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Alrighty then!! I have written some original Horatio/Calleigh scenes for the show. It's the stuff that you may never see... or will eventually see if I get on the writer's team. :lol: These two scenes were previously posted in the DuCaine shipper thread, but I will post these scenes and all updates to this forum in the future. Have a read, and let me know what you think. Constuctive critiscism please, be completely honest. Thanks guys!!

It's the end of a long day. Horatio and the team have apprehended a serial killer, whose victims were young mothers and their children.
Using mainly trace and ballistics evidence, the killer is going away for a long time, thanks to the crimelab. Horatio is at home after comforting the family of the killer's final victim, but he's not alone. He's joined by a mystery guest...
But who is it??
(Pssst.. you all know who it is, but just to those who wouldn't know... ;))



(There are candles lighting everywhere. Soft music
in the background.
Various dissolves in and out as the camera moves
around the room.)

(Front shot of Horatio sitting on a leather sofa.
Pans in slowly as he starts talking.)
HORATIO: It's always the same... everyday. Another scene,
another victim...

(Camera following a pair of black high heels
walking across tiled floor. Horatio continues
speaking during this.)
HORATIO:(v.o.) Another murder solved, another

(Cut back to: Camera focusing in slowly on Horatio,
panning slightly left.)
HORATIO: No matter how hard I try, how much
I put into them, these cases always haunt me...

(Shot of hands taking out a bottle of wine.)
HORATIO: (v.o.) They plague me... and I can't escape...

(Cut back to: Camera still panning slowly left of Horatio.)
HORATIO: Their families have closure, justice is served...

(Two wine glasses being filled.)
HORATIO: (v.o.) But I can't help feeling defeated... feeling like
a failure.

(Horatio in full profile. His eyes close now as he talks.)
The pain dives me until it's unbearable...

(Half shot of the woman, holding the glasses, walking to the left
of the screen.
We don't see her face, and she's wearing a black dress.)
HORATIO: (v.o.) I strive to make things right, to make this
city safer...

(Profile shot of Horatio.)
HORATIO: It never relents, the endless cycle, it keeps on going.

(Woman's hands putting glasses on coffee table.
Camera moves towards Horatio, as does the woman,
we still don't see her face.)
HORATIO: Life doesn't wait for you... that couldn't be truer.

(Horatio in focus, the woman sits down beside him.
We see that it's Calleigh.)

CALLEIGH: I feel the same...
(Camera focuses in on her.)
CALLEIGH: It doesn't get easier, does it?

HORATIO: (leaning forward with
a sigh) I just want it to end... I want...
(looks at her) the pain to stop.

(Front shot of Horatio and Calleigh. As dialogue
continues, camera moves in slowly.)

CALLEIGH: The pain you feel shows you're human...
you have a heart, and that's what I admire about you.
(Horatio smiles slightly, leaning back a little.
Camera focuses in on him.)
HORATIO: Hmmm... you've always cared, Calleigh.

(Calleigh leans towards him slightly.
Horatio dips his head, eyes downcast.)
CALLEIGH: Each day I feel the pain... it pulls my heart...
I am letting you know now that you're not alone...
the agony you feel... I share it.

(Horatio smiling.)
HORATIO: I believe you.

(Front shot if them both. Camera pans slowly to Calleigh's hands,
as she takes his left hand in her own, interlacing their fingers.)

HORATIO: (glancing up) Calleigh?
CALLEIGH: Horatio?

(Close up of them as they smile at each other.
Horatio looks down at their hands, and rests his right hand
over them.
Close up on Calleigh as she smiles even more.
Front shot of them as they lean towards each other.
They hug.)

HORATIO: I love your dress...
CALLEIGH: (laughs) You flatterer! But I still think that
I don't look good in all-black...
HORATIO: (stroking her hair) Once again,
(Camera cuts to close up of Calleigh closing her eyes,
still smiling.
Horatio pulls her back slowly to face him, and rests
his forehead against hers.)
HORATIO: ... I beg to differ.

(They both open their eyes to look at each other.
Camera pans slowly backwards.
Final shot of Horatio and Calleigh holding each other.)


Here's the second scene:

Synopsis: Calleigh was involved in a shootout at a crimescene. She is cornered with a rifle pointing at her. Luckily, back-up arrives, with Horatio close behind. She is saved, but is whisked away by EMTs to check her out. Horatio arrests the perp, steaming mad.
It's later that day, and Horatio comes by the lab to check on Calleigh. It's late, and the entire lab is empty...
What's going to happen??

White flash to:

(Shot of Calleigh in the
firing range.
Camera slowly pans from
behind her to in front of her
as she fires round after

(When we finally reach to in front
of her, we see Horatio leaning
against the door, watching her

(Close-up of Horatio
as he smiles slowly.)

Cut back to:
(Calleigh fires one more

(Shot of her as she puts down her
Camera follows her hands to
her taking off her glasses.
Camera focuses in on
her eyes for a moment.)

Cut TO:
(Horatio tilting his
head slightly, still

(Calleigh taking off her earphones,
shaking her hair a little.
She sighs, picks up the gun,
and starts to clean it.)

Horatio: (o.s) You've improved,
I see.

(Calleigh jumps, the gun
clattering on the work-table.
She takes a deep breath,
giving a small laugh.)

Calleigh: Don't you ever knock?

(Horatio smiling more, raising
his hand to the door. He knocks
3 times.)

Horatio: Knock, knock, knock.

Cut back to:
(Calleigh smiling widely now,
as she turns back to her

Calleigh: If this gun was

Cut to:
(Horatio walking in a few steps.)

Horatio: I shudder to think... then
again, you are the Bullet Girl...
(He reaches a spot a few feet behind

Cut to:
(Calleigh smiling, still cleaning her

Horatio: (quietly) I'd expect nothing

(Calleigh puts the gun down,
tucking her hair behind her ears,
she turns around, leaning against
the table.)

Calleigh: You sure know how to
flatter a girl, Handsome.

(Cut to shot of Horatio as he
smiles, dipping his head.
But he raises it again,
serious now.)

Horatio: Umm... I just came by...
to see how you're doing.
(A beat.) Are you okay, Calleigh?

Cut to:
(Calleigh lowering her eyes.
Long beat.
She raises her head.)

Calleigh: I am, considering...
(She bites her lip.)

(Horatio steps in a little more,
Calleigh plays with her hands,)

Horatio: What happened to you
was unthinkable... no one
should have to go through it...

(Calleigh smiling ironically.)

Calleigh: I went through it, Horatio.
What does that tell you?

Cut back to:
(Horatio looking at her, hands on
his hips.)

Horatio: Today tells me that
right now... there is a very brave
woman standing in front of me...

(Calleigh shifting, her face glowing.)

Cut back to:
(Horatio talking.)

Horatio: ... who has overcome
everything that was thrown at her...
and I am here to tell you, that I'm
very proud of you, Calleigh.

(Calleigh smiling.)
Calleigh: Aw, Horatio... I'm

Cut to:
(Wide shot of them as they
both laugh.)

(Horatio talking.)
Horatio: If you need anything,
anything at all...

(Cut to close-up of Calleigh's
Calleigh: I know...
(Close-up of her eyes.)

I won't hesitate to call you...

(Cut to close-up of Horatio's

(Calleigh taking the gun and
putting it back on the wall.)

Calleigh: I'm gonna head... good
night, Horatio.
(She smiles as she walks up to
him. He dips his head again,
and looks up at her.)

Horatio: Good night, Calleigh.
(She nods, smiling.)

(Side shot of her walking past.)

Horatio: Calleigh...
(He takes her hand as she
walks by.
Close-up of their hands.)

(Calleigh looking back at him,
blinking rapidly.)

(Horatio, glancing at their hands.
He pulls her in a little closer to
He gently squeezes her hand.)

Horatio: You hang in there, Cal.

(Calleigh looking down demurely,
nodding. She looks up.)

Calleigh: (quietly) I will.

(Her eyes flick to their hands.
Horatio slowly lets her go.
Slow-motion shot of their hands

(Shot of Horatio and Calleigh smiling
at each other.
Calleigh walks out of the lab.
Horatio stands there, looking
after her solemnly.)

Cut to:
(Slow dissolve into a shot of
Calleigh walking through the corridor,
her head down, eyes lowered.
Various shots of her in danger,
fade in and out, accompanied by
white flashes.
During this, she slows down,
her footfalls echoing.)

Cut back to:
(Slow motion shot of Horatio,
looking down, Calleigh's footsteps
echoing in the lab.)

Cut back to:
(Calleigh as finally,
she stops.
Camera pans around her.
Front shot of her, the door to
the lab behind her shoulder.
She shuts her eyes, her breathing
She turns back.)

(Horatio looking to the guns
on the wall.
White flash to shot of
Calleigh with a gun
pointed at her.
He sharply looks down,
his fist clenched.)

(Shot of the lab from Calleigh's

(Shot of the lab door from Horatio's
Front shot of Horatio looking

(There is a sound of clacking
Horatio snaps his head up,
and sees Calleigh running
back to him.)

Cut to:
(Close-up of Calleigh running.)

Cut back to:
(Horatio still standing there.
His arms open automatically,
and Calleigh runs into his arms.)

(Camera pans around them as
they embrace, various close-ups
hugging dissolve in and out.)

Cut to:
(Front shot of Horatio holding

Horatio: It's okay... it's okay...
Calleigh: Hold me tighter...
Horatio: I have you... I have you,
Calleigh: Make me strong... don't
let go... Horatio...
Horatio: Calleigh...

(Camera slowly moves back
and away from them
Several white flashes during the
final shot of them, still holding
each other in the lab.)


It's my first time posting in the Fanfiction thread, so apologies for the really long post. Just to get this topic started off.

COMING SOON... on CSI: DuCaine.
An invitation to dinner... will sparks fly??


See ya!!
Okay, here we are with the next scene. If you've seen the promo, that was just a taster. If not, here's the tiny synopsis. Enjoy some more of CSI: DuCaine!!:

All in a day's work for a CSI... Horatio and the crimelab solve yet another case. Everyone has gone home, and Horatio is leaving for the night, but he doesn't go to his own house...
Where does he go??


(Crane shot of Hummer.
We see Horatio walk up
to the driver's door.)

(Side shot of Horatoi
looking up at the lab.
He smiles a little before
getting in the Hummer,
and driving off.)

Fade in:
(Moving crane shot of
Hummer driving along
the road.)

(Shot of Horatio inside
the Hummer.)

Short time jump to:
(A condo.
Long shot of front

(Horatio pulling
There is a pause as
he looks toward the
Close-up of his face.
He sighs, nodding
to himself.)

(Shot of driver's door
opening, and Horatio
getting out.
Camera follows him
up the path to the house.)

Cut to:
(Shot of front door,
panning slowly backwards.
Horatio reaches the door.
Profile shot of him, as he
stares at the doorbell.

Close-up of his eyes.)

Cut to:
(Shot of his hand lifting.
He rings the doorbell, and
He steps back a little, hands
on his hips, eyes on the ground.)

(Interior shot of the door.
Person walking to the door,
and opening it to see Horatio.

Camera focuses on Horatio
from the person's point of view.

Horatio looks up.
Slight pause.)

HORTIO: Hey, there...

(Slight beat, as camera slowly
pans to Horatio's pint of view.
It's Calleigh.)


(Another pause.)

Cut to:
(Horatio shifting slightly.)

Cut back to:
(Calleigh pursing her lips,
her eyes avoiding him.)

BOTH: So...

(They laugh.
Some tension is dispelled.)

CALLEIGH: You first...

(Horatio ducks his head,
hesitating slightly.)

HORATIO: Umm... I'm
sorry to intrude on your
free-time but umm... I

CALLEIGH: ... in the

(Horatio chuckles.)

HORATIO: Yeah... and I...
just came to see how you are...
not just as your boss,

(Calleigh smiles.)
CALLEIGH: Thank you, Horatio.
I'm fine, really. I'm glad you care.

(Horatio looks up, staring
into her eyes.)

HORATIO: I always have
cared about you, Calleigh...
and I always will...

(Calleigh staring at him,
a question in her eyes.
Horatio looks ready to kick

HORATIO: Umm, okay, uh...
I'll leave you to it... glad you're
okay... sorry I disturbed you...

(He turns to leave.)


Cut to:
(Shot of him as he stops.
Camera focuses in on him,
Calleigh just behind him.
She plays with her hands
as she speaks.)

CALLEIGH: I... I've made some
dinner... and it's kinda big for
one person...

Cut to:
(Horatio turning around.)

HORATIO: I don't want to

Cut to:
(Calleigh smiling.)
CALLEIGH: You're not... I'm
inviting you in. This way,
neither of us will have to eat

Cut to:
(Horatio smiling and nodding,
agreeing with her.)
HORATIO: Yeah...

Cut to:
(Calleigh looking at him.
He looks up, and they share
a long, meaningful look.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh stepping to one side,
and gesturing inside.)

CALLEIGH: Come on in,

(Horatio chuckles again, only
pausing a moment, before
stepping in the door.

Front shot of the door as
Horatio steps in.
Calleigh closes it slowly,
and camera focuses in on
their shadows behind the

(Calleigh touches Horatio's
shoulder, and Horatio takes off
his jacket.
Calleigh helps him out of it.)

(Close-up of her holding
his jacket.
Slow-motion as he take her
His jacket falls to the ground.)

(Various dissolves in and
out of the shot as they
face each other, holding hands.)

(Slow-motion as they hug.
They part slightly, their
shadows only inches

(They turn, and go further
inside, away from the door.
The light goes off.

Camera moves away
from the door.)


Just a quick note: some of my future scenes may not go in chronological order with this one, but I will do my best to make a decent storyline out of this. Most of them will be kind of one-off's, but I will try to keep some order to them.

Tell me what you think... more coming soon!!

See ya!!
Hello!! :) Waiting's over for this installment! I hope it's not too much of a dive, I really like it, and I know for a fact, that something like this will NEVER happen on CSI: Miami! :rolleyes: :p But in CSI: DuCaine, anything's possible!! :D Lyrics are copyright of Shivaree. The song is called "Goodnight Moon".

A stint in the Everglades has left a distinct impression on Calleigh... namely mud and grime!

CALLEIGH: The worst crime-scene ever!!
I'll never get this gunk outta my hair!!

HORATIO: Perserverance pays in the
end... and patience is a virtue.

CALLEIGH: Easy for you to say!
You stood on the bank!

HORATIO: (chuckles.)

A bit of dialogue from earlier on. Here's the scene now.
Here we go!!:



(Various dissloves of
Calleigh walking about,
taking clothes out of
her locker, taking out
her shower gel.)

(Shot of her tying up
her hair.
Camera follows her
to a shower stall.
She goes in and
closes the door.)

(Camera pans backwards
as her clothes are hung
on the door.
Camera focuses in for
a second...
Cue running water.

Camera pans backwards
from shower, back to main

Cut to:
(Shot of door opening,
and Horatio coming in.)

(He goes to his locker,
and takes out a clean shirt.
He's about to unbutton his
shirt, when he raises his
head, listening.

Close-up as he listens.
He hears the sound of the
water running.)

(Camera follows him as he
enters the shower-room.)

(Shot of clothes over the door.)

Cut back to:
(Horatio looking at them for a

Camera zoom in as he
recognises whose clothes they

(Horatio takes a step back,
mouthing a very, very bad
curse word.
He is about to make a quick,
stealthy exit, when he hears
Calleigh's voice.
He freezes...)

(Calleigh starts to sing.)

(Horatio in half-focus,
then focus in on the door
behind him.)

CALLEIGH: (singing)
There's a nail in the door
And there's glass on the lawn
Tacks on the floor
And the TV is on
And I always sleep with my guns
When you're gone...

(Horatio turns around slowly,
a smile spreading across his face.
Calleigh's still singing, as Horatio
leans back against the wall of
the shower-room, listening.)

There's a blade by the bed
And a phone in my hand
A dog on the floor
And some cash on the nightstand
When I'm all alone the dreaming stops
And I just can't stand

What should I do?
I'm just a little baby
What if the lights go out
And maybe and then the wind just starts to moan
Outside the door
He followed me home
Now goodnight moon
I want the sun
If it's not here soon
I might be done
No it won't be too soon
'Til I say
Goodnight moon

(She hums the riff of the song
between verses.
Horatio shuts his eyes at one point
during the chorus,
savouring the moment.)

(Calleigh stops for a moment,
as Horatio strains to hear.)

Cut to:
(The shower-stall door.
focusingin on the door.

Cut back to:
Horatio as he hears Calleigh's
audible sigh.)

(Horatio giving a sigh as well.)

CALLEIGH: (o.s) Who's there?

(Horatio, as his eyes snap open.
He curses silently.
He tries to tip-toe away.

The water stops.)

(Horatio sneaking away, and
he nearly walks into a locker.
He turns back slightly, looking
back to the shower-room.)

Cut back to:
(Horatio turning towards the
door, as he tip-toes away,
quietly shutting the door.)

(Horatio standing outside
the locker-room,
before he heads away,
shaking his head and
chuckling to himself.)


(Calleigh emerges from the
shower room, fully dressed,
looking around.)

CALLEIGH: Hmmm... I could've
sworn... huh...

