Favorite Quotes

I looked around and couldn't find a thread like this so I hope it's ok to start one. Was wondering what some of your favorite quotes are from the show? I have a ton. I'll start with a few, give some of yours!

Warrick: "You ever get hit with one of these [a purse]?"
Nick: "No, gentlemen don't get hit in the head with those."

Warrick: "You know that flash drive I found... well it was a little more than meets the eye."
Greg: "You mean it was a transformer.":guffaw:

Sara: "Ronnie, I'm gonna have to limit you to twenty questions per case." Ronnie: "Really?"
Sara: "Nineteen."
:lol: I love that Transformers quote.

Here are some other good ones:

Grissom: Repeat after me, 'Silk, Silk, Silk'
Nick: Silk, silk, silk
Grissom: What do cows drink?
Nick: Milk.
Grissom: They drink water, they give milk.

(Later on)
Nick: You up for a riddle?
Catherine: Sure.
Nick: Okay, repeat after me. 'Silk, Silk, Silk'
Catherine: Silk, silk, silk?
Nick: What do cows drink?
Catherine: Water, why?
Nick: (sighs) Never mind

Captain Jim Brass: You're under arrest for obstructing justice, tampering with states evidence, and violating seven articles of scumbag


Catherine: You gonna have my back?
Grissom: I always have your back.


Gil Grissom: I come here for calamari.
Catherine Willows: Oh... Alone?
Gil Grissom: No. Sometimes I have a beer with it.


Catherine: I haven't had sex in six.. no seven months!​
Grissom: Well, how can I help you... advance I mean, in the lab.

Gil Grissom: Could be a piece of wrist bone. Catherine Willows: Well, do you want to suck on it? To be sure?

Nick Stokes: You see, they're like puffins.
Gil Grissom: What?
Nick Stokes: See, puffins crash into rocks when they are flying to harbors because they are attracted by the city lights and don't know where they are going.
[Grissom looks confused]
Gil Grissom: Ah... Animal Planet.
Nick Stokes: See you say something intelligent and you're a genius! I say something intelligent and I watch too much TV!
Gil Grissom: The woes of life... try reading a book.

Sara: You know what I don't get? How do they get in?
Nick: Well, ringing the doorbell always seems to work.

Catherine (to Gil): You and I have a healthy relationship. When we have a problem I don't paint Greg Sanders in latex and stick a straw up his nose.
Gil: Good; he'd probably like it.

Cath (to Greg): You crack this kid's head open and all that would come out is T&A.
Greg: You said the same thing about me once.

I liked Greg's quote about being a sponge and absorbing information too. :lol: Oh and the one with Nick and Grissom where they are in a cave or something and Grissom says something about scat and Nick wonders what that is. Griss tells him bat droppings. Then one thing he said something about who puts the doors on (the cave) and Grissom said "Batman?" :lol: I wish still had those actual quotes.

And the one with Warrick and Sara where Sara says "Did you know that Grissom could sign?" And Warrick says something about when Gil goes out to eat what does he order or something like that and Sara goes "Grissom goes out?" And Warrick says "Exactly. Who the heck knows anything about that guy?" :lol:
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Warrick: "You ever get hit with one of these [a purse]?"
Nick: "No, gentlemen don't get hit in the head with those."

One of my favorites too, Kristine! :guffaw:

When I was reading the posts, I thought of a lot of them, but now they've run out of my head. :wtf: Here's one tho:

Nick: Yeah, but you're taller...thinner.
Sara: Oh, butter that toast.

I say that all the time now when someone is sucking up to me! :lol:

And I like that Connor Foster guy who was in "Homebodies" and "Finding Happy". Here's some of his:

"That's not her skin, either. My aunt always wore sunblock."
"I myself was trying to defend the girls....they depended me on that."
'Yeah, but he wouldn't die. And I'm glad he did!"
"But I didn't kill him! And I'd do it again if I had a chance!"

And finally, as he sobs into his hands thinking he's a killer and Brass' phone continues to ring,

"Are you gonna get that?"


Catherine: What kind of perverse game are you playing here, Gil?
Grissom: I'm not a pervert.

From the Case of the Cross Dressing Carp
Grissom: I could process those [carp] for you.
Catherine: Do I know how to turn you on or what?

Lawyer: You took your clothes off for a living?
Catherine: For a VERY good living.

Doc Robbins: You want a breast or a thigh?
Catherine: It's your kitchen.

