Season 7 *Spoiler Lab* Discussion & Posting - Part 2

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vegaslights said:
Could someone post the spoilers for "Redrum"?
Michael Keppler (vet CSI played by Liev Schreiber) comes into the picture and investigates the murder of a assemblyman called Ortiz with the team. Assemblyman = high-profile so we'll get to see Undersheriff McKeen again. It seems this episode is going to be case-focused. Seems interesting so far.

Tis just a summary. I don't have enough time to go into the more detailed things. Sorry.
High Profile, means those who are constantly under media attention, like a Mayor, Director over all. Ecklie might consider himself high profile but in the chain he wouldn't be considered that.
I wonder how he's going to relate to Ecklie, as in, will he be his toadie or will he do things his own way, sort of like Grissom but much edgier?
Hmmm aparently Hodges asks Keppler out to drinks in this episode..that's all I know about that though. Oh yeah, and Keppler says something about paranoids to Hodges... :lol:
I think he says something about what he likes about paranoids is that they think that people are listening to them..or something like that..clearly, he has Hodges number.
darx??????? whered you get that?
are you being sarcastic? or is it true?

confirmed by gibby at YTDAW. im waiting to an answer as to what it looks like to her (friendly, new boss or date) she said that from the reading she is not sure if kepplar has a gay vibe.
im not sure if i want it to be a date or not, cause in my head he has someone...but never know...
Yeah, when I was looking over Hodges talking to Keppler, I was thinking I didn't think Hodges was gay, wanting to go out for drinks with Keppler. But that little snippet of conversation was it, so i doubt it.
I think Keppler thinks that Hodges is trying to kiss up to him, you know, get in good with the boss, score some points, remember that whole "Ecklie is a personal friend" because he sent him something I think for his promotion or did him a favor, I can't remember now, but I don't think it's a "gay" reference, it's more that Keppler is seeing him as a kiss ass.
I dont think he's gay, i too think he is just sucking up to him like speakerset said.

Though i wouldn't mind if he was gay, that means that it is very open to gay couples whick means helo Nick/Greg ;)
that the show is open to gay couples? i think that they are isn some way. bobby was supposed to be cannonly gay and it got cut. with hodges...i hope that they give us something solid :)
Although the cynic in me highly doubts it, it would be a massive step forward for CSI to have an openly gay character who isn't a victim or murderer. Can't we just have a normal character who just happens to be gay in the same way other characters happen to be straight? CSI has a habit of treating their gay characters like this. Even in Iced the gay character was a suspect for a while.

When I've brought up this point before I always get replies of 'well, most one-off characters are murderers or suspects, so there aren't many other characters for the gay people to be' but I think that's rubbish. There's witnesses, family, PEOPLE WHO WORK AT CSI!!!

Bobby's scenes were cut, I have no idea why, but I think they should be reinstated at some point. It would go a long way towards bringing in the somewhat alienated gay and gay friendly audience.
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