CSI: DuCaine

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I'm thinking of writing a steamy continuation where Calleigh 'convinces' Horatio to stay with her... :devil: I'll have to PM it tho'. :p That will be ready in another while. I'm still working on the 'Officer Down' script, and it's slowly taking shape... sorry it's taking so long, but if I rush this, it'll turn out awful!! :rolleyes: Probably by the end of the week I'll post the first part... it'll possibly turn out to be 4 or 5 parts in the end... lots of reading coming your way, with action, tears and fluff!! :D
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Hi!! :) Just a quick word for everyone: I am putting the finishing touches to the last few scenes of my 'Officer Down' script. I'm getting there, but it takes a lot of thinking to get it just right. I've had this idea in my head for a long while, so it's kinda difficult to put down on paper. Hopefully, tomorrow at the very latest, I will be able to post the entire thing, complete and to my liking. Apologies for the long wait.
I am also working on a scenario that struck me this week, which I will post at the weekend, and the 'Open Water' steamy scene. ;)

Thank you to everyone for your patience. I'll make sure all your names are down for the PM one! :)

For those of you who are interested, I will be posting a promo for the 'episode' I might as well call it in the DuCaine thread if you want to check it out. It's quite convincing... ;)
Okay!! *excited* This is my baby right here! :) Basically, this started out as a couple of random scenes with no real story or sense, but over time, with a bit of reading and research, I was able to put them all together in one big script. I am very happy with the flow of the story, which I spent a lot of time going over and over. Hopefully, it does make sense, it does to me anyway. This is quite long, similar to nearly a full episode, so you all have a lot of reading to do! I truely hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Lyrics are copyright of The Fray and Snow Patrol respectively.
As you know, 'Officer Down' was an episode that never was. It was a chance for Horatio and Calleigh to become much closer. While many of the details of the case they are pursuing in this script are not identical to the case in the early 'Officer Down' script spoilers, I would like to say that I took my inspiration from the main bulk of the storyline, and also from a wonderful fanfic 'Safe and Sound' by Marianne, which was written in the aftermath of the episode.
This script is the product of my love and adoration for Horatio and Calleigh, and born in hope that one day, our dream of canon will come true. You have all been wonderful in reading and supporting my work. Thank you all again.
I would like to give EyeHeartH a big thank you for helping me with a case of writer's block when it came to a very crucial scene. Her input is greatly appreciated, and I hope I captured your idea in the best way. Thank you!! I'll say no more...

Here we go!




Fade into:
(Shot of the lab, as Horatio comes out of the elevator, reading
a report.

His cellphone goes off.)

HORATIO: Yeah, Caine.

(He listens for a second, momentarily stopping.)

HORATIO: Okay... okay, that's fine... soon as we can...
yeah... be there in 10.

(Horatio hangs up, and dials another number.)

HORATIO: Calleigh, they've spotted them, heading East on
Flagler... Where are you?

(Calleigh's voice is heard on the phone as Horatio starts walking

CALLEIGH: I'm heading to Ballistics to compare the rounds pulled
out of...

Cut to:
(Shot of the corner, as Horatio turns it and bumps into Calleigh coming from
the opposite direction.

They stand back, blinking for several seconds, before Calleigh lets out an
unlady-like snort of laughter.

Horatio chuckles, clicking off his phone.)

HORATIO: Here you are...

CALLEIGH: Here I am... (serious) They've spotted Garcia and his gang?

HORATIO: Mmhmm... said they were carrying weapons... looks like we're
going to have a stand-off...

(Calleigh nods.)

CALLEIGH: I'm ready...

(Horatio does a double-take.)

HORATIO: (taken aback) Calleigh... this could get dangerous... and I don't
want you...

CALLEIGH: Horatio... I have had to watch bullets being extracted from the
bodies of men, women, and children for the last week. I will not stand back
and let these men get away with murder. It is my duty as a police officer, as a
CSI and a person to see that justice is served.

(She steps closer, her voice deadly calm.)

CALLEIGH: I want to stare those killers in the eye... make them pay. And...

(She lightly puts her hand on Horatio's right arm.)

CALLEIGH: I want to be by your side when it goes down.

(She looks up at him, squeezing his arm.

Horatio gazes at her.)

Cut to:
(Wide shot of Horatio and Calleigh.

Horatio turns his head, making sure no one's around.

He gently puts his left hand behind her head, stroking her hair.

Calleigh closes her eyes.)

HORATIO: I won't risk your life. You mean too much to me...

(He pulls her close to him.)

HORATIO: I can't lose you...

CALLEIGH: You will never lose me. I could never leave you.

(She smirks teasingly.)

CALLEIGH: Besides, I'm the Bullet Girl, remember Handsome?

(Horatio dips his head, smiling.)

CALLEIGH: And I'm coming with you, okay?

(Horatio opens his mouth to protest, but gives up quietly.)

HORATIO: Okay...

(He looks to the elvator.)

HORATIO: Let's go...

(They walk together to the elvator, getting in, and Horatio pushes 'Down'.

The doors close.)

Cut to:
(Interior shot of the elevator.

Horatio and Calleigh stand side by side.

They look at each other.

Calleigh taps her fingers on her gun.

Horatio looks at her gun, smiling.

The doors open, and they step out into white light.)

White flash to:
(Slow motion shot as Horatio and Calleigh walk to the Hummer.

Their eyes are shielded by sunglasses.)

Cut to:
(Police cars pulling away from the PD, as does the Hummer, sirens blazing,
lights flashing.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Miami.)

Cut to:
(Crane shot of Hummer and police cars driving on the highway, screeching
into the city.)

OFFICER: (over radio) Dispatch, we have confirmed the location of Julio
Garcia and several armed men in the Financial district, due west. Shots have
been fired.

HORATIO: (over radio) We're on our way, make sure they're mobilised.

OFFICER: 10-4.

Cut to:
(Wide shot of a street with a black SUV parked across.

Several men are firing shots in the air from behind it.)

JULIO GARCIA: F*** the corporate world!! Screw the pigs!! Miami is
ours for the taking!!

Cut to:
(Wide shot of squad cars arriving and forming a blockade across the street
100 meters away.

Several pedestrians run for cover.)

Cut to:
(Horatio and Calleigh getting out of the Hummer, unholstering their weapons.)

Cut to:
(Garcia's face as he sees the cops.

He fires a shot, and it bounces off a street light.)

GARCIA: That's a warnin'! Don't come any closer!!

OFFICER: You are under arrest. Release your weapons and put your hands on
your head.

(He is answered by more gun-fire.

The officers, Horatio and Calleigh duck behind their vehicles.)

HORATIO: Listen, I need all civilians moved to safety, there will be no


(He signals to two officers to move the people away.)

Cut to:
(Garcia and his men reloading.)

Cut to:
(Horatio kneeling by the Hummer, Calleigh beside him

He looks at her.)

Cut to:
(Side shot of Calleigh, as she turns to look at him.

They share a look which is shattered by a bullet ricocheting off a wall beside

Cut to:
(Wide shot of them both, as they stand slowly, and start shooting at the

Cut to:
(Officers and the gang members exchanging fire.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Horatio shooting.

He catches one man in the shoulder.

He falls to the ground in slow-motion.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Calleigh shooting.

She catches a man in the leg.

He screams in agony.)

Cut to:
(Wide shot of the stand-off.

Horatio motions to Calleigh and the officers, and they slowly begin to
advance forward, still firing.

Several more of the gang fall.

Unbeknownst to the police, two men slip into the shadows of an alley,
still fully armed.

Julio Garcia continues to fire, but he is surrounded.

Horatio slips off his sunglasses.)

HORATIO: Give it up, Julio. There's nowhere to go. Drop your weapon and put your hands on
your head.

(Calleigh stands by him, her gun trained at Julio.

Julio's eyes flick around at all the officers surrounding him in a tight circle.

He gives a glare of fury at Horatio, before throwing down his gun in defeat.

Immediately, he is cuffed and lead away.

He passes Horatio, stops and spits in his face.

Horatio stands still.)

JULIO: Kiss my ass, you son of a --

(He is dragged away by the officers, shouting and cursing.

Horatio blinks slowly, holstering his gun.

Calleigh walks up to him.

She takes his handerchief out of his jacket pocket, and wipes the spit away.)

HORATIO: Thanks, Cal. Great job.

(Calleigh smiles, looking at Julio being taken away in the police car.)

CALLEIGH: He'll pay for all he's done.(She lays her hand on Horatio's arm.)

CALLEIGH: You didn't do so bad yourself...

(Horatio chuckles.)

HORATIO: Thank you. Come on, we'd better process their SUV.

(Calleigh nods.

They walk over to the Hummer, glove up and retrieve their kits.)

Cut to:
(Wide shot of the SUV, as Calleigh and Horatio investigate.

Horatio looks under the seats with flashlight, and retrieves several bags of cocaine
and ecstasy.

He puts them in evidence envelopes. )

HORATO: Looks like they had quite a little business going on.

CALLEIGH: (from the passenger side) I found more coke stashed in the glove

(She holds up 3 small bags in each hand.

Shot of the glove compartment overflowing with cocaine.)

CALLEIGH: It has to be at least two or three kilograms now.

(Horatio raises his eyebrows.)

HORATIO: Make that big business.

CALLEIGH: I'll get the coke and E to trace...

HORATIO: Hmmm...

