CSI: DuCaine

awwww :) I can't wait for more of this! Someone else is also doing a version of OD but I realy luvs yours :) They are cute together.
:eek: Emerald, that was amazing! I love that song, 'Look After You' and this was an amazing script-like part of the story! I loved it! You're aweseome. :D
This mightn't even class as an update, but it's something to read anyway! :)
Here is a little 'confession', inspired by a CSI video by florencekiss on YouTube... play Nightwish's 'Sleeping Sun' in the background as well, addds to it like it did the video. Hope you like!
I'm working on another scene at the mo', and the 'Open Water' R-rated one will be typed up today, and I'll PM it on Saturday or Sunday. That's coming your way soon. :)

This dialogue is copyright of CSI, the script-writers and Jerry Bruckheimer, and is not my own. I just put the words in different character's mouths... quite fitting actually. This dialogue was manipulated very well by florencekiss, who I thank sincerely.

Here we go:

Fade into:
(Horatio walking in to his office.

He looks up and sees Calleigh sitting on his desk.)

HORATIO: Calleigh?

(She looks down.)

CALLEIGH: I, umm... I wanted to let you know that I...

(She looks up at him, stepping down from the desk.)

CALLEIGH: ... Sometimes, I look for validation in inappropriate

(Horatio steps towards her.)

HORATIO: Calleigh...

CALLEIGH: Would you like to have dinner with me?

(Horatio looks back to the door.)

HORATIO: I gotta go, uhh...

(Calleigh takes hold of his arm.)

CALLEIGH: Let's... let's have dinner, let's see what happens...

(Horatio looks back at her.

He nods, taking her hand in his.)

HORATIO: Okay... I will...

(Calleigh grips his arms, looking up at him.)

CALLEIGH: I could really, really, just kiss you right now...

(Horatio puts his arms around her, his fingers combing through the ends of
her hair)

HORATIO: Calleigh...

(Calleigh pulls on the lapels of Horatio's jacket, straightening his shirt collar.)

CALLEIGH: You know you seem a little more than a boss to me...

(She leans up into him, brushing her lips against his cheek.

Horatio shuts his eyes, hugging her to him.

Calleigh pulls back, her lips inches from his.

Close-up as their eyes meet.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Calleigh's feet as she stretches up.)

Cut to:
(Slow-motion as they kiss.

Camera pans away from them and out the door.

The door shuts quietly.)


Comments please, and you can check out that video if you're interested too. :)
Nice as always EM ;). Loved the part where Calleigh had to stretch up on her feet. I can picture that with her being so dainty and all. :)
Very realistic indeed...I can see H getting all nervous and trying to avoid confronting his feelings, but we could count on Cal to get the truth out of him!!! Nice!!!