Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    Whoa. What an emotional roller coaster for Jess. To find out that your boss is partially responsible for her mother's death (hey, he wasn't the one responsibe for the bomb under her butt, he was just new and didn't have the power of the SOJ's to calm her down) and then to be expected to travel with him.

    Lora, why are we staying in jail? I thought that were were supposed to avoid jail. Or are we just cutting out the middle man and not getting in trouble before we actually arrive in jail? :lol:

    I'm sure the love birdie couples will end up finding each other in there rooms. ;)

    Can't wait for more!
  2. Finch

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    I'll hold you to that, heh. But between you and Lora... :lol: :p

    Yes Lora, we have an air force. It's probably just two guys sittin' in a Cessna smokin' a joint but hey, I'll take that over our Navy. :lol:

    And yeah, they were supposed to go to Russia 3 pages ago but...There's so much to be explored on the way. Not much fun if we had a huge gap--but that's a matter of perspective.

    That's because it's normal for them to duke it out. :lol:

    Wee! Thanks so much for the reviews everyone.



    Lora: TADA! *swings door open*

    Everyone: ...

    Anni: Is there a moth repeatedly hitting that oil lamp?

    Lora: You're getting a feel for the wildlife. Good.

    Carly: This is a crap hole.

    Lora: And it's only 50 Rubles a night.

    Katie: Is there plumbing?

    Lora: Down the hall.

    Katie: Down the WHAT?

    Lora: There's a bathroom down the hall.

    Katie: ...We're sharing one bathroom.

    Lora: You can pee in your bed, I don't have a problem with it.

    Horatio: Okay people, let's get into our rooms and get settled in.

    Katie: Fine. *tugs on closet door* ...*tugs closet door*

    Door swings open and covers entrance

    Katie: Great. If I need two doors, I know where to find an extra one.

    Everyone walks away

    Katie: *closes closet door* AH!

    Speed: *crosses arms*

    Katie: *clutches chest* Please don't do that.

    Speed: *lifts book* This fell out of your suitcase in the hallway.

    Katie: *stares at book*

    Speed: I didn't know you kept a diary.

    Katie: *grabs book* Yeah well I plan on writing a book about my life someday and I'm going to need to remember the details. You didn't open it, did you?

    Speed: No.

    Katie: Good. *throws book into closet* You'd better get to your room before someone breaks in and steals...The mattress.

    Speed: *smirks* Goodnight. *leaves*

    Katie: *closes door* ...AH OH MY GOD I CAN'T BREATHE! *opens door, runs out*

    Carly: *looks out from room* You okay?

    Katie: *hyperventilating, gives 'okie dokie' signal*

    Carly: It's a tight squeeze but it's not that bad.

    Katie: I know but...It feels like a coffin, y'know? I'm going to spend the night alone in a coffin with a closet.

    Carly: At least Lora didn't get us a hotel underground.

    Katie: *laughs*

    Lora: *from bathroom* I CAN HEAR YOU!

    Carly: ..Is the bathroom door open?

    Lora: It didn't have a door.

    Katie: *bangs head against wall*

    Delko: *walks over* Can we sleep in the hallway?

    Lora: I HEARD THAT!

    Delko: *looks over* How come there's no door on the bathroom?

    Lora: *throws toilet paper*

    Delko: AH! *ducks* What's in that, sandpaper?

    Lora: Yeah.

    Delko: Ew.

    Lilly: *walks over* Can we sleep in the hallway?

    Lora: SERIOUSLY!

    Lilly: It's just...There's rat droppings in my room and it smells like blood in there.

    Delko: You should see the walls in my room.

    Carly: Mine has bullet holes in it.

    Lora: SHUT UP! SHUT UP! *runs out of bathroom* You guys don't appreciate anything!

    Carly/Katie/Delko/Lilly: *look down*

    Lora: AH! *pulls up jeans* Okay none of you saw that.

    Missy: *from other room* I just got a picture of it on my phone.

    Lora: *frowns* Pfft you won't get any money for that. I was wearing underwear.

