Season 7 *Spoiler Lab* Discussion & Posting - Part 2

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Since WP is onlt supposed to be gone two weeks, he will probvably be gone by then. On the other hand I did read he may be a recurring character.
Liev Schreiber To Have Recurring Role On C.S.I.

Actor Liev Schreiber is set to join the cast of the original CSI in a recurring role as a forensics expert who moves to Las Vegas and joins the crime lab.

Shreiber will first appear in the show’s 12th episode, scheduled to air in January. Executive producer Naren Shankar told USA Today, “He’s one of those rare actors who has the kind of really deep penetrating intellect behind him, regardless of what kind of part he’s playing.”
I couldn't wait to post this little blurb from the new issue of TV Guide - November 6 - 12:

"CSI - Eric Szmanda's Greg deservedly steals a little of the spotlight when TV's coolest brainiac faces an inquest into the tragic results of his recent outcome."

There is a picture of Greg standing outside the courthouse with Stanley. They are facing the reporters whose arms are in the picture holding microphones towards Greg. I believe it is the same one that was posted in another thread.

I juse love that the TV Guide referred to Greg as the "coolest brainiac". For once they wrote something that is totally true and I love it! My little Greggo is such a cool, smart dude! Love it, love it, love it!
Yayyyy I love TV Guide... :D I'm so happy Greg/Eric's finally getting the recognition he deserves!!! Btw happy birthday eszmanda_luver!! :)
I read that today, I was like, "YES!!" I totally loved the "deservedly" part too.

That pic is the one that is posted.
Thanks for the tv guide info toots , it about time Eric gets some recognition. I am buying that issue for sure.

and happy birthday eszmanda_luver
Oh my goodness, where are my manners? Happy Birthday, eszmanda luver! Hope you have a fun, fun day.

Wojo, the little Greg article in the TV Guide is in the Hotlist section (21 shows you've gotta see!)
Happy birthday eszmanda luver! i hope you have a good day.

I am so glad to hear that about Greg! i have been waiting so long for a centric season!
Do we know the title for ep 11?

And what are the spoilers for this episode? (Someone said they read spoilers up to ep 11... (Wojo)? I can't seem to find them in this thread...
Leaving Las Vegas is the title

Grissom is "leaving las vegas"....a break from the lab...
TV Guide said he was going to teach
Per Michael Ausiello:

Question: Could it be that Sara is pregnant with Grissom's child on CSI?— Kathrin
Ausiello: Um, no. Speaking of CSI, anyone wanna hear my big news about who's stepping in for the exiting Bill Petersen? It's Liev Schreiber! The film/stage vet will debut in January when Grissom decides to step away from blood and guts and (temporarily) take up teaching. So, for the near future, that's Professor Grissom to you.

Liev is an interesting choice. I'm looking forward to his arc.
Its Leaving Las Vegas I'm pretty sure. Unless thats 10.. I don't know but I think its Leaving LV though. And I know they are here somewhere and I thought it was one of the news things on the site, but maybe I'm wrong.

Pretty much, I think this is the one where Nick and Cath go out of town, and Grissom tells the team he is leaving.
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