(She walks out, taking another look
She shrugs, and is about to leave,
when something catches her eye.)

(Shot of Horatio's locker-door,
fully open.)

(Calleigh walks over.)

(Before she had her shower, she
walks by Horatio's locker,
and we see that the door was
fully closed.)

(Calleigh pauses beside the locker
door, and she looks down to see
Horatio's shirt.)

Cut to:
(Close-up of her eyes, blinking
She then smiles secretly,
biting her lip, and pulling on
her damp hair in her ponytail.

Cut to:
(Shot of her picking up his
shirt, folding it, and putting it back
into his locker, shutting the door.
Her stare lingers on the door
door a second.

Then she gives a small laugh, and
turns to leave, still humming the

Short-time jump to:
(Shot of Horatio's office.)

(Pan back slowly to:
Shot of Calleigh at the foot of
the stairs.
Long shot of her, zooming in.)

Well, you're up so high
How can you save me
When the dark comes here
Tonight to take me up
The mouth from woke
And into bed
Where it kisses my face
And eats my hand...

That was for you, Handsome...
I won't forget this...
(whispers) This is our little secret...

(She grins, before turning and
walking away.
Camera follows her briefly.)

Cut to:
(Front shot of Calleigh walking
out of the lab, and focus back
on Horatio's office.)

Fade into:
(Horatio's office, as he's writing
up on some paperwork.
He stops for a minute, leaning

(Shot of his pen tapping the page.
It soon turns into a rhythm.)

(Front shot of Horatio as he
starts humming "Goodnight Moon".
He laughs a little, nodding his head,
before resuming his paper work,
a smile on his face.)


Hope you liked it. :)

If anyone had any ideas, or would like to make requests for future scenes, I'm open to anything you think up. This is for all DuCaine fans, and I would like to see everyone have some creative input. You can PM me your ideas, or post them in this thread or the DuCaine ship thread.

Thank you very much! More coming soon!
Wow what great and intricate scenes you have written, you have a great talent and I think the writing team could use someone like you. Your scenes are so full of passion and feeling that it makes me feel as though I am there watching from the side lines or the veiws in which you exspress certain shots. Once again I say you have a great talent and I can't wait to see more of what you write!
Oh, wow! :D Thank you all very much!! I'm so glad you enjoy my work. These scenes are the the product of shipping frustration and love for Horatio and Calleigh's relationship. I want to see them in something that can make an impact on someone; something beautiful that is really memorable. I see I've achieved just that! :) Thanks again for your lovely comments! Another scene is coming up!!
Here we go!! Enjoy this one, I really loved writing it!! :D Something that I owuld love to see, and should be shown in the future!! :)


Fade into:
(Calleigh working on paperwork
in the lab.)

(Shot of pen writing away,
after a second it's put down
by Calleigh.
She gives a sigh
off-screen, and the camera moves
up to her massaging her neck wearily.
She makes one last note, before
putting down the pen.

She picks up the report, and walks out
of the lab.)

(The camera follows her as she heads
through the hallways.

Fading in and out are shots of Calleigh's
face, her feet walking, and the report
in her hand.)

(Wide shot of the stairs leading to
Horatio's office.

Camera zooms in on the steps.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Calleigh walking up the
Shot cuts from behind her, to
beside her, and to in front of her.

Camera shot of door, zooming out.)

(Calleigh approaches the door.
There's no light on.

Camera focuses in on Calleigh at
the door, shot from behind.)

(Calleigh quietly opens the door,
assuming Horatio's gone, but as she
takes a step inside, she gives a gasp, and
backs out slightly.

Interior shot of the door slightly open.
Calleigh peeks her head.)

Cut to:
(Camera panning along the wall of
Horatio's office, towards the desk.

We see that Horatio has his head down...
fast asleep.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Calleigh still looking in from
the door, blinking rapidly,

A pause, before Calleigh steps inside
the door, turning slightly to shut it
behind her.

Camera cuts to shot behind her as she
looks at Horatio.)

Cut to:
(Front shot of Calleigh as she steps forward,
quietly, her breathing a bit quicker now.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Horatio sleeping.

Calleigh reaches the desk, on
Horatio's right side.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Calleigh as she stares at him
She stands beside him, her hands clasped
to her chest.
Her eyes flit back and forth over him.

Horatio gives a sleepy moan, Calleigh
gets ready to bolt.

