"Rashomama" Discussion **Beware Spoilers**

i loved this episode! Definitely one of my top faves! I think we needed a funny CSI to kinda maybe help us get ready for the finale?
One of the best eps ever. I loved each person's way of telling the story and then Gil's "I don't think it matters all of our stories should match up" I agree I like the nuvo noir way they shot Greg's POV
amazing episode. I loved everyones recollection of the wedding..
it was the first time hearing nick say "crap" or "frickin'" though.....he must have really been pissed...
Okay, the actors should NOT try being comedians. The whole 30's flashback with Greg was definitely the worst part of this episode... probably the worst moment of this season. I hated how everyone was trying to be witty, it just didn't work, ugh. I hope they never do gay stuff like this again. Worst episode this season so far, for sure.
OMG this was the most enjoyable eppy I've seen all season! I just didnt want it to end!!!!! :D :D :D

Everyone's perspectives on the wedding was hilarious!! Greg was actually a wee bit pervy :p haha I LOVED this one.

That was so funny when the drunk groomsman flirted with Sara!
And when Nick got his shirt cut off... :eek: OMG I QUIT BREATHING! :eek:

And Hodges' scene in Grissom's office :lol:

there were so many great moments I cant even remember em all!
A+++++++++++++++ :D :D :D
Don't think Wendy didn't notice Nick's chiseled body. Whew! If I was her (and I wish I was cause she's beautiful), I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off of Nick.

Greg was great, as usual, and it was wonderful how his keen powers of deduction helped to solve the case. The best compliment that I can give him is that he's a Gil Grissom in the making.

Really good show tonight.
There were a GAZILLION great things in this episode!!! I can't even begin listing them! But I particularly enjoyed the different and appropriate styles of flashback for each CSI that processed the scene -- Sara, Nick (the rose!), Grissom and especially Greg's.

The case itself was almost secondary to the CSI interactions (oh so many good moments!!), their success in solving the case even with evidence being stolen, and the overall neat-o production.

And how can I NOT comment on (a) Nick's haircut! (though it was a tiny bit too flat on top but I'LL TAKE IT!!!!! (b) Nick and Wendy!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh! I'm so over "Sonic"... I LOVE Nick and Wendy together!!!!!! and (c) Nick fans all over the world are celebrating because they finally got another shirtless scene. :D He's not quite as toned as he was three seasons ago but..... who's complaining?????? He still looked AMAZING! :eek:

Anyway....... GREAT episode!!!!!!!!!!! Bravo!
Loved it, loved it, loved it (and not just because of Nick's haircut ;)). Engaging & wicked funny. Ya know, Miami tried a Rashomana ("from different perspectives") episode and it was, how shall I put this, not nearly as successful.
What a difference the right writers and cast can make.
Oh my god, I absolutely loved this episode. It was frickin' hilarious, I just about died laughing. And as an added bonus, Nick was deshirted, tee hee, and I think I saw his underwear. :lol: *snicker*

I totally did not get the "Dude, where's your car?" That's fantastic. I really wish I could watch the episode again, because I'm sure I missed a lot of other stuff. Stupid dysfunctional VCR. I miss my TiVo. *grumbles*
I thought the different point of views was a cool and different approatch to CSI. Greg's was really cool, I liked it because it was black and white sort of and the different colors like the ladies lips and when he blew the make up. He was so hott too, but isn't he always?
So was Nick with his shirt off...
Anyway I also liked how they kind of said the beginning of their pov in like poetry.
And Greg's famous line now, "Dude where's your car?"
I loved Sara's line about Weddings.

"I'm not anti-wedding; I'm just anti-stupid. :lol:
I kept cracking up, too, during this episode. :lol: Great writing!

I thought it was neat, too, how the opening scene was not the standard aerial shot of Las Vegas, but the wedding itself. (Oops... better not start listing things I liked... lol)
Yeah there were really good lines in this episode!
I love the part with Hodges and Grissom.
And Grissom's like "Shut the door." and Hodges does and Grissom's like, "The other side."