Season 7 *Spoiler Lab* Discussion & Posting - Part 2

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I agree. It would be a huge step forward but I also agree that TPTB most likly won't go there. This season has been a biut diffrent than others so far though, more personal. So I guess anything is possible.

There is a longer promo for Post Mortem on CBS, but still does not show Greg.
i dont know what ep it was, but the original script had him saying that him amd his partner adopted a kid. it got cut.
Maybe there will be another one, for Fannysmackin', they had the preview at the end of the epi, the innertube one, and then one on TV later in the maybe, but am I surprised that he isn't in it..sadly, no. Even though at least half the epi is about him and the inquest and TV guide voted it a must watch BECAUSE of him.

One: The discussion for the episode "Post Mortem" is now up. Please direct all conversation pertaining to this ep to that thread. As the Spoiler Lab is for future eps.

Second: We are nearing the 1,000 mark in this thread, and therefore I am going to go ahead and lock it and release it from the tack, and create a new one. With a link to this thread.

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