Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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  1. Anni Grey

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    Jun 22, 2005
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    Of course, excellent update ( TWO!):lol: I couldn't stop reading if I wanted to, I just had to find out what happened to little Alena. Thank God for flesh wounds and glass...

    And incidentally, thank god for Horatio Caine. Funny how he managed to diffuse the situation without actually having to kill someone...hmm...something to think about Tptb;)

    Awesome line at the end between Eric and Speed:

    Oddly, I took that as a jab...yet complimentary, I don't know just yet:rolleyes:

    HA! Someone better get Lora to Russia...STAT!:lol:

    Excellent work!
  2. Hunter

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    Jan 5, 2007
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    Whoo second page!

    Oh a wasp nest? This is too good. You know what i had to do once? Get my brothers Nine Iron and whack in of the roof. What made it even more funny was some of my friends came up the drive-way at that moment so they saw me whack this giant ball of the roof. (It later exploded, after that it's not so nice)

    For the love of everything Miami-related Speed! What the hell has changed you into suck a jerk? GAH!

    *screams* (not kidding) HORATIO! Oh manohmanohman don't tell me you're allergic to wasp bites... *starts to call medics*

    *starts to laugh* Thank God *kepps on laughing* :lol: Was there blood?

    What the hell are knickers anyway? Underwear? Hmm.... *takes off dress and jumps behind couch with Horatio* I'll kiss his boo-boos. :lol: :devil:

    WHOO what a filled update! Hilarity, drama, and action! (And me wearing a dress? C'mon) But uh...Geni...i'm scrolling ahead and i don't see anything of Russia... *taps foot* I knew going to this birthday was a bad idea!! :(

    :lol: THIRD DEGREE BURN MOTHA-*$&(*$%!! Oh that's awesome how Horatio does that...*dreamy sigh...; snaps out of it* Poor Alena though! Having to witness that!

    Anyways, Julio, little advice (even though it's too late) if you're going to kill someone, KILL THEM. The bad guys, always with the monologing!

    Pretty please! Manners Lora. *sigh* Sometimes i just can't believe myself. But please, LET'S.

    Thanks for the updates Geni!! Hope to hear more soon! :D
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    AH! So many updates, so little time!!

    And a lot of action let me tell you in these updates.

    FINALLY!!! RUSSIA!! :lol: I just want to read what they are going to do over there. Probably freeze their butts off.

    Great updates Geni!!
  4. CSI_in_training

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    SPEED! He's turning into SPEED! his worst fears are comming true and not only is maturing he's turning into SPEED!
    Too much to drink. *falls over*
    Wonderful updates GENI!
  5. Hunter

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    Yeah he's way too much like Speed. At least we won't get kicked out of Russia because of stupid Delko. (Unless he turns back into himself) Plus, my good buds the Russian Mafia will forge us all fake passports! ;) :devil:
  6. Finch

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    BAH! So many reviews--thanks. :D

    Hah, the Russian Mafia might make a good nemesis for the team. Although I'm not sure who would provoke them seeing as Eric's got his head on straight. Lora maybe? :p


    Hummerhome, next day

    Horatio: Okay team, time to get to Alaska so we can get to Russia.

    Lora: Okay but we're not stopping for anything. Even if the Eskimos are being threatened by the Canadians.

    Horatio: I promise.

    Lora: Scout's honor?

    Horatio: Um...I don't belong to the Scouts.

    Delko: It would be kind of funny if you did and would actually explain a lot.

    Jess: *runs into Hummerhome* Don't leave without me!

    Colton: Oh great, she's coming with us. *rolls eyes*

    Jess: Room for one more?

    Delko: Of course.

    Calleigh: *narrows eyes*

    Horatio: Where's Alena?

    Jess: Staying with the neighbors. We won't be gone that long, right?

    Horatio: Uh...

    Lora: YES WE'RE GOING TO BE GONE A LONG TIME. This road trip is going to last FOREVER.

    Lilly: That's actually kind of a long time. I belong to a softball team and I can't just leave 'em.

    Ryan: You belong to a softball team?

    Lilly: Yes.

    Lora: Stop calling it softball. Those balls are nowhere near soft.

    Ryan: You get slammed in the face with one as a child?

    Lora: Would you like to get slammed with one right now?

    Jess: Wow you guys got more violent.

    Missy: It seems the same to me.

    Carly: *flipping channels on tv* Is there any way we can get actual reception from this thing?

    Anni: Yeah you have to replace the batteries on the remote.

    Carly: *looks down at remote* How does that work?

    Anni: I don't know but it seems to fix the problem.

    Katie: Why don't we just watch a movie or a DVD set? OH I brought CSI: Pensacola season five.

    Everyone: *grumbles*

    Katie: What? I just bought it. I can't just buy it and not watch it.

    Delko: You didn't watch it when it was on tv.

    Katie: I know which is why we're going to watch it now. I hear Ratio married Velcro or whatever his character's name is' sister.

    Delko: That sounds stupid.

    Katie: But oh-so dramatic. I left the DVDs in the conference room. *runs*

    Delko: H, do we have to sit through it?

    Horatio: Yes.

    Delko: Ah man.

    Conference room

    Katie: *runs in* Hey.

    Speed: *reading newspaper* Your DVDs aren't in there.

    Katie: *turns around* ...What are you doing in here?

    Speed: Reading the paper.

    Katie: You can't read it out there with everyone else?

    Speed: It's quiet in here.

    Katie: So where are my DVDs?

    Speed: In the storage compartment underneath the Hummerhome.

    Katie: But...We're on the road. How am I supposed to get them?

    Speed: I guess you aren't.

    Katie: Well do you have any movies in your room?

    Speed: No. Check Eric's room.

    Katie: Uh, I want good movies, not X-rated ones.

    Speed: *flips page*

    Katie: You okay?

    Speed: Why?

    Katie: You haven't looked at me once since I walked in.

    Speed: I'm reading the paper.

    Katie: Yeah but I'm wearing a very short skirt.

    Speed: Another reason why I'm still reading the paper.

    Katie: *frowns* Ouch.

    Speed: *smirks*

    Katie: No, seriously. You've barely said anything since we..Well since we left Miami. I mean, I know you were fired and everything but chin up!

    Speed: I don't mind being fired.

    Katie: Okay...So...Hm. *rubs chin* You're separating yourself from the team because you have a problem with one of them or they have a problem with you. Is it Eric?

    Speed: Nope.

    Katie: Calleigh?

    Speed: No.

    Katie: Ryan?

    Speed: No.

    Katie: Anni?

    Speed: *closes newspaper* I thought you came in here to find a bunch of DVDs, not interrogate me.

    Katie: *gasp* It's Anni.

    Speed: *frowns* No.

    Katie: I bet it's because you turned gay.

    Speed: *stares at Katie* ...You want to run that by me again?

    Katie: Well your family has 'gay' tendancies.

    Speed: What the hell is a gay tendancy?

    Katie: Josh.

    Speed: *opens paper* Bye, Katie.

    Katie: Well you didn't even look at me! *GASP* That means you don't have the hots for Anni which means you're GAY!

    Speed: You should really invest in duct tape.

    Katie: Oh oh! I can prove it, I can.

    Speed: Katie-

    Katie: *kisses Speed*

    Speed: ...AH! *falls off chair*

    Katie: *falls over* Oof!

    Speed: Are you insane?

    Katie: *looks down* Why?

    Speed: Get off of me.

    Katie: Hm. I proved you aren't gay.

    Speed: And how's that.

    Katie: It took you 4.2 seconds to try and stand up, except well, you fell down.

    Speed: *stares at Katie*

    Katie: *frowns* Wait, 4.2 seconds is a very long time, gay or not, especially for a married person.

    Speed: *pushes Katie* The next time you want to try an experiment, do it in the lab.

    Katie: With you?

    Speed: What? No! No, no that's not what I meant.

    Katie: *crosses arms* You totally just cheated on your wife.

    Speed: Don't you think you had a tiny part in that?

    Katie: You didn't have to sit there for 4.2 seconds.

    Speed: It wasnt 4.2 seconds.

    Katie: I timed it using Mississippis.

    Speed: You can't get .2 Mississippis.

    Katie: Sure you can. It stops at Missi.

    Speed: I can't believe we're having this conversation.

    Katie: This is totally more amusing than DVDs. *walks closer*

    Speed: *backs up*

    Katie: I'm trying to leave the room, relax.

    Speed: You're going to Hell, you know that.

    Katie: *smiles* Not any more than you are.

  7. SpeedsDaughter

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    Oh my, poor Anni. Poor Speed too, but POOR ANNI!!!!

    Loved the update! I'll wave whenever you guys get to Russia. :lol:
  8. Anni Grey

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    Jun 22, 2005
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    OMG>... SPEED! So, really, what's his problem...he doesn't love Anni any more? Now, I'm thoroughly intrigued.

    Awesome update!
  9. Finch

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    Thanks for the reviews. :D



    Katie: *sits down* Didn't find the DVDs.

    Speed: *sits*

    Anni: I think they're in the storage compartment.

    Katie: Yeah I know, I found out from mister 'I like to read newspapers in the conference room for no reason'.

    Carly: Anyone have batteries for the remote?

    Missy: It ain't gonna work.

    Carly: But...You guys told me it would.

    Missy: Just give up.

    Carly: That's positive.

    Delko: Here. *grabs remote, smacks it against tv*

    Tv stops buzzing

    Everyone: *looks at Eric*

    Lora: ...Did that scare anyone else?

    Delko: What?

    Colton: Dude, you just fixed the tv. That thing's been broken for like 2 years.

    Delko: So? I'm not going to sit here and watch you guys complain about a metal box.

    Ryan: THAT'S who he reminds me of.

    Lilly: Look what I brought! JENGA.

    Lora: YES! JENGA!

    Colton: *whispers* Jenga.

    Lora: *slaps Colton* Shut up, we get it.

    Colton: *frowns*

    Half hour later

    Anni: *pulls block out* Okay no one move, no one move!

    Calleigh: We can't really help the Hummerhome's movements.


    Horatio: We might have to, there's a patrol car behind us with his lights on.

    Anni: Oh my God were you speeding?

    Horatio: *looks down at spedometer* Um...Yes.

    Lora: Way to go! *slaps Horatio's back* I knew you had it in ya.

    Anni: Wait if we suddenly stop, I'll lose. Wrap it in BUBBLE WRAP! It should be easy to find right? I mean Horatio's made of it.

    Calleigh: *looks out window* Everyone put your seatbelts on. No one here has a criminal record right?

    Lora: I think we all do by now.

    Horatio: Stay calm everyone. We were simply speeding. Nothing could go wrong.

    Cop: *walks up to door, knocks on it*

    Horatio: *opens door* Hello officer.

    Cop: *chewing stalk of wheat* Huh. Where y'all headed?

    Horatio: Russia.

    Cop: *lowers shades* In this hunk a junk? What is this anyhow? Some kind of tour bus?

    Horatio: It's a Hummerhome.

    Cop: You guys a band or somethin'?

    Lora: Yeah we're The Magnificent 13.

    Horatio: Lora here's exaggerating. We're just some friends on a road trip.

    Cop: Sir do you know how fast you were travelling?

    Horatio: 14 over the speed limit.

    Cop: Uh huh. *grabs out note pad* And since you were aware of your speed, why did you not slow down?

    Horatio: I promised we'd get to Russia and we can't get there soon if we don't shag ass.

    Lora: *lifts brows*

    Calleigh: *covers mouth*

    Cop: Sir, do you know how old you are?

    Horatio: Yes.

    Cop: You are aware you're not young enough to be saying 'shag ass' to anything, right?

    Horatio: I probably got that from one of the youngins.

    Cop: Mhm. *writing* So, I'd just like to make sure y'all don't have any warrants or anything of that nature. You know, because a band of people in a giant tour bus might have immigrants, terrorists, sheep or exotic fruit.

    Horatio: Sure. *hands over wallet* Everyone, hand over your wallets.

    Everyone: *hands over wallet*

    Cop: Thank you. I'll be right back.

    Fifteen minutes later

    Cop: *walks in* Okay. *sigh* Why don't we start from the top then.

    Horatio: You found someone with a criminal record?

    Cop: You all have criminal records.

    Horatio: But we're also cops, well most of us.

    Cop: ...You're cops with criminal records, trying to get to Russia.

    Horatio: Oh no no no, we're not evading anyone or anything. We're on a road trip.

    Cop: *writing* Mhm, I hear that a lot.

    Horatio: *shows badge* I'm Lieutenant Caine from the Miami Dade Crime Lab.

    Cop: Where's that?

    Horatio: ...Miami.

    Cop: Right.

    Horatio: It's the truth.

    Cop: Look, one of you has extensive drug charges, one of you has been kicked out of three different states and two of you went to prison for attempted murder and kidnapping.

    Horatio: If it makes any difference, there are no hard feelings.

    Cop: *places hands on hips* Mind if I take a look around?

    Horatio: Not at all.

    Delko: OH, but stay out of my closet.

    Katie: *lifts hand* And my suitcase.

    Colton: And the fridge.

    Lora: And the glove compartment.

    Calleigh: Not to mention behind the fake wall in the conference room.

    Cop: ...

    Horatio: *laughs* I know how bad this looks but really, we're good people.

    Cop: *pulls out gun* Why don't y'all just have a seat on that couch right there.

    Horatio: Sure. *sits*

    Cop: Everyone.

