CSI: DuCaine

Emer I need to make it a point to come back in here more often. I read all that I missed since I last popped in here and wow! :eek: Your version of Officer Down had me in tears, poor Horatio. :( The other reads were very good too, I loved the Dead Zone and Open Water continuations especially! :D Can I get that R-rated Open Water continuation of yours please?
Apologies to everyone for the long wait! School was a drag!

Here is a scenario that came to me following a shock late one night about a week ago... I was handed a lemon, and here's my lemonade! :p And for those of you who may have swayed to the 'dark side' slightly, this'll bring you back!! :lol: It's how I envision Calleigh and Horatio going canon, and I really enjoyed writing this, and adding all the flashbacks, which you'll soon see. Hope you enjoy! :)

Here's a brief summary:
After a long period of not working together, Horatio and Calleigh investigate their first case together in over a year. The tension is unbearable, but beneath his charming professional cape, Horatio is beginning to crack under the pressures of work and life... alone in the lab, he looks to his source of strength..


Fade in:
(Shot of Horatio's office door opening.

Horatio steps out into the hall.)

Cut to:
(Close-up of his face as he looks left and right.

He tilts his head towards the end of the corridor.

There is the sound of a gunshot.

Horatio smiles, and starts walking down the corridor.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Calleigh firing in the shooting range.)

Cut to:
(Close-up of her eyes.)

Cut to:
(Front shot as she fires the last round, putting down her gun.

She slowly takes off her glasses and mufflers

Focus in on her face as she smiles.)

CALLEIGH: How long have you been standing there?

(Camera focuses in on the shadow at the door behind her shoulder.)

HORATIO: Not long... I always find it amazing how you sense me...

(Calleigh dips her head.)

CALLEIGH: Your presence can't be ignored...

(She turns to face him.)

CALLEIGH: Hello, Horatio.

(Horatio smiles.)

HORATIO: Hey, Calleigh.

Cut to:
(Side shot as they regard each other quietly.

A beat.)

Cut to:
(Front shot of Calleigh.)

CALLEIGH: Are you okay?

Cut back to:
(Horatio raising his eyebrows in surprise.)

HORATIO: Umm... I'm okay... uhh, yeah... I'm okay...

Cut back to:
(Side shot of Calleigh pressing her lips together.

She tilts her head at Horatio.)

CALLEIGH: Are you sure?

(Horatio ducks his head, nodding.)

HORATIO: Yes, 100 percent.

(Calleigh crosses her arms, a slight smile on her lips.)

CALLEIGH: Because I don't believe you...

(Horatio sighs, shaking his head.)

HORATIO: You are a very good detective, Detective. It's surely to
your credit.

CALLEIGH: Thank you, Lieutenant. It seems to be an innate gift I have...

(She steps towards him.)

CALLEIGH: That I can see when people are trying to conceal things...
especially their problems...

(She stands in front of him.

Horatio can't look at her.)

HORATIO: And who says I'm trying to conceal my problems? I mean, we...

(He looks at Calleigh.

He pauses, as if trying to find the right words.)

HORATIO: We don't keep secrets... we don't lie... we don't deceive... but even
now, I feel the world is caving in... I... want to scream... I feel so alone... that everyone
around me is just pretending to care...

(Calleigh puts her hand on his shoulder)

CALLEIGH: You are not alone... I'm here with you... and I truely care about you.

(Horatio looks at her.)

HORATIO: But... I thought... that even you... even you were lying.

(Calleigh raises her hand to grasp his chin.

Her thumb strokes him slowly.

Horatio stares at her intently.)

CALLEIGH: Horatio... was every look that I ever gave you a lie?

Cut to:
(Close-up of Horatio's eyes as he closes them.)

White flash to:
(Calleigh smling at Horatio in 'Golden Parachute'.)

White flash to:
(Calleigh looking at Horatio in 'Wet Foot, Dry Foot'.)

White flash to:
(Calleigh watching Horatio on the monitor in 'Broken'.)

White flash to:
(Calleigh looking to Horatio in 'Kill Zone'.)

White flash to:
(Calleigh looking at Horatio in 'The Best Defense'.)

White flash to:
(Calleigh looking at Horatio before they hug in 'Lost Son'.)

White flash to:
(Calleigh smiling at Horatio as she leaves in 'After the Fall'.)

White flash to:
(Calleigh smiling at Horatio in 'Grave Danger'.)

White flash to:
(Calleigh looking at Horatio in 'Under Suspicion'.)

White flash to:
(Calleigh looking to Horatio in 'Going Under'.)

White flash to:
(The present.

Horatio and Calleigh stand together.

Horatio blinks, pressing his lips together.)

HORATIO: No... it was the truth... all along...

(Calleigh moves her left hand to the back of Horatio's head, her right hand
cupping his cheek.)

CALLEIGH: The truth is, Horatio, I've always been right behind you, Handsome.

(Horatio smiles, his eyes slightly watery.)

CALLEIGH: It's alright, it's alright...

HORATIO: I know, Cal... I've always known, sweetheart.

(Her thumb brushes his cheek.)

CALLEIGH: Come here, you.

(Calleigh gently pulls his head down to her, and kisses his cheek.

Horatio's eyes widen, but gradually slip closed.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Horatio from behind, panning in as Calleigh's fingers grip his hair.)

Cut to:
(Side shot as Calleigh pulls back.

Horatio opens his eyes slowly, gazing at her.)

CALEIGH: I've wanted to do that for three years...

(Horatio chuckles softly, ducking his head.)

HORATIO: Really?

CALLEIGH: Mmhmm...

(She raises his head to meet her eyes.

She steps closer to him.)

CALLEIGH: But I've wanted to do this...

(She moves her hands to the back of Horatio's head, slowly raising on tip-toe.

A beat.)

CALLEIGH: ... For five years.

(Calleigh kisses his lips.

Horatio groans out loud, wrapping his arms around her, hugging Calleigh tight to him,
his hands splayed across her back.

Calleigh holds his head in place, kissing him furiously.

Camera pans around them as they continue to kiss.)

Cut to:
(Close-up as they pull away, their lips dtill a breath apart.

Horatio runs his thumb over Calleigh's lips.

Calleigh holds onto Horatio's shoulders.

Horatio puts his hand behind Calleigh's head, pulling her into him for a hug.

They embrace tightly.

Their breathing can be heard.

Calleigh's face is buried in Horatio's chest, Horatio rests his head on top of Calleigh's.

Their eyes are closed.

Final shot of their hug.)


Comments appreciated. Thanks everyone! :)
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Hi all!! :)

Moriel21 came up with a scenario in the H/C thread, so I worked it into this scene. Thanks for the idea, Mo!! It's not exactly how she posteed, but there is the main idea there. Hope you like, and I hope the ending makes sense!! Enjoy, and comments greatly appreciated as always. :)

There's a bit of heavy kissing in this one, but I hope it's not too graphic for the board... :p

Fade in:

(Calleigh is testing clothes for gunshot residue.

Camera close-ups of clothes being swabbed.

Calleigh sprays a solution of sodium rhodiznate.

The swab turns pink-purple.)

Cut to:
(Close-up of Calleigh holding up the swab, smiling.)

HORATIO: (o.s) Your favourite colour...

Cut to:
(Calleigh smiling, shutting her eyes and letting out a
contented sigh.)

CALLEIGH: Mmhmm... especially when it nails our suspect.

(Calleigh blinks for a moment, setting down the swab and writing
her report for a minute.

She purses her lips in thought.

Horatio watches her.)

CALLEIGH: You know... people wouldn't think pink is my favourite
colour, since I don't wear it all that often...

(She smiles ironically, rubbing her index finger over her lip-gloss absently.)

CALLEIGH: I'm not even wearing pink today.

HORATIO: (o.s) Yes you are...

Cut to:
(Side shot of Calleigh.

She stops writing.

Close-up as she registers confusion.

Shot of her from behind as she turns to look over her shoulder at


(She laughs softly.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Horatio nodding, taking a step towards her.)

HORATIO: Mmhmm...

(He moves in front of her.)

Cut to:
(Side shot as they stare at each other.

Horatio tilts his head, smiling at Calleigh.

Calleigh rolls her eyes with a smile, crossing her arms and looking
back at Horatio.)

CALLEIGH: Alright then, Lieutenant. I invite you to point out what pink I'm
wearin', because I certainly can't see it!

(She gives another laugh.

Horatio chuckles, dipping his head, before looking into her eyes.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Horatio's right hand as he raises it slowly.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Calleigh watching him.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Horatio's face, his eyes intense.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Horatio's hand as it movs towards Calleigh's face, finally resting
his thumb on her lips.

Calleigh's lips part slightly as Horatio tubs his thumb over her lips slowly.

Calleigh shuts her eyes breathing deeply.)

HORTAIO: Right there... you're wearing pink... right there..

(His thumb sweeps across her lower lip.

Calleigh uncrosses her arms, letting her hands by her sides.

Her eyes open as Horatio's thumb leaves her.

She blinks quickly.

Shot of Horatio looking at her.)

Cut to:
(Side shot of them both.)

CALLEIGH: Horatio?

HORATIO: Calleigh...

(He moves closer to her.

Calleigh backs up against an empty work-table.

Her hands grip the edge of the table.

She looks over Horatio's shoulder.)

CALLEIGH: Someone mihgt see...

(Horatio completely blocks her way.)

CALLEIGH: (firmly) Not at work...

(She ducks her head, unable to look at him.

Horatio takes her chin in his hand, raising her head up again.

Calleigh's eyes are wide, and her breathing is quick.

Horatio leans in to kiss her.

Calleigh turns her head away, her eyes shut.

Horatio sighs softly, before leaning in to whisper to her.)

Cut to:
(Side shot of them both.

Calleigh's face is turned towards the camera, her eyes still closed.

Horatio leans in on her left, away from the camera.)

HORATIO: Calleigh... there's nothing wrong with what we're doing...
we are two consenting adults...

(Calleigh smiles her eyes still closed.)

HORATIO: There wasn't a moment that went by today when you weren't
on my mind...

(He takes her left hand, stroking her knuckles with his thumb.)

HORATIO: I had to see you... had to touch you...

(Calleigh sighs.)

HORATIO: (whispering) Sweetheart...

(Calleigh opens her eyes.)

Cut to:
(Shot of her hand squeezing Horatio's.)

CALLEIGH: Oh, Handsome...

(She faces him.)

CALLEIGH: I was the same. I couldn't stop thinking of you either...

(She lays her ahnd on his shoulder, squeezing softly.)

CALLEIGH: I missed you, Horatio.

(Horatio smiles, bringing her hand up to his mouth and kissing it.)

HORATIO: And I missed you, Calleigh.

(She smles widely, and so does he.

For a moment, they stare at each other.

Horatio's eyes flick to Calleigh's bun.

He raises his hand tentatively to behind her head.)


(Calleigh looks back at his hand slightly, her mouth slightly open.

She nods.)


(Horatio gently pull out her hair-clip, and the bun comes down.)

Cut to:
(Slow-motion shot as Calleigh's hair tumbles around her shoulder.

She shakes her head slightly, the waves framing her face.)

Cut to:
(Side shot as Horatio lifts his hands to comb through her hair.

Calleigh puts both her hands on his shouders.

A beat.

They move towards each other, breathing heavily.

A slight pause, before they kiss.

Horatio pulls Calleigh closer to him.

Calleigh wraps her arms around Horatio's neck.

Calleigh pulls off Horatio's jacket, dropping it to the ground.

Horatio undoes Calleigh's labcoat, flinging it away.)

Cut to:
(Wide shot as Horatio lifts Calleigh onto the table, leaning her back

Cut to:
(Close-up as their kisses grow more demanding.

Horatio runs his hands down Calleigh's body, and Calleigh holds onto

Horatio breaks the kiss, Horatio leans over Calleigh.

Calleigh's fingers untie his shirt buttons.

She rolls him over, still untying his shirt.)

Cut to:
(Close-up as Calleigh looks up at Horatio, giving him a salaicios smile
before she moves down further.

Camera pans up to Horatio's face.

He moves his head from side to side, trying to watch her.)

HORATIO: Calleigh... oh, God... oh, Calleigh...

(He shuts his eyes, repeating her name.)

HORATIO: Cal... Calleigh...

White flash to:
(Shot of Horatio resting his head on his arms.)

HORATIO: Calleigh... Calleigh...

(He opens his eyes.)

HORATIO: Calleigh?

(He sits up with an abrupt gasp.

He looks about his office.

The only light is from his desk-lamp.

He leans his head in his palm, blinking blearily.

He leans back in his chair, exhaling a massive sigh.)

HORATIO: (quietly) Great dream...

(There is a knock on the door.)

HORATIO: Come in...

Cut to:
(Shot of the door opening.

It's Calleigh.)


Cut back to:
(Horatio looking surprised.

He licks his lips slowly.)

HORATIO: Hi... uhh, come right in.

Cut to:
(Calleigh smiling, stepping in the door.

She walks up to his desk, setting down the folder in front of him.)

CALLEIGH: Here's the GSR report on James Tyler's clothes...

HORATIO: Thank you...

(He dips his head, avoiding her eyes.)

CALLEIGH: (o.s) Horatio?

(Horatio closes his eyes, before he raises his head to look at her again.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh watching Horatio closely.)

HORATIO: It's nothing... I just... I fell asleep for a while... umm, and I had
a dream, that's all...

CALLEIGH: That's not exactly nothing, Horatio... is the dream bothering you?

(Horatio ducks his head.)

White flash to:
(Horatio letting down Calleigh's hair and kissing her.)

White flash to:
(The present as Horatio clears his throat awkwardly.)

HORATIO: *ahem* Uhh, it's okay... it was just a dream...

(His voice goes quiet, almost wistful.)

HORATIO: It's not like it could ever really happen...

Cut to:
(Calleigh smiling, leaning forward on the desk slightly.)

CALLEIGH: You never know... if you wish hard enough, if you want it enough,
your dream will come true someday, Handsome...

Cut to:
(Horatio picking up the report, reading it absently.

He nods.)

HORATIO: You're right... thanks, Cal...

(He meets her eyes again.

They share a long look.)

CALLEIGH: Goodnight...

HORATIO: Goodnight...

Cut to:
(Calleigh turning to the door.)

Cut back to:
(Horatio watching her for a moment, before he lowers his eyes again.)

Cut to:
(Side shot as Calleigh reaches the door, her hand on the handle.

She stops.

Her eyes move in thought.

She turns back.)

CALLEIGH: Horatio...

Cut to:
(Horatio looking up, his eyes full of confusion.

He remains quiet.)

Cut back to:
(Calleigh standing at the door.

She walks to the right of the screen.)

Cut to:
(Horatio watching her from his desk.)

Cut to:
(Wide shot as Calleigh walks back to Horatio's desk, moving to stand in
front of him.

Horatio watches her, bewildered.)

Cut to:
(Side shot as Calleigh leans in, cupping Horatio's cheek, kissing him softly.

Horatio brings a hand up to rub her back, returning the kiss.)

Cut to:
(Close-up as they pull apart.

Their eyes remain fixed on each other.

Calleigh moves her hand to his hair, her other hand moving down his chest.

Horatio exhales, a smile forming on his lips.

He looks deep into her eyes, his hands rubbing her arms up and down.)

HORATIO: I wanted to do that all day...

Cut to:
(Close-up of Calleigh's smile.

She leans in closer to him, resting her forehead against his.)

CALLEIGH: I know...

(Horatio takes a breath, pulling her into his lap, hugging her.)

Cut to:
(Horatio's hand moving up to touch her bun.)


(Calleigh looks up at him, smiling.)


(Horatio undoes Calleigh's bun, and watches it tumble around her shoulders.

He runs his fingers through her hair slowly.

Calleigh tilts her head back, her eyes closed.

Horatio moves his hands behind her head, tugging her towards him so her face is
inches from his.)

Cut to:
(Close-up as they stare at each other.)

HORATIO: Want me to tell you my dream?

CALLEIGH: Yeah... what could make Horatio Caine so flustered?

(Horatio chuckles.)

HORATIO: If you really want to know... we'll have to continue this discussion...

(He whispers in her ear.)

HORATIO: Somewhere more private...

(Calleigh raises her eyebrows, giggling.)

CALLEIGH: Okay... I know the perfect place...

(She kisses him lightly, and gets off him.

Horatio makes as if to reach for her, but she darts out of reach.

Calleigh wags her finger at him.)

CALLEIGH: Uh-uh-uh. Not until we're out of here...

(Horatio gets up, and stands in front of her.)

HORATIO: Then let's go...

(Calleigh blushes, her eyes intense.

She takes his hand, and they leave the office.)

Fade in:
(Shot of Horatio and Calleigh walking to the Hummer.)

Fade in:
(Shot of Horatio opening Calleigh's door, and she gets in.)

Fade in:
(Wide shot as the Hummer pulls away.)

Fade in:
(Crane shot of the Hummer driving on the road.)

CALLEIGH: (o.s) So was your dream so wonderful you didn't want to wake up?

HORATIO: (o.s) Well... in a way... but I'm glad I woke up... because you're better than
any dream...

CALLEIGH: (o.s) Oh, Horatio...

Cut to:
(Horatio and Calleigh going up to the front door of Calleigh's house, disappearing
in the door.)

CALLEIGH: (o.s) And you're better than any dream too, Handsome...

HORATIO: (o.s) Calleigh...

Cut to:
(Shot of the light turning off in an upstairs window.)