Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    *wheezing* Oh man i should NOT be reading this right now....the prof is staring at me. :lol:

    :lol: :lol:

    Yeah, ME. I own the mechanical bull. OWN.

    Aww...! That's actually kind of heart-tugging.

    Awesome update Geni! Thanks!

    10 bucks on us waking up Horatio by getting arrested, getting shot, burning something or doing anything illegal. ;) :lol:
  2. CSI_in_training

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    Jun 21, 2005
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    had to get that out of my system.
    YES! I am the ultimate hero of beauty and youth for our dear beloved anni! I totally rock!
    No, I don't have a med degree, nor do I ever intend to get one.
    ^^ I agree that something bad will happen, it always does!
    Good job Geni!
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    Ah! I WILL make my man dance! Ha. Now that we're semi-drunk, on a mechanical bull (I watched drunk people fall off that last week at City Walk. Freaking hilarious, my friends and I got to laugh at them) and we're in love, maybe Ryan and I can act like a couple. Booshya!

    (Hey! I just noticed we had spell check. When did we get that? Have I been hibernating or something?)

    I love the dynamic between Katie/Speed/Anni- it's interesting to follow. Of course Katie and Speed still care about each other- they've been through relationship hell and heaven and I get that, but poor Anni. She's his now, and to be caught in the middle of this issue with her friend and husband and the fact that they're still in love... wow. It's always interesting with those three.

    Love it, Geni! Here's to the last thread! The home stretch! The final frontier! We have conquered all the continents, all the relationships, the new additions, and every form of Hummer-anything. All the Wal-Marts and the cracking-cases and pretending to crack cases. Here's to ten threads of laughs, inside jokes, idiocy, and genius- and a great last one! :D
  4. Finch

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    :D Thanks for the reviews everyone! (TalkCSI has spellcheck? :confused: Or you at home?)

    Aw, yes the last thread. *tear*


    Club, 11:30 pm

    Ryan: *holding ice to head* Ow ow OW!

    Lilly: Why do you have to be such a girl?

    Ryan: My head hurts okay?

    Lilly: You fell off a fake animal.

    Ryan: Um it was moving.

    Lilly: *rolls eyes*

    Lora: Ten bucks please.

    Ryan: Ugh. *hands over money*

    Lora: Who's next?

    Calleigh: *looks over* Hey Eric, you want a go?

    Delko: Nah, I'll just head back to the Hummerhome. I've had enough party for one night.

    Calleigh: Okay.

    Delko: *leaves*

    Lora: What's his problem?

    Calleigh: I don't know.


    Delko: *sigh*

    Speed: *walks out of building*

    Delko: Hey man.

    Speed: *nods* Hey.

    Delko: *rubs face* Fun night, huh.

    Speed: *leans against wall* Yeah.

    Delko: You drunk?

    Speed: Uh...Yes. Yes I am. *smirks*

    Delko: *scoffs* Great.

    Speed: Something wrong?

    Delko: *shakes head*

    Speed: Look man, I'm in a sharing caring kind of mood so you might as well let it spill before I puke.

    Delko: I got a voice mail from Jess.

    Speed: *blinks* So?

    Delko: So she wants me to come visit her and Alena in Sacramento. It's Alena's birthday in a couple of days.

    Speed: But we're on a road trip.

    Delko: I know that.

    Speed: So how are you supposed to get to Sacramento when we're in Georgia? You can't be in two places at once..Or...Neither can the rest of us.

    Delko: Can you be serious for a minute?

    Speed: I can't promise anything.

    Delko: *rolls eyes* What would sober-you say in a situation like this.

    Speed: *scratches head* ...I don't know, it's your problem not mine. I have enough problems.

    Delko: Okay if Katie asked you to come to her house for Lori's birthday party and you haven't told Anni about it, what would you do?

    Speed: *stares at Eric*

    Delko: *lifts brow*

    Speed: You go because it's your daughter, not because it's your ex-wife.

    Delko: *nods*

    Speed: *laughs* That actually sounded pretty good, too.

    Delko: Right.

    Calleigh: *walks out of building* Hey Eric.

    Delko: I thought you were still going to have fun with the girls and Colton.

    Calleigh: I wanted to see if you were okay.

    Speed: WOW *cough* Don't mind me then.

    Calleigh: *looks at Speed* Are you drunk?

    Speed: *waves hands* Just keep talking, completely forget that I'm here. I'd love to move but the sky is spinning and I'm not sure where up is and where the rest of the directions are.

    Calleigh: *looks at Eric* You seemed preoccupied.

    Delko: I need to go to Sacramento.

    Speed: *whispers* That's in California.

    Calleigh: ...Uh. Okay, how come?

    Delko: Alena's birthday party.

    Calleigh: *smiles* OH yeah, you told me it was her birthday soon. Well so what's the big deal?

    Delko: I didn't know if you'd be okay with it.

    Calleigh: Why wouldn't I be okay with it?

    Delko: Because Jess would be there.

    Calleigh: If it's too awkward for you, I don't have to be there.

    Delko: No. No, that's okay. *smiles* I'm sure Jess would love to have you there.

    Speed: Will there be cake at this 'party'?

    Delko/Calleigh: *look at Speed*

    Speed: I'll...I'll just go. *walks away*

    Calleigh: Eric, I get that we haven't been seeing each other for very long and it might seem a bit...Weird given you've only just had the divorced finalized but we're two adults and it shouldn't matter what situations get thrown at us. We should be able to handle them together.

    Delko: I know, I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner.

    Calleigh: *smiles* No need to apologize Eric.

    Inside club

    Lora: *falls into railing* OW!

    Ryan: *laughs* You said you were an expert.

    Lora: I said I've watched an expert. *dusts self off* It didn't look so hard on television.

    Lilly: You need some ice too?

    Lora: No I'll be fine. You sure no one screwed with the controls?

    Colton: *looking down at controls* ....No. *sweeps controls over*

    Lora: Funny.

    Corner of club

    Anni: *walks over* Hey Tim, can we talk?

    Speed: Wait wait wait, hold on. *looks up*

    Anni: *lifts brow* What.

    Speed: I'm trying to control light by staring at it.

    Anni: ...Okay eyes down here please.

    Speed: *looks down*

    Anni: ...My eyes.

    Speed: *looks at Anni* Yeah.

    Anni: Have you seen Katie?

    Speed: Naked? Yes. If it's any consolation, you look better in a thong.

    Anni: *covers eyes* Let me rephrase. Have you seen her at the club?

    Speed: Yeah.

    Anni: Where?

    Speed: I don't remember.

    Anni: How much have you had to drink?

    Speed: Enough to make Eric looks slightly attractive.

    Anni: *stares blankly* ...Forget I asked. *walks away*

  5. Anni Grey

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    Jun 22, 2005
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    Oh wow..Eric has an adult problem and is serious for a moment???I liked that idea! :lol: I thought it cute that Speed was the one drunk and out of sorts-even cuter that he helps him in the process!

    And I like the 'pleasant ' drunk Speed, he's funny...something we haven't been able to say too much through out the Road, it's quite humorous:D

    Awesome update! ;)
  6. that_girl1

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    :lol: I like drunk Speed. And that moment between Eric and Calleigh, too cute *squee* Sorry I ship them :rolleyes:
  7. carlz31

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    *bursts into room* I IS HERE! *looks around*...what? *cough* Anywhoo. Last thread, I'm gonna be here to the end *tear* Aw, I'm getting all centimental...

    Ah, the RT gang, so much to comment on, so little time, so to sum up, I'll jsut say - All this talk of drinking, yay! I'm old enough to drink now (here, not there). Not that I do anyway. And also
    Best. Line. Ever. (Sorry Anni) Well, except "STOP BEING GAY!" I mean, that will live in RT folklore forever, along with several other things. (hence the jeopardy comment)

    Anyway *bolts myself to the Hummerhome* I is not leaving, I'm sticking with it!

    please update soon!
  8. Finch

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    Welcome back Carly! :D See? Aren't you glad I didn't write you out? :p

    Ah yes Jeopardy and "STOP BEING GAY" were some great moments. Along with "TEEHEE-ING MACHINE".

    Hehe thanks for the reviews everyone, they're muchly appreciated!


    Hummerhome, 9am next day

    Horatio: So, how was your night team?

    Ryan: *still holding ice against head*

    Lilly: *smiling*

    Lora: *frowning*

    Horatio: ...I see things didn't go as smoothly as planned. *looks at Ryan* What happened to you?

    Ryan: A mechanical bull happened to me.

    Horatio: I see. *claps* Well on Eric's request, we're heading to Sacramento before we get to Russia.


    Horatio: I'm sorry but it's Alena's birthday.


    Delko: My daughter.

    Lora: You have a kid? Who would trust you with a kid? *looks at Horatio* Please tell me Eric doesn't have a kid.

    Horatio: I promise it won't take too long, Lora.

    Lora: That's what you said when we got to the lab from Africa. It took us almost a week to get back on the road and now you want to make a pit stop in California to amuse a 'Delko'. My advice? Buy a webcam.

