Ryan/Valera #2 - Pushing the Dinner Plate Aside for Her

I kinda have a fic like that in the works, but porn is so hard to write. I kinda wanna write a drabble, but I don't have a plot.
How about Valera dragging Ryan to see Brokeback Mountain.

Insecure Ryan. Sobbing Valera. Zany Hijinks follow.

...or not :lol: Tis why I don't write fic
Aww, Valera. I miss her so much. Woe.

I do not like season 4 of Miami.

Do you think after a while Ryan would start calling Valera 'Maxine' or 'Max?'
I don't mind it, as long as it's not a given name. I think she may not like Maxine, considering she goes by Valera. But it seems wrong for Ryan to call her Valera after they've been intimate.
I just watched the eppy where Valera gets fired and it's so sad but I was so intrigued by the way Ryan looked. :lol: Late I know.
Yeap, Ryan looked really sad. Then I remembered this thread. I always thought that they had chemistry. Poor Valera... I'm not used to seeing her not there. She was the only lab techie I remembered!
Here's a pic from them after she comes back: