Season 7 *Spoiler Lab* Discussion & Posting - Part 2

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Okay, thanks :)

See, I have a list of all the CSI Episodes, So I can keep up with how many times I've watched each episode, and I also rate them when I've seen them, and when I haven't seen them I give them a rating as to how much I'm looking forward to them :D

Yeah, I'm a dork :rolleyes: :D
IloveBilly said:
Leaving Las Vegas is the title

Grissom is "leaving las vegas"....a break from the lab...
TV Guide said he was going to teach
Per Michael Ausiello:

Question: Could it be that Sara is pregnant with Grissom's child on CSI?— Kathrin
Ausiello: Um, no. Speaking of CSI, anyone wanna hear my big news about who's stepping in for the exiting Bill Petersen? It's Liev Schreiber! The film/stage vet will debut in January when Grissom decides to step away from blood and guts and (temporarily) take up teaching. So, for the near future, that's Professor Grissom to you.

Liev is an interesting choice. I'm looking forward to his arc.

ewww..the sara grissom thing is bad enough, but if grissom leaves because of sara, i will lose it. What a way to ruin grissom's character :mad:
I don't think Grissom will leave because of Sara if he ends up leaving, sohelpmegod. :p I think he'll leave because he's been consumed in work for a majority of his 50-something year long life and now he's got Sara and happiness and he just wants to chill. Cuz I'm sure Sara's not gunna be going anywhere anytime soon, if she's got anything to say about it. And I'm also pretty sure that if he does leave he'll come back two or three times a season, just to give his fans something to look forward to.
Hey, don't hate on the GSR. =P
i completely agree with you on that point.There's no way he'll leave because of sara.You can see on his face that he's happy when she's with him.
Can someone tell me (well actually refresh my memory) on who is Adam Novak from season 5 that is coming back for season 6??
there was an episode towards the end of s5, called weeping willows. catherine was in a bar and a man hit on her, rather forcefully, she blew him off, and he turned out as a suspect in their case (correct me if im wrong, havent seen it in a while) he was a lawyer. the actor supposedly is marg's real life husband.
^thanyou! Now i remember yeah he was the suspect and then the laywer, yeah i kind of knew he'll come back since in the commentaries they kind of mentioned they will like to see him back.
Wojo, my thoughts exactly.

It's going to be like watching a game of chess with all the "Burn out"s that will be going on, between Grissom and what appears to have been a house on fire (from the promo where Nick and Greg look like they are looking at something on the ground) to the promo for Post Mortem *that I'm hoping has Greg in it, this storyline deserves some mention in the promos*

about 4 hours to go!
grr... I have to wait longer (west coast! :( ) but i hope maby we'll be ab;e to see some GSR in this ep, it would be about time this season so im realy hoping this is gonna be a good ep (im missing a hockey for it)
Who was in the previews for next weeks episode. It look like some lady was getting attacked or harassed. She kind of looked like Cath, but maybe it was the suspect instead? Did anyone see this preview? Confused.
too bad that it says there what the word redrum means, cause i wanted to tell you guys what it means *cues x files music*
I'm glad things are still going well; someone said again in TV Guide that they thought Toe Tags made the show jump the shark but I don't think so, this is a very good season so far. It's had 'meh' eps like TT but it's not in shark territory yet.

Sorry about not posting the actual spoilers, I thought they were too long to post.
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