He doesn't wake up.
Calleigh breathes a sigh of relief.)

(Camera follows her as she moves a bit closer,
leaning over him still.
Taking another breath, she reaches out,
and slowly removed the pile of case folders
he was leaning on, and rearranging his arms,
so his head is resting on them.)

Calleigh: Hope you don't mind. You looked

(A small snore is her only reply.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh giggling, but she puts her hand over
her mouth.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh walking around to the front of the
She kneels down, folding her arms, and resting
her chin on her forearms.)

Cut to:
(Wide shot of Calleigh watching Horatio.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh closing her eyes, smiling.)

Calleigh: I remember when I fell asleep
in the lab... you watched over me.

Cut to:
(Horatio moving a little, as he turns his head
the other way.)

Calleigh: Time I returned the favour...

(A pause as she sighs.)
Oh, Horatio...

Cut to:
(Shot of her hand reaching across the desk
Camera shot of her hand moving towards him.)

Calleigh: So near... and yet so far...

(After a few minutes, Calleigh's eyes nearly
fall closed too.

She gets up.
Camera pans to the right following her.

She kneels right next to Horatio.)

Cut to:
(Front shot of them.
Calleigh lightly puts her hand on his shoulder.)

Calleigh: No matter what, Horatio, I'll always
be here for you. I'll never give up on you...
You... you are my life...
(She looks down for a momnet.)
I will tell you someday how I feel... but
until then... in my dreams, I belong to you.
(A beat.)

(Camera pans in on them, as Calleigh leans
in and kisses the top of Horatio's head.
He mumbles quietly.)

Cu to:
(Wide shot of them.)

Cut to:
(Close-up of them, as Calleigh lifts her head
away from him.)

Calleigh: Sleep well, Horatio.

(She gets up quietly, tip-toeing away.

Taking one last look over her shoulder, she's
about to leave when she hears his voice.
She freezes.)

Horatio: Cal... Calleigh?

Cut to:
(Calleigh slowly turning around.)

Cut to:
(Horatio sitting up, stretching slightly, giving
a small yawn.)

Horatio: Calleigh? When...
Calleigh: I'm really sorry I woke you.
Horatio: No, you didn't, it's okay...

(He looks at his watch. His eyes widen
in alarm.)

Horatio: I've been asleep... oh God.
(He looks to Calleigh.)
Calleigh, I don't know what happened.

Cut to:
(Calleigh walking towards him.)

Calleigh: Everyone needs rest sometimes...
even you, Horatio Caine.

Cut to:
(Horatio chuckling.

Calleigh sits on the desk on his right.)

Calleigh:(hesistating) Um... how'd you
know I was here?

(Horatio looks up in surprise, but quickly
ducks his head again.)

Horatio: Umm... this'll sound strange but...
uh... I recognised your perfume.

(Calleigh bites her lip shyly, tucking her
hair behind her ears.)

Calleigh: Did you now?
Horatio: Yes... I did

(They laugh.)

Camera focuses in on Calleigh,
who then turns concerned.)

Calleigh: Horatio, are you okay now?
You ought to rest...

(Horatio nods.)
Horatio: I'm fine now... just needed to
rest my eyes. I won't be much longer.

(Calleigh nods, though still a little

Horatio: Really, it's okay!

(Calleigh smiles.)

Calleigh: Okay... just promise me that
I won't find you crashing here in the
Horatio: I promise...

Calleigh: You really promise?
Horatio: I really promise.

Calleigh: Cross your heart?
Horatio:(crosses his heart)
Cross my heart.

Calleigh: Hope to die?
(Horatio pauses.)
Horatio: Well... that's kinda literal in this job...

(Calleigh laughs.)

Alright... hope to die.

Calleigh: Stick a ballpoint in your eye?
(Horatio grins.)
Horatio: Stick a ballpoint in my eye... ow!!

(They laugh again.)

Calleigh: I'm finished here, I left my report
(She points to the "IN" tray.)
So I'm turning in. See you in the morning,

Horatio: Night, Calleigh.

(Camera follows her as
she walks to the door.
She lifts her shoulders, and turns back
to look at him over her shoulder.)

Calleigh: What do you want in your coffee?

Cut to:
(Horatio smiling charmingly, dipping his head.)

Horatio: Sugar?

Cut to:
(Calleigh laughing, giving one last look before

Cut to:
(Horatio smiling, dipping his head
He begins to write, a smile still on his face.)


More surprises to come yet!!