Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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Aww, poor Carly and Josh. Though, I do love them. And Heather and Eric together is comedic genius. :lol:

Speed and Lori were so cute. *hugs them both after patting them down for weapons* Can never be too careful with those Speedles...

Great update! :)
Thanks so much for the reviews!

I'm so bummed that this thread is almost over. :eek:


House, kitchen, 4pm

Speed: *drinks soda*

Lori: *places brochures on table*

Speed: *looks down* What's this?

Lori: Bal Harbour or Coral Gables.

Speed: ...Am I supposed to pick one for some reason?

Lori: Scott tells me your apartment complex went bankrupt. Something about the landlord gambling away the tenants' money?

Speed: Yeah I received an eviction notice 12 days ago. But what does this have to do with Bal Harbour or Coral Gables?

Lori: Scott wants to help you out.

Speed: Like he helped me out with the 20 grand?

Lori: *grabs chair, sits* Look, I know you don't like handouts but it would mean a lot to him if he could help you transition into a new home. I mean, doesn't Anni deserve to be comfortable? Haven't you worked hard enough?

Speed: It's not that simple. You can't just give someone a house, I don't have the money for a mortagage and with his 'tastes', I doubt I'll have enough for the regular bills.

Lori: He said he'd take care of all of it. All you'd have to do is live in the house.

Speed: No.

Lori: Why won't you let him help?

Speed: He needs to stop giving away all of his money to bail everyone out.

Lori: He doesn't bail everyone out.

Speed: Then why are we so special? What makes us mean any more to him than anyone else?

Lori: *sigh* You obviously don't talk to the guy very much.

Speed: He almost backed me out of the house because I had a gun.

Lori: Well that would be one instance where heart takes over head. Believe me, he doesn't have anything against you. To tell you the truth, he sort of sees you as a father.

Speed: *lifts brow* Since when?

Lori: Who else does he have? His dad's in the slammer because he killed someone to save his family's reputation and his mother drinks herself to sleep at night and thinks the 'little people' are a diseased abomination to the rest of the planet.

Front door opens

Lori: Okay shut up.

Speed: *frowns*

Scott: *walks in*

Lori: Did you get the stuff?

Scott: You mean all of the baby stuff? Yeah I think we'll survive a nuclear winter with the amount of food and clothing you had on the list.

Lori: I just want to be sure we have everything.

Scott: Lori, you have 30 varieties of baby food. 30.

Lori: You didn't have to get all 30.

Scott: You gave me a list, I followed the list. And I didn't even think she was eating solid food yet.

Lori: I said I wanted to be prepared. You got more diapers, right?

Scott: Yeah about a hundred of 'em.

Lori: That's not enough.

Scott: A hundred packages.

Lori: Oh.

Scott: It's amazing how many women were following me around by the time I was finished.

Lori: I hope you didn't get any of their numbers.

Scott: Nah, my arms were too full.

Lori: *smiles* Cute.

Scott: *smiles* Anyway, I'll take some of this stuff upstairs.

Lori: Remember what you said yesterday about dinner.

Scott: Ah yes, I was to cook you some of the classic New York pizza. And let me guess...without anchovies.

Lori: *smiles* You know me so well.

Scott: *nods, looks at Speed* You're welcome to stay for dinner.

Speed: You mean you won't pat me down first?

Scott: ...I apologize about that.

Speed: Relax, it was a joke.

Lori: Dad. *throws pen*

Speed: *smirks*

2 hours later

Lori: *throws pizza onto plate* Okay, I'm starting to like New York even more.

Scott: *laughs* I'll take it. And I think I hear a baby crying so I'll be right back.

Lori: 'Kay.

Scott: *stands, leaves*

Lori: *sigh* He's so awesome.

Speed: You lucked out.

Lori: This entire universe lucked out having him here. I don't know how the hell I ever lived without him.

Speed: Well it wasn't karma.

Lori: Ha. Ha.

Speed: You think you two will ever get married?

Lori: Uh...well the first time we tried that, I screwed it up. Literally.

Speed: So don't screw it up this time.

