Ryan/Valera #2 - Pushing the Dinner Plate Aside for Her

Oy...no posts since monday. Where's all the R/V love? :(

In reality, I'm wondering if anything ever will come of R/V. I mean, let's face it. No one ever really hooks up on CSI. But if Ryan WAS to hook up with someone I really don't know who else it could be. It wouldn't be Calleigh. She's Eric's, if anyone's. Alexx is married. Reporter BITCH is done for a while, I think. Snake Lady would cause an uproar. Though admittedly small, R/V seems to have the biggest fanbase (with the exception of maybe R/C, but that won't happen cuz E/C has too much UST). I wonder...maybe at the end of the series when they can get away with pairing people up.
Are there really a lot of R/C fans? It seems more people like R/V, or at least are more vocal.

Poor Valera. Natalia is stealing her man from right under her nose. If the cops suddenly find Natalia's body on a ditch, we'll know what happened to her.
Henry, I've got the love! I just can't seem to find anything new to say. Man, I just want them to have some more chemistry and time together. They are sooooooooooooo good together!
Mariel, that makes me want to break out into song.........

Yeah, I don't even like to discuss the Snake Lady ruining that perfect R/V scene.........
YAY! Snake Lady/Eric instead of Snake Lady/Ryan! We know B/E wont last because Eric is Calleigh's. This means Snake Lady will end up being shunned. Unless nothing really happened with Eric and this is all a plot device to make Ryan jealous. OMG now im paranoid X-x
Honestly I don't want Natalia with either Ryan or Eric. Does she really need to be paired with someone (if so she can go with the new guy, Cooper or something like that). Ryan and Max should be paired in EVERY episode as well as Eric/Cal.
I'm new here and I just wanna say that those two are perfect for each other! Does anyone have and pictures or videos of them?
Welcome, Dreamsingr! Here's a few pictures:



Snake Lady and Eric is the most horrible thing EVER.

Valera just needs to kick her ass and be done with it. Ryan may not have sense enough to. Sigh...........Valera always has to show him the ropes.....