    Lora: Ack! *jumps onto couch*

    Carly: Excuse me, but not all of us can fit.

    Katie: No worries. *jumps onto Speed's lap*

    Speed: *frowns*

    Carly: Thanks. *sits on couch*

    Cop: *opens fridge* ...You guys got enough beer in here to intoxicate an entire army.

    Katie: Some of it's Vodka.

    Cop: *opens closet*

    Guns fall out

    Cop: *looks down at floor*

    Horatio: They don't look like exotic fruits to me.

    Lora: Nope, definitely not.

    Calleigh: And they aren't sheep.

    Cop: *scratches head* Um...You know what, I'm just going to cuff everyone for my safety.

    Horatio: There's a bunch in my closet if you need 'em.

    Everyone: *looks at Horatio*

    Horatio: They're for criminals.

    Lora: The criminally sexy? *brows bounce*

    Horatio: No. Regular criminals like you and me.

    Ten minutes later--everyone in cuffs

    Katie: I feel like I've been in this situation before.

    Speed: *sigh* Jesus.

    Katie: Yep, definitely been in this situation before.

    Jess: This is fun! I haven't been arrested in...Wow, years.

    Delko: Mine are kind of tight, can I get it loosened?

    Cop: No.

    Delko: Fair enough.

    Lora: Does this mean we're STILL not going to Russia? Bugger.

    Speed: KATIE!

    Katie: What? What did I do?

    Speed: Please stop whatever the hell you're doing.

    Katie: My hand got itchy.

    Speed: Uh, officer?

    Cop: Yes.

    Speed: Can she sit on the floor for her own safety?

    Cop: No one moves.

    Katie: HA.

    Speed: *kicks Katie off couch*

    Katie: AH!

    Cop: *points gun at Katie* Don't move!

    Katie: *screams*

    Lora: Thank you. Please shoot her.

    Cop: Get on the couch.

    Katie: I can't, there's no room. Don't patrol cops know how to see basic shapes and spaces?

    Ryan: I do.

    Lilly: You're not part of this hun.

    Ryan: I know.

    Katie: *sits against couch* Is this good enough? I'm still touching the magical safety couch.

    Cop: Don't move or I'll blow your head off, I swear.

    Speed: *kneeing Katie in the back*

    Katie: STOP IT!

    Cop: *looks up at stairs* What's up there?

    Horatio: Our mobile crime lab.

    Cop: You have a crime lab in your Hummerhome?

    Horatio: Yes. We're CSIs.

    Cop: So you...Take over crime scenes in other states..Without permission.

    Horatio: Oh no no, we had permission last time. See one of my people was being threatened by a Venezuelan man whose family was slaughtered by the men of a murdered police chief but the guy didn't actually kill the police chief so he decided to kidnap my people.

    Cop: ...

    Horatio: It was very touch and go for a while.

    Jess: I was shot.

    Cop: Anythin' else I should know?

    Ryan: There's a Slip'N Slide on the roof.

    Cop: *shakes head* I think I hear the patrol cars gettin' here. Everyone stays put. *leaves*

    Katie: *cuffs fall off* Perfect.

    Ryan: How did you do that?

    Katie: Oh I know my way around these babies. Now let's bust out of here.

    Delko: Aren't you going to un-cuff the rest of us?

    Katie: Oh! Yeah.

    Lora: Wait, if we're going to get to Russia, we need the Hummerhome.

    Horatio: Um, I don't recommend a high-speed chase.

    Katie: Nonsense, it'll be fun. We need some motivation to stay on the highway. *un-cuffs Horatio with bobby pin*

    Horatio: *gets into driver's seat*

    Katie: *un-cuffs everyone*

    Speed: Katie.

    Katie: What.

    Speed: You seem to be forgetting someone.

    Katie: Who?

    Speed: *frowns* Me.

    Katie: I didn't forget you, I chose not to un-cuff you.

    Speed: Why.

    Katie: That's what you get for kicking me so just stew in your juices for a while.

    Jess: So what if the cops catch us?

    Horatio: *turns key* They won't.

    Jess: You seem so sure about that.

    Horatio: I know the art of evasion.

    Hummerhome pulls away

    Delko: *looks out window* I think they're onto us.

    Sirens are heard

    Lora: *turns on tv* Oh look, we're on the 5 o'clock news.

    Everyone: *looks at tv*

    Lora: That was fast.

    Lilly: I know how these chases work. Watch out for spike strips.

    Horatio: These tires are strip resistant.

    Lilly: Sweet.

