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Last movie I saw was Spiderman 3. It wasn't that bad, but I'm not a huge Spiderman fan. But it was pretty cool :lol: Not a movie I would like, want to own, but it still wasn't that bad.
i was so mad sean penn didnt with the oscar for 'i am sam'. loved that movie, cried so hard at the end. all the women coming out of the theater had puffy eyes and running mascara :lol:

yesturday i got 'pans labyrinth'. not what i was expecting at all, i thought the most of it was fantasy. the majority of the movie is about the evil captain and the little bit with the creatures when ofelia needs to get away. id heard it was kind of gory, not bad compared to slasher movies. but there were some times you saw some violent moments. i really liked it over all.
i really liked how you dont know if ofelia was imagining the faun and her tasks or if it was indeed real.

afterwards i watched 'stranger than fiction' which i really liked as well. it wasnt the typical in your face stupid comedy will farrell usually does. he pulled it off really well and it was a good movie.
I watched The Descent- not your typical horror movie. I really liked it; unpredictable, and interesting character interactions. I'd recommend it for people who like a horror film with something a little different going on.

Watched The Prestige last night and I have to say I was a bit disappointed. The filming was good, the actors were topnotch, but the whole thing just left me overwhelmed; at least the first half did. I found the build up a little boring. The last half wasn't bad though.
Man, I have, like, four films to review. :lol:

Anyway, all four of these films were okay, but not one of them stood out at all as being really good. :(

1. Thank You For Smoking.

I was expecting this to be a lot better than it was. Okay, there were funny moments and I thought Aaron Eckhart was very good, but other than that I found it a little on the boring side. The general plot of the film was good, but I just felt it could've done with being a little funnier.

2. Children Of Men.

I like Clive Owen and I think he is a very good actor. I think this film is a good example of that, but the film itself was, again, boring. I found myself zoning out on parts of the movie and the plot line seemed a little far-fetched, in my opinion. Some of the scenes were quite impressive, but nothing that made me think, "Wow, this film is awesome" just okay.

3. The Devil Wears Prada

Out of all the films I watched over the past two weeks, this was probably the best. I thought Meryl Streep was awesome and it had some very funny moments. My favourite character was Emily, I thought she was hilarious. :lol: The Harry Potter plot line was great and the film was quite enjoyable.

4. Lady In The Water

I found this film painful. As far as M. Night Shyamalan films go, this is his worst. I reminded me a little of something Stephen King would write, but obviously lacked his genius, thus turning it in to a very confusing and daft film. Not impressed.
First of all, Sean Penn does a great job.
I'm sure it's one of the most difficult roles for an actor to play a disabled person and the way he plays it is completely believable.
Dakota Fanning is amazing in this movie. Although she's so young she is a very good actress.
Michelle Pfeiffer is great, as always. Her role isn't the biggest but she has some good moments.

I highly recommend this movie to all those who haven't seen it yet.
I just love this movie. :D This is one of those movies that can really touch one's heart. I agree that Sean Penn did a great job. He was amazing. I can feel my heart ache when the woman left him alone with baby Dakota. Tears already started to fall from my eyes when he was confuse, not knowing what to do with the baby. :( *sob* He really deserves the Oscar. And Dakota proved that at her young age she can be an oscar-winning actress. Her facial expressions were priceless... (Well, I reviewed the movie. :lol: But the last time I watched it were years ago. Im afraid that if I watch it again, I couldn't stop crying. :lol:)

Well, the last movie I watched is the Terminal. Well, I really like this movie. :) I think Tom Hanks did an excellent job too. Again, I felt sorry for him when noone wanted to help him use the telephone. The movie is very simple and I like it. :) This is really worth seeing. :)
The last movie I saw was Spider-Man 3. I absolutely loved it. The special effects were amazing, especially on the Sandman, and of course Venom was super cool too. I like how the Spider-Man movies, even after three installments, have kept it clean, kept the villains new and exciting, and have been able to come up with such fresh and original plots. I highly recommend Tobey is just divine. :)
i went and saw 28 Weeks Later today. horror flicks are usually not my bag but my friend had practically forced me to watch 28 Days Later with him and then dragged me to see this one today and i actually loved it. i did think they rushed the plot along too quickly in the beginning and it was predictable at times but i wasn't bored for a single minute through the entire thing, which is rare for me.

i also caught the previews for Resident Evil: Extinction today and i'm counting the days until it opens!!! i'm so excited! the previews looked awesome and i hope its as great as the first two.
Last night I went to see Spiderman 3, but unlike many of the previous reviews, I was not impressed. :lol: Although I must say in general I'm not a fan of superheroes anyway, or of comic books... :p

I enjoyed the last two Spiderman movies, and the first in particular was good. But the third installment seemed to fall flat to me. The plot seemed a little random to me, and it was almost like there was about 3 plots in one film. It was overly long and could have done with at least 20 minutes edited out, many of it didn't help the plot lines so was more filler than anything. I mean if he wasn't going to ask MJ to marry him why did we have to sit through all of that part? It didn't help the film.

Positive points, well some of it did make me laugh out loud. Like the French restaurant part. Hilarious, made me think of John Cleese. Unfortunately many other bits made me laugh but more because of the ridiculous nature of the film. It did nothing to help me like Tobey Maguire either, Peter Parker was just not likeable in this installment.

OK, not a terrible film, but it won't be in my yearly top tem either. I'd give it 6/10. :)
As Good As It Gets

I saw about 20 minutes of this movie a few years ago and, at the time, made a mental note to watch it in full at some point.

I loved it. It was very funny and the plot line was also very good. Jack Nicholson played his part perfectly as an obsessive-compulsive writer. I would recommend the film just for his character alone. Greg Kinnear was fantastic as the gay neighbour. It's an awesome film! :)
Alright so I finally got to watching Spiderman 3.

I heard a bunch of mixed reviews from just about everyone so I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I gotta say for the most part, I liked it. There were some parts that were pretty ridiculous - that whole scene where he gets an ego and goes around town was kind Aside from a couple un-needed parts, the movie was pretty good and there was James Franco to look at when it got to the boring parts. :p

My favourite part of the movie was definitely the special effects. The beginning fight scene (Spiderman vs New Goblin) was insane! They were all great, I enjoyed them the most out of the whole movie.

So my final rating is 7/10 because dispite some lame scenes, I enjoyed the film.

Go Spidey.
Shrek 3

The only reason I watch these is for the sarcasm,Donkey and Puss in Boots. I have never really been into the whole Orge thing. This movie was just like the last two. And I would have not guessed that Justin Timberlake was the new King Arthur if my friend had not pointed that out. All in all not bad but not woo hoo either.
The Da Vinci Code

Better late than never! I finally watched it last night. I am one of the few people I know who hasn't even read the book yet, and I'd heard that if you haven't read the book then you won't like or understand the film. Because of this I had rather low expectations. ;)

It was a great film, and dare I say an intelligent film, which requires concentration and some effort on the part of the viewer to keep up with the storyline, especially as there are parts which are subtitled. The cast impressed, I quite liked Audrey Tautou, Sir Ian McKellen was fantastic as always and Paul Bettany freaked me out. I admit that I had already worked out what a main part of the ending would be, so it didn't come as much of a surprise. One criticism may be that the film was a little too long, and could have done with being about 20 minutes shorter.

If, like me, you love codes, the ideas of symbology (I prefer semiotics but they have similar ideas), and have an interest in religious discussion then you would definately like this film. If you're not keen on those things but like a good mystery, then you would love this film too...

Highly recommended, 8/10 :)

Loved it! It was such a great film! Some great comedic moments and I loved how she had a pie for everything! :lol:

Keri, Cheryl, and Adrienne played off eachother so well, Jeremy was fantastic at being an ass :lol: and how can you not love Nathan :D Another great performance was by Andy Griffith! I guess I can sum it up by saying it had a great ensemble cast! :)

Adrienne Shelly (RIP) did a fantastic job writing and directing. The story got you hooked right from the beginning and did a great job of capturing the horrible side of Jenna's life with her husband contrasted with the happiness she gets from her pies and the sisterhood with her two friends, as well as her relationship with Dr. Pomatter.

Part of me wanted her to stay together with Dr. Pomatter (heck, I'm a sucker for love stories), but even with that not happening it was still a happy ending- Jenna getting the strength to leave Earl and starting out on her own and finding the love for her baby and seeing that she can be happy.

I think it's only still in limited release, but I'd recommend seeing it if you can! :D

I imagine it would have made more sense had I seen Firefly, but I enjoyed it once I figured out what was going on. They did a decent job making it accessible to non-fans - still, I wish I had a browncoat there to explain some of the early stuff. I'm not a fan of the Reaver sequences, but fortunately that stuff was limited.
The Sentinel

I was only excited about it because if Kiefer. Ok, fine, I thought there will be more action but oh Jesus F. Christ it was boring as hell! Traditional storyline and it felt soooo slow and I was fastforwarding in many scenes...of course with speed that I could still see the subtitles.

And wait...Eva Longoria was in that movie? Because erm... well it was simply waste of her talent to give her so little.

So disappointed.
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