Lori: You actually want me to get married?

Speed: I want you to be happy. Scott makes you happy. And he's not a drug dealer so that makes me happy.

Lori: You liked Gavin.

Speed: I like Scott more.

Lori: Interesting. Did you like him right away?

Speed: No. I was trying to figure out what his problem was.

Lori: Yeah well I was doing the same thing for months. It turns out, the problems he has, they actually make him awesome.

Speed: Apparently.

Lori: His parents hated me though. I wasn't classy enough.

Speed: They sound like a bunch of real winners.

Lori: Well they were right, I'm not that classy. But it's not like I live in a cardboard box and own a bunch of cats either. His mom actually argued with me about South America, I almost punched her in her ignorant little face.

Speed: You don't exactly know everything about it.

Lori: I know more than she does. Pfft, bitch.

Scott: *runs downstairs* Diaper change. *sits*

Lori: That was quick.

Scott: What can I say, I've had plenty of practice.

Lori: Isn't he awesome?

Speed: Yeah real awesome.

Lori: OH remember you have to go to the bank tomorrow and transfer your funds to Miami.

Scott: Yes dear.

Speed: *looks at Scott*

Scott: *drinks beer*

Phone rings

Lori: I'll get it. *stands, runs into kitchen*

Speed: You're staying in Miami?

Scott: Mhm.

Speed: What about your company?

Scott: They've been encouraging me to get out of the office. Besides, I can always fly back for important meetings and events.

Lori: *runs over, sits* That's Mom. She wants to talk to you.

Speed: *sigh* Great. *stands, leaves*

Hummerhome, 15 minutes later

Katie: *hangs up phone* He says to give it back.

Delko: You gonna call him every time you have a problem?

Katie: Horatio isn't here.

Delko: You take my pants, I take your $500 shoes. *hangs shoes over sink*

Katie: Don't you DARE turn on that garborator.

Delko: What? *flips switch* Sorry I can't hear you, the garborator is drowning you out.


Delko: If I have to run around the Hummerhome in my skivvies because of you, you get to lose some expensive shoes.

Katie: Just put on another pair of pants! Besides, I never destroyed yours!

Delko: *drops shoes*

Garborator eats shoes

Katie: *wide-eyed*

Delko: *smiling*

Katie: *falls to knees*

Delkio: Oopsies.

Katie: MY SHOES! *lunges at Eric*

Delko: AHHH!

10 minutes later

Horatio: *walks in, stops*

Katie: *sitting on Eric* BUY ME A NEW PAIR OF SHOES!

Delko: NEVER!

Katie: *twists Eric's arm*

Delko: AH! AH!


Delko: NO!

Katie: DIE! *slamming Eric's head into floor*

Horatio: Guys...

Katie: *looks over*


Horatio: What did I tell you about wrestling?

Delko: To do it in mud only?

Katie: *slaps Eric's head*

Delko: Ow.

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Hahaha, Oh, Eric and Katie. And the fact that they called Speed to settle their dispute is hilarious.

And Speed's such a sweetie with Lori. I love it. :)

Great update!
That was so funny! I think Speed needs to baby sit for the day and have to change really dirty diapers, He could come down the Stairs dressed like Michel Keeton on Mr. Mom with the Rubber glove, aprin,& safty Goggles. Now that would be pretty funny. I think that Katie & Eric should have to settle their argument in the mud pit! And I got $50 on Katie! Lol!!!
Hahaha, Oh, Eric and Katie. And the fact that they called Speed to settle their dispute is hilarious.

OMG...I know:guffaw: I thought I'd lose my cookies laughing so hard about that. But what more do we ask for, right? I mean,...this is the RT ;)

Scott's awesome...I say that in the hopes that Scott doesn't turn psychotic or anything. I have faith that this is going to last *think happy thoughts...THINK happy thoughts* I think it's rather cool that Scott's trying to get along with Speed. I can see Speed's point, but really...since when do we kick a gift horse in the mouth?:wtf:

Excellent update!
Awww...wonderful sweet updates Geni. :)

Scott and Lori just awww me. Snuggles them so tight.:adore:

Eric and Katie....hehe, fun time kids. Gotta love em too:lol:

Congrat's you are almost at the end.:eek::thumbsup:
Hee. :D

Thanks for the reviews! (And racefh! Your one-shots are back! I need to check them out)

I'm pretty sure I promised an 11th thread, right? Good. :p


Miami, Bank of America Tower, 9am

Scott: *leaning on counter* Yes, I had an account here 9 months ago.

Woman: *typing* It looks like you closed it.

Scott: Yeah I moved back to Manhattan.

Woman: And what's your interest in re-opening an account here?

Scott: ...Well I live here now.

Woman: In Miami?

Scott: Yes.

Woman: You don't live in Manhattan.

Scott: No.

Woman: It says here you live in Manhattan. 400 East 70th Street.

Scott: *places paper onto counter* This is my new address.

Woman: *grabs paper* This is Coconut Grove. It's not Manhattan.

Scott: *smiles* I don't live in Manhattan anymore.

Woman: That's not what the computer says.

Scott: That's why I'm here. I've moved and I need to transfer my accounts.

Woman: You moved to Manhattan?

Scott: *looks down at counter* I moved to Miami.

Woman: We're in Miami.

Scott: Yes. We are.

Woman: Then why are you here? We have branches in New York.

Scott: *smiles* Let's try this again. I used to live in New York, where I was with a Bank of America branch there. I have now moved to Miami and I would like to transfer my accounts to this branch.

Woman: Okay. *typing*

Scott: *nods*

Woman: It says here you live in Manhattan.

Scott: *stares at Woman*

Woman: ...You have very pretty eyes.

Scott: Thank you. *points to computer* My account.

Woman: Oh, right. *looks at computer screen* Okay, you have...*wide-eyed* a LOT of money. Is this a glitch? *smacks computer*

Scott: It's not a glitch. If I recall correctly, you have some sort of policy dealing with large sums of money?

Woman: Oh yes, definitely, we get lots of celebrities and stuff. Are you a celebrity? You're certainly handsome enough.

Scott: I'm not a celebrity, I'm the CEO of an international investment company.

Woman: But you're so young. Well, I-I mean not so young but young enough. Y'know, from a CEO standpoint and everything. Did I mention you're not too young? OH OH but that's not to suggest you're old or anything either. I mean, you're probably older than me but it's not like you're ancient.

Scott: *smiles* May I speak with your manager please?

Woman: Sure. *grabs phone*

Scott: Thank you. Oh and your name?

Woman: ...Crystal.

Scott: Crystal, thank you for...everything you've done so far.

Crystal: *smiles*

3 minutes later

Manager: *walks over* I'm Alexis Washington, the manager here. Is there a problem?

Scott: I would like to speak to you about transferring some private accounts.

Alexis: *smiles* Of course.

Shots start to break out; people scream

Alexis: *flinches*

Scott: *looks back*

People run down the halls, shots fly everywhere

Alexis: Uh uh uh uh oh my God, stay calm. *crawls to floor* We need to stay calm. *covers head*

Scott: *looks around*

Woman: *walks over, lifts gun* With everyone else. NOW.

Alexis: Okay okay okay! You can have everything! I'll give you the vault codes!

Woman: *grabs Alexis*

Alexis: AH! AH!

Woman: *looks at Scott*

Scott: *looks at Woman*

Woman: You too.


Woman: Congratulations! You have all been invited to the party. The only thing separating this from fun parties is we're the only ones who are going to be having the fun. Most of you may very well die.

Crystal: *crying*

Alexis: *elbows Crystal* Shush, you're gonna get us killed.

Woman: Y'all can call me Erin. That's of course not my real name but I always kind of liked it. My armed guards whom are surrounding this building as we speak have very little tolerance for heros so I'd advise everyone to sit this one out. We're in control. *waves hands*

Guards lower window shades

Erin: Now I assume one of you yokels hit the silent alarm. It's not something we normally invite but I like a challenge so thank you. You are all hostages. Yes? That means *points* your name is Hostage1, your name is Hostage2, your name is Hostage3 and so forth. *kneels* Hostage2, what's your problem?

Crystal: *sniffs* You're gonna kill us.

Erin: Yes. But I guess that's why your nifty new nickname as Hostage2 works out so well. See, I've dehumanized you which makes me feel a whole lot better about puttin' a bullet through your head.

Crystal: *starts to cry*

Erin: *looks at Guard* I really hate the whiners.

Guard: *nods*

Erin: *places gun against Crystal's head*

Alexis: Wait!

Erin: *looks at Alexis*

Alexis: I'm the one you want! Take me!

Erin: *smiles* How would you know I want you at all?

Alexis: ...I saw it in a movie.

Erin: Well dear, this isn't a movie. This is a preamble to your bloddy and horrific execution. *stands* All of you! *smiles* I'm very happy, you all look very terrified. *looks at Scott* Except you. *kneels* What's your story, Hostage5?

Scott: My name is Scott.

Erin: No. Your name is Hostage5.

Scott: No, it's not.

Erin: *looks at Guards* I want to keep this one alive for the time being. He interests me. *stands* Everyone listen up! You're all going to the parking garage and subsequently into the vans. Hostage1 here will show me to the vault. Then we'll be in our own separate fun van. *grabs Crystal* You too, Hostage2. Let's MOVE.


Erin: Open it.

Alexis: *presses buttons*

Erin: *walks in, looks around* I'm not very impressed. This is supposed to be one of the wealthiest banks in Miami. These are all stocks and safety deposit boxes. Where's your cash?

Alexis: We haven't had an order brought in yet.

Erin: *rolls eyes, throws knife to Guard* Open the safety deposit boxes and take anything valuable. I'm going to escort our hostages to the van. *lifts gun* Get moving.

1 hour later, van pulls over

Erin: *slides door open* Get out.

Crystal: Me?

Erin: *lifts gun* GET OUT!

Crystal: Okay okay! *crawls out*

Erin: You too.

Alexis: Why?

Erin: Because I'll kill you if you don't.

Alexis: We're surrounding a bunch of bombs, you won't pull the t-


Alexis: AGH! *holds arm*

Erin: Out.

Alexis: *crawls out*

Erin: You too, Prince Charming.

Scott: *jumps out*

Erin: *turns around* Congratulations. You've now given the cops at least 5 different directions to go. They'll have to find all the bodies before they can find the bombs. By the way, your precious bank looks like well, like a bomb went off. I sure hope the CSIs on the scene are okay. *smiles*

Alexis: Why are you doing this?

Erin: *tilts head, steps forward* Y-You mean, you don't remember me?

Alexis: What are you talking about?

Erin: I'm the person who lost her husband a year ago and tried to get his account settled. You told me I wasn't a high priority because he was dead and living people need their accounts faster. Nobody cares. It's like he died for nothing. Now you're going to. GET ON YOUR KNEES!

Alexis: *gets to knees*

Crystal: *gets to knees*

Erin: *pushes gun against Crystal's head*

Crystal: *starts to cry*

Erin: What are you whining about? This is the easy part. Quick and painless, you should be thanking me.

Alexis: *holding arm* Killing us won't bring back your husband.

Erin: No. But now your families get to know what it's like to live each day without you.

Alexis: ...I don't really have a family. My parents died when I was 9 and I don't have any siblings.

Crystal: *crying* I only have a grandpa.

Erin: *walks over to Scott, pushes gun against his head* Yeah? And what about you? You got someone waiting for you at home?

Scott: Yes.

Erin: Who?

Scott: ...Um...I have a fiancée and a little girl.

Alexis: Damn.

Erin: Well I'll make sure to be very sorry for their loss. *cocks gun*

Scott: *closes eyes*

Erin: No. No I have something much better for you. *lowers gun*

Scott: *lifts head*

Erin: Get in the van.

Scott: What are you going to do to them?

Erin: I'm finished with them. *grabs Scott*

Scott: *stands*

Erin: Good luck finding your way back to town, ladies. Watch out for aligators. *shoves Scott into van*

House, 7 days later

Speed: *walks in*

Lori: *runs over* Did they find him?

Speed: *shakes head* The two women who were kidnapped made it back to town. They were dehydrated and one of them had a gunshot wound to the arm. They said a woman named Erin threw him into a van packed with explosives and drove off.

Lori: ...

Speed: PD found his broken phone but no sign of him or the van. They're out right now...looking for bodies in the Glades.

Lori: What are the odds he's alive?

Speed: You want my professional opinion? Slim.

Lori: *sigh*

Speed: 170 hours is a long time to be gone. Too long for this type of situation.

Lori: *frowns*

Speed: I need to get back to the team, they're stopping in town for a couple of hours.

Lori: You're leaving now?

Speed: I just spent 5 whole days at work looking for him. There's nothing to find.

Lori: Are you kidding me? It's not like he disappeared off the face of the planet, Florida's not even THAT BIG!

Speed: Don't get angry at me, I've done everything I can.

Lori: Then who am I supposed to be angry at? Am I just supposed to take this? Just 'oh well, it was good while it lasted'?

Speed: Of course not.

Lori: *shakes head, walks upstairs*

Speed: *sigh*

Texas, warehouse

Erin: *sits in chair, places gun on table*

Scott: *staring at Erin*

Erin: You sure look like you've had the hell beat out of ya. My guys can get a little out of hand sometimes. *laughs* I have to hand it to them though, it was clever to use the old generator out back to shock the system a little. I hope that wasn't too painful.

Scott: *frowning*

Erin: I never realized how freeing it is to watch somebody else suffer for a while. Not to mention what this must be doing to your family. They must be so worried.

Scott: This helps you deal with your husband's death. Torturing someone else.

Erin: Yes. *stands, walks over* Hearing you scream from down the road, now that was fun. *laughs* You've certainly got some pipes on you.

Scott: I'm glad I could accomodate.

Erin: Mm yes. I long will it take to break you? Another 7 days? 7 weeks? I could do this forever. It's unfortunate for you though because I know the human body can only take so much. Let's see how it goes, yes?

Scott: *looks down at floor, sighs*

Erin: *smiles*

Hummerhome, Miami

Delko: This is stupid, Heather.

Heather: I don't want you getting into trouble. *ties knots*

Delko: So you're tying me to the ceiling?

Heather: You said you wanted to see everything that's going on.

Delko: Yeah but I didn't think you'd go all Exorcist on me and tie me to the ceiling.

Heather: The little girl never actually floated to the ceiling. This is more like...Supernatural.

Delko: What the hell is a Supernatural?

Heather: *frowns, ties ropes*

Delko: OW!

Jenna: *runs in* Do you know where I put Horatio's hair dye?

Heather: *lifts brow* He has hair dye?

Jenna: *blinks* ...No.

Heather: You just said hair dye.

Jenna: No. I said tye dye.

Heather: You said hair dye. *looks up* Eric, did she say hair dye?

Jenna: *looks up, screams*

Delko: *waves hand* Hi.

Jenna: ...What's he doing on the ceiling?

Heather: Observing.

Delko: You said hair dye by the way.

Jenna: I didn't say hair dye. Why would Horatio need hair dye? Pfft.

Heather: Maybe if he's not a real red head.

Delko: You know, there are ways to verify that.

Heather: EW. *slaps Eric*

Delko: OW!

Jenna: He's a genuine red head. Pale skin and all. He's even got those blue eyes too. Wait, they are blue right? Sometimes the surroundings are way too bright and I can never tell what's real.

Delko: I think we're going to need a hair sample.

Heather: Ditto.

Jenna: No no no. Horatio's hair is red. His eyebrows are even red.

Delko: You know, one time I went through this phase where I thought I was Ronald McDonald and I dyed my hair bright red, even my eyebrows.

Jenna: Well Horatio doesn't think he's Ronald McDonald. And you would look really weird with red hair.

Delko: Yeah I scared my mother. She thought I was a burglar and hit me over the head with a frozen pie.

Heather: What did you do after she realized it was you?

Delko: Asked if I could have some pie.

Heather: Typical.

Jenna: Anyway, I'm going to head out.

Heather: *grabs Jenna* I don't think so. We're going to get a sample of Horatio's hair.

Jenna: No. You are. I'm going to go hide.

Heather: Come on, it's not like he'll question us if we manage to 'accidentally' rip out some of those Caine hairs.

Jenna: What if he finds out?

Heather: Who cares? If his hair's fake and he's really that vain about it, he wouldn't be working with CSIs.

Jenna: I see. *taps chin* How do you suspect we'll get the hair?

Heather: Easy peasy. We run up to him and you rip out the hair while I tickle him.

Jenna: I don't think he'll appreciate it all that much.

Heather: It's a distraction.

Jenna: What if he kills us?

Heather: He can't. Murder isn't in his genetic code. least that's what he says. What he does is a completely different story.

Delko: Can I help?

Heather: No. You're staying up there. You're going to spy on Ryan and figure out if he likes me or not.

Delko: What if Ryan never shows up?

Heather: Then spy on the people that do show up and tell me all about it. I'm thinking of starting a gossip blog about everyone.

Jenna: That's not very nice.

Heather: But imagine the DRAMA! *sigh* I love myself sometimes.

Delko: It's obvious.

Heather: *frowns* Shut it. You're supposed to be listening, not talking.

Jenna: Are you going to put yourself in your blog?

Heather: I have no dirt on me.

Jenna: Yeah right. What were you and Ryan doing on the couch a while back?

Heather: Twister.

Jenna: *places hands on hips*

Heather: Let's go get that hair. *walks away*

Jenna: Hypocrite. *walks away*

Lab hallway

Horatio: *looking down at paper*

Yelina: You have 355 messages.

Horatio: Aren't you supposed to filter these? A lot of these look like prank calls from someone named...Ricky Martin.

Yelina: We have to assume they're all important.

Horatio: Yes but this message asks me how much money I saved from switching to Geico. Hardly an emergency.

Yelina: Did you save any money?

Horatio: I'm with Allstate. *smiles* I'm in good hands.

Yelina: *nods slowly* Yes you are.

Jenna: TICKLE FIGHT! *grabs Horatio*

Horatio: AH!

Heather: *grabs at Horatio's hair* GAH!

Horatio: What in the hell are you doing?

Jenna: ...Tickling you.

Horatio: Why?

Jenna: RUN!

Heather: *runs away*

Ballistics lab

Jenna: Didja get it?

Heather: No, I didn't get enough of it in my fist.

Jenna: You only need one hair.

Heather: Yeah but he's really slinky. Okay, we'll try again. I know of a way we can do it without him even knowing we're there.

Jenna: You are not thinking of using a fishing pole.

Heather: ...Could we?

Jenna: *frowns*

Horatio's office

Horatio: *writing*

Air vent

Jenna: *pulls off casing*

Heather: I can't believe we both fit in here.

Jenna: Shhh.

Heather: Seriously, I thought we'd have to roll around in a tub full of butter.

Jenna: We could still do that you know.

Heather: Nah, let's make Ryan and Eric roll around in it. Half nekkid men in butter. Mmmm. Think we'll be able to talk Speed into it?

Jenna: I think Speed's a little old for that.

Heather: *lifts brow* I find him quite attractive.

Jenna: I meant mature.

Heather: Fine. Okay, lower away.

Jenna: *lowers pole*

Heather: You sure those tweezers are powerful enough to get his hair?

Jenna: They're industrial and hydraulically powered.

Heather: Nice. Get 'em from the Hummerhome?

Jenna: Yep. *twists pole* Nice and easy, nice and easy...

Heather: Damn he keeps moving.

Jenna: Patience is a virtue.

Heather: Since when has anyone in our team had patience?

Jenna: Horatio.

Heather: I think Horatio's patience is severely waning with us.

Jenna: So shut up and stop giving him a reason to lose his patience.