    Delko: She's not old enough to work a webcam.

    Lora: I meant for her mother.

    Delko: *frowns*

    Speed: I could use a web cam.

    Everyone: *looks at Speed*

    Horatio: We're going to Sacramento.

    Lora: H!

    Horatio: No H's. We're going.

    Lora: *crosses arms* I expect to be compensated.

    Horatio: You can spend the rest of the trip in the back room if you prefer.

    Lora: *frowns*

    Horatio: Your choice.

    Lora: So everyone else is allowed to be pretentious and selfish but I'm not?

    Horatio: You are, it doesn't mean I'll tolerate it.

    Lora: You tolerate it from everyone else!

    Horatio: I expect more from you.

    Lora: Why!

    Delko: *waves hands* Whoa, time out. Look, it's not like we were planning this behind your back. It just came up and it won't last that long. A few hours, tops. Besides, Russia isn't going anywhere.

    Lora: *kicking carpet*

    Delko: Lora.

    Lora: *looks at Delko*

    Delko: We're going to Sacramento.

    Lora: Fine.

    Delko: *sits*

    Lora: *sits on floor*

    Speed: ...You okay Eric?

    Delko: I'm fine.

    Speed: *shrugs* If you say so.

    Delko: *stands, leaves*

    Calleigh: *looks over*

    Speed: *lifts brows*

    Ryan: Hey I wasn't aware of this secret CSI speech when I was hired.

    Horatio: There's no secret CSI speech.

    Ryan: ...There is with them.

    Speed: *stands, leaves*

    Calleigh: *stands, leaves*

    Ryan: Was I not aprised of something?

    Horatio: *sigh*

    Ryan: Sorry.

    Carly: *crawls out from under table* I've been down here for like three days.

    Heather: I was wondering when you were going to get up.

    Carly: *touches head* Someone knock me out or something?

    Missy: I was testing botox on you so I could do it for Anni.

    Carly: *stares at Missy*

    Missy: I needed a guinea pig.

    Back room

    Delko: *sits at table*

    Calleigh: *walks in*

    Delko: Calleigh-

    Calleigh: We're just concerned is all.

    Speed: *places hands in pockets*

    Delko: *looks at Speed* You didn't exactly make an effort to help last night. She hasn't called me in almost two years and now she suddenly wants me to visit? You know what it's going to do to Alena when she finds out I'm with some other woman?

    Calleigh: I thought you were okay with this after our talk yesterday.

    Delko: Yeah well obviously I'm not. I just kept thinking about the whole thing and it's just...It's just too complicated.

    Calleigh: *nods* Then let me make it very simple. *leaves*

    Delko: *sigh*

    Speed: *sits* I'm sorry.

    Delko: *shakes head*

    Speed: Seeing your kid for the first time in two years is a big deal, I'm not surprised you're stressed out.

    Delko: ...How did you react when Lori was found and brought back to Miami?

    Speed: Probably the exact same way you're reacting right now.

    Delko: *lifts brow*

    Speed: Eric this isn't completely about 'woman trouble'. It's barely a footnote to what's actually going on, otherwise you wouldn't be freaking out. You're scared to hell that your little girl is going to look at you like you don't mean anything to her. It's starting to sink in and you're finding excuses for how you're feeling.

    Delko: ...I just...I'm not sure what to do. I think reality finally caught up with me.

    Speed: *nods*

    Delko: Okay. *stands, leaves*

    Speed: *stares at door*

    Two days later, Sacramento

    Horatio: *takes off shades*

    Colton: *looks up at house* Someone has a nice life.

    Heather: *stomps on Colton's foot*

    Colton: OW.

    Lora: There'd better be a cake in the shape of Russia in there.

    Horatio: *walks up to door, knocks*


    Horatio: Don't touch anything please.

    Katie: Ah man and he said 'please'.

    Door opens

    Jess: ...You brought the circus to town?

    Horatio: We hope that's alright with you.

    Jess: No it's fine it's just...I don't think my backyard is big enough.

    Colton: Your house is bigger than three backyards.

    Heather: *pinches Colton*

    Colton: OW!

    Jess: C'mon in everyone.

    Everyone walks in

    Delko: *walks up to steps*

    Jess: *looks at Eric*

    Delko: Hey.

    Jess: *nods* I didn't think you'd actually show up.

    Delko: What's a circus without the little guy that runs around with the fire extinguisher?

    Jess: *laughs*

    Delko: *smiles*

    Jess: Alena's just getting dressed so it'll be a bit before everything's set up.

