Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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These are the voyages of the Hummerhome team. Its continuing mission, to seek out new adventures and new dangers. To boldly (and in Eric's case accidentally) break things where nothing had been broken before!

Okay lame, I know. But at least now I don't have to write a story summary. :D

CSI:Miami Road Trip
Warning: Keep All Hands & Feet Inside Hummerhome. #3 RT
CSI:Miami Road Trip-We've Travelled A Long Way
CSI:Miami: RT #5- In God We Trust. All Others Are Suspects
CSI:Miami Road Trip 6: One Question. Are We There Yet?
CSI:Miami Road Trip: Seven Years of Bad Luck & Counting
Road Trip - CSI:Miami - "Crazy Eights"
CSI:Miami - "Road Trip *puts on shades* Number Nine."

Got 'em all? Good.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything and don't claim to.
Rating: G to PG-13.
Characters: CSI:Miami team.
Genre: Satire/Comedy/Action/Drama. It is CSI:Miami, afterall. ;)
Author's note: Anyone aside from the JB's characters are members of TalkCSI (*cough* except Lori), who've allowed me over the past two and a half years to utilize them as characters. Road trips are much more fun with more people anyhow.

Onward to the chapter!


Hummerhome, CSI Garage

Ryan: *looks at watch* Okay we have three hours before we head to Russia. That means we have to gas up, buy food and put these Christmas decorations away so Horatio doesn't know what we're doing.

Delko: Wait wait wait. If we're taking the Hummerhome, how are we supposed to get to Russia? There's an entire ocean between us and them.

Ryan: Oh yeah, Horatio wanted to go the long way. We go up north through Canada then up to Alaska and then across that little bridge thing.

Delko: Bridge thing?

Ryan: Well there isn't really any land there anymore but there's a smaller patch of ocean than what we'd normally have to cross. It's why Horatio had me modify the Hummerhome.

Delko: What do you mean 'modify'?

Ryan: You ever been on those Miami Tours on the double decker buses?

Delko: I live in Miami, why would I need to take a tour on a bus?

Ryan: My point is, those buses also act as boats. It's kind of built both ways.

Delko: When did you have time to modify the Hummerhome?

Ryan: *frowns* Enough questions.

Calleigh: *walks in* We're all set. The gals and Colton, of course are packing. Lora's a bit excited, she's teaching everyone Russian.

Delko: *laughs*

Ryan: Is Speed coming?

Calleigh: Mhm.

Ryan: Great, Anni and Katie are going to be fighting then. Okay so we need earplugs, duct tape and rope?

Calleigh: Oh Ryan.

Ryan: Seriously, they fight all the time.

Horatio: *walks over* Alright team, this is our final Hummerhome so make it last.

Delko: Uh oh, you totally just jinxed it.

Horatio: *frowns* Eric, you're not allowed near fire for the remainder of this trip.

Delko: Ah man.

Ryan: *shoving decorations into corners*

Horatio: Mister Wolfe.

Ryan: Yeah?

Horatio: Even if you had tried that when I just arrived here, it wouldn't have made a difference.

Ryan: *scratches head* It's supposed to be a secret.

Oh *tear* the last thread....:( I know you are going to make it worth it, Geni! Already, I'm laughing ( and consequently, crying....but I digress). I wonder now that things are coming to a close, will we have closure on a few things? Just who does Horatio love? And what of this triangle thingy with Katie Speed and Anni? :lol: And will Delko ever be able to walk without breaking something?

I for one am sticking around to the very end! :D

Awesome update!
*breaks out the champaigne* Even though i think now one will drink it. Because even though everyone is happy, we all know the dawning truth that this is the last thread.....i think i'm gonna cry. :(

Aw yay Russia is the first RT of the fic! Haha sweet.

Calleigh: *walks in* We're all set. The gals and Colton, of course are packing. Lora's a bit excited, she's teaching everyone Russian.
You know, know that you brought it up calleigh, i haven't even taught any russian to Geni.... *glares* Google is better than me eh?

ALL RIGHT EVERYONE. Russian 101 taught by yours truly, Professer Zabiran. Now, to the basics. (And i mean basics.)

Yes = Dah.
No = Nyet. (NE-yet)
And you may have heard me type this one down here and there: Slavabogu = Praise the Lord/ Glory to God

Congratualtions you've all passed! :p No seriously, if any of you want to learn something is russian, just post and ask and i will reply! From nyet to Tebia pelesose cushat maya majognia. (Your vaccum ate my ice cream)

Horatio: *walks over* Alright team, this is our final Hummerhome so make it last.
Wow so you FINALLY broke the bank eh Horatio? *whistles* How many has that been? There's too many to count.

Thanks for the first update Geni! I'll try not to do long posts so we have more room in the thread. cough.
Of course I don't think Google is better than you, Lora. :) I haven't gotten around to asking you for any translations yet. ;)

I surely do hope you guys decide to stick around to the end! Although no worries if you don't, lol. And don't worry about the length of your posts Lora. 1000 posts is a lot, heh.

SpeedsDaughter! :D Glad you could join us!


Outside Miami lab

Katie: Why are you stupid?

Ryan: What?

Katie: You couldn't hide the decorations from Horatio? You knew he was coming! You disappoint me. Take my bags.

Ryan: *sigh* Fine. *grabs bags, walks away*

Katie: *looks around* OH! LORI! *waving* OVER HERE!

Lori: *walks over*

Katie: Are you going to be okay here by yourself?

Lori: I've been on my own plenty.

Katie: We'll be gone for at least two months maybe even more. Depends where the road takes us I guess.

Lori: *smiles* You guys deserve a vacation.

Speed: *walks over* We're ready to go.

Katie: Great. Well, this is goodbye! *hugs Lori*

Lori: OOF!

Katie: *sigh* My baby is all grown up.

Lori: Yeah, ugh, and her life might end here if you don't let go.

Katie: *lets go* Oh sorry!

Speed: Katie, Lora made the schedule and you're falling behind. She'll beat you to death.

Katie: Shut up, I'm trying to say goodbye to my daughter. This is like THE goodbye. She'll be on night shift until she probably finds a better job somewhere else and I'll never see her again! Besides, you don't have a job here anymore so it's not like you'll be seeing her at all either.


Katie: AH! Okay gotta go! *hugs Lori* Bye sweetie! *runs off*

Lori: *laughs*

Speed: Hey.

Lori: *looks at Speed*

Speed: I'm proud of you.

Lori: Thanks.

Speed: *nods*

Lori: ...How about we not make this too 'chick flick'ee, because if you start crying then I'll start crying and then we'll both get yelled at by that insane woman in the Hummerhome a-

Speed: I'll see you around.

Lori: Happy trails.

Speed: *winks, leaves*

Lori: *smiles*

On road, one hour later



Delko: Are we there yet?

Calleigh: No Eric, we're not there yet. We aren't even out of Florida yet.

Delko: Why do I feel like we've had this conversation before?

Calleigh: Because we have.


Heather: *covers Anni's mouth*

Anni: *mumbles*

Heather: EW! You licked my hand!


Horatio: *snaps* Aspirin. I knew I was forgetting something.

Delko: Now that song's stuck in my head.

Anni: You'd be surprised how many of these stupid road trip songs I have stuck in my head. I have a son and he loves those things. I once put in one of those tapes in and he went INSANE. I even brought a Raffi tape.

Lora: Why? In case we want our heads to implode? *grabs tape* We're not listening to that.

Anni: Hey that was 36 cents!

Lora: *throws tape out the window*

Anni: *hugs window* ...Bye bye 36 cents.

Katie: Colton I swear to the highest of dieties that if you poke me one more time, I'll rip out your eyes and shove them down your pants.

Colton: Geez, no wonder you've been to prison.

Katie: So have you.

Colton: *rubs chin* That's true.

Katie: HEY we have something in common.

Colton: *frowns* No we don't.

Katie: B-

Colton: Shhhh.

Katie: *pouts*

Calleigh: *sticks feet up on dashboard*

Horatio: *looks over* What are you doing?

Calleigh: Oh, I just needed to air out my feet. I'd been wearin' those leather boots forever.

Ryan: Ew, Cal, get your feet off the dashboard. We don't want it to smell like dirty Duquesne feet in here.

Calleigh: I will have you know my feet smell fresh.