    Lora: Haha they're calling us The Magnificent 13. YES, something stuck and I created it.

    Horatio: Turn off the television please.

    Lora: No way, I want to see how this turns out.

    Lilly: Don't tip us over, okay? I don't think 'Hummerhome rollover' would look well on our criminal records.

    Delko: And I don't want to get kicked out of California.

    Jess: *gasp* Alena might see me on the news. YES! I can wave to her and everything.

    Lora: Yes because "Top story: Crazy lady in Hummerhome rollover waves to camera." will appeal to the kid.

    Jess: It might.

    Horatio: *looks out side window* Oh no you don't. Don't you Pit Maneuver me. *turns wheel*

    Lilly: AH!

    Katie: ACK! *falls over*

    Horatio: Sorry. It's going to be a bit rough. We're in a farmer's field.

    Speed: Can someone un-cuff me now?

    Katie: Fine. I suppose you'll need your hands when we're dying a firey death. *sits on couch*

    Hummerhome bumps

    Ryan: *hits head on window* OW!

    Katie: *falls forward* AH!

    Ryan: Geez.

    Horatio: Sorry.

    Katie: *un-cuffs Speed* Ugh.

    Hummerhome tips

    Lilly: WE'RE GOING TO DIE! *covers head*

    Calleigh: Everyone on this side of the Hummerhome!

    Everyone: *runs to one side of Hummerhome*

    Hummerhome tips back onto field

    Calleigh: Whew. *wipes forehead*

    Hummerhome tips

    Calleigh: Everyone on the other side!

    Everyone: *runs to other side*

    Hummerhome tips back onto field

    Calleigh: I don't think we can keep this up, Horatio.

    Horatio: No worries, we're about to hit a tree.

    Hummerhome crashes into tree

    Five minutes later

    Horatio: *touches head* Is everyone okay?

    Carly: I sprained my ankle.

    Horatio: How did that happen?

    Carly: Tv fell on me.

    Horatio: Is everyone else okay?

    Katie: *holding head* Um...This Hummerhome needs more airbags.

    Jess: *holding arm* Ow ow ow.

    Delko: Are you okay?

    Jess: Yeah, but the knives fell off the counter.

    Delko: *touches Jess' arm* We'll get it cleaned up.

    Ryan: *looks out window* I don't see the cops.

    Delko: *grabs paper towel* Maybe they figured we died.

    Ryan: Oh wait, there they are. Looks like they all smashed into each other.

    Missy: Ah ah ah! Nosebleed! *covers nose*

    Horatio: *stands* Everyone accounted for?

    Jess: Yep. 13 brambled up road trippers.

    Horatio: Excellent.

    Lora: *sigh* So Russia's going to wait?

    Horatio: For now.

    Lora: Ugh. You'd better have a Hummercraft up your sleeve.

    Horatio: I'm going to see if I can get it. *opens cellphone*

    Katie: We are so not getting back to Miami in one piece.

    Delko: One of us might. *tapes Jess' arm*

    Katie: Great, it'll be Horatio. He'll get confronted by Stetler and be all "by the way, don't look in the freezer."

    Anni: Horatio wouldn't stick us in a freezer.

    Katie: Where else is he going to keep our chopped up body parts? Under the bed?

    Anni: Ew.

    Katie: I know.

    Light falls from ceiling

    Speed: *grabs Katie*

    Katie: *screams*

    Jess: Anything else that can kill us in here?

    Fireball explodes from engine

    Jess: ...That about makes sense.

    Delko: Let's go. *grabs Jess* Can you walk?

    Jess: Yeah.

    Delko: Everyone out.

    Lora: But the fire's nowhere near us.

    Delko: Move.

    Lora: Can I at least take my time and gaze at my surroundings?

    Delko: You can gaze at your surroundings outside.

    Horatio: *closes phone* Agreed, move out people.


    Jess: *sits on grass*

    Hummerhome explodes

    Lora: *sigh* Well there goes the last Hummerhome.

    Horatio: Um...*looks down at ground* That's not entirely accurate.

    Lora: Are you serious?

    Horatio: I may have saved...One.

    Lora: YES! *hugs Horatio*

    Horatio: But still...My Hummerhome. *sigh*

    Ryan: That was your fault though this time, H.

    Horatio: I know. Pity.

    Lora: At least there weren't like a thousand bullets being shot at it or anything.

    Horatio: That's impossible.

    Lora: Apparently not.

    Calleigh: I left all of my shoes in there.

    Ryan: Don't worry, you can buy new shoes.

    Calleigh: But...It's not the same.

    Ryan: The shoes didn't have names or anything like that, right?

    Calleigh: ...No.

    Ryan: Right.

    Missy: We should really consider horseback riding everywhere. They don't explode as much.

    Horatio: The Hummercraft is on the way so we can camp out in the field tonight.

    Ryan: How are we supposed to keep warm?

    Calleigh: ...The singed edges of the Hummerhome?

    Horatio: If we stay close, we'll keep warm.

    Lilly: We're in California. How cold could it get?


    Lilly: Okay I'm freezing.

    Ryan: *wraps arms around Lilly* Better?

    Lilly: You're cold too.

    Ryan: Well my whole plan just got screwed over.

    Katie: *clicking lighter* On, off. On, off. On, off. On, off. On, off. On, off. On-

    Speed: *grabs lighter*

    Katie: *frowns* I was keeping warm with that.

    Speed: You were giving everyone epilepsy with that.

    Katie: So what? Close your eyes and go to sleep.

    Speed: I can't sleep with incessant clicking.

    Anni: How about we all shut up. Good idea? Great.

    Jess: *rubs arm*

    Delko: Is that bothering you?

    Jess: It's just a little sore.

    Delko: Here, let me take another look at it.

    Jess: Okay.

    Delko: *unwraps bandage*

    Jess: OW! OW!

    Delko: Sorry.

    Calleigh: *narrows eyes*

    Delko: Looks like the same arm that recently had a bullet in it.

    Jess: Does it look infected?

    Delko: No, just a little swollen.

    Jess: Perfect.

    Delko: You feeling okay?

    Jess: A bit nauseated.

    Delko: *touches Jess' forehead* Slight fever. Could be shock from the crash.

    Jess: As if I had enough problems.

    Delko: Just lay down, Jess.

    Jess: *lays down*

    Calleigh: She seems fine.

    Delko: I think we should get everyone checked out.

    Horatio: I agree. We'll do that tomorow first thing.

    Calleigh: *frowns* So what are you, Horatio now?

    Delko: Excuse me?

    Calleigh: You sure seem to have the 'situation' handled.

    Delko: I just suggested we get everyone checked out.

    Calleigh: And you're the one that 'suggested' we leave the Hummerhome.

    Delko: You would have said the same thing if I hadn't.

    Calleigh: You wouldn't have said it at all if Jess wasn't there.

    Delko: What's your problem?

    Horatio: Guys...

    Katie: Ugh does this mean my DVDs exploded?

    Ryan: They were probably the most potent thing in there.

    Katie: *slaps Ryan*

    Horatio: Okay everyone, let's try and get some sleep.

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    *sigh, shakes head* we lost another hummerhome??? although at least this loss was somewhat, uh .... fun and interesting, and do i detect some jelousy from Calliegh??? Can she just not accept that maybe Eric and Jess still have feelings for each other that may be rekindiling??? She can't just be happy for them? But have to admit I think thats the most interesting way yet that we have lost a hummerhome lmfao.
    Great updates geni and can't wait for more.
  11. HellsBells

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    :lol: :lol: :lol: *dies laughing*

    There was so many updates. I loved them all. We are kick ass when we are on the road.

    And I'm suspicious of Lora.. She really is keen on taking up to Russia... Why lora.. why.. Oo

    I'm so glad that I finally caught up. Whoowhoo. It's so sad its the last thread, but what a way to go. With a BANG.
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    0 wouldn't be a road trip without a fireball. I'm telling you, it's not the stuff of legends without one, that and just about everyone getting arrested..oh wait...add evading arrest to the docket! That was just hilarious,..the high speed chase, the tipping of the hummerhome and the crash...Simply fantastic!

    And yes, the green eyed monster is out in full regalia concerning Calleigh. I think she just needs to give Eric some room- Speaking of...I kinda miss the old Delko (funny, how that conicides with the show, but I digress). The old Delko was just too funny...this one is well... Horatio incarnate.

    I take that as a well meaning jab to the invincibilty of Horatio Caine. Nice job ;) :D

    o_O.... Katie and Speed....getting a bit um...comfortable with each other? And where is Anni? Choosing to take a blind eye to everything? That's not the Anni I know and love..:lol:

    Excellent work, Geni!
  13. Finch

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    Wee! HEATER! :lol: :p

    Wait, Jaci are you saying the other Hummerhome deaths weren't fun and interesting? :eek: Kidding, lol.

    I'm suspicious of Lora too. She seems to have one of them evil minds...Mwahaha.

    ^^ Jab? Me? No way. :eek: Mwahaha.

    Thanks so much for the reviews everyone!