    Delko: That's fine.

    Jess: *walks into house*

    Delko: *follows*

    Inside house

    Jess: Colton get your feet off the coffee table, Katie put the balloons down and for God's sake Missy put that syringe away.

    Missy: ...I got your kid botox for her birthday.

    Jess: ...

    Missy: Or...KIDDING!

    Speed: *grabs beer from fridge* So Wyoming, what have you been up to lately?

    Jess: *looks at Speed* I work as a translator at the US Embassy.

    Speed: Wow.

    Jess: What.

    Speed: Nothing.

    Katie: *eats chips* He's just jelous because he got fired.

    Jess: *laughs* You don't say.

    Alena: *runs downstairs* I'M DRESSED! I'M DRESSED!

    Jess: Honey your dress is on backwards.

    Alena: *smiling* But I did it MYSELF.

    Katie: Hey Alena, remember me?

    Alena: KATIE! *hugs Katie*

    Katie: HA, she remembers me. You all suck.

    Jess: Alena, your dad's here.

    Alena: *pushes Katie*

    Katie: AH! *falls over*

    Alena: *runs over to Delko, hugs him* DADDY!

    Delko: *smiles* Hey! Oh look what I got for you. *hands over box*

    Alena: PRESENT! *ripping box apart*

    Lora: Yep, she's a Delko.

    Alena: *picks up teddy* 0_0

    Delko: *lifts brow*

    Alena: YAY! *runs around the room*

    Heather: She's quite the buzz ball.

    Jess: You should see me try and put her to bed at night. It's next to impossible.

    Alena: *trips*

    Colton: Oooh...Ouch.

    Alena: *looks down at floor*

    Jess: You okay?

    Alena: *gives thumbs up*

    Delko: *grabs Alena* Come here you.

    Alena: WEEE! *giggles*

    Lora: I want one. *slaps Horatio* I want one.

    Horatio: ...What are you slapping me for?

    Jess: So where's Calleigh?

    Delko: She couldn't make it.

    Jess: That's a shame.

    Ryan: *runs in* Sorry I'm late! I was trying to get the prese-

    Horatio: *clears throat*

    Ryan: -sentation finished for some...Meeting I had...Sometime.

    Lilly: Nice save.

    Alena: I heard presents.

    Ryan: *sigh* I blew it.

    Alena: *extends hands* Gimme please.

    Katie: See? You can't refuse someone who says please.

  9. CSI_Trainee

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    wow Eric finally gets to see his little gurl after two years, of course he would be freaking out, I have a friend whos a daddy, and well his ex is anything but pleasant, and she revoked his right to see her, its killing him. But two years is along time, but if the whole gang is at jess's house, where did calleigh go off to? And way to go Ryan blowing the big surprise with ur big fat mouth, LMFAO. Great updates geni and I can't wait for more!!!
  10. Anni Grey

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    Jun 22, 2005
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    Awesome update! Alena is her father's child for sure:D She's the cutest! Yeah... RYAN..way to go in spilling the surprise:lol:

    excellent as always!
  11. carlz31

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    *looks sheepish* Yes...but hey, I thought that the best solution at the time...

    *flails* Missy tried botox on me?! face *cries* (Well, at least it wasn't my butt... :p) *chases Missy* You're gonna pay for that you will! Well, it's nice to know y'all didn't forget me :p (...i can't believe I just used the word 'y'all'...I'm from Australia, I should've said "mate" or something...)

    AWW! Alena is the cutest! And now she has a teddy! Hopefully she'll be a bit more creative with the naming and whatnot...but then again, she IS a Delko...*squee* How ADORABLE!

    Wonderful update Geni!
  12. cainesugar

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    Aww. It's so sweet that Eric's going to see Jess and Alena. And even better that she's happy to see him. Family reunited. And Alena's SO CUTE. :D

    I can imagine it'd be awkward for Calleigh to be there with them, though, because they're together, and Eric's going to see his ex-wife and child. Hopefully those two will work it all out.

    Onward to Russia!
  13. Hunter

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    Ha hah! :D I told you, OWN.

    I like Speed drunk. NOt DRUNK, but the pleasant drunk. I like it, better then his sober self too.

    And Eric acting like an actualy adult?! Weird, he's drunk and he's an actualy adult, and when he's sober he's a kid. Messed up.

    :lol: I can just see that. So cute. :)

    Oh bull...

    Ok....NOW are we going to Russia? *tugs on Horatio jacket* Are we?
  14. Finch

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    :D Thanks for the awesome reviews everyone!