Delko: *sniffs* I'd say lilacs.

Calleigh: *smiles* See?

Anni: Hey that does smell good. What do you use?

Calleigh: It's a foot lotion called 'Lilac'.

Anni: You think it would work for hands?

Calleigh: I...Assume so, yes. I don't think there's a restriction on which part of your skin you have to put it on.

Anni: Cool. H, can we stop by Wal-Mart on the way out?

Delko: Nope, too late we just passed one.

Anni: *rolls eyes* It's Wal-Mart. You don't just 'pass' one. There's bound to be another one in fifty feet.

Heather: Hey look, there it is.

Anni: Can we stop?

Horatio: Alright, I suppose it wouldn't hurt. But you guys have your own money this time, right?

Anni: Yep. *runs off Hummerhome*


Lilly: I'm pretty sure the schedule isn't going to come alive and kill us all.

Lora: You never know. I'm very well-versed in the ancient art of MAGIC!

Delko: *screams*

Inside Wal-Mart



Delko: Wait, the evil schedule isn't really going to come to life, right?

Ryan: *rolls eyes*

Health aisle

Anni: Okay Katie help me pick out a foot lotion.

Katie: What difference will it make? You still smell.

Anni: *slaps Katie*

Katie: OW!

Anni: *picks up lotion* How about this one?

Katie: It has sparkles in it.

Anni: OOooh even better. *opens cap*

Katie: Uh what are you doing?

Anni: I'm testing it.

Katie: You can't test that.

Anni: What? Why not?

Katie: Because it's not a tester.

Anni: So?

Katie: So it's like stealing from the cereal box before you buy the cereal.

Anni: But this isn't cereal.


Anni: *squirts lotion* AH! AH! MY EYES! MY EYES!

Katie: See? The bottle knows.

Anni: *wiping eyes* Oh my God, evil. *throws lotion on floor* Did you see the way it attacked me?

Katie: *stares at Anni*

Anni: What?

Katie: ...I...Wouldn't look in a mirror for a while.

Anni: What do you mean?

Katie: Okay then. *opens makeup mirror*

Anni: 0_0

Katie: Yeah.


Katie: I think you're allergic to it.


Katie: You may need to invest in some coverup.

Anni: *touches face* I can't believe this happened to me. On a road trip of all things. I'm supposed to be looking my hottest. No no no this can't happen. TIM! TIM! TIM!

Speed: *walks over* What? What's wrong?

Anni: *turns around*

Speed: Wo-...oah.

Anni: It doesn't look that bad does it?

Speed: *looks at Katie*

Katie: *covering mouth*

Speed: *looks at Anni* ...It's...What happened?

Anni: That lotion over there attacked me.

Speed: With what, anthrax?

Anni: *frowns* Get out.

Speed: Good idea. *leaves*

Anni: *turns around*

Katie: I really hope your face stays like that.

Anni: Ugh.

Electronic section

Horatio: Now, if I get the plasma but not in HDTV, how much will that cost?

Sales Guy: Uh...You can't get a plasma without HDTV.

Horatio: Okay what if I got it without the sports channels?

Sales Guy: The sports channels are part of the package.

Horatio: Can I take them out?

Sales Guy: Why would you want to take them out?

Horatio: Sports are much too violent.

Sales Guy: Alright, so what packages do you want?

Horatio: A&E, CBS, USA, Spike, things like that.

Sales Guy: ...You do realize there are other channels.

Horatio: But I only want those ones.

Sales Guy: You can't just get those ones. They come in a package.

Horatio: Which package would that be?

Sales Guy: The primetime package. But it comes with sports.

Horatio: I don't want sports.

Sales Guy: Then you can't have the primetime package.

Horatio: What does sports have to do with primetime?

Sales Guy: CBS has a whole sports lineup and Spike has wrestling.

Horatio: But I just wanted the primetime shows.

Sales Guy: How about some daytime shows?

Horatio: ....*takes off shades* Okay I'm not speaking spanish so I don't understand why you don't get it. Would it help if I spoke spanish? Que pasa?

Sales Guy: *blinks*

Horatio: I need primetime.

Sales Guy: Then go to Best Buy.

Horatio: Why, is that some sort of television shop?

Sales Guy: Why don't I just get you the manager. *looks around* ...He speaks spanish. *leaves*

Toy section

Calleigh: *walks over* Hey the gals and I have been trying to find you everywhere. This place has cookie dough for $1.99.

Delko: *picks up teddy* How do you like this one?

Calleigh: It's nice. Why?

Delko: Well I'm trying to pick something out for Alena. It's her birthday soon and her and her mom are in Sacramento.

Calleigh: *smiles* That's sweet.

Delko: People think I forget that I have her, but I don't. *picks up teddy* How about this one?

Calleigh: *stares at Eric*

Near front of store

Colton: Alright children, watch and learn how I cheat my way through the gumball machine.

Lilly: You know that's illegal, right?

Colton: Nonsense.

Ryan: I hear the Wal-Mart people are very vicious when it comes to their gumball machines. I once heard a guy lost his arm trying to rip the machine off.

Colton: Stop trying to scare me.

Ryan: No I'm serious. The guy stuck his arm up the little slot and the Wal-Mart staff chopped it off.

Colton: *reaching through slot* That's not going to happen.

Ryan: Whatever man, your choice.

Colton: AHA! Got it. *pulls arm down*

Lilly: ...That's yellow. I thought you were going for the black prize ball.

Colton: I still got one didn't I?

Lilly: *looks at Ryan*

Ryan: Let's just get out of here before they show up with a hack saw.

Geni, what can I say.... HILARIOUS! OMG..I didn't think I was going to stop laughing!

Those Speedles really have a way with words, don't they?

Speed: I'm proud of you.

Lori: Thanks.

Speed: *nods*

Lori: ...How about we not make this too 'chick flick'ee, because if you start crying then I'll start crying and then we'll both get yelled at by that insane woman in the Hummerhome a-

Speed: I'll see you around.

Lori: Happy trails.

Speed: *winks, leaves*

Lori: *smiles*

And the entire smash up about Calleigh's 'lilac' feet...And of course the spill over Wal- Mart...which coincidentally enough is true... And Anni! :lol: who knew she had an allergy to hand lotions? :lol: :lol: :lol: Hilarity at it's best!

And, after all this time, it's finally working on him. The insanity of the road trip has finally got him! Awesome:D

Can't wait for more! Excellent work!
Lilly: I'm pretty sure the schedule isn't going to come alive and kill us all.
Lora: You never know. I'm very well-versed in the ancient art of MAGIC!
Delko: *screams*
*actually starts laughing and slowly ascends into a maniac laugh*

ho ho...then you definately can't come to Russia with us. We'll ALL be decalared as unclean and we'll probably all be killed.

Ah thanks for the quickie update Geni... Anni being attacked by lotion, Eric living in fear of my schedule....Horatio speaking spanish... :lol: We better get the horse racing channel though.
*huggles Colton*

Thanks for the reviews everyone!


Wal-Mart, bathroom

Heather: *runs in* What happened?

Katie: Anni messed up her face.

Anni: *hiding in stall*

Heather: Did she fall down or something?

Katie: No, she's allergic to hand lotion.

Heather: ...What was it doing on her face?

Katie: It's Anni.

Lora: *walks in* Okay I've found every skin-healing agent in the store. *throws them over stall* Try 'em.

Anni: ...Toothpaste?

Lora: Hey it does wonders for acne.

Anni: I don't have acne. *throws toothpaste*

Lora: *ducks*

Delko: *walks in*


Delko: Well I couldn't find anyone and Calleigh said there was an emergency.

Katie: Uh yeah, girl emergency.

Delko: Anything I can do to help?

Anni: *opens stall*

Delko: AH! WUBBA MONSTER! *runs out screaming*

Katie: ...

Lora: See this is why men aren't allowed in here.

Anni: *starts to cry*

Katie: Aw it's okay hun, we'll figure something out.

Anni: I'M OOGLY!

Heather: I think the word you're looking for is 'ugly'.

Anni: *bawling*

Katie: *hugs Anni* Poor thing.

Missy: *walks in* Okay gang, I have the solution. I've bought every cosmetic item in the store and I'm going to fix you.

Anni: *wiping eyes*

Missy: You'll be hotter than Angelina Jolie. I promise.

Anni: *sniffles*

Two hours later

Lora: *looks back from door* No one's coming, it's all clear.

Missy: Perfect. Anni, look in the mirror.

Anni: *turns around* ...

Missy: *smiles*

Anni: Man I look...TEN YEARS YOUNGER! *hugs Missy*

Missy: Yep, I still got it.

Anni: This is amazing, how did you do it?

Missy: You know those little pin pricks?

Anni: Yeah.

Missy: Botox.

Anni: *looks at Missy* You injected me with botox?

Missy: I had some in my bag. That and the makeup has made you look AWESOME.

Anni: *touches face* I can't feel my face.

Missy: That's just the botox. It'll wear off.

Katie: Wait wait wait, you can't just go around injecting people with botox.

Missy: Why not? It's a free country.

Katie: You don't have a medical degree.

Missy: Neither do most doctors in Florida.

Katie: *rolls eyes*

Anni: I feel like shopping.

Katie: *frowns*


Heather: Oh oh can we get you some new boots?

Lora: You are NOT leaving without me highlighting your hair first.

Missy: I'll pick up the tab.

Everyone leaves

Katie: ...Grinch. *leaves*

Dressing room

Anni: *places hand on hip* How do I look?

Heather: Hot.

Katie: I think that skirt's a little short.

Anni: Nonsense, I need to enhance my legs. Man I am in GREAT shape.

Lora: *runs over, spraying Anni*


Lora: I bought this perfume from that old lady with the spritzers. She says you'll be able to get any guy. Apparently they put human pheramones in it.

Anni: Um, a little much but okay.

Heather: *sniffs* Smells kind of fruity.

Katie: I think it smells like barf.

Anni: Oh Katie. *flips hair around* You're just jelous because I'm older than you but I'm hotter.

Katie: *glares* I'm not jelous. And stop flipping your hair or I'll rip it out.

Missy: *looks at watch* Horatio wanted us in the parkinglot a half hour ago.

Anni: *putting on lip gloss* So tell him to wait.

Missy: I did...A half hour ago.

Anni: *sigh* Fine. Gosh we should stop off at Wal-Mart more often. *leaves*

Heather: She is so cool. *walks away*

Katie: You're all being brain-washed!


Horatio: *looking at watch* About time, ladies.

Missy: Sorry, girl emergency.

Horatio: I hope this 'emergency' didn't cost too much money.

Missy: Relax, there's plenty left.

Delko: HOLY WOW! What's with Anni?

Missy: Botox.

Heather: *kicks Missy*

Missy: Youth.

Delko: Wow she looks better than Angelina Jolie.

Calleigh: *frowns*

Delko: I-I mean, ugly. Very ugly. *walks into Hummerhome*

Calleigh: *follows*

Inside Hummerhome, on the road

Anni: *sits on couch*

Speed: *washing cup out*

Anni: *crosses legs*

Speed: *drops cup*

Everyone: *looks at Speed*

Anni: *smiles* This is going to be a fun road trip.

Katie: *rolls eyes* Blech.

Colton: I'M SO ALONE! *starts to cry*

Speed: *sits on couch*

Calleigh: So Eric, what did we agree on?

Delko: You're the prettiest one in the room.

Calleigh: That's right.

Anni: I beg to differ.

Calleigh: Oh yeah? I'm the one with the flowing blonde hair.

Anni: I'm the one with the great smile.

Calleigh: I'm the one with the beautiful eyes.

Anni: I'm the one with the killer legs.

Lora: No way, all of those are Horatio.

Everyone: *looks at Lora*

Lora: Holy crap, I actually just said that outloud, didn't I?

Heather: *pats Lora's head*

Anni: Tim, who's prettier?

Speed: I'm not in this.

Anni: *plays with buttons on Speed's shirt* Well...That's unfortunate.

Katie: I'm going to puke.

Speed: *pushes Anni* You know what? We're too mature for that.

Anni: *blank stare* I'm too mature to hit on you?

Speed: Yes.

Anni: *lifts brow*

Speed: I don't want to be dragged into a mindless competition of superficiality.

Anni: ...

Katie: *looks at Heather*

Heather: *looks at Katie*

Anni: Excuse me?

