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"Spoiler Lab Part 1"

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From Built To Kill part 1... I know the ep itself has been discussed but don't know if the same can be said for this scene.

Catherine gets into a car accident, Grissom and Warrick arrive, run towards the scene, Grissom stays back just observing. The paramedic tries to put a neck brace on Cath, she insists that she’s okay. Warrick asks if she’s sure she’s okay, and he tries to give her a hug, she can’t go there. Catherine is getting pissed at the paramedic as he’s trying to get her to the hospital some way, She says she refusing treatment and to give her the damn release form. “I have to find my daughter!” She insists. After some observing the scene for a few minutes, Grissom notices something unusual, and talks to Cath about it they realize that it really wasn’t an accident, it was indeed on purpose.

Have you guys begun descussing the spoilers for 7.05, Double Cross yet?? Just read them the other day..
I've heard about double cross... Isn't that the one where they find someone who's been crucified??
Dee said:
I've heard about double cross... Isn't that the one where they find someone who's been crucified??

'Double Cross' is supposed to be a Halloween time episode and deals with excorcism and a haunted house. So yes, crucified could be involved.
Aparently Nuns find a woman crusified on the church rafters. Sounds weird but kinda intresting.

I wonder if Greg is going to be back to work in this one like nothing ever happened to him? :lol:
Well, from the sides I have read, he wasnt in any of them at all. No mention or anything.. :(

Dont know if this has been posted or not, but it looks like that may actually have one of the other characters find out about Grissom and Sara...

"They're working so hard over in Vegas- finding a body at Cirque du Soeil (I've seen them!!), wrangling John Mayer to sing in the premiere, kissing Danny Bonaduce-but not! All you care about is season 6's parting shot of Grissom postcoitus with subordinate Sara. How long had it been going on for?

"It is the subject of debate," demurs executive producer Naraen Shankar. "One of our characters may intuit that Grissom and Sara have a relationship," adds fellow executive producer Carol Mendelsohn."

I would hope it wouldn be Nick or Greg.. everyone else doesn't really seem like an awesome storyline....

And another possible spoiler. Well, its a spoiler, but how real.. dont know.

"Los Angeles, CA) - Send pictures & resumes ASAP to: Details Are only Available By Subscription.. Title: CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, TV Series - 1 Hour for CBS. Episode Title: FANNYSMACKIN. EXEC PROD, Jerry Bruckheimer, Carol Mendelsohn, Ann Donahue, Anthony E. Zuiker, Jonathan Littman, William Petersen, Cindy Chvatal, Naren Shankar; DIR, Richard J. Lewis; WRTR, Dustin Lee Abraham. Shoot Dates: On/About August 22, 2006 (in Los Angeles). Breakdown-- Demetrius's Mother: Early-Mid 40s, African-American. A blue collar, hard working single mother, tough but caring about her family. She is grieving over the untimely death of her younger son. Guest Star; Demetrius's Brother: Early 20s, African-American. Blue collar, he is the though older brother of the boy killed by a member of the CSI team. He sacrificed his own dreams to support his family and be sure that Demetrius could go to college. He is understandably angry with the police. Guest Star. (Posted: August 17, 2006)

So... one of the CSI team memeber kills a kid.. Now, we all know how the writers or whoever like to throw this "CSI Memeber" crap outat us, make us think main character, and then A Lockwood character goes down.. So, that is a huge possibility.
However, there is a small possibility that Greg may somehow kill the kid. Now don't get all crazy on me yet.. I don't thinnk this will happen, but there is reason to think that it may. Eric said that this story line will kind of carry over for a good portion of the season. This is only the 4th episode.. so what could thy do to carry this over that long? True, they could show him being scared to go out in the field, or have something physically bad keep hurting him or something. But think, what if while in the fight, he somehow manages to hurt one of the people bad enough that it kills him. It would obviously be an accident, and purely self-defence. But that would deffinately carry out through the seasons, because Greg is a very nice person who I would think would be pretty messed up knowing that he killed soemone. (Like most people would be I would think.) But anyways.. it would carry out and yeah..

Again, JUST A POSSIBILITY!! Don't go crazy on me telling me there is no way. Like I said, it will probably be a cop that runs over and shoots one of the guys but.. still. :rolleyes:

Later gators! :)
I can see where you're coming from eszmanda_luver.. and I agree that there is a possibilty, though small (but its there!)it could be Greg who kills the kid...

I guess we'll see what happens :) :)
well, it could be Nick.... since the producers said his buried alive thing still haunts him... I dunno. It could be anyone.
Ture. I don't know. I just don't think that we should sit pretty expecting to to be a cop, because they know they do that to us a lot, so just in case, be prepared. Like they tell us when a hurricane is coming, prepare for the worst, hope for the bet. Of course, that works in many cases, i just automatically think of hurricanes. Anyways, yeah.. it would be an interesting story no matter who got it.
The "CSI member" killing a kid might be Grissom. Remember, he's supposed to have an emotional crisis and take a sabbatical this year.
Can somebody keep me updated whats going on? Are they showing season 7 already in U.S? Or does season 7 start soon?

God I hate beeing swedish right now, we are so after..... I want to be able to discuss the new things.

Also where can I read about the episode with Kevin Federline? ( not that I like him) Just curious
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