    Hospital, northern California, 10am

    Horatio: *opens wallet* So how much do I owe you?

    Cabby1: 30 dollars.

    Cabby2: 30 dollars.

    Cabby3: 42 dollars and 15 cents.

    Horatio: *looks at Cabby3*

    Cabby3: One of them wanted to stop off at an Arby's on the way over.

    Horatio: *sigh* Do you guys take cheques?

    Cabby1: No.

    Horatio: ...Visa.

    Cabby1: Perfect.

    Hospital room

    Doctor: *looks at chart* Okay, looks like there's a small infection starting in the arm so we'll go ahead and get you started on antibiotics.

    Jess: It's not serious, is it?

    Doctor: As long as you follow the regimen, it shouldn't be.

    Jess: *nods*

    Delko: You checked her everywhere, right?

    Doctor: Yes.

    Delko: And nothing else to report?

    Doctor: Not with you.

    Delko: *lifts brow* What's that supposed to mean.

    Jess: It means we're not married so you're not privy to anything.

    Delko: Right.

    Doctor: You should be fine. *walks away*

    Jess: Happy? I'm fine.

    Delko: Yeah.

    Jess: You know, on the way here in the cab...Horatio was acting kind of weird.

    Delko: Weird how?

    Jess: Just kind of jumpy and worried. That's not normal with him, right?

    Delko: Not at all. He's got the coolest head on the team.

    Jess: Any idea why he might react differently?

    Delko: *shakes head* No. I could talk to him if you wanted.

    Jess: *laughs*

    Delko: What?

    Jess: What's with you?

    Delko: *shrugs*

    Jess: I never figured you to have a cooler head than Horatio.

    Delko: Maybe he's going senile.

    Jess: *rolls eyes*

    Horatio: *walks in* How is she?

    Jess: She's fine.

    Horatio: Excellent. Everyone else is getting checked out. Why don't you go get a coffee, Eric.

    Delko: ...Okay. *leaves*

    Jess: Subtle.

    Horatio: I don't know if it was such a good idea for you to come with us.

    Jess: Why?

    Horatio: You haven't...Handled a lot of these situations for a while.

    Jess: So I'll adapt.

    Horatio: I don't feel comfortable with you travelling with us.

    Jess: *shakes head* I don't get it. Why just me? Everyone else has been through the same crap.

    Horatio: Not everyone almost lost a child or their own lives recently. Frankly, if we hadn't come to California, you'd likely be dead.

    Jess: Well I'm not dead and plenty of people on the team have almost died.

    Horatio: Yes but...They knew what to expect.

    Jess: So just because I'd been living in California away from your watchful eye and all the crazy dangers, you have to protect me more than them. I wasn't 'prepared' enough.

    cellphone rings

    Horatio: Excuse me. *grabs phone, walks away*

    Jess: *sigh*

    Another hospital room

    Doctor: Hm.

    Speed: Hm? What does that mean?

    Doctor: Your blood pressure's a little high.

    Speed: Yeah I have to deal with miss Twinkle Toes over there all the time.

    Katie: *rolls eyes*

    Nurse: *hands Katie clothes* You can get dressed now.

    Katie: How come he didn't have to get undressed?

    Doctor: He refused.

    Katie: So am I healthy or not?

    Doctor: You're fine.

    Katie: Great. *tears off gown, grabs clothes*

    Nurse: You don't want to get behind the curtain?

    Katie: Why? Nothing he ain't seen before.

    Doctor: Hm.

    Speed: What.

    Doctor: Your blood pressure's rising again.

    Nurse: *looks at Speed*

    Speed: *covers eyes*

    Doctor: Excuse me, I have to check on the rest of the cavalry. *leaves*

    Nurse: *leaves*

    Katie: So. *smiles* High blood pressure.

    Speed: *frowns*

    Katie: *walks over* And only when I'm around. Cute.

    Speed: Ever think it could be extreme anger?

    Katie: I know you better than that.

    Anni: *walks in* So how'd the test go?

    Katie: I'm healthier than a healthy horse. Or, well any healthy animal or person for that matter.

    Speed: Same.

    Anni: *smiles* Great.

    Katie: How'd your test go?

    Anni: Just fine. It was kind of a waste of Horatio's money to bring us all here but whatever. The coffee isn't that bad.

    Katie: Um...You know what, I'm going to go see if Jess is okay. *leaves*

    Anni: She okay?

    Speed: She has many issues.

    Anni: *laughs* So, have you thought about what we talked about?

    Speed: *nods* I have.

    Anni: And?