Speed: You'd be beautiful without all of the...Short skirts and botox. I don't know why you feel the need to compete with someone else.

Anni: *frowns* Lora the perfume isn't working.

Lora: Hey, I bought it at Wal-Mart.

Katie: *starts to laugh*

Anni: What are you laughing at?

Katie: It's just funny. You snagged him too late. He got mature.

Anni: SHUT UP!

Katie: Never, this is fun.

Anni: ARG! *attacks Katie*

Katie: AHHH!


Katie: *mimicing* But Anni, you're beautiful just the way you are.

Anni: AAAH! *punching Katie*

Calleigh: How come she didn't attack me?

Horatio: Ladies, ladies, I will not have bloodshed in my Hummerhome. Those carpets are new.

Anni: *stands* Fine. It's all good. *wipes hair from face* I don't need to compete with anyone. I'm my own woman.

Delko: *points to carpet* I see blood!

Katie: *holding nose* Yeah because it's my blood!


Delko: Uh uh uh...*runs for dishsoap*

Horatio: Not that!

Delko: Uh uh uh....*grabs apron*

Horatio: You're not barbequeing.

Delko: *lunges onto floor* DIE BLOOD STAIN, DIE! *squirting carpet*

Calleigh: Eric, that's luminol.

Delko: *looks at bottle*

Lora: Who decided he was going to clean it, anyhow?

Horatio: *sigh* I'll do it myself once we stop.

Katie: *grabs tissues* Geez, way to break my nose over nothing.

Anni: It's not broken, you're just a weiner.

Katie: I'm not a weiner.

Anni: Yeah well you suck.

Katie: I wasn't even competing with you!

Anni: You were making faces and stuff!

Katie: So ignore me like everyone else!

Delko: She does have a point.

Katie: Shut up Eric.

Delko: Sorry.

Heather: Does this mean we can't bunk in the same room? Because I don't want to hear the bickering all night.

Delko: Yeah why are the rooms guys vs girls anyway?

Horatio: Because I don't want any monkey business going on.

Delko: We have A MONKEY?

Horatio: *sigh* No, Eric. There's no monkey.

Calleigh: Why don't you two shake hands and hug.

Katie: She broke my nose.

Anni: She's a jerk.

Calleigh: You two are supposed to be friends.

Katie: Yeah well Colton's supposed to be dating you and look, you're with Eric all of a sudden.

Calleigh: ...I'll shut my mouth.

Anni: You know, this day was pretty good until you ruined it.

Katie: Oh so I'm the one that spilt hand lotion all over your face?

Anni: I meant the stuff after that.

Katie: Yeah well it could probably get worse.

Anni: Yeah? How?

Katie: Speed told me he loves me.

Everyone: *looks at Speed*

Speed: *stops sipping beer*

Anni: *turns around*

Speed: Love...Is a very relative term.

Anni: *leaves, slams door*

Heather: BOOYA!

Everyone: *looks at Heather*

Heather: What? Someone needs to smash the tension in half.

Speed: *leaves*

Colton: Ugh, why does the drama always start with them? Why can't I have a little drama every once in a while?

Delko: What kind of drama?

Colton: I don't know. *scratches head*

Back hallway

Katie: *runs over*

Speed: Stop.

Katie: What?

Speed: You're not talking to me.

Katie: Uh why.

Speed: Because all three of us are going to speak and then you and Anni are going to work something out.

Katie: But I'll get beat up.

Speed: *drags Katie into room*

Inside room

Anni: Get lost.

Speed: No. *throws Katie on bed*

Katie: AH! Geez, you sure know how to get a girl goin'. *rubs arm*

Anni: Did you really say that to her?

Speed: Yes. I care about her, it doesn't mean I'm going to oggle her and sleep with her.

Katie: HA.

Anni: *frowns*

Speed: So you two are going to stay here until you work whatever the hell it is you need to work out. *leaves, locks door*

Katie: What if I have to pee!


That was :lol:....that was simply fantastic! From Anni getting all dolled up to a smackdown, I thought I was going to just keel over with laughter ( so much so, my mom actually looked at me like I was a lunatic).

It's cool that Katie and Anni finally get to have a sit down and talk it out (but...didn't they do that already?);)

And Horatio and Eric...who knew that they were the second coming of Abbot and Costello( for those who dont know, comedy team of old :) ) Eric always has me in stitches, and here is no exception. Gotta love 'em...

Excellent work!
Delko: AH! WUBBA MONSTER! *runs out screaming*
:lol: *bursts out laughing* THAT IS SO MEAN *keeps on laughing*

Oh man Missy, you injected Anni with Botox?! And you just happened to have botox in your purse? Missy, i pray to God there actually isn't a woman in the real-life world like you. :lol:

Missy: *looks at watch* Horatio wanted us in the parkinglot a half hour ago.
Anni: *putting on lip gloss* So tell him to wait.
Missy: I did...A half hour ago.
Anni: *sigh* Fine. Gosh we should stop off at Wal-Mart more often. *leaves*
What are you? 13?!

Calleigh: Oh yeah? I'm the one with the flowing blonde hair.
Anni: I'm the one with the great smile.
Calleigh: I'm the one with the beautiful eyes.
Anni: I'm the one with the killer legs.
Lora: No way, all of those are Horatio.
Everyone: *looks at Lora*
Lora: Holy crap, I actually just said that outloud, didn't I?
:lol: :lol: :lol: *bursts out laughing* OMFG i just saw that in my head why to clearly. *more laughing* I can't breath.

Delko: Uh uh uh...*runs for dishsoap*
Horatio: Not that!
Delko: Uh uh uh....*grabs apron*
Horatio: You're not barbequeing.
Delko: *lunges onto floor* DIE BLOOD STAIN, DIE!*squirtingcarpet*
Calleigh: Eric, that's luminol.
Delko: *looks at bottle*
*clutches chest* I think i'm having lung failure *struggled laughing*

Speed: *drags Katie into room*
Inside room
Anni: Get lost.
Speed: No. *throws Katie on bed*
Okay i am getting the WRONG IMAGES IN MY HEAD. :lol: ;)

Haha oh fantasticlastical update here Geni. All that laughing really did me some good. Hilarious update!
Yes, they did sit down and talk about it already--it's too bad it's Anni and Katie. :lol: They never really quite have everything worked out. Especially since Speed spilled the beans on his feelings, worst kept non-secret if you ask me. ;)

Lora you're mind is in the gutter. :lol: Hehe.

Thanks for the review! :D


Georgia, 9pm

Horatio: Okay team, we'll gas up here and head north tomorrow morning. I assume we all know how to behave in town.

Calleigh: You're letting us go to town?

Horatio: In my experience, things don't bode well if I leave you alone in the Hummerhome. Better let the local authorities deal with it instead of myself.

Lora: You're seriously tellin' us we can go party.

Horatio: *sigh* In moderation.

Lora: What does that word mean?

Anni: *leaves bedroom* Okay we worked it out.

Katie: Mhm, no more fighting with us.

Delko: How'd you two sort it out?

Katie: That's for us to know and for you to stop wondering.

Delko: ...Something funny went on in there.

Katie: So what's this I hear about a party?

Lora: Horatio's letting us go.

Katie: Like, forever?

Lora: *stares blankly* Yes, he's setting us free from the nest.

Katie: Awesome, can we drink?

Horatio: Katie.

Katie: What? It was just a question.

Horatio: I am going to my bed to sleep. If I hear about anyone getting arrested, getting shot, burning something or anything illegal, I'm going to bust heads.

Katie: *salutes* Gotcha. But I can still drink, right?

Horatio: *frowns*

Katie: *hides behind Anni*

Inside club

Colton: *drinks shot*

Lora: *lifts brow*

Colton: *drinks shot*

Lora: *hands over shot*

Colton: *drinks shot*

Lora: Had enough yet?

Colton: No.

Lora: You want to talk about it?

Colton: You ever see that DELKO with my Calleigh? *slams shot onto table* It's insnlane!

Lora: I don't know what that means but I assume you want 'insane'.

Colton: How could she just...WALKTZ off with him?

Lora: Waltz.

Colton: Whatever. My point is, she doesn't deserve him.

Lora: And she deserves you? All you do is complain.

Colton: *smiles* But you have to admit, I am attractive.


Heather: *runs over* Hey how come you guys aren't dancing?

Lora: I don't think he can dance. He can barely speak.

Ryan: *walks over* Hey ladies. And, uh, gent.

Colton: *gives a 'peace' sign*

Ryan: Someone hide me from Lilly, she's making me dance.

Heather: Ryan, you're in a relationship now. You have to dance.

Ryan: Eric and Speed don't have to dance.

Heather: That's because-

Colton: ERIC THIS AND ERIC THAT, WHY CAN'T IT EVER BE ABOUT ME! *thunks head on table*

Heather: *looks down* Is he okay?

Lora: Evidently not.

Lilly: *runs over* I see you!

Ryan: AH! *runs*

Lilly: You can run but you can't NOT DANCE! *runs*

Anni: *runs over* Hey.

Heather: Hey, where's everyone else?

Anni: Well Katie's on her way to being pretty tipsy so she's staying away from bright lights. I jus saw Ryan and Lilly run through here too.

Heather: Yeah they were just here.

Anni: ...Is Colton alright?

Heather: He's..Resting.

At bar

Katie: *leans on bar* This is so weird, there's an actual bar, at the bar.

Speed: *drinks beer* Mhm.

Katie: Clever. I should be giving a bigger tip.

Calleigh: *looks across room* Uh oh, Lilly's trying to get Ryan to try the machanical bull.

Katie: Poor Ryan.

Calleigh: Oh, now Lora's joining.

Katie: Ten bucks says Ryan falls off in less than three seconds.

Calleigh: *smiles* Oh, you're on. Tim, you want in on the bet?

Speed: I don't gamble.

Calleigh: Suit yourself. I'll go check to see who's winning. *leaves*

Katie: *staring at glass* You ever wonder how they got the bubbles on the bottom of the glass?

Speed: No.

Katie: Well you're no fun. Tell me somethin', are you drunk?

Speed: Does it matter?

Katie: Yes. You're more inclined to tell me the truth when you're psychologically altered.

Speed: What would you like to know?

Katie: *sigh* I don't really know. I guess it just sucks that I can't confide in you for anything.

Speed: What makes you say that?

Katie: *sigh* It's just...Anni thinks I need to tell you everything that's on my mind right now so I don't surprise her with anything new and she won't have to beat me to death. *laughs*

Speed: *smirks*

Katie: She thinks the problem is that you and I don't 'communicate' so it makes me angry at her or jelous or something.

Speed: ...Are we just going to beat around the bush all night?

Katie: I guess not.

Speed: We care about each other and I don't think Anni understands how much.

Katie: Which is why you're not going to say anything to her and you're going to continue to live your little white picket fence life.

Speed: Then obviously you didn't work anything out with her and we still have a problem.

Katie: *sigh* She already knows.

Speed: *lifts brow* Excuse me?

Katie: *rolls eyes* I told her in the room.

Speed: She didn't seem angry.

Katie: That's because she trusts you. I have no idea why. This is more of a friendship anyway. We both know we don't feel that way about each other.

Speed: It still isn't right.

Katie: ...

Speed: What.

Katie: I miss us.

Speed: *hugs Katie*

TBC......................., I'm confused, Anni isn't mad at the fact that Katie and Speed still love each other and 'miss' each other bc she trusts him? Anni's a very understandable lady :D I think it's pretty cool that she has that level of trust in him, however. Wonder what Tim's going to do with that.

AH, Horatio has finally lost it...Giving permission for them to go out on the town, and actually drink? I guess as long as its not his precious Hummerhome, everything's the cat's meow. Poor Colton...he's clearly dealing with some serious issues right now.

Excellent work!
Lilly: You can run but you can't NOT DANCE! *runs*
Ooo a Double Negative!!!
And I'm still failing English.

It sucks for Speed. He's like the monkey in the middle.

YAY! For a new thread and boo for the last one :(
OMgiddygosh!!!! I can't believe we have finally hit the last leg of our dearly loved series. It seems like yesturday I was reading the first thread. *sigh* I can't believe that missy did botox on anni, and the lines me and missy had when we walked into the walmart was good, I love how i've been convenietly placed lol. Ah well what can i say??? Great updates and can't wait for more!!
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