Ryan/Valera #2 - Pushing the Dinner Plate Aside for Her

How about Calleigh and Valera get together and they "take care" of Snake?

midnight, is there mud or whipped cream involved??? :devil:

Anyway, I think that Delko and Ryan (especially Ryan) should stay away from the Snake Lady. Save her for Frank...maybe Horatio, but Frank would be better.

If only we'd had Mac in the lube..............hmmmmmmm........anyway........

Valera just needs to bitchslap her and get it over with. She'll quit messing with Maxine's man.

Seriously you all, I'm not thinking Valera is the mole now. ANyone else getting that feeling?? I thought so for a while.
Thanks for the pictures MedicWarrickLvr!

I do have a question, is Maxine the same girl in shattered that walked on the glass? I just wanna make sure I have the right girl or not!
You are welcome for the pictures...........FROM midnight_tiptoes.

Carol gave you the cool pics. I have the same ones, but I'm lazier than she is! HA HA HA
...hmm does anyone know a good site for pictures with Ryan and Valera? I think they would make such an awesome couple but maybe it's just me but we don't see Valera much anymore. :(
We DON'T see Valera much anymore. Snake Lady is stealing all her screen time. >___< We need to ship her back to wherever she came from. Boas and Miami do not mix well.
Ryan and Valera are an awesome couple, they belong together...Boa needs to get the hell out of Miami cause we don't want her. She's trying to ruin R/V and E/C. What next? The world? I smell...conspiracy.
Umm...it's night...DNA lab...no one around... tables...clothes that should be discarded...Ryan and Valera...alone...Okay sounds more like porn but a fic is a fic.