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I don't know if this needs to be a spoiler, but I'm talking about something athlov put as a spoiler, so I'll do the same just in case.
Ryan's lost some weight? I think he looks amazing in S4. He seemed taller somehow than he appeared in S3. I agree with athlov about the long-limbed appearance *drools*, but I'm longing to see him now. He's not skinny again is he? Just kind of slimmer than before? *hopes*

PICS, PICS, we need PICS! *hints quietly* :lol:
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I went Googling and I found this.

:lol: :p I thought it was funny.

I want one!
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lol. i wish you could buy him- i'd snap him up right off!
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Oh man did he ever look SMOKIN! :lol: I was so happy when he first came on the scene! I squeed. :D He was so cute in that episode, and im glad he doesnt like Boa. (However the writters could change that...but for now its all good ;)) I love how he asked Calleigh if she could make some changes around here and then looked at Boa :devil: Anyone take screencaps?? *flutteres eyelashes* Pretty please?? :D

Haha athlov, I want a Jonathan Togo! :lol: :D
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At the store:

Sales girl: Hi, can I help you?
Me: Yes, thanks. Do you sell Togos?
S.G: What???!!! *Thinking: stupid girl that's a country*
Me: Yeah, Togos, Jonathan Togo.
S.G: Ah ok, now I understand, sorry but we ran out of Togos this morning.
Me: Really?? :( When will they arrive? :confused:
S.G: Maybe tomorrow!!
Me: Could you save one for me? I promise I'll be back tomorrow.
S.G. Sure!!! But you'll have to write your name down in this list.
Me: :eek: :eek: Long list!!!!

I wanna see Ryan!!!! (and Cal, sorry wrong thread :p)
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:lol: That's funny, CalleighWolfe. I wanna buy him too! I wonder if you could have a Jon vending machine... All you need is just a few pennies and pushing a few buttons ('Stubble/No Stubble', 'Sweater vest/No Sweater Vest', 'T-shirt/No T-shirt',... I'd probably click 'Wearing Nothing' :p :lol:)

Awww I still have to wait a few centuries before I could watch Rio (well, a few months, but it still feels like ages :D). I can't wait!
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oooohhh a Ryan vending machine *DROOLS* :lol:

I was reading the csifiles.com live chat whats got JT in it and he says he's got a crush on Adam Rodriguez!!

well I don't mind cuz I'm not homophobic (sorry bout spelling) I have to agree that adam is also gorgeous but no way as gorgeous as our JT.
Anyway he's got a girlfriend so he's not gay .... but then would that make him a bi? or is his adam crush thing nothing and just JT joking about?

anywho whatever it is our JT will always be the most Gorgeous, lovable Person in the entire universe.
And I want to buy my own Ryan/Jon no matter what the cost, infact he's too gorgeous to put a price on. :lol: :lol:!

Just thinking about JT makes me ..... *DROOLS, DREAMY SIGH...FAINTS* :p
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Ali[/b]'s Q about Ryan's physique:]Hmmm... Ryan did look a bit slimmer, but not skinny like in S3, just longer-limbed like athlov said - and so totally sexxy! :devil: He was also sporting a black sport jacket, black jeans (I'm fairly sure), and a white shirt underneath a yellowish green sweater. :D
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Ohh your rightt. He looked skinnier! Must be all that marathon running. *faints* :p. Mmmm I love the way his jeans fit him. *drool* :D

Omg. A Jon/Ryan Vending Machine!! :eek: Ok i'll have a Jon with no stubble, sweatervest (or nothing. Whatever, both are still hot :devil:), with long hair please! How much will that be?? :p :D
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ryan_lover said:
Anyway he's got a girlfriend so he's not gay .... but then would that make him a bi? or is his adam crush thing nothing and just JT joking about?

he's joking, ryan_lover... that's all about Jon's sense of humour :D

i suggest you to read this hilarious interview (from JTO) ;)

OHHhhhh... Jonathan Togo on ebay... under which category could he be ? "Art", "toys and hobbies" "dolls & bears" ...? :lol: :lol:
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Ummm... a Jon/Ryan vending machine? I'll take one of each kind, please! (Stubble, clean-shaven, with a sweatervest, t-shirt, or with nothing on... whatever!) I'll take them all! :devil: :lol:

OMG, Mrs_Togo! I think he could easily fill all 3 categories in e-bay, don't you? :D The man is living art, IMHO, and I would love to have him as a toy! :lol: *thud... mind in the gutter* :devil:
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OMG !! i found out there's actually a t-shirt you can buy with "Property of Jonathan Togo" printed on! there's also a pillowcases with his face and "don't wake me, i'm dreaming about JT" or "dream a little dream of me" prints... :lol:

I love the idea of the t-shirt. hehe...

yes Shadowfax, he's living Art... and would be great as a toy too... :devil:
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Thanks for the info about the first episode. :)
as always I appreciated your comments and reviews.
altough I miss one review: Twiz, I miss you. :(
and I also waiting for Thumpy's point of view. (also always interesting)

so, did I get it right that ryan made a stupid remark?
I read in the episode thread that people really didn't like his remark. :(
why does he always have to say something stupid?
don't like the writers.

from what I know from the mole incident, I understand him. He thought Natalia is his friend. If one of my friends betrayed me I would be also mad. I also believe that he really liked her. so her betrayal hurts him a lot.
I read somethin about his stupid remark and it was really a little bit stupid, but I also understand him.
I guess he will forgive her soon enough.
but I think that ryan is not a person who forgives easily.

another important thing: I don't hate Natalia. I'm neutral (for now). I have to see the episodes with my own eyes to build an opinion.

maybe some of you will visit the natalia thread after reading this: a natalia fan made some screencaps of 'Rio'. of course a lot of natalia but also some pics with ryan and her. :D
he looks great! *is stunned'
altough the color of the sweater is a little bit strange. :lol:
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Thumpy's point of view...I'm a bit conflicted actually. I'll still use the spoiler code as a courtesy, but I believe we're safe to discuss the episode without it for now.

Ok, I'm conflicted because on the one hand I totally understand Ryan's anger at Natalia going from 'lab mole' to full fledged CSI in approximately 6 weeks. His comment to Natalia reminded me so much of the infamous "I'm not trying to compete with a dead man" line from S3. In that episode he reacted-understandably so-out of frustration, and in 'Rio' he reacted out of anger and also frustration. I understood why he said what he said to Natalia, and the part of me that does not like Natalia smirked when he said it. But I do think it was a bit of a low blow, especially considering his career as a CSI hasn't been exactly blunder free.

Eh...I don't feel like I got across what I was trying to say exactly the way I wanted to say it, but hopefully y'all understand what I meant.
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I somewhat agree with Thumpy, about how he has made mistakes too, so why is he getting so mad at Natalia.. (As much as this pains me to say it.) But then again, Natalia really shouldn't be a CSI, and he said he doesnt want to work with her, and practicly the first thing she does is mess up.. It must get really annoying.. So I have to say I agree with Ryan way more then Natalia. Does anyone know if she keeps working with Ryan? I hope its not always Ryan and Natalia together..
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