Favorite Quotes

I'm fond of Mia's one-worder in "Swap Meet" (4th season). After taking all the sex toys out of the evidence bag, Mia takes out the last two items, looks at them then a Greg and asks "Skewers?" :)
Isn't that in the constitution somewhere? A man's inalienable right to pee in private? - Greg


Greg: You got a hot dog?
Cath: This one of your jokes, Greg?
Greg: I got the ketchup.


Grissom: And this theory is based on...?
Greg: Nothing. I'm just trying to help.

I just love Greg's quotes:lol:
From the ep with "Baby Cordelia Doe" (don't know actual ep name):

During the case, Hodges says it's tragic that such a beautiful little girl was killed. Cath got upset thinking he was saying that if the girl had been plain looking, it wouldn't have been as tragic. She leaves the room.

Hodges (to Grissom): Did I just piss her off?

Gil: Yeah, but she was headed that way when she came in.


Hodges and Wendy are studying the strands of hair found in the tape on the box that Baby Cordelia was found in:

Wendy: Okay, this one has a tag. Now, tag you're it.

Hodges: Is that what passes for DNA humor around here? I never thought I'd miss Sanders.

In "dog eat dog", the animal control/vet told Nick that the dog that attacked a woman could be suffereing from "springer rage".

Nick's reply was "Yeah, I hate that show too." :lol: Cracked me up!
Greg: So how many grains of sand in the ocean? Huh?
Nick: I don't care about the ocean. Just the sand in my skeleton. Can you pinpoint a beach?
Greg: I don't know, I may have to do some field research. Hey, think Grissom would send me to Hawaii?


Text with Springer cracked me up too:lol:
Also from "Dog Eat Dog" was the exchange between Doc Robbins and Warrick about the Strawberry Pie that Doc Robbins made. He said something about it being vegan and low calorie, low fat, low carbs. Warrick tasted it and said "low taste". :lol: Then Doc Robbins tried to get Catherine's opinion, but she couldn't eat anything cause she just saw the eating contest and she didn't even want to think about food. :lol: Warrick told her if she wanted to cleanse her tastebuds she should really try the Doc's pie. He said this as he put the rest of his down and was walking away. Catherine said "Yeah, that's why you're leaving yours behind". :lol:

I also thought it was funny that when Nick and Sara were investigating that house where the husband and wife were killed, Sara was looking at the records. She said "there's something missing between the beach boys and billy joel" and her and Nick both said in unison "The Beatles". :lol: I hated that mustache on Nicky in this ep though. It just didn't suit him at all IMO. :lol: Glad it didn't last long.
Here's my share...

Grissom: Sara... you got to learn to let this go or you're going to spend all your time in hospitals trying to help the people you couldn't save."
Sara: "I wish I was like you Grissom. I wish I didn't feel anything."

Nick to Sara: "Well, if your supervisor tells you to drop of high profile case to wash his car, you do it. No questions asked."

Grissom to Sam: "Just because you can't see something doesn't mean that it's not there."


Sara to Grissom: "You're always been a little more than a boss to me... Why do you think I moved to Vegas?.."

**(Yaay!! GSR guilty... ooopss don't shoot me. :))

Hodges: "You wanna know what makes human bones glow?"
Greg: "Love?"
Love the quote in your siggy. Gotta love Greg! :) Here's some from the ep where Drops came back:

Grissom: It looks like this crime has a second story.


Greg: Maybe the shooter freaked out and wet himself. Not exactly a hardened criminal.


Brass (to Drops): Looks like something more than forensics be jamming a brother up in here.

:lol: It's just funny when Brass says stuff like that. I like where he said "Yippie, we're going to the hood." :lol:


Cath (about Dana- Drops gf): She's considered armed, dangerous and pregnant.
Warrick: Whew! Raging hormones and a gun? We've got to get her off the streets fast!

:lol: It was just funny the way Warrick said that.


Drops (to Nick after Nick said Drops' money guy wouldn't be talking any time soon- since he was dead):

You're a lot funnier than I remember, Crime Lab. You been going to cop comedy school?


Cath and Hodges are in the washroom with Jessica Jaynes' body. They see the dollar sign tatts on her waist.

Cath: Tramp stamp.
Hodges: Looks more like a tramp belt.
Greg: All work and no play make Greg a dull boy.
Grissom: All play and no work make Greg an unemployed boy.

HA! Can't remember what episode this is from...but it's so funny! I miss the good ol' days of Greg the lab rat.
One of my favorites is from Brass in "Living Legend"

"We go, 'errr ...' dude goes 'aah.' We go bam ... dude goes, 'Aah!'"

Just the way he says it has me in stitches.
From "Formalities" (Season 5):

Catherine (walks into the lab where Greg is): Tell me something.
Greg: I think my eyes need band-aids.
Catherine: Tough shift.
Greg: You did say shift, right? :lol:

Catherine: Why are you talking to yourself?
Gil: I'm trying a new technique.
Catherine: Is it working?
Gil: I have no idea.


Warrick: I got a match off that maple syrup print.
Catherine: Let me gues... Mrs. Butterworth? :guffaw:


From "Ch-Ch-Changes" (also Season 5):

Greg: For the record, I really like having a penis.

:lol: The look Grissom gave him when he said that cracked me up.

And I like the story Mia was telling about a girl who was really a guy dating a guy who was really a girl or something like that. Sara looked at her oddly and Mia goes "overshare". :lol:

Captain Brass has one to many of his funny lines too, i'll go find into my files, for the mean time, i like these scenes with funny quotes & I would wanna share here. (this isn't mine, so credits to the guy who made it).

Since I am on the proces of re-watching old seasons for the nth time (my poor disk, been gone overused :)), id like to post my fav. quotes/scenes:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
from 'Unfriendly Skies'
The speech Grissom made on the ending wherein he shares his opinion to the team on the passenger being killed by co-passengers (mob) because they taught he's taking the plane down, where in fact he suffering seizures. He said something like: 'it took 5 people to kill him, it would have only taken 1 person to save his life'. Or something like that... (i tried... :))

from 'Alter Boys'
Again on Grissom near the ending, talking to the priest telling him of his beliefs and religion.
Grissom said: "I believe in God, in science, in sunday supper. I don't believe in rules that tell me how I should live my life."
Then the priest replied, he'll still suffers like a catholic.

from 'Slaves of Las Vegas'
Lady Heather (LH) & Catherine talking about their daughters;
LH shared her advice: "Honey, there are a lot of things you can give to a man. Your body, your time, even your heart. But the one thing you can never ever let go is your power."

** more on Slaves....
the scene of LH & Grissom, having tea. I like that part, i'll try to post next time as i go rewind-pause-play my dvd to write it down their words...:)

see yah
:lol: That video was great. Loved how giggly that girl was cause Greg was flirting with her. Yeah, I'd probably be giddy too. Hehe. And the scene with Nick, Sara and Greg where Greg asks Nick if he wants a valium for Sara. Too funny! The expression on Greg's face was priceless.