(They move to the trunk, opening it to find more weapons.

Calleigh lifts out several guns.)

CALLEIGH: .45... .357... semi-auto rifle... thses guys were prepared... but for

HORATIO: Try a war...

(They look at each other.

They pack up their kits, and move back to the Hummer.

Calleigh stops.)

CALLEIGH: Horatio...

(Horatio stops as well.)

HORATIO: What is it?

(Calleigh looks over her shoulder.)

CALLEIGH: I don't know. I feel as if we're being watched...

(She draws her gun.

Horatio watches her, his hand on his gun.

Calleigh moves down the street, her gun raised.

Her eyes look about.

Horatio moves with her.)

Cut to:
(Front shot as they move together.

Suddenly, a man charges at them from the front.

Horatio shoots and the man falls. Horatio goes over to the man, taking his weapon.

Calleigh squeezes her fingers on her gun, relaxing.)

Cut to:
(Shot from behind of Calleigh, panning slowly around to in front of her,
as another shooter charges her from behind.

Close-up of her eyes widening on hearing footsteps.)

CALLEIGH: Horatio, look out!

(Horatio turns, and sees the man.

Calleigh is about to turn and fire...

There is a shot, and a scream.)

Cut to:
(The man firing.

Bullet time as the bullet travels towards Calleigh, hitting her in the back of her left

Her head is thrown back, her hair flying, her eyes wide.

She is thrown forward, and falls to the ground, lying deathly still.

Slow-motion shot of Horatio as he yells her name.)


MAN: Die, bitch!!

(Horatio shoots the man in the head.

Slow-motion as he drops his gun to the ground.

He runs over to Calleigh, kneeling by her side.

She is lying on her front, blood soaking her left shoulder, still not moving.

Horatio pulls out his police radio.)

HORATIO: Dispatch, this is Lieutenant Caine, we've had shots fired at the scene. Two
shooters, both dead. I need an ambulance right away! Officer down!! Officer down!!

(Horatio shuts off the radio, leaning closer to Calleigh.)


Fade in:
(Shot of the street.

Close-up on Horatio's gun laying in the street.

Camera pans to where Calleigh lies, Horatio by her side.)

HORATIO: Calleigh... Calleigh... Cal... Cal, can you hear me? Calleigh... Calleigh?

(He slowly turns her over so she's laying on her back.

Calleigh's eyes flutter open.)

CALLEIGH: Ho... Horatio...

(Horatio breathes a relieved sigh, smiling shakily.)

HORATIO: Hello, sweetheart... Calleigh... are you ok?

(Calleigh winces.)

CALLEIGH: Ah! It burns... it hurts, Horatio!

Horatio: I know, Calleigh. The ambulance is on the way. You're going to be okay. Hold on,

(Calleigh blinks slowly.)

CALLEIGH: I just need to close my eyes for a sec...

(Horatio grasps her right shoulder, squeezing lightly.)

HORATIO: No, Calleigh! You have to stay awake!

CALLEIGH: But... I feel so tired...

(Horatio frames her face in his hands.)

HORATIO: Sweetheart... if you close your eyes... if you fall asleep... you'll never wake up...
I'll never see you again... you'll never see me again...

CALLEIGH: (snapping her eyes open) No!

HORATIO: Stay awake, Calleigh. Don't be afraid.

CALLEIGH: Horatio... uh!

(She starts breathing rapidly.

Horatio grows more distressed.)

HORATIO: Cal... Calleigh!

CALLEIGH: (weakly) Horatio...

(She reaches her right hand up to him.)

CALLEIGH: Don't leave me...

(Horatio grips her hand, cradling her head.)

HORATIO: Never... I'll never leave you...

(He leans his head against hers.)

HORATIO: I'm here... I'm here... you're going to be alright. You're going to be okay..

Cut to:
(Wide shot of Horatio leaning over Calleigh.)

CALLEIGH: Horatio, I...

(She takes a shallow breath.)

HORATIO: Save your strength, sweetheart... ssshhh...

(Calleigh gives his hand a squeeze, her body giving a jerk.)

CALLEIGH: I'm... I'm so glad... uhh... you weren't hurt... that... you're safe, Horatio...

(She exhales sharply.)

Cut to:
(Horatio staring in shock, his eyes shiny.

He holds her tightly to him, pressing his cheek into her hair, unable to speak.

Camera pans around them as sirens sound in the distance.

Calleigh's head falls back, her hand lets go of Horatio's and falls to the ground.

Horatio snaps his head up.)

HORATIO: Calleigh? Calleigh?


Horatio breathes rapidly, shaking Calleigh slightly.)

HORATIO: Calleigh! Calleigh! Wake up, please wake up!

(No response.

Horatio raises a shaky hand to her face, brushing her hair away, cupping her cheek.

