of friendship with the murderers, in particular Perry, to try and understand what happened and why. The movie also focuses on the effect that this had on Capote and those around him. The book is called 'In Cold Blood' and I personally am quite interested in now reading it.

Although Phillip Seymour Hoffmans performance was brilliant and totally Oscar worthy, I still believe that Joaquin Phoenix was totally robbed of this Oscar. Having said that I would say Copote is one of the best movies of 2006 and I would recommend it. :)
Open Season & Slither

Ok Open Season had Gary Sinse's voice as one of the characters and I didn't realize which one until the credits rolled. The film was ok but was kind of putting me to sleep.

Slither was funny. Nathan Fillion from "Firefly" is in. If you want a good film to entertain yourself for a little bit this will do it. ;)
^^^ That's interesting because I've been wanting to check out "Slither" but I don't know anyone who's seen it. I think I'll just take the plunge and rent it. It seems like it should be a clever take on the whole gross horror movie genre, and I usually enjoy that. :)
last night i saw 'priscilla queen of the desert' for the first time. id seen 'to wong foo, thanks for everything, julie newmar' dozens of times before and priscilla is the original australian one.
it was so funny, i loved it. but i caution, if you dont like drag queens you will not enjoy this movie. guy pierce was really into the whole flamboyant homosexual thing, and he was great. not to mention he wore cutoff shorts and open shirts a lot and is very muscular :devil: the full drag costumes and musical numbers were great too.
it was a really fun movie so i would highly recommend it. as well as 'to wong foo'. they are just silly movies that are good to watch if youre looking for some fun :)

Haven't seen it for a while. But it's everytime enjoyable. I love movies including vampires. :D

ETA to add some more information:...erm..I also like the atmosphere and the outfits. *tries hard to find some more words* I also like Kate Beckinsale very much. :)
Hormiga said:
Oh,you should read it,it's an awesome book,there's also a movie based on the book In Cold Blood (1967),that's really good. ;)
Thanks for the link to the film Hormiga. It looks great and I've added it to my rental list. :D

Yurek said:
Haven't seen it for a while. But it's everytime enjoyable. I love movies including vampires. :D
Please add a little more content to your posts in this thread, at least 2 lines reviewing the movie. :)
Saw "Wild Hogs" over the weekend. I liked it and thought it was funny. Although they showed half of the movie in previews on TV. I wish they wouldn't show all the main funny lines in the previews. Sometimes it is nice not to know what is coming. One of the people I went with didn't hear about this movie and she liked it. I like Tim Allen and John Travolta anyway. Willam H Macy did well playing the underdog--everyone knows a Dudley sometime in their lives. And Martin Lawerence did good too.
The last movie I saw (which I rented with a friend) was the Grudge Two. Haha, at parts I laughed really hard because it was cheesy, and at parts I almost cried. In the end I didn't mind it, but I liked the first one more.
The last film I saw was Silent Hill. I didn't like it at all. Normally, I really like horror movies, but this one was boring. In the first 30 minutes the mother and the daughter said like 3 sentences. :rolleyes: I thought it was gonna turn out better, but hell, it was awful! :lol: All I liked was the design of the creatures. Oh, and I adored the music, that was well done! But the whole storyline and the fact that they mixed it all with witches and religion was too much to me.

I don't get the end. Did they get back home? Because first I thought they did because they entered the house but there was fog everywhere. And the next scene was when the father was sleeping but there was NO fog. Then he woke up and he was all alone. So what?
I watched The Devil Wears Prada this past week and I was a bit let down after all the hoopla. The dialogue was just nothing special, overall- it has nothing on Brigitte Jones' Diary in that respect.

Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci were fantastic, and Anne Hathaway was OK, but everybody else was really boring. And the bitchy assistant that worked with Anne Hathaway was just too over the top which was annoying. Overall I'd give this movie a 2.5 out of 5.

I also watched Dear Frankie, which was just amazing. Great performances all around. The two leads, Emily Mortimer (I think) and Gerry Butler were really good- yet another reason to love this guy! :lol: The story was interesting, and it didn't turn out quite as I'd expected. A very moving little film. I'd give this one a solid 4 out of 5.

I rented The Guardian the other day. I thought it was good but also a bit long. I really liked the interaction between the two characters and thought it was a fitting story of respect for friends, the team and mother nature.
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