    Missy: Oh no, I don't want money. I'm going to post it on YouTube. I got a video before I took the picture.

    Lora: ...

    Horatio: *opens door* Guys, bed.

    Lora: But she took a video of me without my pants on!

    Horatio: ...I don't want to know. *closes door*

    Lora: Damnit Missy.

    Carly: Are there any bars or anything around town?

    Lora: There's a couple down the street.

    Carly: Anyone want to hang out there for a while?

    Katie: I'm game.

    Lilly: Why not, it's better than staying here.


    Missy: Didn't Horatio tell us to go to bed?

    Carly: I'm not going to be able to sleep here anyway, I might as well have some fun.

    Lilly: Cool, let's see if the rest of the team wants to come. *knocks on door*

    Speed: *opens the door* What.

    Lilly: Want to come to the bar? ...Wearing a shirt?

    Speed: I was in bed.

    Lora: Is anyone going to take a picture of him too?

    Missy: *looking down at phone* Believe me, he won't get the same kind of hits as your video.

    Lora: What?

    Missy: Well, he'll get views based on hotness and you'll get views based on the pure hilarity of your situation. Right Katie? *elbows Katie*

    Katie: ...What? What were we talking about?

    Missy: YouTube.

    Katie: *blinks* Still?

    Lora: Missy can I see your phone?

    Missy: No. You'll break it.

    Lora: I promise I won't.

    Missy: Oh, okay. *hands over phone*

    Lora: *smashes phone against wall*

    Missy: ...

    Lora: Now let's hit the clubs. Speed, you comin' or not?

    Speed: I don't think so.

    Lora: Come on! Don't make me beat you.


    Calleigh: *opens door* I'm there.

    Ryan: *open door* Anything but this place.

    Heather: *opens door* ...Can I come too?

    Missy: Well I want everyone to join us but...Okay I just didn't say your names so be that way. I don't care.

    Calleigh: *smiles* So where are we goin'?

    Lora: Down the street.

    Delko: Okay but let's not get arrested in Russia.

    Lora: We won't be.

    Carly: You do realize that means nothing.

    Lora: Then I guess it's a good thing we're only a block away.

    Calleigh: C'mon Tim, you don't want to be stuck here all night, do you?

    Speed: *sigh* Fine.

    Calleigh: Great!



    Calleigh: *drinks shot* MHM!

    Katie: *eating chips*

    Missy: Too bad I don't still have my phone.

    Ryan: I'm feeling kind of uncomfortable. You sure this isn't some kind of strip bar?

    Speed: It's not.

    Ryan: I feel like I shouldn't be here.

    Delko: *dancing on table* HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME! *slaps own butt*

    Calleigh: WOO! *throws money*

    Ryan: I definitely feel like I shouldn't be here.

    Lora: *jumps onto table* I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE! *throws beer across room*

    Katie: *pouring beer on a fly*

    Ryan: I think I need more alcohol.

    Calleigh: *laughs* Yes, you do.

    Ryan: I'll go get another round.

    Missy: I like Russians. They're so...So...They wear a lot of clothes.

    Calleigh: Those aren't his clothes.

    Missy: ...Oh my.


    Lora: *falls off table* Okay, I can't dance to Shakira anymore.

    Calleigh: You were doin' great.

    Lora: Are my hips still girating?

    Calleigh: A little bit.

    Delko: *jumps off table, runs over* Any beer left?

    Speed: *hands over beer* You in the running for the next Ricky Martin?

    Delko: *laughs* I'm one pair of leather pants short of that privelage.

    Speed: *laughs*

    Missy: I LIKE RUSSIA! *points to people* YOU GUYS ARE THA BESTEST EVER! *twirls around, falls backward*

    Calleigh: *grabs Missy* Whoa there.

    Heather: *stacking beer bottles* Hey if you look real close, all of these bottles have flies in them.

    2:50 am--Back of club, in alley

    Lora: *hiccups* Okay who sees the hotel.

    Delko: I see three of them.


    Missy: No!

    Heather: *laughs* No, I think we've had enough.

    Missy: Ugh, I think I'm going to lay in this snow bank for a while. *falls over*

    Calleigh: I DON'T FEEL COLD AT ALL!

    Delko: We didn't even get arrested today. I feel so proud of us.

    Katie: *rolls eyes* Yeah feel proud.

    Speed: What's wrong with you?

    Katie: I don't know, maybe the naked Russians and Eric's impersonation of Ricky Martin wasn't as fun as it could have been.

    Delko: HEY. I am a very good Ricky. *speaks in thick spanish accent* I am the sexy latino known as Ricky. You shall all worship my leather pants and pointy shoes.

    Katie: *laughs*

    Speed: You know, you're prettier when you're happy.

    Katie: And you're weird when you've had one too many drinks.


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    Those other brothers can't deny. When a girl walks in with a itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face you get ---


    That was awesome. Let's do it again! Let's do it again!

    Why am I looking at flies through a bottle?

    Great update. Oh man what an update!
  4. Hunter

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    Did you know when my Mom and Dad got kicked out of Russia, they were only entitled to 90 rubles? They had to leave ABSOLUTELY everything behind. But, thank God, God came in and a church that we've been going to ever since then sponsered us and pretty much saved our lives. *silence* Fun fact...for y'all...

    :lol: I can see the bullet holes. :lol: And hey, there are actually a few (and i mean few) places in Russia that aren't that bad.

    :lol: *laughing* OHMYGOSH :lol: That is just too good. Plus, i can just see random Katie pouring beer on a fly.

    Hey, i bet Horatio would be! Tomorrow he'll probably be scouting out all the police stations in the area, finally stumbling upon us drunk, numb, and asleep in a snowbank.

    Oh and Eric...
    I can see and hear that SO clearly. Just like that one guy on that show....Dancing with the Stars? :lol:

    Russia, Russia finally! AWESOME, just AWESOME update Geni! I think there's a thing as too much laughing is bad for you. Heck a couple of us might cough up one of our lungs.
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    K so i'll say this now since I can't later on, too much lined up, and i couldn't sleep so went to bed around two got up at five....Eh? What ya gonna do .... anyway MERRY CHRISTMAS GANG, hope everyones christmas is full of warm wish's and happy times!!!! hopefully no one gets to drunk ... like we always seem to be in this fic lol. I love it lol. Great updates geni, I can't wait to see what awaits me when I return from the no horse no man town ..... i swear to god the thing is a ghosst town, but thank you for wishing me luck in it lol. At least its quite .... literally I sit there counting the tumble weeds ....
    So we got drunk in russia, didn't get arrested, that is awsome, although something could still happen as we try to get back to the hotel ..... or maybe we won't, lol. Speed is hitting on Katie once again .... hmmm what will happen lol. Gosh i'm all hyped but tired this is weird lol.
    Well gotta run got to catch a bus soon .... at six in the morning .... to walmart ..... for reasons unknown i'm going to my place of work .... that is never closing again ....
    Anyway I got off topic *dogdes bullets* don't hurt me. Can't wait for more Geni!!!
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    Jun 22, 2005
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    Geni...Hilarious as always! I'm kinda surprised that no one got arrested...but then again, I noticed that Anni was conspiciously missing, so yeah...quiet night out :lol:
    But, I did notice they got very drunk:D

    Lora and her accomodations...I wonder if anyone will get any sleep in that hol- er...hotel :lol: Remains to be seen.

    Excellent work!
  7. calleighspeedle

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    I loved this capter Geni It's good to see everyone relaxing for a change. I laughed at this part:
    Thanks for that chapter, update soon.....and HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! :D :D :D
  8. Finch

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    Thanks for the reviews y'all. :D (Lora, that sucks what happened to your family, I'm glad you're okay!)



    Katie: *tugging on door* Ugh, I can't believe I'm stuck in my room. OPEN! *slams hand into door* Ugh. *banging head against door* OPEN! OPEN! OPEN!

    Door swings open

    Katie: AH! *falls over*

    Speed: *walks out of bathroom* Are you okay?

    Katie: I'm fine. *frowns* I hate my room.

    Speed: *grabs Katie's hand*

    Katie: *stands* Thanks. So where's everyone else?

    Speed: Well half of them are passed out and the rest of them went to see the sights.

    Katie: And why are you still here?

    Speed: Because I'm not drunk enough to pass out but too tipsy to walk on ice. Horatio decided I wasn't 'worth the risk'.

    Katie: *laughs*

    Speed: What are you still doing here?

    Katie: I got stuck in my room so I couldn't go with them.

    Speed: Well what's wrong with the door?

    Katie: I don't know.

    Speed: *walks into room, looks at door*

    Katie: *walks in*

    Speed: This hinge looks like it's been glued to the wall.

    Katie: That's stupid.

    Speed: Well that can't be the only thing keeping the door from opening. *closes door*

    Door clicks

    Katie: ...Way to go.

    Speed: Hm. *kneels*

    Katie: What?

    Speed: There's ice on the floor.

    Katie: You mean the door keeps freezing shut?

    Speed: Make sense, there's cracks in the floor and there's cold air rushing up.

    Katie: So that's why it's so friggin' cold in here.

    Speed: *stands* Yeah.

    Katie: Well, problem solved. *tugs door* ...*yanks door*...

    Speed: Oops.

    Katie: You're an idiot.

    Speed: Why didn't I see that coming?

    Katie: Because you're an idiot. Kick the door down.

    Speed: *looks at Katie* What?

    Katie: You know, do that cop thing and kick the door down.

    Speed: I can't kick through ice.

    Katie: Yeah. And you ain't even a cop anymore.

    Speed: *rolls eyes*

    Katie: Great. *sits on bed* So now what do we do?

    Speed: Try to warm up the room and melt the ice.

    Katie: ...

    Speed: ...

    Katie: What?

    Speed: Do you have a blowdryer or something?

    Katie: Yeah just let me whip it out of my pocket.

    Speed: *laughs*

    Katie: You wouldn't think that was funny if your little party friends hadn't forced you to go clubbing.

    Speed: Katie, lighten up.

    Katie: Isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black?

    Speed: If I knew what that was, I could answer.

    Katie: Ugh.

    Speed: What's your problem?


    Speed: So climb out the window.

    Katie: It has bars on it!

    Speed: ...Are you sure this isn't a prison?

    Katie: Who cares. Ugh this is worse than being stuck in an elevator.

    Speed: Well yeah, elevators can fall.

    Katie: That's not what I meant. *stands* Are you not getting it? This is going to look VERY bad.

    Speed: To who?

    Katie: Uh EVERYONE.

    Speed: Everyone's not here.

    Katie: And guess who's gonna have to open the door for us.

    Speed: The firemen?

    Katie: Ugh. BE SERIOUS.

    Speed: Katie, no one's going to care that I got us locked in your room.

    Katie: Anni might.

    Speed: Why would she care?

    Katie: *blinks* Okay I'm starting to think Eric and you switched brains. *zips up jacket* Aren't you cold?

    Speed: Not really.

    Katie: Well I don't have much body fat.

    Speed: *lifts brow* And I do?

    Katie: Ugh, nevermind.

    Speed: *stands* Look, I know you're pissed 'cause it's cold but we won't be in here forever so live with it.

    Katie: I can't live with it if I'm going to DIE because of it.

    Speed: *lays on bed* Get over it.

    Katie: You know how many brain cells you lose everytime you get hammered?

    Speed: I'm not hammered.

    Katie: Yeah well then there must be another cause for your stupidity.

    Speed: *mumbles* Someone's PMS-ing.

    Katie: *looks at Speed* No I'm not.

    Speed: Fine.


    Speed: *sits up, covers Katie's mouth* Can you stop that? THAT looks bad.

    Katie: *pushes Speed* I know but I thought maybe it would get someone over here.

    Speed: And get me arrested?

    Katie: HAHA that would actually be funny. Okay it cheered me up.

    Speed: Great.

    Katie: OH let's play Truth or Dare.

    Speed: No.

    Katie: Yes. Okay, I pick truth.

    Speed: Can you stop talking?

    Katie: No. Okay you're next. Truth or Dare.

    Speed: *sigh* It doesn't matter which one I pick, I won't want to do or say it.

    Katie: That's the fun in the game. Yours will be dare. I dare you to kick the door down.

    Speed: Sorry, I don't do that.

    Katie: Fine. Then you get truth which by the way is always ten times worse than dare. So. Who's hotter, Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent?

    Speed: Well Clark has the hair but Bruce has the suit.

    Katie: *lifts brow*

    Speed: What? You wanted me to answer.

  9. HellsBells

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    Clark has the hair, but Bruce has the suit....

    So True, so true. Personally, a young Val Kilmer Bruce ain't bad... So I'd have to go with Bruce..

    Mahaha. Katie and Speed locked together in a room... this is going to be great, I can already see it.

    Can't wait for more.
  10. Anni Grey

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    LOL well looky looky... Katie and Speed are locked together in a room :D not going to take long to see what happens there :lol: I don't know though...maybe the stars will align and nothing will happen between them...Who am I kidding, this is Speed and Katie...:lol:

    Excellent update... And Merry Christmas everyone:)!!
  11. Hunter

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    Okay, we get the point of hotels in Russia being crappy but COME ON.

    Oh great, Chirstmas Eve and Speed and Katie are stuck in one 12 by 12 room all alone. GAH.

    Haha it's true you did Katie. And what's even weirder is that Smallville is on the tv right now. :lol: Back to the question though, Clark Kent. Who seriously goes for Bruce? The face just messed up. I WOULD go for Batman though. Man in a mask is just way more appealing. :lol: ;)

    *sigh* Thanks for the update Geni. Are you ever going to wind down? :)
  12. cainesugar

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    Awww you remembered? Thanks Gen! However with all the travelling/craziness that RT team does, I'd bet that I got kicked off that imaginary softball team looonnggg ago. And about the CA being cold, I'm on a waterpolo team, and believe me, I've experienced California cold. :lol: It won't stop raining here.

    I've given up on attempting to get online after every update, but I've been reading and it rocks, Geni! I'm still a huge fan and I miss reading RT as much as I used to. I'll try and drop in more often.

    We've FINALLY reached Russia, and we go clubbing, DON'T get arrested, and Katie and Speed get locked in a room together.


    Awaiting the next update Geni! Amazing job, and Merry Christmas. :)
  13. Finch

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    Lol, Lilly of course I remembered. You haven't been gone THAT long. :p But I'll be glad to see you around here more often.

    Heh, Lora it's just a little joke about Russia. ;) Have to add in some stereotypes every now and then. I promise I won't keep doing it forever, heh.

    Anni, you'd be surprised what could go down. (why did I just make that sound really dirty? I guess it's just me)

    Merry Christmas everyone! :)


    Mall, 5am

    Carly: How did you get 'em to open the mall this early?

    Horatio: *looking down at cellphone* Well I made a call to some friends.

    Ryan: The Russian mafia?

    Horatio: *smirks*

    Jess *rolls eyes* So what are we going to be doing?

    JC: I think we should buy some food. I've always wanted to try gurkins.

    Ryan: *reading menu* What's a...Mors and medovuha?

    JC: If Lora wasn't passed out, she'd be able to help.

    Ryan: Yeah and if Delko wasn't an idiot, HE could help out.

    Horatio: They're alcoholic drinks.

    Everyone: *looks at Horatio*

    Horatio: ...She's been educating me.

    Ryan: AHA! Vodka. Now I know that one.

    Horatio: Please, let's not try any of the local alcohols.

    Ryan: But we have Vodka in the US.

    Man: *walks over* YOU! American!

    Ryan: *looks over* Uh oh, big Russian man.

    Man: What you doing near my store!

    Ryan: Browsing?

    Man: You steal!

    Ryan: No! No no, I'm not stealing anything.

    Man: No one come here at 5 in morning!

    Ryan: We got permission. Right guys?

    Everyone: *backs up slowly*

    Ryan: Oh come on.

    Man: You get out of my store.

    Ryan: I'm not trying to start any trouble here, really.

    Man: Then you pay me money and I look other way.

    Ryan: I didn't steal anything!

    Man: *reaches out hand* A 'bribe' as they say in your country.

    Ryan: Ugh. *hands over money*

    Man: This is not money. *spits*

    Ryan: What? Thats 20 bucks.

    Man: No American money. I get shot with American money.

    Ryan: I don't have any Rubles.

    Man: Then you die. *pulls out gun*

    Horatio: Whoa! Whoa, let's calm down. Sir, ever hear of Ebay?

    Man: Yes, one of those water circles.

    Horatio: No, not a 'bay'. Ebay. It's on the internet.

    Man: I know what internet is. I join messageboard. Very educational.

    Horatio: *hands over money* This is worth a lot on Ebay. Buy yourself something nice and it'll get here within 6 to 8 weeks.

    Man: I buy American things. I get women.

    Horatio: *laughs* One step at a time.

    Man: *laughs, slaps Horatio on the back* I like you.

    Horatio: Oof.

    Man: *walks away*

    Ryan: I almost got beaten up by a Russian.

    JC: I don't like this mall.

    Horatio: Come on, let's continue.


    Katie: *bouncing paper ball off wall*

    Speed: You ever notice the lights in this place have a lot of dead flies in them?

    Katie: *stops bouncing paper* ...I wasn't paying a lot of attention to the lights.

    Speed: You know, if you forget about the door, the size of the room, the dirty lights and the freezing temperatures, it's quite quaint.

    Katie: *looks over* Are you kidding?

    Speed: I grew up in New York. My bedroom was only a few feet bigger than this one.

    Katie: Well I hate enclosed spaces.

    Speed: I know.

    Katie: *sigh* I need to leave. *stands*

    Speed: And how do you plan on doing that?

    Katie: I can't stay here. *pulling door*

    Speed: I think we're already tried that way.

    Katie: Come help me open this!

    Speed: *sits up* Are you okay?

    Katie: Get me the blanket or something so I can warm up the door.

    Speed: *lifts brow*

    Katie: GET IT!

    Speed: Alright, calm down. *walks over* We're going to get out.

    Katie: *covers eyes* No, we're not. We're not.

    Speed: Hey, look at me.

    Katie: No.

    Speed: *grabs Katie's hand* Come sit down on the bed.

    Katie: *walks over to bed, sits*

    Speed: I'll get the door open. You sit here and relax.

    Katie: *sigh*

    Speed: Okay?

    Katie: *nods*

    Speed: *walks over to door*

    Katie: How are you going to open it?

    Speed: I don't know. Warming it seems like the only option.

    Katie: So...My original idea.

    Speed: Basically.

    Katie: ...Isn't it Christmas?

    Speed: *looks at watch* It has been for a while.

    Katie: Oh. Merry Christmas.

    Speed: Same to you.

    Katie: ...

    Speed: *looks around*

    Katie: Where's my gift?

    Speed: *stares at Katie* Excuse me?

    Katie: Well I should get a present, right?

    Speed: Did you see me bring any presents in?

    Katie: *frowns* You don't get it.

  14. Anni Grey

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    LOL... Tsk tsk, Speed, didn't get the sexual innuedo on the first try:lol: But they are still stuck, so...he has time:D

    Horatio making nice with the locals...good way to keep everyone alive. Can't wait to see what other hijinks they are going to get into. I can't help but notice , however, that Anni's been MIA here she storing up on her lunatic mode? A girl has to wonder???? :lol:

    Great as always, Geni! :)
  15. Hunter

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    Who's been?? Me?? Oh awesome, i'm getting some time in with Horatio...

    OKay not to be a spoil sport Geni but Russia's is getting a wee little over exaggerated. :lol:

    ...And the rest is just Speed and Katie together in the room. *reads* Hey there's nothing romantic going on. That's strange. :lol:

    And Horatio is doing awesome in Russia! Whoo! This guy is a natural, i love it. *hugs Horatio* Hope i get to teach him more... :devil:

    Haha thanks for the update Geni, and merry Christmas!!
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