His voice is shaky and lost.)

HORATIO: No... no, Calleigh! Calleigh... sweetheart...

(Horatio holds Calleigh to his chest.)

HORATIO: Calleigh, not without me! Not without me!!

(Cue music of "Look After You".

A brief moment later, and the ambulance pulls up just feet from where Horatio is holding

Horatio looks to the ambulance, taking hold of Calleigh's hand again.

He turns back to her, whispering incoherent words.)

If I don’t say this now I will surely break
As I’m leaving the one I want to take

(The paramedics approach Horatio, saying quiet words.

Horatio lets go of Calleigh, and the paramedics begin examining her.

Slow-motion as Horatio lets go of Calleigh's hand.

He stands, and an officer addresses him. He barely nods, still focused on Calleigh.

A stretcher arrives, and Calleigh is lifted onto it.

Slow motion shot as they carry Calleigh to the ambulance, Horatio walking beside her.)

Forgive the urgency but hurry up and wait
My heart has started to separate

(Horatio makes as if to get in the ambulance, but the EMTs won't allow him.

Shot of the ambulance doors shutting.

Crane shot of ambulance pulling away.

Wide shot of Horatio standing with poilce officers swarming around him.)

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Be my baby
Oh, oh, oh

(He mouths 'Calleigh' before running to the Hummer, picking up his kit, and after a moment,
Calleigh's, stowing them in the Hummer.

The Hummer pulls away.)

Cut to:
(Interior shot of the Hummer, and Horaito staring straight ahead at the road, his knuckles white
from gripping the steering wheel.

He sees the ambulance

Close-up as his eyes grow more intense.

Camera pans around him and out of the Hummer towards the ambulance.)

Oh, oh, oh
Be my baby
I’ll look after you

Fade in:
(Shot of paramedics working on Calleigh.

Camera pans in on Calleigh laying still, an oxygen mask over her mouth.)

Fade out to:
(Shot of Miami.)

Cut to:
(Shot of the hospital.

Hummer pulls up, and Horatio gets out.

He goes in the front door, his eyes straight ahead.)

There now, steady love, so few come and don't go
Will you won't you, be the one I always know
When I'm losing my control, the city spins around
You're the only one who knows, you slow it down

Fade in:
(Shot of Horatio at the front desk, asking where Calleigh Duquesne is.

He walks through the corridors, looking for her.

He meets a doctor, and speaks to him.

The words 'operation', 'shock', 'blood loss' are apparent.

Horaito tries to move past the doctor, but to no avail.

The doctor is patient, and directs Horatio to the waiting room.

Horatio goes in, but looks out as the door closes behind him.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Horatio pacing in the waiting room.

After a long period of paicing, he suts down on the sofa, and puts his head in his hands.)

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Be my baby
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Be my baby
I’ll look after you


Fade in:
(Camera shots panning over Miami.)

Cut to:

(Camera pans down the corridors, focusing on the waiting-room door.)

Fade in:
(Shot of Horatio, his eyes downcast, his hair dishevelled.

Close-up of his eyes.)

Cut to:
(Door opening.

Alexx, Ryan and Eric walk in.)

ALEXX: Horatio?

(He looks up, noddingquietly, acknowledging them.

Alexx sits beside him, putting her hand on his shoulder.

Eric shifts, looking out the window.

Ryan rests the knuckles of his right hand on his lower lip.)

ALEXX: Horatio... do you want anything?

(Horatio shakes his head.)

HORATIO: All... all I want is information. I need... I need to know if she's okay...

ERIC: That's what we all want, H. All we want.

(Ryan reamins silent.)

ALEXX: We'll know soon enough... don't worry. If I know Calleigh, she won't give up
without a fight...

(Horatio smiles slightly, lowering his head again.)

RYAN: (quietly) I hope she's alright...

(Eric whirls around.)

ERIC: Of course she's alright! Don't say s*** like that!

RYAN: I'm just saying...

ERIC: You're just saying, you don't think she'll make it... she's gonna die!

ALEXX: Eric, that's enough...

ERIC: No! My friend is lying somewhere, a bullet in her, and we're sitting here cluless!! I want answers!!

(Ryan tries to calm him down, but Eric slaps his hands away.)

ERIC: Get awy from me!

ALEXX: Eric!

(All at once, the three of them start to argue, their voices raising.)

HORATIO: (quiet intensity) Please... stop...


HORATIO: This isn't helping Calleigh in any way.

(He stands up shakily.)

HORATIO: Right now, all we have is each other... we're all she has... we have to be strong, be
united... for Calleigh.

(Eric covers his eyes, breathing erratically.

Ryan blinks back tears.

Alexx wrings her hands.

A moment later, the doctor walks in.)

DR. GREY: Lieutenant Caine?

HORATIO: Doctor?

(He pauses, glancing at the team.)

HORATIO: How is she?

DR. GREY: Miss Duquesne is a very fortunate and lucky woman. The bullet did penetrate her shoulder
several inches, but we were able to extract it without too many problems... if the range had been any
closer, it would have been fatal...

(Horatio gives a soft gasp, putting his hand to his forehead, trying to digest the information.)

HORATIO: So she's okay?

DR. GREY: Yes... with some rest and TLC, she will be 100 percent in a matter of weeks.

(Alexx gives an elated Ryan a hug.

Eric punches the air.)

HORATIO: That's great news, doctor. We... we were all worried about her..

DR. GREY: She is certainly resiliant, I'll say that about Miss Duquesne.

(The team laugh.)

HORATIO: Is she conscious?

DR. GREY: She's still under anasthesia, and she was unconscious when she arrived... she will be
asleep for another couple of hours... her vital signs are improving and her heartbeat is steady... she
may remain unconscious for longer than we have estimated, but for the moment, she's stable.

(Horatio closes his eyes, shifting left to right.)

HORATIO: Can I see her?

(He turns to look at the team.

They nod, giving him encouraging smiles.)

DR. GREY: Of course, Lieutenant.

(Horatio and Dr. Grey leave the waiting room, and walk down the corridor.

Dr. Grey opens the door to the private room.

Slow motion from the front as Horatio looks in, his face unreadable.)

DR. GREY: If there's anything you need, Lieutenant.

(Horatio nods.)

HORATIO: Thank you, doctor.

(Horatio steps into the room, the door closing behind him.

Camera pans from Horatio to a wide shot of Calleigh laying in the hospital bed.

A thick bandage covers her left shoulder.)

HORATIO: Calleigh...

(He walks over to her bedside, sitting down on her right.

Wide shot as Horatio looks at Calleigh.)

HORATIO: Calleigh? Calleigh, it's me, it's Horatio. I'm here...

(He pauses, blinking rapidly.)

HORATIO: They removed the bullet... you were very lucky... someone was praying for you...

(He laughs a little, ducking his head,)

HORATIO: I prayed so hard for you... God heard me.

(He lifts his head.)

HORATIO: We're all here for you... Eric, Ryan and Alexx... they believed in you... believed that
you'd be alright...

(He purses his lips, putting his hands together as if in prayer.)

HORATIO: All of this... today... everything that's happened... it doesn't seem real... this is all a
nightmare... my greatest fear come to life... and I know...

(He sits closer to her, his hands resting on the bed beside her still form.)

HORATIO: I know it's not a dream... beacuse I see you lying there... pale and still... and the pain I
feel seeing you like this...

(He exhales sharply, his eyes watery.

When he speaks next, his voice begins to crack.)

HORATIO: Calleigh? Can you hear me, sweetheart? Calleigh?

(His eyes fill with tears.)

HORATIO: What I'm going to tell you.. I have never admitted to anyone...

(He sits closer, his hands shakily gripping the sheets.)

HORATIO: I'm... I'm frightened, Calleigh, I'm frightened... I keep seeing the future without you in it...

(He takes her hand in both of his.)

HORATIO: I can't lose you... I need you here... I need you here with me...

(He kisses her hand over and over.)

HORATIO: Calleigh, why did you take that bullet? It was meant for me...

(Horatio starts sobbing, his words shaky and choked with his sobs.)

HORATIO: My life is not worth yours... I'm not worth it!

(He squeezes her hand, kissing her fingers.)

HORATIO: It should be me that's lying there, not you. Not you, Calleigh.

(He lays her hand back down on the bed.

Her palm lies on top of his.)

HORATIO: Please... open your eyes, Calleigh... open your eyes, so I can tell you how sorry
I am... that I love you...

(A tear creeps down his cheek.)

HORATIO: (whispering) Open your eyes...

(Slow motion as his tear fall on her hand.)

(Cue music of "Open Your Eyes.

Camera pans around as Horatio sits watching Calleigh.)

All this feels strange and untrue
And I won't waste a minute without you

(Horatio lets out a tired, broken digh.

His eyes fill with tears.)

My bones ache my skin feels cold
And I'm getting so tired and so old

(Horatio closes his eyes.)

White flash to:
(Black and white shot of Calleigh falling to the ground.

Slow-motion as Horatio shoots the killer.)

White flash to:
(Horatio clenching his fist.)

The anger swells in my guts
And I won't feel these slices and cuts

(Horatio leans close to Calleigh, his eyes moving over her face.)

I want so much to open your eyes
'Cause I need you to look into mine

Cut to:
(Shot of Calleigh from Horatio's POV.

Shot of Horatio beside Calleigh.)

Tell me that you'll open your eyes
Tell me that you'll open your eyes

(Horatio bows his head on quiet reverance.)

Tell me that you'll open your eyes
Tell me that you'll open your eyes

(Horatio looks around the hospital room, and outside to the busy corridor, settling his
eyes back on Calleigh.)

Get up get out get away from these liars
'Cause they don't get your soul or your fire

Cut to:
(Shot of his hand taking hold of hers, interlacing their fingers.

He brings their joined hands to rest against his forehead.)

Take my hand knot your fingers through mine
And we'll walk from this dark room for the last time

(He looks at her, kissing her fingers.

His other hand grips at the bed sheet.

Close-up of his eyes.)

Every minute from this minute now
We can do what we like anywhere

(Horatio lays her hand down again, laying his head down on the bed.

He mouths, 'Open your eyes', squeezing his eyes shut.)

I want so much to open your eyes
'Cause I need you to look into mine

Cut to:
(Shot from behind of Horatio resting his head on the bed.

Wide shot of Calleigh's bed.

Horatio's shoulders start shaking with silent sobs.)

Tell me that you'll open your eyes
Tell me that you'll open your eyes

(Tears stream from his eyes as he grips her hand, soaking the bedsheets.

He whispers her name over and over.)

Tell me that you'll open your eyes
Tell me that you'll open your eyes

(He stands up, moving towards Calleigh, gently stroking a lock of her hair.

He gently touches her face, his hand trembling.

He rests his cheek on top of her head, pressing a kiss to her hair.)

Tell me that you'll open your eyes
Tell me that you'll open your eyes

(Horatio sits back in the chair, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his legs.

Closing his eyes, more tears slip out.

He whispers, 'I'll never leave you, sweetheart.'

He drops his head forward, his shoulders shaking.)

Tell me that you'll open your eyes
Tell me that you'll open your eyes

(During the instrumental, various shots dissolve in and out of Horatio sitting at Calleigh's
bedside, Calleigh laying there, the hands of the clock moving forward 9 full hours.

Alexx, Eric and Ryan are at the door, looking in.

Alexx is crying, Ryan sniffs, and Eric clenches his fist.

Horatio leans back in the chair, his eyes slipping closed.)

Fade in:
(Wide shot of Horatio and Calleigh.

Camera pans slowly from Horatio to Calleigh.

Camrea focuses in on her face.

Her eyes slowly open.

She looks towards Horatio, and a slow smile spreads across her face.

Horatio stirs, waking up. He looks at Calleigh and sees her eyes open.

His smile is full of surprise and barely conceled joy and relief.

He moves right next to her, unable to speak. They share a long look.)

All this feels strange and untrue
And I won't waste a minute without you


Fade in:
(Shot of the hospital.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Calleigh's hospital room.

Camera focuses in on Horatio sitting at Calleigh's bedside.

Calleigh's eyes are heavy, and her voice is quiet and weak.)

CALLEIGH: Hello, Handsome.

(Horatio chuckles, smiling tenderly at her.)

HORATIO: Hello, Calleigh. How are you?

CALLEIGH: I feel... like I've just been hit by a truck... how long was I asleep?

HORATIO: About 9 hours...

(Calleigh blinks in disbelief.)

CALLEIGH: Hmm... talk about Sleeping Beauty... my shoulder feels strange.

HORATIO: It will probably be like that for a few weeks... you're to get plenty of rest...
and no strenuous activity.

CALLEIGH: I hope that doesn't include comparing bullets...

(Horatio smiles.

Calleigh looks at him.)

CALLEIGH: Horatio... you look exhausted...

(Her eyes widen.)

CALLEIGH: Have you been sitting there the whole time?

(Horatio ducks his head, nodding.

Calleigh's voice grows a little stronger, but is still mainly quiet.)

CALLEIGH: Horatio! You should have got up, eaten something... 9 hours...
you should take care of yourself... I'm not worth you starving yourself

(Horatio raises his head, fixing her with a soft look.)

HORATIO: I couldn't leave you. I didn't want to leave you.

CALLEIGH: Oh, Horatio...

(A beat.

Calleigh shuts her eyes, her breathing even, her fingers lightly clenching and unclenching
the bedsheets.)

CALLEIGH: It was so dark... I could hear things, but I couldn't see anything... my eyes felt
so heavy... I wanted to wake up, but my body refused.


Horatio listens.)

CALLEIGH: I... I heard your voice... you sounded... so afraid... so lost and alone... I had to
come back... I had to see you... I would never leave you... I promised you...

(She turns her head to look at him.)

CALLEIGH: Horatio...


CALLEIGH: I heard you say 'Open your eyes'... I tried Horatio... but I couldn't...

(She smiles.)

CALLEIGH: But I can see you now, and...

(Calleigh looks harder at Horatio, into his eyes, her brow furrowing a little.)

CALLEIGH: Your eyes... they're red...

(Horatio looks away.)

CALLEIGH: (o.s, softly) Were you crying?

(Horatio looks back at her, his eyes shining.)

HORATIO: Yes... yes I was, Calleigh

(Calleigh's eyes fill with sorrow.)

CALLEIGH: But why?

Cut to:
(Wide shot of Horatio and Calleigh.

Horatio sits closer, inches from her face.

Camera pans in as dialogue continues.)

HORATIO: (whispering) I was so frightened, Calleigh. I kept thinking that I was going
to lose you. The thought, the notion of having a life without you... I couldn't handle it.

CALLEIGH: You cried... for me?

Cut to:
(Side shot of them both.

Calleigh raises her hand to his cheek.

Horatio turns his face into her hand, kissing her palm.)

HORATIO: I'm so sorry, Calleigh.

(Calleigh registers confusion.

Her thumb strokes his cheek.)

HORATIO: That bullet... it should have hit me, not you. You got hurt... because of me...

Cut to:
(Close-up of Horatio as tears slide down his cheeks.

Calleigh brushes them away.)

CALLEIGH: Horatio, no. This... this is not your fault. Listen to me... I was charged from
behind... it was circumstance, it was nobody's fault, and especially...

(She grasps his chin, holding him in place.)

CALLEIGH: Especially not yours...

(Horatio lets out a shaky sigh.

He nods slowly.)

HORATIO: Okay... rest now, Calleigh... you need to recover now...

(Calleigh nods sleepily.

Horatio smiles, going to lean back in his chair.

Calleigh reaches for his hand.)

CALLEIGH: Horatio... could you...?

HORATIO: What is it, sweetheart?

CALLEIGH: I... I want you to come here... put your arms around me... hold me...

(Her voice starts to crack.)

CALLEIGH: Tell me that it's alright... I need you... I'm still afraid... make me strong again... please...

(She sobs slightly.

Horatio gets out of his chair, and puts his arms around Calleigh, careful not to disturb her shoulder,
holding her head close to his chest.

He leans his head against hers.

Calleigh shuts her eyes, breathing audibly, her right arm coming up to hold onto his arm.

Horatio buries his face in her hair as she cries quietly.)

HORATIO: You're safe, Calleigh... you're alright... sshhh....

(Calleigh's fingers grip at Horatio's jacket, her face hidden in his chest.

Horatio kisses the top of her head softly.

Camera pans away from them holding each other.)

Fade out to:
(Shot of Miami.)

Fade in:
(Shots of Alexx, Ryan and Eric coming in to see Calleigh, hugging, crying and smiling.

Horatio stands to the side, watching.

Calleigh meets his eyes, smiling and nodding.

Close-up as Horatio nods.)

Cut to:
(Dr. Grey knocking on the door.

Horatio comes out.)

HORATIO: Yes, doctor?

DR.GREY: Lieutenant, I have just confirmed that Miss Duquesne is rested enough to go home in the morning...

HORATIO: That's great, doctor. She'll be glad to go home...

(Horatio goes back inside to the team and Calleigh.)

Fade out to:
(Shot of Miami, the sun setting.)

Cut to:
(Hospital room.

Calleigh lies dozing.

Horatio sits at her bedside, his head dropping every few seconds, his eyes gradually closing.)

CALLEIGH: (o.s) You should go home... get some rest, Horatio...

(Horatio raises his head, stifling a yawn.)

HORATIO: I'll be alright... I'm not leaving you...

CALLEIGH: There's loyalty... then there's common sense Handsome...

(Horatio chuckles.)

HORATIO: Be that as it may, I'm not going anywhere...

(He slips off his jacket.)

HORATIO: Even if I have to sit in this chair all night...

(He covers himself with the jacket.

Calleigh smiles sleepily.)

CALLEIGH: You know... I feel safer when you're here... I know you'll protect me...

(Horatio looks at her tenderly.)

HORATIO: Mmhmm... I'll be here when you wake up... I'll take you home then...

(Calleigh stares at the ceiling.

Close-up of her eyes.)

CALLEIGH: Home... sounds good... I'll be happy to get out of this bed...

HORATIO: And into another one...

(Calleigh laughs softly, turning to look at him.

Horatio smiles back.

He leans forward, taking her hand.)

HORATIO: If you need anything.. I'm right here.)

Cut to:
(Close-up of thier hands.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh nodding, turning her head away again.

Horatio squeezes her fingers, settling back in the chair.

Calleigh closes her eyes, drifting off to sleep.)

HORATIO: Goodnight, Calleigh. Sleep well.

(Horatio shuts his eyes.

Camera moves to Calleigh smiling in her sleep.)

CALLEIGH: (whispering) Goodnight, Horatio.

(Camera pans away to a wide shot of Horatio and Calleigh asleep.)

Cut to:
(Shot of the city at night.)


Fade in:

Cut to:
(Hospital front doors opening.

Horatio and Calleigh walk out.

Camera slowly pans in as Horatio lightly rests his hand on Calleigh's right shoulder.

She smiles softly, nodding.

Camera follows them to the Hummer.)

Cut to:
(Hummer pulling away.)

Cut to:
(Hummer driving through the city.)

Fade into:
(Interior of the Hummer.

Calleigh rests her hand on her left shoulder sitting forward slightly.

Horatio glances at her quickly.)

Short time jump to:

Cut to:
(Hummer pulling up in front of Calleigh's house.

A slight beat as they both sit still.)

Cut to:
(Side shot of Calleigh.

She lowers her eyes, giving a small sigh.)

CALLEIGH: I'm still a little nervous... that strange?

Cut to:
(Shot of Horatio turning to look at her.)


(Calleigh looks at him questioningly.

Horatio smiles.)


(Calleigh nods.)

HORATIO: Okay...

(Horatio gets out.

Calleigh takes a deep breath.

Horatio walks around to Calleigh's side, and opens her door.

Calleigh steps out slowly.)

Cut to:
(Front shot of them standing together at the edge of the lawn on the end of the pathway
leading to Calleigh's front door.

Horatio looks at Calleigh.

Calleigh looks over her shoulder at Horatio, her eyes filled with uncertainty.

She presses her lips together, looking back at the house.

Giving a firm nod, she turns back to Horatio, her eyes steady.

Horatio smiles at her.)

Cut to:
(Wide shot as they face each other.)

Cut to:
(Side shot of Calleigh ducking her head.)

Cut to:
(Side shot of Horatio trying to look into her eyes.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Calleigh laughing, raising her eyes.

Camera pans in towards them in slow motion as Calleigh lifts her arm up to wrap around Horatio's neck.

She pulls him close for a soft hug.

Horatio gently wraps an arm around her waist his head resting on her shoulder.)

Cut to:
(Shot of his other hand stroking her left arm.)

Cut to:
(Wide shot of their embrace.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh pulling away and looking at Horatio.

Close-up of their eyes.

Calleigh moves her hand down Horatio's arm, before turning away from him.

Horatio watches her go.)

Cut to:
(Side shot of Calleigh walking towards her house, her footfalls echoing.)

Cut to:
(Front shot of Horatio watching her still.)

Cut to:
(Shot from behind of Calleigh walking.

She suddenly stops.)

Cut to:
(Wide shot of Horatio looking confused.)

Cut back to:
(Calleigh turning back to Horatio.

Smiling, she walks back to him.)

Cut to:
(Side shot of Horatio as Calleigh comes back to him.

Camera slowly pans in as Calleigh reaches Horatio, standing in front of him.

Camera focuses in as Calleigh puts her hands on Horatio's shoulders, stretching up...

She kisses him.

Horatio closes his eyes, putting a hand behind her head.

Calleigh holds onto his shoulders, her fingers slowly gripping and releasing his jacket.

Camera pans around them as they kiss.

Close-up as Calleigh pulls away.

Horatio stares at her softly.

Calleigh smiles.)

CALLEIGH: Thank you, Horatio.

(Horatio smiles, ducking his head.

He lifts his eyes again, his eyes intense.)

HORATIO: You're very welcome, Calleigh.

(Calleigh lowers her hands from Horatio's shoulders

Horatio takes her left hand in his.)

HORATIO: You take care now.

(Calleigh nods.)


(They share a smile.

With one last squeeze of her hand, Calleigh turns and walsk away.

Slow-motion as their hands part.

Horatio turns away, slipping on his sunglasses with a smile.

He walks off, Calleigh can be seen over his shoulder.

Camera focuses in on her as she walks up the pathway.)

Cut to:
(Close-up of her smile.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Horatio getting in the Hummer.

He pauses, looking out at Calleigh standing at her front door.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Calleigh turning to look at Horatio.

Her smile is wide as she gives him a wave.

Camera pans away from her.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Calleigh reflected in Horatio's sunglasses.

He smiles, waving back.)

Cut to:
(Crane shot of Hummer pulling away.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh going inside.

Side shot of her as she outs her back to the door, sliding down the length of it to the floor.

Front shot as she smiles, touching her lips.

Closing her eyes, she tastes her lips, sighing contentedly.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Hummer on the road.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Horatio driving.

Front shot as he licks his lips.

He smiles, letting out a happy sigh and a short laugh.

Camera pans away to the Miami skyline.

Fade into:
(Final shot of Horatio and Calleigh kissing.)


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