Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    Oh no, a polar shift in the heirarchy of road trippers! :eek:


    Hee, thanks for the review!


    Jess' house, 9pm

    Horatio: It was a lovely party Jess, thank you for inviting us.

    Jess: Ah no problem. Did you guys want to stay here for a couple of days?

    Lora: NO! WE GO TO RUSSIA.

    Jess: Well Alena would love it if you guys stayed the night. The highway's terrible at night here.

    Horatio: I think that would be a good idea.

    Lora: Bad idea. BAD.

    Upstairs, bedroom

    Alena: *jumps into bed* Daddy, I brushed my teeth, wanna see? *smiles big*

    Delko: *laughs*

    Alena: Momma says I have to brush three times a day. *lifts five fingers*

    Delko: *sits on bed* Gotta keep them teeth healthy.

    Alena: *nods*

    Delko: Did you like your birthday?

    Alena: Yup. The best present was you daddy. *hugs Eric*

    Delko: *wraps arms around Alena* Glad to hear it.

    Alena: Hee.

    Delko: Okay. Time for bed. *turns out lamp*

    Alena: *pulls covers up* NO DADDY!

    Delko: What? What?

    Alena: *whispers* The monsters.

    Delko: Ah. I see. *hands over teddy* What if I told you that this teddy is magic?

    Alena: *wide-eyed*

    Delko: He can protect you from any monsters. Especially since they aren't real.

    Alena: *giggles*

    Delko: *smiles* Besides, I'll be staying over tonight so you can call for me anytime.

    Alena: GOOD. *lays down* Night night.

    Delko: *kisses Alena's forehead* Good night.

    Living room

    Katie: *grabs remote* We're watching Jeopardy.

    Lilly: Stop being a remote hog.

    Katie: Anni had it first.

    Anni: Yeah and you took it from me.

    Katie: Quick! What's the captial of Boston!

    Speed: Boston's a city.

    Katie: Shut up, you're not playing.

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    That right there...that made my night! And awww, can Alena get any cuter? She's just awesome! And Lora really wants to get to

    Awesome work, Geni!
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    That got me thinking for a second :lol:

    Great update!
  4. CSI_Trainee

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    Thats never good to conflict over things, ah well what can u do when ur dealing with ur ex wife/husband? But at least Alena had a great party that she like alot. And wow .... where is jess gonna stash everyone for the night? LMFAO. Great updates as always geni and can't wait for more!
  5. Finch

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    Thanks so much for the reviews everyone! :) Wee!


    11:30 pm, California

    Living room

    Jess: *hands over coffee* The team's all settled in. Although I think Lora's going to be dreaming about Russia.

    Delko: *laughs*

    Jess: Alena's really glad you're back.

    Delko: I'm back?

    Jess: Well, to her you are.

    Delko: *sips coffee*

    Jess: About what I said earlier-

    Delko: No you're right. I'm not mature enough to be married, let alone handle a whole family.

    Jess: It's been a while, Eric.

    Delko: *nods* Doesn't mean anything's changed.

    Jess: You don't think very highly of yourself, do you?

    Delko: *shrugs*

    Jess: I'm glad you're here Eric.

    Delko: ...Me too.

    Front porch

    Anni: *runs over* Hey!

    Speed: *looks over*

    Anni: Lilly and Ryan are trying to figure out the tire swing in the backyard and I got kind of tired of their bickering.

    Speed: *nods*

    Anni: What are you doing out here anyway?

    Speed: Thinking.

    Anni: About...

    Speed: *looks down at beer*

    Anni: Katie?

    Speed: No.

    Anni: That's a first.

    Speed: *looks at Anni*

    Anni: *laughs* I'm kidding.

    Speed: I was just thinking about Eric and Jess.

    Anni: What about them?

    Speed: *shakes head* ...Nothing.

    Anni: You okay?

    Speed: Why did you marry me?

    Anni: *lifts brows* ...Besides the obvious reason?

    Speed: *smirks*

    Anni: *smiles* Because I love you.

    Speed: *kisses Anni's cheek* I love you.


    Heather: *clicks on flashlight* I can't believe you got me up here.

    Lora: There has to be valuables up here.

    Heather: Why do you want to ransack someone else's house?

    Lora: Uh because there's an attic. I can't sleep knowing there's neat things up here.

    Heather: Did your parents lock you in the attic as a child?

    Lora: *rolls eyes* Just keep the light straight.

    Heather: We're going to get caught.

    Lora: *opens large chest* OH YAY! B-..ooks.

    Heather: Books.

    Lora: Hopefully they're plated in gold.

    Heather: Lora, there aren't valuables up here just because it's an attic.

    Katie: *crawls over* Hey what are we doin' up here?

    Heather: AH! *drops flashlight*

    Lora: Shhh, you're going to wake everyone up.