    Speed: You first.

    Anni: Alright. I'm not blind. This isn't working and it's no one's fault and I personally can't keep mediating this or denying it. We're both not happy. I mean, sure, if this were a few years ago we probably wouldn't be having this conversation.

    Speed: *nods*

    Anni: So, what about you?

    Speed: I agree.

    Anni: So that's it.

    Speed: I guess it is.

    Anni: *smiles* Okay. *walks away*

    Roof, one hour later

    Horatio: *opens door*

    Jess: What are we doing up here?

    Horatio: *looks at watch* The Hummercraft should be here in a bit. I want to get you inside and rested.

    Jess: You don't need to do that.

    Horatio: You don't have a choice.

    Jess: Great.

    Delko: *walks over* Hey H.

    Horatio: Eric.

    Delko: I finished my coffee.

    Horatio: I saw.

    Delko: Yeah. Uh...You want some coffee?

    Horatio: Not particularily.

    Delko: I insist.

    Horatio: Okay. *leaves*

    Jess: I'm getting the feeling 'coffee' stands for 'take a hike'.

    Delko: What's he doing?

    Jess: *sigh* He feels guilty for me almost dying. I think he's slowly becoming human.

    Delko: *laughs*

    Jess: So when do I get to see you back to normal.

    Delko: I am normal.

    Jess: *slaps Eric* You're too serious. Snap out of it.

    Delko: Okay.

    Jess: ...Just 'okay'?

    Delko: What do you want me to say?

    Jess: Eric you don't need to be mature around me. You're a really good actor though.

    Delko: *smiles* Thanks.


    Jess: What?

    Lilly: *walks over* She's been doing that since we got here. The doctor thought she was having hallucinations.

    Ryan: *runs over* Eric's having hallucinations?

    Lilly: No.

    Lora: See when I yell that in Russia, it'll make more sense.

    Hallway, hospital

    Katie: *runs over* Hey you!

    Speed: *turns around* Yeah.

    Katie: You headin' to the roof?

    Speed: That's what Horatio wanted.

    Katie: Sweet. Where's the roof?

    Speed: *lifts brow*

    Katie: I've been trying to find it for like twenty minutes.

    Speed: You go up. It's not that complicated.

    Katie: But the elevators don't go to the roof.

    Speed: *rubs eyes* The stairs, Katie.

    Katie: ...Are you not wearing your ring?

    Speed: No.

    Katie: You and Anni have a fight?

    Speed: No.

    Katie: Your hand get stuck somewhere?

    Speed: We're not together anymore, okay?

    Katie: ...Why.

    Speed: I like to call it 'irreconcilable differences'.

    Katie: Oh that's the same disease Jess and Eric had.

    Speed: *laughs*

    Katie: *lifts brow*

    Speed: *clears throat* Yeah.

    Katie: So you two just decided to split?

    Speed: No. We've been discussing it.

    Katie: *narrows eyes*

    Speed: Better head to the roof. *leaves*

    Katie: Yeah. *leaves*

  14. Hunter

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    Oh my God these are all too funny.

    Anni, just WHAT are you implying about my man? *taps foot*

    :lol: :lol: *laughing* OH MY GOD *laughing* This is a perfect moment for one of those record scratch moments in the background. Ha yeah, i can see Eric dropping the needle in the back of the Hummerhome and saying "What?". :lol:

    :lol: Dammit. Good scene though. When i read that for the first time i was in class when we were all slacking off. I burst right out laughing, clapping my hands and stuff. :lol: Good times...

    The Magnificent 13? Awesome! Move over Fantastic Four. (Now we shall all decide, what are our superpowers? Dibs on telekinesis!)

    :lol: ....Well duh....

    O ho Speed! Red. Handed. ;) You know you want it...uh. Her.

    And now YOU guys are suspicious of me? Gah. *looks to H* YOU still trust me, don't you Horatio? *bats eyes*

    Thanks for the updates Geni, i consider all these laughs a gift. :) Merry Christmas everyone! :D
  15. Anni Grey

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    Oh..the end of everything! Anni and Speed did the grown up thing and just called it off. Fantastic!( in case some didn't know...that's my attempt at sarcasm) Some how, I feel as if she had tried her best (Anni, poor girl), but then, maybe she just figured that she couldn't fight for something that wasn't hers in the first place. Gah...true love sucks! :lol:

    Lora...Needs to get to Russia , like now. :lol:

    Jess, and Eric...welcome back to familiarity. We need old Delko back STAT!

    And Katie....I'm not going to get started on her... :lol:

    Awesome update, Geni!
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