    Kitchen, Jess' house

    Katie: *walks over* You need some help cleaning up the cake?

    Jess: Thanks.

    Katie: *grabs plate, looks outside* Great to see the team all together huh.

    Jess: It's been a while.

    Katie: You know, we really missed you.

    Jess: Pfft yeah right.

    Katie: Well, I missed you. I mean you were the voice of reason between me and Anni.

    Jess: *laughs* So I'm assuming you two are still duking it out?

    Katie: No, but it was touch and go for a while.

    Jess: *nods* Sure.

    Katie: How is it seeing Eric again?

    Jess: He seems...A lot more mature.

    Katie: *laughs*

    Jess: What?

    Katie: Riight.

    Jess: It's great to see him again.

    Katie: So what was the deal between you two? I mean, you left him, right?

    Jess: Irreconcilable differences.

    Katie: *rolls eyes* Yeah just a nice way of saying "I'm sleeping with another woman."

    Jess: ...What?

    Katie: Calleigh.

    Jess: *stares at Katie* Excuse me?

    Katie: Uh....WOW I'm as bad as Ryan.

    Jess: *walks away*

    Katie: It was a great cake though!

    Speed: *walks over* Where'd Jess go?

    Katie: She's about to murder Eric.

    Speed: *grabs plate from Katie*

    Katie: I was washing that.

    Speed: I'll do it.

    Katie: Why, you got a problem with a woman being in the kitchen? ....Okay that didn't make sense.

    Speed: *smirks* Don't worry about it.

    Katie: You drunk or something?

    Speed: No.

    Katie: High?

    Speed: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: You just never 'volunteer' to help me.

    Speed: You should be having fun with them, not in here washing dishes.

    Katie: I offered.

    Speed: *sigh* Okay, fine. *hands over plate*

    Katie: Well I don't want that one, you already washed it.

    Speed: *stares at Katie*

    Katie: *stares at Speed*

    Speed: Go have fun.

    Katie: Don't tell me what to do.

    Speed: It's more of a suggestion.

    Katie: Don't suggest things.

    Speed: I can't help it, you seem to always need suggestions.

    Katie: What's that supposed to mean?

    Speed: Nothing. Why don't we both just wash the dishes.

    Katie: I like to wash them alone.

    Speed: No you don't. You're too lazy.

    Katie: True but I was doing something nice for a friend.

    Speed: So am I.

    Katie: I'm your friend?

    Speed: Yes.

    Katie: *laughs* That's a laugh and a half.

    Speed: What, you'd rather be enemies?

    Katie: It seems to work well for us.

    Speed: *shakes head* You're insane.

    Katie: *smiles* Thank you.

    Speed: *stacks plates*

    Katie: So you're not as grumpy as usual. Get some lately?

    Speed: *turns head slowly*

    Katie: What?

    Speed: No.

    Katie: Ouch.

    Speed: *frowns*

    Katie: I'm just saying.

    Speed: Something wrong with me seeming 'not as grumpy'?

    Katie: No, I like you better this way. I was just wondering why is all.

    Speed: *shrugs* I don't have to see the result of what people can do to each other everyday anymore.

    Katie: So no CSI and no murder make Speed a happy boy.

    Speed: *smirks* Something like that.

    Corner of backyard

    Jess: And when were you going to tell me?

    Delko: We're divorced. I don't have to tell you anything.

    Jess: Well Katie seems to think-

    Delko: Katie doesn't know anything. Calleigh and I didn't even start dating until a couple of months ago and besides she just broke it off with me yesterday.

    Jess: I can see why.

    Delko: Look, it's really none of your business what I've been doing. I came here to see Alena, not get into a fight with you over something stupid.

    Jess: But Calleigh's not here so obviously you were worried.

    Delko: Yes I was because I didn't know what you'd think. I didn't want it to be awkward.

    Jess: *sigh* ...Alright. You're right. I guess I'm just still angry that we couldn't work out.

    Delko: I'm sorry.

    Jess: I just...I needed someone...Mature.

    Delko: *nods* I understand.

    Alena: *runs over* H gave me new sunglasses!

    Jess: *smiles* That's great sweetie.

    Alena: *puts on shades, runs away*

    Jess: *rubs forehead*

    Delko: Thanks for inviting me. *walks away*

    Jess: Ugh.

  15. Anni Grey

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    Great update Geni! Its nice to see a happier Speed, and well, a more mature Eric? :lol: that just sounds too funny.

    I love Alena to death...shes so Eric:lol:

    Excellent work! ;)
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