    Katie: Yeah I heard you guys up here so I decided to join in on the fun.

    Heather: You could hear us?

    Katie: ...Well I was already on the ladder.

    Lora: Oh! OH! I found something valuable. *grabs pile of clothes*

    Heather: That smells like old people.

    Lora: Old rich people.


    Lilly: OH MY GOD RYAN!

    Ryan: What! What!

    Lilly: There are ghosts in the attic up there! *points*

    Ryan: *looks up* What are you talking about?

    Lilly: Look!

    Ryan: ...Ghosts with flashlights?

    Lilly: *slaps Ryan* Even better. There's aliens in the attic.

    Ryan: Aliens don't exist.

    Lilly: Oh and ghosts do?

    Ryan: I didn't think there were ghosts in there, you did.

    Lilly: *jumps off tireswing* Let's investigate.

    Ryan: Oh Lil, I don't want to go up there. I'm not good with enclosed spaces.

    Lilly: And you call yourself a detective.

    Ryan: Yeah a CSI not a hardy boy.

    Lilly: We're going.

    Ryan: Shouldn't we tell Jess there are aliens in her attic then?

    Lilly: She'll never believe us.

    Ryan: No wonder why.

    Lilly: *grabs Ryan* If you go, I'll reward you.

    Ryan: ...

    Lilly: I'll make you hot chocolate.

    Ryan: *frowns*

    Lilly: Let's go. *runs*

    Ryan: Ugh. *runs*

    Attic ladder

    Lilly: Shhh shhh.

    Ryan: I am shushed.

    Lilly: No you're not, you're talking.

    Ryan: You're louder than me.

    Lilly: Yeah because I'm trying to get you to shut up.

    Ryan: Shh.

    Lilly: Don't shush me. Gimme the flashlight.

    Ryan: *hands over flashlight*

    Lilly: *crawls into attic*

    Inside attic

    Lilly: DIE ALIENS! *shines flashlight*

    Katie/Heather/Lora: AHHHH!

    Ryan: *screams*

    Katie/Heather/Lora: *scream*

    Lilly: *screams*

    Katie/Heather/Lora: *scream*

    Ryan: Wait, why are we screaming?

    Lilly: ALIENS!

    Katie: AH OH MY GOD WHERE!

    Ryan: *rolls eyes* It's just them.

    Lilly: *wipes forehead* Lora, your stupid getup looks like an alien.

    Lora: It's a 19th century wedding dress.

    Heather: I found a neat hat. It lights up. *clicks on switch* Hee.

    Ryan: You made me come up here for this?

    Lilly: Well there could have really been aliens.

    Katie: Do I look like an alien to you?

    Lilly: Kind of, if you were bald maybe.

    Katie: *frowns*

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    OMGZ I remember when I was little in the second house we lived in I refused to walk past the laundry room in the basement cause I thought aliens were living behind the furnace lmfao, my parents would get so frusterated with me. That was a totally awsome updates lol, although I have to say personally I do believe in spirits ... So I could see where lilly may have thought there were ghosts, we had a clock that ran for three years with no batteries and no power sources in it.
    That was a little off topic.....
    Anyway, and what about Jess and Eric????? What is going on there, it seems although they are divorced now, somehow maybe they didn't want it to end ..... I think after a person gets divorced that they think back on what made them attracked to that person, and maybe they fall in love with them all over again... my dad once told me he still loved my mom with all his heart, but like Jess and Eric they had reconciliable differences that they just could stand, Is there maybe some hope for Jess and Eric?????
    Great update geni, really got me thinking, and i can't wait for more!!!
  7. Hunter

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    :lol: *starts to cough* Gah! I can't laugh or run without going into coughing fit. Ha, that's an awesome line though. I was actually in Boston this summer.

    *scoffs* What? Me not loving books? I might as well shoot myself.

    I'm wearing a DRESS?! *pauses* I think i can hear the universe imploding.

    :lol: :lol: *starts coughing* My God too funny... We need Ghostbusters playing or somthing. And Lilly saying "I ain't fraid of no ghost." HAHA no i got a good scene.

    Lilly: There's somthing strange, andit don't look good, who you gonna call?
    Ryan: The local authorities!
    Lilly: *stares at Ryan*
    Ryan: What?

    :lol: Thanks for the updates Geni, sorry i couldn't be here earlier. *coughs*
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    Geni Awesome update! I thought it cool that Eric and Jess' situation actually got Speed to thinking about his own reasons why he's married. Good on Anni for providing the best answer!:lol: There's hope for them yet!

    And the attic escapade... Can we say hilarious? It wouldn't be a road trip without some little adventure and raiding Jess' attic was adventerous enough (without waking everyone:D) Too funny!

    Excellent work!
  9. carlz31

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    JEOPARDY! HECK YES! But obviously the answer was either Mark McGwire (hee, I actually know who that is now) or Manhattan.

    Aw, I love Alena, she's so darn adorable! So very Eric. Ten Bucks says she named that bear "Teddy", just as Eric would have done :lol:

    *gigglesnort* Ransacking someones attic? Man, I'm glad I don't have one...especially after the CSI episode "Stalker" - that made me totally freaked out by my friends' attics...I was sure there was a man in the roof. AND THIS TIME THERE WAS! Well...there was womens. But my point is still valid :lol:

    Great updates Geni!
  10. CSI_in_training

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    OH! Jess and Alena! I missed them, and Delko and Calliegh (gasp) broken up already? CONFUSION! Late nights+lack of sleep+Geni's amazing story=Crazy Missy!
    is it just me or has it been a long while since we saw speedy really drunk...
  11. Finch

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    Wee! Thanks for the reviews everyone. :D


    9 am, driveway

    Delko: *closes Hummerhome door*

    Speed: *walks over* Hey.

    Delko: *nods*

    Speed: A suitcase. You staying longer?

    Delko: I'm thinking about it.

    Speed: You think?

    Delko: *rolls eyes*

    Cellphone rings

    Delko: *looks down*

    Speed: ...

    Delko: *places phone in pocket*

    Speed: That's not yours.

    Delko: No, it's Jess'.

    Speed: Who was it?

    Delko: Look, I don't have time for 20 questions, alright? *walks past*

    Speed: *turns around* Eric.

    Delko: I don't need your help.

    Speed: *lifts brow* I never said you did.

    Delko: *sigh*

    Speed: You've been acting weird all week.

    Delko: If serious is weird, then yeah. Maybe I've matured or something.

    Speed: You want to talk about it?

    Delko: I think I've made it clear I don't. *walks away*

    Speed: *stares at door*


    Alena: *runs to Horatio* Look! LOOK WHAT I FOUND!

    Horatio: He-y..A wasp nest. *grabs nest* You know what, let me take that, okay?

    Alena: *smiling* I found it.

    Horatio: Yes you did...*looks down at wasp nest*

    Lora: *runs over* HOLY SH-I don't think so. *runs away*

    Horatio: Ryan! Ryan!

    Ryan: *walks over* Yeah H?

    Horatio: Um, can you get a pail?

    Ryan: Is that a wasp nest?

    Horatio: Yes.

    Ryan: Why are you holding a wasp nest?

    Horatio: Alena found it.

    Ryan: Is there anything in there?

    Horatio: Do you hear buzzing?

    Ryan: I thought that was just my ears.

    Horatio: A pail, Mister Wolfe.

    Ryan: Not until you call me Ryan.

    Horatio: I already did.

    Ryan: Oh. Okay. *grabs pail*

    Horatio: Alena, get into the house please.

    Alena: Wacha gonna do with the nest?

    Horatio: I'm going to um....Set them free.

    Alena: *smiles* YAY! *claps*

    Horatio: But in order for me to do that, you need to be inside...With the shades drawn.

    Alena: How come?

    Horatio: Because the wasps will see you and they won't want to leave.

    Alena: How come?

    Horatio: They like their privacy.

    Alena: How come?

    Horatio: *looks at Ryan*

    Ryan: Well, they...They just do.

    Alena: How come?

    Horatio: Because they get angry when there's too many people around and you don't want to get hurt, right?

    Alena: Nope. *rocks back and forth on feet* Will you get hurt uncie H?

    Horatio: Um, no. No, see these wasps are nice wasps.

    Alena: So then they won't get mad?

    Horatio: *closes eyes*

    Ryan: Alena, why don't I take you inside for some juice.

    Alena: YAY!

    Ryan: *grabs Alena's hand*

    Ryan and Alena leave

    Horatio: *looks around* ...Eric! Eric!...Speed!

    Speed: *walks around back* Yeah H...What in the hell is that?

    Horatio: Wasp nest. Can you grab the pail over here please?

    Speed: *crosses arms*

    Horatio: Speed.

    Speed: *smirks*

    Horatio: Speed, this is not a game.

    Speed: You can blow up a semi trailer harboring terrorists but you can't handle a few thousand wasps.

    Horatio: Speed, I'm not kidding around.

    Speed: How did you get a wasp nest anyway?

    Horatio: Alena found it.

    Speed: And you took it from her?

    Horatio: Okay, Speed, this is a ticking time bomb.

    Speed: *scoffs* Hey, you're the bomb expert.

    Horatio: *stares at Speed* Please push the pail over here.

    Speed: Can't.

    Horatio: Why.

    Speed: I'm allergic to wasps. *leaves*

    Horatio: ERIC! ERIC! ...*sigh* Okay Horatio, think this out. You can handle anything....*kicks at pail*

    Pail rolls down small hill

    Horatio: ...Bad move, Caine. You are definitely better with your gun than you are with your feet.

    Calleigh: *walks over* I heard you calling from the Hummerhome, is everything okay?

    Horatio: Wasp nest, wasp nest.

    Calleigh: Oh my.

    Horatio: Help.

    Calleigh: Well the only way to stop them all from flying out is to drown 'em.

    Horatio: What?

    Calleigh: You have to toss that into the pool.

    Horatio: Jess doesn't have a pool.

    Calleigh: Neighbors do.

    Horatio: I'm not going to throw a wasp nest into someone's pool.

    Calleigh: It's either that or be in a lot of pain.

    Horatio: *sigh*

    Calleigh: Ooh one's flying out.

    Horatio: AH! *throws wasp nest, runs into house*

    Calleigh: *runs into house*

    Inside house

    Alena: *drinking juice*

    Ryan: *drinking juice*

    Horatio: *slams into counter*

    Ryan: ...You okay?

    Horatio: *holding stomach* Uh...*coughs* Yeah.

    Alena: *giggles*

    Calleigh: Oh hi Alena!

    Alena: *waves* Hiya.

    Calleigh: *smiles* You grew up so big.

    Alena: Momma says it's 'cause of the veggies.

    Horatio: *falls onto floor*

    Ryan: *looks down* ...Is he okay?

    Calleigh: *looks down*

    Horatio: *foot twitches*

    Calleigh: Maybe he had a heart attack.

    Ryan: *kicks Horatio*

    Two minutes later

    Calleigh/Ryan: *staring at Horatio*

    Alena: Momma! Uncie H died!


    Jess: Okay! *sigh* Eric, this has to stop.

    Delko: I agree. This guy's been calling you for almost two weeks and you didn't tell the police?

    Jess: We both know how things like this turn out if the police get involved.

    Delko: Well now they're involved. Do you have any idea who would want you dead?

    Jess: Honestly? Probably a few dozen. I translated in numerous drug running cases from Nicaragua, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and even Florida. But...

    Delko: But what?

    Jess: There was this one case that stuck with me. I assisted an interrogation at the embassy a few months ago. This guy was suspected of murdering a police chief from Venezuela who was in California on business.

    Delko: Okay what was this guy's name?

    Jess: Julio Verrera. He was here on a work Visa and did some kind of commercial packaging work across the US, mostly out of here and Florida. He wasn't found guilty but his family was slaughtered in Venezuela just after we picked him up. They thought it was the police chief's men.

    Delko: *dials phone*

    Jess: Who are you calling?

    Delko: You don't want local authorities involved so we won't get them involved.

    Jess: You are not calling Miami.

    Delko: *lifts phone* Yeah, Paula can you transfer me to homicide? Thanks.

    Jess: *rolls eyes* I can't believe this.

    Delko: You want my help or not?

    Jess: *rubs eyes*

    Miami PD

    Lori: *picks up phone* Homicide.


    Delko: Yeah Lori? It's Eric Delko. I need a favor.

    Miami PD

    Lori: You name it.


    Delko: Fax me some information on a Julio Verrera, specifically working Visa information, employment records, DMV, things like that.

    Miami PD

    Lori: You got it.


    Delko: Thanks. *closes phone*

    Jess: We don't even know if it's the guy.

    Delko: It's all we have for the moment. Is there anywhere you and Alena can stay?

    Jess: Uh no, because we're staying right here.

    Delko: Look, the guy has your phone number, it's pretty safe to say he has your address too.

    Jess: I'm not going anywhere until we find out who the guy is.

    Delko: *looks down at phone*

    Jess: What?

    Delko: *leaves*

    Jess: Ugh.

    Hummerhome, second level

    Delko: *grabs zip drive*

    Ryan: *from downstairs* Hey Eric! I saw you run in here, you got diahrrea or something! *runs upstairs*

    Delko: *attaches zip drive to phone*

    Ryan: You've sure turned into the 'International Man of Mystery' these days.

    Delko: Does this laptop have a reverse directory program on it?

    Ryan: No, we only have access to the basics. Horatio didn't want to waste a budjet on a mobile lab we'll never use...Well, at least until right now. If only I knew what you were doing.

    Delko: I can't say yet, I haven't confirmed anything.

    Ryan: Confirmed what?

    Delko: Like I said-

    Ryan: Yeah you can't say anything. *scratches forehead* Well if you want to run a reverse directory, you can always use the yellow pages.

    Delko: What?

    Ryan: Online. It's pretty primitive but the guys in patrol used to use it all the time for quick reference to keep an eye on informants.

    Delko: *nods* Good. *starts to type*

    Ryan: So does this 'I can't say anything' case have anything to do with Jess? I mean, that's why you're so gun-ho about it, right?

    Computer beeps

    Delko: Ah. *clicks mouse*

    Ryan: *looks at computer*

    Delko: A California area code, landline...Outgoing calls only.

    Ryan: So what does that mean?

    Delko: It means whoever called this cell, used a payphone.

    Ryan: I thought you could call payphones.

    Delko: Not anymore. It costs the state too much in maintenance each year so they cut back on service.

    Ryan: And you know this how...

    Delko: I saw it on CNN.

    Ryan: You watch CNN?

    Delko: *clicks mouse* Looks like the call came from the downtown plaza.

    Ryan: That's only a few miles from here, right?

    Delko: *looks at Ryan*

    Ryan: I watch Cops.

    Delko: Come on, let's take a little road trip of our own.

    Ryan: You mean with me?

    Delko: Yeah or you could blab to Horatio about the whole thing and I beat you up.

    Ryan: Count me in. Let's go.

    Downtown Plaza, Sacramento

    Delko: *walking*

    Ryan: You do realize you have zero jurisdiction here, right?

    Delko: I know. As far as anyone's concerned, I'm just a civilian carrying a makeup kit.

    Ryan: With forensic tools in it.

    Delko: No one knows.

    Ryan: We'll know.

    Delko: Glove up.

    Ryan: What? Why?

    Delko: We're going to print every payphone in the area.

    Ryan: Uh, Eric I'm all for a little detective work where it's not permitted just out of spite and pure fun but...We're in downtown Sacramento. There's got to be thousands of partials on every payphone.

    Delko: So we'd better get started.

    Ryan: You're insane. I'm calling Horatio.

    Delko: *grabs Ryan's phone*

    Ryan: Hey! I don't go stealing your phones from you.

    Delko: I don't want to get too many people involved.

    Ryan: What the hell is so damn important?

    Delko: You don't need to know.

    Ryan: I'm not about to fingerprint every payphone in the area on the basis of nothing.

    Delko: Then leave.

    Ryan: I'm not leaving you here.

    Delko: I'll take a cab back.

    Ryan: This is going to take you hours.

    Delko: *hands over keys*

    Ryan: You're serious.

    Delko: Tell anyone anything and I'll hurt you.

    Ryan: *nods* Fine. *grabs keys* See you later. *drives off*

    Delko: *looks down block*

    Jess' house--few hours later

    Horatio: *places ice pack on head*

    Jess: What happened to you?

    Horatio: I had a run-in with a few wasps.

    Jess: Were they armed with bricks?

    Calleigh: He fell into the counter.

    Jess: *nods*

    Alena: *runs over to H* I got you soup! *hands over can of soup*

    Horatio: Um, thank you.

    Alena: Hee.

    Katie: Lora are you still wearing that dress?

    Lora: *looks down*

    Jess: Where you in my attic?

    Lora: ...IT'S HEATHER'S FAULT! *points to Heather*

    Heather: You dragged me up there.

    Lora: You can't prove that.

    Heather: Um, I'm not the one wearing the dress.

    Lora: *frowns*

    Horatio: You know when Sylvester the cat bonked his head and saw a bunch of tweetie birds flying around his head?

    Jess: Yeah.

    Horatio: I'm having one of those moments right now.

    Jess: Maybe you should lie down.

    Horatio: *falls off stool*

    Jess: ...Or the floor's okay.

    Lora: Maybe we should take him to a hospital.

    Delko: *walks in*

    Calleigh: Where have you been?

    Delko: Jess, can I speak to you?

    Jess: Sure. *walks over*

    Calleigh: *frowns*

    Dining room

    Delko: *places paper on table* I just got the faxes back from Miami.

    Jess: She dig anything up on him?

    Delko: Yeah, actually. His phone records for the past year, fingerprints from DMV because he was on a working Visa but no prior convictions.

    Jess: Well the phone records will get us somewhere, right?

    Delko: *shakes head* I determined this afternoon that whoever it was used a payphone. So I printed all of the ones downtown.

    Jess: ...You printed a hundred payphones.

    Delko: 197, actually.

    Jess: Have you had a chance to look at them?

    Delko: *nods* Yeah. Got a match.

    Jess: To Julio?

    Delko: Yep. You were right.

    Jess: Somehow that doesn't make me feel any better.

    Delko: It's time for you and Alena to leave. That was the deal.

    Jess: Just hold on. I can't just up and leave. I have a job, Alena has school and it would be a little weird to explain to my 'guests' that we have to leave because there's a strange man calling me all the time.

    Windows break, people scream

    Jess: *looks up*

    Delko: *runs out of room*

    Living room

    Katie: *dives behind couch* IT'S ARMAGEDDON!

    Calleigh: Guys, get down!

    Bullets fly through the house

    Speed: *grabs Alena*

    Alena: *screams*

    Delko: *runs over* Move! Move!

    Lora: Ack! I'm tripping on the dress! I'm tripping on the dress!

    Heather: Take off the damn dress!

    Lora: I'm not going to run around in my knickers!

    Heather: No one calls them that!

    Delko: Jess!

    Jess: *runs over*

    Pots smash onto floor

    Jess: *ducks*

    Ryan: *grabs Jess*

    Delko: *pulls out gun* Get down!

    Katie: But I want to see what's going on.

    Calleigh: *pulls out gun, crawls to kitchen center island* Eric, you see where it's coming from?

    Delko: *leans past wall*

    Bullets fly past

    Delko: *leans back* Yeah.

    Calleigh: *looks at couch* You guys okay over there?

    Lora: Well Horatio's still out cold. But I don't think that has anything to do with the situation at hand.

    Colton: Ah road trips, these are the days.

    Heather: So when can we be issued guns?

    Speed: Eric.

    Delko: Yeah?

    Speed: Alena might need some help.

    Delko: *looks at Alena*

    Alena: *crying*

    Speed: *stares at Eric*

    Delko: *lifts gun, aims it at window*

    Bullets fly by

    Delko: *pulls trigger*


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    OMG what an update! Filled with hilairity- Horatio with the wasp nest virtually alone. And Eric and Ryan...and Lora with the dress...And then the ACTION! And what happened to Alena?

    Excellent way of keeping us on the edge!:lol:
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    Hee, well I aim to please. :D


    Hospital, 11:00pm

    Horatio: *walks over* Eric.

    Delko: *looks over*

    Horatio: How is she?

    Delko: She took a graze and some glass. *sigh* I can't believe I let my guard down.

    Horatio: You want to tell me what's going on?

    Delko: Jess has been getting threatening phone calls for almost two weeks from someone named Julio Verrera. She worked a case for the embassy a while back where they were questioning him for a Venezuelan police chief's murder while he was in California on business. They cleared Verrera but his family was killed while he was in custody, probably by the chief's men.

    Horatio: So he believes it's the embassy's fault.

    Delko: Yeah.

    Horatio: Why didn't you tell us sooner?

    Delko: Because I didn't want to get everyone involved. We're supposed to be out here to relax.

    Horatio: There's plenty of time for that.

    Calleigh: *walks over* I called local authorities, they're in touch with our PD for the information Eric recieved.

    Horatio: Okay thank you.

    Delko: This guy doesn't want the police involved. It's going to make things worse.

    Horatio: I don't want you to worry about that right now.

    Voice: Lieutenant Caine!

    Horatio: *looks down hall*

    Jodie: *walks over* Detective Jodie Kaplan, SPD.

    Horatio: Kaplan?

    Jodie: *shrugs* I married.

    Horatio: *nods*

    Delko: Um, care to fill me in?

    Jodie: I worked with one of Lieutenant Caine's CSIs a few years back when he worked in California.

    Delko: Ah.

    Jodie: Lieutenant, I'm surprised you don't remember me that much.

    Horatio: Um...I'm trying.

    Jodie: Let's get to the chase then. That child is going into protective custody until further notice.

    Delko: Since when?

    Jodie: Since I work with DCS.

    Delko: *lifts brow*

    Jodie: *sigh* Department of Children's Services.

    Delko: What about Jess?

    Jodie: Our main focus is on the child.

    Delko: The child isn't the one being threatened.

    Jodie: I said 'main'. Don't you CSIs listen?

    Delko: *rolls eyes*

    Jodie: Now, if you'd prefer, we can call this a joint investigation.

    Horatio: How kind of you.

    Jodie: I need your information, it has nothing to do with being kind. Not only has this guy been targeting your people but he's been going after the staff at the embassy. I figure we've got about 12 hours before the FBI gets here and I don't want to deal with them.

    Delko: So you only want our help because it'll help you solve this a little 'faster'.

    Jodie: That is the idea, isn't it?

    Delko: No. The idea is to do the job properly.

    Horatio: I think it's safe to say we want the same outcome so why don't we get to work, please.

    Jodie: Fine by me. Join me at the lab. *leaves*

    Horatio: *lifts brows*

    Delko: I'm starting to dislike California.

    Horatio: *smirks*

    SPD Crime Lab

    Calleigh: *looks around* Wow. This is two times bigger than our lab.

    Delko: It doesn't make it any more efficient.

    Calleigh: *smiles* Oh come on Eric, this is an adventure.

    Delko: I don't think my child and ex-wife almost getting killed is an adventure so I'm sorry that I don't share your enthusiasm.

    Calleigh: *smile fades*

    Ryan: He's starting to remind me of someone.

    Delko: *looks at Ryan*

    Ryan: I'll figure it out.

    Jodie: *walks over* Join me please.

    Layout room

    Jodie: Okay. Thanks to you guys, we've pegged Verrera somewhere downtown. We think he's renting a small apartment there. Now that's mostly because people don't ask very many questions on that end of town.

    Horatio: Have you recieved the ballistics from the house?

    Jodie: It's being analysed now. I can tell you they're buck shots.

    Calleigh: That's some serious firepower.

    Ryan: I actually took a look at some of the messages Jess saved to her phone and came up with some clues as to what he's planning.

    Jodie: I'd love to hear it.

    Ryan: Well he says something about putting them in the place of his family. I'm thinking that little firework show in the house was just the beginning.

    Delko: How so?

    Ryan: I looked into how his family died. They were taken to a village and shot about ten times each before they were completely skinned.

    Calleigh: Brutal.

    Ryan: Which is why I think he's not just doing this to get back at Jess and Alena.

    Calleigh: Well Jess was the one being called and she was the one who had a hand in keeping him in custody.

    Ryan: A lot of what he was saying was jumbled with english, portuguese and spanish. I managed to translate most of it. He talks about the 'true' punishment being the one who has to live with pain of seeing them die. *looks at Eric*

    Delko: He's re-playing what he had to go through.

    Ryan: Yeah which means not only is he going after the people at the embassy, but his motive isn't revenge against them.

    Delko: He thinks I should have to suffer the same way he did.

    Ryan: Yeah.

    Jodie: Okay this is all good and well but we still need to find the bastard.

    Speed: *walks in* I might be able to help with that.

    Jodie: What do you have?

    Speed: I've been doing some checking of my own and found out that the packaging plant he worked at is not only located in downtown Sacramento but they were being investigated in 2002 for gun smuggling in and out of South America. They 'mysteriously' closed down two weeks ago.

    Jodie: About the same time these threatening phone calls were being made.

    Speed: Exactly.

    Jodie: *smiles* Ah finally, news I can use. I'll get a team out there. Thanks Speedle. *leaves*

    Delko: *frowns*

    Speed: What?

    Delko: I thought you were fired.

    Speed: I was. Doesn't mean the Hummerhome's off limits. You really shouldn't leave copies of your faxes lying around.

    Delko: I already told you I don't want your help. *leaves*

    Ryan: Man Lora's going to be so pissed that we're not leaving for Russia.

    Calleigh: *looks at Ryan*

    Ryan: It just came to me.

    Packaging plant, downtown Sacramento

    Jodie: *puts on vest* Okay, I want you three around back and wait for my signal.

    Cop: Signal?

    Jodie: I'll say 'go'. It's not that hard if you understand english.

    Cop: *scratches head*

    cellphone rings

    Jodie: *opens phone* Kaplan.

    Horatio: *grabs vest, walks over*

    Jodie: Thanks. *closes phone* Lieutenant, we have a small problem.

    Horatio: And what would that be?

    Jodie: Jess is gone.

    Delko: *looks over* Gone? What do you mean gone?

    Jodie: My men have been trying to find her, she left the hospital.

    Delko: She wouldn't just leave.

    Jodie: Well, no she didn't. She's been gone for two hours.

    Delko: Aren't you supposed to have people on this? What the hell is wrong with you?

    Jodie: Excuse me but I do what I can with the budjet I'm given.

    Ryan: I don't mean to drag the party down but we're in the midle of the 'village' persay. He might have taken her here to finish her off. Kind of makes it all work out if he knows the cops are here and Eric's in the cavalry.

    Delko: Is Alena still at the hospital?

    Jodie: I don't know.

    Delko: You don't know.

    Jodie: It's Child's Services not a bloody Nascar circuit. They take as long as they take to get there.

    Delko: Great so he probably has her too.

    Jodie: Which is why we're going in.

    Delko: And what exactly do you hope to accomplish? Getting them killed a little faster?

    Jodie: You know, you're lucky I even let you help on this investigation.

    Delko: You wouldn't have an investigation if it wasn't for us.

    Horatio: Eric...

    Radio clicks

    Voice: Good morning ladies and gentlmen, so nice of you to drop by.

    Delko: *looks at radio*

    Jodie: *picks up radio* Who's this?

    Voice: Do I sound like someone just screwing around with a radio? Who the hell do you think it is?

    Jodie: So you know we're not going to let you kill them.

    Voice: It's interesting how you people protect your own but you won't protect the families of those who don't have the 'pleasure' of being a part of this great country. But you'll stop at nothing to prosecute us.

    Jodie: No one prosecuted you.

    Voice: No but my family paid the price, didn't they? And now his will.


    Jodie: Let's go.

    Delko: You're going to send in 50 cops and get them killed.

    Jodie: Get him back behind the tape.

    Cop: *grabs Eric*

    Delko: You can't just run in, they'll be dead before you even get him.

    Jodie: If it means saving the families of more people then it's worth it.

    Delko: *pushes cop* That's my family in there!

    Jodie: Get him out of here, now.

    Cop: *grabs Eric*

    Delko: Horatio DO SOMETHING!

    Cop: *shoves Eric into car, closes door*

    Horatio: Detective, let's hold off for a minute.

    Jodie: It's a lost cause whether we go in now or a few minutes from now.

    Horatio: I understand that but if you send in 50 police officers, he's just going to end up panicking and killing more people in the process.

    Jodie: So what do you suggest?

    Horatio: *stares at Jodie*



    Inside packaging company

    Horatio: *pulls out gun, looks around*

    Screaming heard upstairs

    Horatio: *runs upstairs*

    Back room

    Julio: Shut up! *slaps Jess*

    Jess: I swear if you touch me again I'll rip that hand off.

    Julio: *points gun to Alena* You do and she dies.

    Horatio: *lifts gun* Put the gun down partner.

    Julio: *looks at Horatio* She's a little young for you, don't you think?

    Horatio: I'm not her husband, I'm a police officer.

    Julio: Well then perhaps you would be so kind as to join them on the floor.

    Horatio: I have a better idea. You get on the floor and you get to live.

    Julio: *laughs*

    Horatio: I'm not going to repeat it.

    Julio: You're a cop. You're not going to just shoot me. See, if you pull your trigger, I'll pull mine and the little girl paints the walls.

    Horatio: Last chance.

    Julio: I thought you weren't going to repea-


    Julio: AH! *holds arm*

    Horatio: Jess grab Alena and run!

    Jess: *grabs Alena, runs*

    Julio: *pulls trigger*


    Jess: AH! *falls over*

    Alena: Momma! MOMMA!

    Horatio: *elbows Julio in the face, punches him*

    Julio: Ugh! *falls backward*

    Horatio: *points gun to Julio's head*

    Julio: *grabs at Horatio*

    Horatio: Don't.

    Julio: *laughs* What's the matter, you too righteous to kill me?

    Horatio: Get up. *grabs Julio* Jess?

    Jess: I'm okay. *stands, holds arm* He deserves a kick in the ass though.

    Julio: I'll get out of prison and you'll be the first one I come back to kill.

    Horatio: You're lucky you'll make it out of this building my friend.


    Jodie: *walks over, smiles* Nice job.

    Horatio: Thank you.

    Jodie: Thank you.

    Horatio: *smiles*

    Near ambulance

    Delko: *hugs Jess*

    Jess: Oof!

    Delko: Are you okay? Did he hurt you?

    Jess: Ugh, well I mean if you consider bullets to hurt then yeah.

    Delko: *lets go* He shot you?

    Jess: Don't worry, it's not bad.

    Alena: *tugs on Eric's shirt* Daddy where's my hug?

    Delko: *laughs* Come here. *picks up Alena*

    Alena: *hugs Eric*

    Delko: *sigh* Thank God you guys are okay.

    Jess: We wouldn't be okay if you hadn't come up here.

    Delko: *stares at Jess*

    Jess: *smirks*

    Delko: *grabs Jess' hand*

    House, 8am

    Jess: *walks in* Home sweet home.

    Lora: RUSSIA. Let's go to RUSSIA.

    Horatio: Lora, calm down. We'll get to Russia.

    Lora: That's what you said before. Are we in Russia? No. We're in California. The exact OPPOSITE of Russia.

    Colton: How can California be the opposite of Russia.

    Lora: Because we're not there. Duh! *flicks Colton's nose*

    Colton: *scrinches nose*


    Speed: Hey Eric.

    Delko: *looks over*

    Speed: I'm glad it worked out.

    Delko: Yeah. Me too.

    Speed: So are you still thinking of staying here?

    Delko: Actually Jess is thinking of coming with us.

    Speed: *nods*

    Delko: She doesn't want to stay here while the house is being repaired.

    Speed: Listen, are we okay? I mean, because I don't understand why you're treating me like hell.

    Delko: I don't want to turn into you. *walks away*

    Speed: *lifts brow*

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    Gah u had to do a cliff hanger didn't u geni???? I'm dieing here i'm on the edge of my seat about to fall off omg omg omg omg omg omg ahhhhhh whats gonna happen.... please no don't let them die, oh god not jess and alena .... there *sniffles* still part of the team !!!!!
    Great updates other words tho lol.
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    I added another chapter onto the one above ^ before you posted, if you want to check it out. :p I tend to do that sometimes, heh. So all the answers lie above!

    Thanks for the review. :)
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