Nick (to Keppler): Know what Grissom would say?
SuperDave: Something ironic, I'm sure!

Warrick: Who brings a gun to a knife fight?
Grissom: The winner?

Sara: Technically, that makes you a cannibal. Grissom would be proud.
Greg: Grissom would have tasted it on purpose

That's it for now.
Catherine: So what were you in high school, Nick?
Nick: Me? I was... dependable.
Catherine: Dependable?
Warrick: He's trying to say he was unpopular.

Sara: "What do you got?"
Grissom: "Either Paul or John."
Sara: "A very important beetle."
Grissom: "The most important."

Grissom: "I've been a baseball fan my whole life."
Sara: "Baseball. Well, that figures. All those stats."
Grissom: "It's a beautiful game."
Sara: "Since when are you interested in beauty?"
Grissom: "Since I met you."

To name a few.......
Great ones everybody! I love reading and reliving the quotes!

Catherine: (to Gil while putting a skeleton together) "Are the bones whispering to you?"

Nick: "Nothing says "I'm guilty" like running from the cops, dumbass."

Nick: "The funny thing about choices, once you make 'em, you have to live with 'em."

Brass: "Yipee we're going to the hood."

Brass: "Hey Gil, what's that stuck to the bottom of your shoe? Oh, it's just Sanders."

Brass is King of the One liners!
Brass IS the king of oneliners. I have SO many I want to share but I'll have to look them up. Most will be Brass though. That's why, really, he's way up there for my favorite character.

He's just awesome.
I agree with you Lostladyknight ! Brass has often very funny lines, and he is great to deliver them.

One of my fav between Grissom and Cath in Assume Nothing (season 4)

Grissom : I think your cell phone's vibrating.
Catherine: You heard that ?
Grissom : Mm-hmm.
Catherine : You're back.
Grissom: Huh ? (Grissom winks)

This is one of my favourite episode. Another great quote

Striper (to Grissom) : I could be you're speciman. You could be my mad scientist.
Catherine: He already is, sweetheart
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My favourite CSI quote ever (and surprisingly it wasn't said by Greg!)

Hodges: "I believe he's legally required to check"

And some related quotes...

Doc Robbins: "Get it out of your system"

SuperDave: "No sign of sexual trauma"

Doc Robbins: "Out. NOW!"
:lol: I don't remember Hodges saying that to Warrick. That's funny. What ep was that in?

Oh wait! I forgot my favorite lines of all time!

I loved when Hodges was asking Jack Malone about jobs in NY and Jack said: "New York has enough ass-kissers!" :lol: And the one one where Hodges was talking to Grissom about the gene that made him a great sniffer and Griss asked him where he got the brown-nosing gene. :lol: Hilarious!
Grissom in his office with headphones on. Sara peeps in the door.

Sara: Grateful Dead?

Grissom takes off headphones.

Grissom: Who's dead?
I love almost everything that Brass and Catherine say.

I also love:

Sara: "now who's the punk, bitch"


Greg: "All work and no play make Greg a dull boy"
Grissom: "All play and no work make Greg an unemployed boy"

Greg: "99 bottles of beers on the wall, 99 bottles of beer, swab one down, run it through CODIS, 98 bottles of beer on the wall."


Catherine: "and what appears to be, is not."


I also LOVE the whole Cath/Sara scene from TGTBATD:
CATHERINE: S & M is a rich man's sport. Kind of like hockey -- a lot of

CATHERINE: They had chemistry. And he is a scientist.

CATHERINE: I have no proof and I know he'd never tell me, but I'm certain they spent the night together. Wonder which one wore the chaps.

SARA: Lots of ...... coins and toothpicks. They don't sweep
under here.

CATHERINE: I mean, more power to him, really, to find somebody outside of work
'cause you start fishing from the company pier, and ... asking for trouble.

CATHERINE: My fantasy does not include costumes, or pain ... and certainly not sawdust.You?

I love every line from that scene.


Sara: "when it's your day, it's your day."

There's a few Doc. Robbins ones that tickled me that I can't remember without having another look.
I like the one between Greg and Sara where they're talking about sports. Greg asks "is sex a sport?" and sara says "not to me". :lol:

Greg walks up and sees that Hank is turning away from Sara cause she smells like liquid-man. After Hank leaves, Greg says: "You know, a real man wouldn't care what you smell like." :lol: