CSI: DuCaine

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HELLO DUCAINE FANS!!! :D After a long hiatus following exmas and what-not, I'm back with more scenes for all you happy people!! :D *happy dance*

Here's one that came to me after reading back over an old topic in the second H/C thread about H and Cal and the Hummer... :devil: Don't worry, it's perfectly safe. I think... ;) If it's deleted, I'll PM it. :)

Okay, here we are! :D Excited? I know I am!!

Here's just a brief description of the lab tech featured predominantly in this scene: brunette with wavy hair(like Isla Fisher) and green eyes. *hee hee*
Her reactions are kinda hysterical, like Raven in 'That's So Raven', with high-pitched squealing ya know! So try to imagine that when she starts overreacting! :lol: Let's just call her Faye Collins, and she is my property!! :p :)

Fade in:
(Long shot of the crime-lab.)

Cut to:
(Front doors as they open.

A young lab-tech, Faye Collins, walks out,
looking in her purse.)

Cut to:
(Side shot of her walking to the parking lot.

Her footfalls echo slightly.)

Cut to:
(Front shot as she stops walking.)

Cut to:
(Close-up of her face as she looks to her left and
to her right.

She thought she heard a noise.)

FAYE: Must've been nothing...

(She starts walking another few steps.)

Cut to:
(Her feet moving.

After a few seconds, they stop again.

Pan up to her face as she frowns, listening.

There is a faint noise, like a small squeak.)

Cut to:
(Her eyes blinking.

The nose gets luder.)

FAYE: What is that?

(Soon there is a creaking sound, getting more audible
with each second.)

FAYE: What is that, and where's it coming from?

(All the while, there is a definte *creak*, *creak*, *creak*,
louder now.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Faye from behind as she turns around to face the

Cut to:
(Wide shot of the Hummer.

It is moving from side to side, making a loud creaking noise.)

Cut to:
(Faye's face as her eyes widen and her jaw drops.)

FAYE: Aaaahhh!! Rocking Hummer!!

(She points her shaking finger, gulping.)

FAYE: Maybe if I close my eyes, it'll stop...

(She closes her eyes.

After a moment, she cracks one open.)

Cut to:
(The Hummer still rocking, even more now.)

FAYE: Oh, hell no! Umm, uhh, eeee!!!

(She wrings her hands getting flustered.)

FAYE: I know, I'll call Miss Duquesne, she'll know whose
car this is!

(She takes out her cell and dials the number.

There is a ringing.

Faye raises her head, looking at the Hummer.

The cellphone ringing is inside the Hummer.

Faye hits 'Call end'.

She takes a huge breath.)

FAYE: (high-pitched) Umm... okay... uhh...

(She snaps her fingers.)

FAYE: Lieutenant Caine! He'll surely think of a solution!

(She dials his number.)

Cut to:
(Faye turning away from the Hummer.)

FAYE: Come on, sir. Where are yopu?

(There is a ringing from inside the Hummer.)

Cut to:
(The girl's eyes widening.

She turns to look at the Hummer, just as she gets through to
Horatio's answering machine.)

ANSWERING MACHINE: This is Horatio Caine's cell phone. Sorry I
can'ttake your call at this time, but leave your name and number and I'll
get back to you when I have a minute. Talk soon.


(Faye hears noises, loud creaks, and two voices over the phone.

She looks at the phone as if it were possessed.

The Hummer rocks that more violently.

She raises the phone to her ear.)

FAYE: (monotone) If the Hummer is a rockin', don't bother knockin'...

(She hangs up.)

Cut to:
(Side shot as she turns away.

She starts walking, the creaking still audible

She shuts her eyes with a whimper.)

FAYE: What have I stumbled on?

Cut to:
(Front shot as she looks back over her shoulder.

Focus in on her face.)

FAYE: I'll never look at them or that Hummer in the same way again.

(She turns back, shaking her head.

Focus in on the Hummer still rocking.)

Cut to:
(Faye walking to her car, her shoulders jerking with every loud creak.

She gets in, and after a brief pause, drives away.)

Cut to:
(The Hummer nearly tipping on its side.

With one lurch, it tips up on its two right wheels.

It comes back down again, rocks a few times, and is still.

Crickets chirp and an owl hoots.

Camera pans alongside the Hummer.)

Cut to:
(Driver's door opening.

Horatio sticks his head out.

He looks around, sighing gently.

He sits back on the seat, leaning against the door-frame.

He is half-dressed, with his shirt half-buttoned and his hair ruffled.

His mouth has traces of lip-gloss.

He turns his head and speaks into the back of the Hummer.)

HORATIO: Remind me again why I let you talk me into this?

CALLEIGH: (from inside) Because I couldn't wait until later,
you'reso irresistable, and you couldn't refuse me.

(Horatio ducks his head with a laugh.)

HORATIO: Touche. Umm... so do you want to head back to my

CALLEIGH: Not right now. I just need a minute.

HORATIO: Make that a few minutes!

(Her laugh is heard in the back.

Horatio looks to his right, licking his lips.

He rubs his thumb across bottom lip.)

HORATIO: Did you wear flavoured lip-gloss?

CALLEIGH: Mmhmm... it's vanilla.

HORATIO: Mmm... yum...

(She laughs.

Horatio looks into the back.

There is movement.

He frowns.)

HORATIO: Calleigh?


HORATIO: (firmly) Calleigh... I know that look... don't even think
about it.

CALLEIGH: You know... I think I'm ready for Round Two...

(A hand grips Horatio's shirt collar, and yanks him into the back.

Horatio gives an 'oof' as he lands on the floor of the Hummer.)

HORATIO: You'll be the death of me... but what a way to go. Completely
lost in your arms.

Cut to:
(Calleigh in the seat, leaning forward for the door-handle.

Her hair is tousled and her blouse unbuttoned.)

CALLEIGH: I love it when you talk like that, Horatio... and I was thinking
the same thing, Handsome.

HORATIO: Sweetheart... Calleigh, come here.

(Calleigh pulls the door closed with a *thunk*.

Camera pans along the side of the Hummer.

There is movement and the sound of their breathing.)

HORATIO: I love you.

CALLEIGH: I love you too.

(Camera pans to the sky.)

Fade in:
(Shot of Faye's car driving.)

Fade into:
(Interior shot of Faye driving.)

Cut to:
(Close-up of her face.)

Cut to:
(Close-up of her eyes.)

White flash to:
(Faye working in the lab.

She turns to see Horatio and Calleigh in the break-room.

She sees Horatio smile, and Calleigh laugh.

She gives a smile.)

White flash to:

Front shot as she puts her hand to her face, blushing.

She smiles, giggling.)

FAYE: Horatio Caine and Calleigh Duquesne... who would've thought? I did...

White flash to:
(Calleigh pushing Horatio's shoulder.)

White flash to:
(Horatio passing her a cup of coffee.)

White flash to:
(Their fingers touching.)

White flash to:
(Faye smiling.)

FAYE: And I can't ignore the evidence, because the evidence never lies...

(She laughs.

Camera pans away from her and up to the sky.)

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HELLOOOOO!!!! :D :D :) :) CSI: DuCaine is back, baby!!! Have I got some scenes for all you DuCaine fans!!

Here is a scenario inspired by the French film, 'Amelie', starring Audrey Tautou from 'The Da Vinci Code'. Watch the movie, and you might recognise the scenario. :)

Okay, here's the synopsis: Valera sees Horatio and Calleigh as a couple, so she brings them together, just like Cupid!!

There is a certain part which could be a bit much for the board, so I will PM that part to everyone on my PM list if that's okay. :)

Here it is! Enjoy!!

Fade into:

Cut to:
(Wide shot of the break-room.

Camera pans to Valera sitting on the sofa,
writing a report.)

Cut to:
(Door of the break-room as Alexx and Ryan
enter,already in conversation.)

RYAN: ... and you're sure that'll work?

ALEXX: Trust me, honey. No woman can
resista man in a good suit with a bouquet
of roses!

(She pats his shoulder.)

ALEXX: You sure know a lot about love.

ALEXX: Mmhmm, if there is a book on
love, I've read it back to front.

Cut to:
(Side shot of the sofa as they sit down
opposite Valera.)

Cut to:
(The door as Calleigh walks in, giving
a wave to the others.

She moves to the coffee-maker.)

RYAN: Call me old-fashioned, but I think
true love exists in some shape or form.
You just have to find it...

Cut to:
(Valera smiling wistfully.)

Cut to:
(Door as Horatio walks in, moving to the
opposite end of the room, standing by the

ALEXX: True love exists, I know, and I
know for a fact it's pretty powerful when
you have the right people. I'll even give
you the recipe...

Cut to:
(Close-up of Valera's blinking.)

ALEXX: (leaning forward, speaking low) Take
two good friends, stir them together and let
them stew. Works everytime...

(Ryan crosses his arms, disbelieving.

Valera is alert.

She puts down her pen and paper.)

Cut to:
(Close-up of her face as she looks to
her right.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Horatio at the window.

Camera quickly pans across the room to
Calleigh sipping her coffee.)

Cut back to:
(Valera smiling.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh walking out the door.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Valera walking over to Horatio,
holding her report just as he's leaving.)

VALERA: I have the report on the Willis
girl's DNA. It was a match to the skin
under our vic's fingernails.

HORATIO: Thank you, Valera.

(She nods.)

VALERA: Sir? Can I ask you something?

HORATIO: Yes, of course.

VALERA: Do you sometimes feel the need
to say something to someone, but you
can't find the words? Like you have to
express it some other way?

(Horatio pauses, averting his eyes

HORATIO: Sometimes... why do you ask? Are
you trying to...

(Valera smoothly interrupts, shaking her

VALERA: No, not me. I mean Calleigh.

HORATIO: Calleigh?

VALERA: Yeah, she's been trying to catch
your eye all morning.

(Horatio looks surprised.)

HORATIO: Really? Umm, I uhh, haven't

(Valera raises an eyebrow.)

VALERA: You'd have to blind sir, not to
notice the lengths she goes to to get your

(She motions to the ballistics lab.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh picking up a massive shotgun,
and firing at the target.)

Cut back to:
(Horaito's eyes widening.

Valera gives him a knowing look.)

Fade into:

Cut to:
(Corridor outside break-room.)

Cut to:
(Ryan stepping out of the lab.

He meets Calleigh and Valera leaving as

RYAN: I'm off! See ya!


Cut to:
(Valera walking up to Calleigh.)

VALERA: Hey, Cal? Question: do you believe
in Fate?

Cut to:
(Calleigh looking at her in surprise.)

CALLEIGH: Sure, I believe that everything
has a reason and an answer.

(Valera smiles at the answer she wanted.)

VALERA: Okay... so have you noticed that
Horatio always stands in the same place
in the break-room?

(Calleigh nods.)

CALLEIGH: Yeah, so?

(Valera takes her hand.)

VALERA: Come on...

Cut to:
(Corner of the break-room next to the
window, and the two girls standing

VALERA: Alright, turn this way.

(She faces Calleigh towards the door.)

CALLEIGH: What's this, Maxine?

VALERA: Tell me waht you see.

(Calleigh looks straight ahead.)

CALLEIGH: That my lab.

VALERA: And what's missing?

(Calleigh frowns.)

Cut to:
(Shot of the ballistics lab.)

Cut back to:
(Calleigh still looking.)

CALLEIGH: Nothing.

(Valera looks at her.)

VALERA: Think about it, Cal... night!

(Valera leaves.

Calleigh stands still, her hadns on
her hips, tapping her fingers.)

Cut to:
(Shot of downtown Miami.)

Fade out to:

Cut to:
(Valera in the break-room drinking tea
by the door.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh sitting down on the sofa.)

Cut to:
(Horatio standing opposite.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh looking over at Horatio.

She presses her lips together before
looking away.)

Cut to:
(Horatio shifting left to right, looking
over at Calleigh.

He averts his eyes quickly.)

Cut to:
(Wide shot as they both look up at the
same time, before looking away again.)

Cut to:
(Valera smiling over the rim of her

Cut to:
(Calleigh getting up and moving to the

Cut to:
(Horatio watching her.

He licks his lips slowly, before he walks
over to her.)

Cut to:
(Valera's eyes moving as watches him.)

Cut to:
(Horatio reaching Calleigh.)


Cut to:
(Calleigh turning and seeing him.)


(A beat.)

HORATIO: Uhh... how are thigs with you?

CALLEIGH: Fine, thanks. And you?

HORATIO: Good, really good. Been busy.

CALLEIGH: Yeah, me too. Overloaded in
fact, a lot of overtime, especially
this week.

HORATIO: (with a smile) You work too

CALLEIGH: What can I say? I'm a workaholic.

HORATIO: I know... your work ethic puts
me to shame...

CALLEIGH: Oh, really?

(They share a laugh.)

Cut to:
(Valera looking over at them discreetly.)

Cut to:
(Wide shot of Calleigh and Horatio

CALLEIGH:... and I still can't believe I
fell asleep! That was embarassing!

HORATIO: (smiling) You're a morning
person, no worries.

(A beat.

Horatio looks down slightly.)

Cut to:
(Wide shot as he moves slightly closer.)

HORATIO: Umm... do you still take sugar?

(He meets her eyes again.

Calleigh smiles, albeit shyly.)

CALLEIGH: (soft) You know it.

(They smile.)

HORATIO: It's been a long while, hasn't

CALLEIGH: Yeah... too long.

Cut to:
(Valrea leaving the break-room, biting
her lip and smiling.)

Cut to:
(Horatio and Calleigh standing together.

Horatio's pager goes off.)

HORATIO: I, uhh... I'd better go, it's

(Calleigh nods.)


(She smiles.

Horatio leaves, glancing back over his
shoulder at Calleigh.)

Cut to:
(Front shot as Calleigh looks back at

Cut to:
(Wide shot panning backwards from
Calleigh as she turns back to her coffee,
a smile still on her face.

Camera continues to pan backwards for a
moment, finally reaching Valera standing
by the lab door, her eyes bright.)

Fade out to:

Cut to:
(Valera stepping out from her car,
waving to Faye Collins, another lab

FAYE: Hey, Maxine! What's up?

VALERA: Not much, Faye, how about you?

FAYE: I'm up to my eyes in DNA backlogged
over the last week. I have a lot of work
to do today.

(They stop to talk on the steps of the PD.)

FAYE: No rest for the wicked, huh?

VALERA: Mmhmm...

(Faye looks behind Valera.)

FAYE: Hey, is he still free and single?

Cut to:
(Horatio stepping out of the Hummer, removing
his sunglasses and walking past them, nodding
to them in greeting.

Faye watches him walk through the doors.)

VALERA: No, he's seeing someone now...

FAYE: Really? Anyone I know?

(Valera feigns interest.)

VALERA: Hmm... great weather we've been

FAYE: Is it someone from the lab?

(Valera shrugs.)

FAYE: It's not Yelina Sales, is it?

(Valera gives a shake of her head.)

FAYE: Right... umm... is it Nataliea.

(Valera gives no answer, prestening to look
at her watch.)

FAYE: Umm...

(Her eyes widen, and her mouth drops open.)

FAYE: No...

VALERA: Yes... have a good day.

Cut to:
(Valera walking past the stunned Faye into
the PD.)

Cut to:
(Faye's shocked expression.)

FAYE: Oh, wow...

Fade out to:

Cut to:

Valera watches Horatio and Calleigh talking,
her back turned from them slightly.)

HORATIO: I've always believed that the best
defense in an honest life...

CALLEIGH: That is very true. Those are
words to live by.

HORATIO: Hmm... I just wished more people
believed that...

(They both go quiet.

Horatio passes Calleigh her coffee cup,
inadvertently brushing her fingers.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh starting a little.

She puts down the cup jerkily, putting her
hand on the counter-top to steady herself.)

Cut to:
(Horatio looking closely at her.)

Cut to:
(His hand moving to cover hers.)

Cut to:
(Wide shot as their eyes meet.)

HORATIO: You look gorgeaus when you blush,

(He leans closer.)

HORATIO: (whispering) Like a red rose.

Cut to:
(Calleigh taking a breath, her eyes still
on him.)

CALLEIGH: It's just... warm in here.

Cut to:
(Horatio smiling, his eyes soft.

There is a moment of silence that is
broken when Alexx, Ryan and Eric walk

Calleigh and Horatio immediately spring

Horatio shifts left to right.

Calleigh puts her hair behind her ears.)

HORATIO: Umm... will you excuse me?

(He leaves.

Calleigh watches him go, before lowering
her eyes again.)

Cut to:
(Front shot of Horatio walking down the
corridor to the locker-room.)

Cut to:
(Interior of locker-room as Horatio enters,
going to sit down on the bench.)

Cut to:
(Front shot of Horatio.

He runs a hand through his hair, before
he sits still and stares straight ahead,
chest heaving slightly.)

Cut to:
(Valera at the coffee-maker.)

Cut to:
(Sho of her coffee mug.

Camera pans up as she walks past Calleigh,
talking to Ryan at the same time.)

VALERA: So I'll have the results of the
Bennett murder for you by the end of

(She trips, spilling her coffee over

CALLEIGH: Oh sweet Lord! For the love
of God, I'm scalded!!

(Valera starts apologising, but Calleigh
is out the door.)

Cut to:
(Shot from above as Calleigh storms down
the corridor.)

CALLEIGH: Bulls-eye!! Simply perfect!!!


Cut to:

Cut to:
Valera leaving the lab, her purse in her

She stops on hearing a nose, and looks

Cut to:
(Horatio's office door opening.

Calleigh steps out, Horatio close behind

Cut back to:
(Valera stepping back a little, her eyes
on the pair.)

Cut to:
(Horatio and Calleigh exchanging quiet

Cut to:
(Horatio's hand holding Calleigh's)

Cut to:
(Side shot as Calleigh smiles, leaning
up on tip-toes to kiss Horatio.)

Cut to:
(Valera averting her eyes, biting her
lip, trying to stay quiet.)

Cut back to:
(Calleigh pulling away from Horatio,
mouthing 'Goodnight'.)

Cut to:
(Wide shot as Calleigh makes to move away
from Horatio.

He keeps hold of her hand, and pulls her
back to him, kissing her hard.

Calleigh responds, her arms around his

Cut to:
(Valera turning her head back towards the
stairs again.

She sees them kissing, giving a
surprised exclamation.

She covers her mouth with her hand.

She takes a step to her right.)

VALERA: (whispering) I'll slip away while
they're busy... great job, Cupid...

(She gives a knowing chuckle, and leaves,
giving a small backward glance to Calleigh
and Horatio still kissing on the stairs.)

Cut to:
(Front shot as she smiles widely.)


Comments are love!! :)
YAY! You're back! I'm so glad to hear you're writing more scenes again.

About this new one...B-E-A-U-TIFULLY DONE! Especially the adult part of it :). Thanks for that.
Hello H/C fans! Here's another scene for you!! :)

As you all know, Damien Rice's amazing song, '9 Crimes' has become a DuCaine theme dong, and rightly so. I lvoe this ong so much, and it inspires me so much, that I decided to write a scene with the song. I had a great time writing this, and the emotions and passions of Calleigh and Horaito were really strong as I wrote this.

This scene is inspired by an original video made by mojopro on YouTube. It shows a woman having a fantasy on the subway home. It was directed by Jonathan Robbins, and starred Jacqueline Awad. It's a really great video, so check it out.

Just a quick warning: anyone who likes Jake Berkely even a little will be shocked by this, so just to be prepared. If you don't agree, then don't read. This piece is particularly significant for the show at the moment, and is something I would like to see someday. :)

Here we go!! Play the song as you read, makes it so much better. :)

Fade in:

(Camera pans towards front door.

Cue intro music of "9 Crimes" as Calleigh
steps out the door.

She walks down the steps.

Camera focuses in on her as she pauses on
hearing her phone.

She takes it out and looks at the screen.)

Cut to:
(Shot of the text message that read:

"Sorry babe. Can't make it 2nite.")

Cut to:
(Calleigh frowning, sighing heavily and lowering
her phone to her side.)

Leave me out with the waste,
This is not what I do,
It's the wrong kind of place
To be thinking of you

Cut to:
(Calleigh driving.

Camera pans around her, moving from her profile
to front shot of her face.

Her eyes are set straight ahead.)

It's the wrong time
For somebody new,
It's a small crime
And I've got no excuse.

Cut to:
(Wide shot of the beach as her car pulls up.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh still in the driver's seat.

She hits the steering wheel, putting her hand on her
forehead wearily.)

Is that alright with you?
Give my gun away when it's loaded
Is that alright with you?
If you don't shoot it how am I supposed to hold it

Cut to:
(Close-up of Calleigh as she leans her head back,
her eyes closed for a moment.

She opens her door, and steps out onto the sand.)

Is that alright with you?
Give my gun away when it's loaded
Is that alright with you?
With you.

Cut to:
(Calleigh walking towards the shoreline, the wind
blowing her hair across her face.)

Cut to:
(Close-up of her eyes downcast.)

Leave me out with the waste
This is not what I do
It's the wrong kind of place
To be cheating on you

Cut to:
(Front shot as she sits down on the sand, wrapping
her arms around her legs.

Camera pans around to her right as she stares out
to sea.)

It's the wrong time
She's pulling me through
It's a small crime
And I've got no excuse

Cut to:
(Calleigh closing her eyes.)

White flash to:
(Shot of Jake smiling, waiting at his motorcycle.

He mouths 'Calleigh'.)

Cut back to:
(Calleigh smiling bitterly.)

Is that alright with you?
Give my gun away when it's loaded
(It's not alright)
Is that alright with you?
If you don't shoot it how am I supposed to hold it
(It's not alright)

White flash to:
(Calleigh being held tightly by a man whose face
is hidden.

Close-up as she leans against his chest.

He strokes her hair slowly.

She raises her head, smiling.)

Cut to:
(The man raising his head.

We see it's Horatio.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh's eyes snapping open in shocked

She bites her lip as her eyes dart about in thought,
wringing her hands.)

Is that alright with you?
Give my gun away when it's loaded
(It's not alright)
Is that alright
Is that alright with you?

Cut to:
(Calleigh laying down, her lips pressed

She closes her eyes again.)

White flash to:
(Jake holding her to him tightly, gripping her

Cut back to:
(Calleigh smiling slightly.)

Cut to:
(Jake kissing her, biting her bottom lip.)

Cut back to:
(Calleigh's forehead creasing, her lips pressing
together again.)

Is that alright with you?
Give my gun away when it's loaded
(It's not alright)
Is that alright with you?
If you don't shoot it how am I supposed to hold it
(It's not alright)

Cut to:
(Jake still kissing Calleigh.

As the camera pans behind Calleigh and back to
her right again, there is a white flash and Jake
becomes Horatio.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh's mouth opening, her eyes shut tightly.

Her breathing quickens.)

Is that alright with you?
Give my gun away when it's loaded
(It's not alright)
Is that alright
Is that alright with you?

White flash to:
(Calleigh and Horatio kissing.)

Cut to:
(Horatio's hands moving up and down Calleigh's arms,
trailing through the ends of her hair.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh's hands gripping Horatio's jacket,
pulling him closer and wrapping her arms around
his neck.)

Cut back to:
(Calleigh moving her head side to side, her lips
parted, becoming lost in the fantasy.)

Is that alright yeah? with you?
Give my gun away when it's loaded
Is that alright yeah?
If you don't shoot it how am I supposed to hold it
Is that alright yeah?
Give my gun away when it's loaded

Cut to:
(Wide shot of the kiss.)

Cut back to:
(Calleigh arching her back.)

Is that alright, is that alright?
Is that alright with you?

Cut to:
(The screen of Calleigh's cellphone lighting up.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh sitting up sharply.

She looks at the caller ID, before answering.)

Cut to:
(Front shot of Jake standing by the window in his room,
talking to Calleigh.)

Cut back to:
(Calleigh nodding her head, her eyes closed.

Her fingers grip the phone tighter and her fingers
tap impatiently on the ground.)

Cut back to:
(Jake sitting down on the bed.

Camera pans to the girl sleeping behind him, the
bedsheets half-covering her.)

Cut back to:
(Calleigh opening her eyes, now barely listening.

After a moment she clicks off.)

Cut back to:
(Jake smiling, looking over his shoulder at the
woman laying there.

He lays the phone down on the bed as he leans
down to her.)

Cut back to:
(Wide shot of Calleigh still sitting on the

During the final notes of the song, she touches
her lips, sighing gently.

Camera pans away as she looks out to the ocean.)


Comments greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone, hope you enjoyed!! :)