Horatio's office

Horatio: *scratches ear*

Air vent

Heather: *whispering* Stop tickling his ear.

Jenna: Well I'm trying to get his hair. Sorry if his ears get in the way but they kind of popped out on his head when he was you know...born.

Heather: *lifts brow* Ears don't pop out as soon as you're born.

Jenna: *rolls eyes* That's not what I mean.

Heather: That would be kind of cool though.

Jenna: Ah HA. I'm in position.

Heather: Get it get it get it.

Jenna: I'm getting it, shut up.

Heather: It doesn't matter how many times you tell me to shut up, I'm still not gonna do it.

Horatio's office

Horatio: OW. *holds head*


Heather: Retreat, retreat, retreat.

Jenna: I am.

Heather: Did you get it?

Jenna: *looks at tweezers* No but I got some scalp.

Heather: We can't test scalp for hair.

Jenna: We could check his parentage though.

Heather: That's a stupid idea. You don't start questioning people's parentage this many years into their lives...and seasons.

Jenna: Seasons?

Heather: Nevermind. Let's think up a new plan. *moves elbows* ...*struggles* Can you move?

Jenna: You're in the way.

Heather: What do you mean I'm in the way? You're the one taking up all the room.

Jenna: It's your fat ass.

Heather: It's YOUR fat boobs.

Jenna: How can your boobs be fat?

Heather: It's like an ass up front.

Jenna: Except not.

Heather: You slide backwards and I'll slide forwards.

Jenna: Okay. *struggles*

Heather: *struggles*

Jenna: How about you go the other direction.

Heather: What other direction? We're in a vent.

Jenna: Fall through the opening.

Heather: Onto Horatio's desk? I don't think so. You do it.

Jenna: I don't like heights.

Heather: Then what the hell are you doing up here?

Jenna: I didn't really think about it until I got up here.

Heather: *sigh*

Jenna: Guess you wish we rolled in butter now, huh.

Heather: *looks at Jenna*

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Geni...:(:(Poor Scott...the guy goes through endless hell.:(:( Please let him live:cool:

I'm to sad to comment on the rest. :pYou're mean:p

Did you say an 11:thumbsup: Yay...jumps up and down.:lol:

Awesome update. Loved it
Okay...first of all....OMG!!!! Scott! Wow, is he like a trouble magnet or something? It just happens to find him where ever he goes! What a set up though, Geni, and he's all the way in Texas, getting tortured. Someone needs to slap 'Erin' silly and plug her up to a generator and see how she likes them apples... Sure hope Scott's found soon...

Okay...Heather and Jenna have offically lost their minds. I admit that Anni and Katie had some serious laughs...but this...this takes the cake! I could just see them up in that vent, screwing with H and then getting stuck! It would be classic to see them fall through the vent anyway, surprising the hell out of H, possibly sending him into a coronary... that would be hilarious...well...the action, not the heart attack...

Awesome update, Geni!
Oh Poor Scott someone must save him! But who! Who will risk their life to save this very rich & wealty young man from these evil people who have taken him to all place to take someone Texas! And I really don't want to know where their hookin wires up to shock him! EWWWW!

And what of Eric! our bumbling idiot who is now tied to the celling of the Hummerhome! Will he get down anytiime soon? I hope knowone stands under him when he has to go to the bathroom!

Will Jenna & Heather ever get Horatio's hair! Will they ever get out of the air vent? And were the hell can you get that mutch butter at onetime? I for one vote for Speed to join in the Butter wrestling festiveties! Hot naked men in pounds of butter HHHMMMM! Sounds good to me!

For these and other gut wrenching tales of R.T.T.F.F. tune in for the next update and find out what happens!

Great up date Geni !!!!!!!
Yeah... every once in a while, gotta post up a new one-shot :lol:

Poor Scott. He really is a magnet for trouble. *hugs him* And poor Lori. :(

I have the feeling that, as most of their adventures, Heather and Jenna's attempt to figure out if Horatio's a real redhead will get them into trouble. :lol:

Great update!
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