"Rashomama" Discussion **Beware Spoilers**

labratgeek13 said:
omg i am already loving this episode lol. i love seeing personal moments between the gang.

and nicky's hair!!! :D

I agree, I love the new haircut!
"Hey, Jim, I need a ride." :D
I love this episode... so far. And I love Nick's new hair cut!!!

My Favorite part: Greg --"Uhh, Dude, Where's your car?"
Its funny how Greg can know what BCP and liquid latex is, but can't recognize a falsie when he sees one. Ahh... and here I thought ol'Greggo was into cross-dressing. Must've been all for show. :lol:

Yay! its Hodges. **love**...
OMG!! this is the funniest thing EVER!!!
yes the "dude wheres your car" and "i didnt know exactly what that was, but i liked the feel!!"

wow, definately going on one of my top episodes

and you gotta love Gris not payin much attention to the person talking!!
Well if laughter is the best medicine lol then I should be cured by the end of the episode. :lol:
Geez when Jorja said that she laughed when she got the script I can see why.

I loved the recollections and super dave is there cool, then Grissom with the three, telling them to look sorry but be quiet. Poor Nick I feel bad for him (Great hair cut btw), poor dude spends all morning doing that, stops by to get something to eat, gets his car with evidence stolen, and when he is tired and fed up it sounds like he is whineing and its cute in a way he has that child like tone.

The look on his face when Warrick pointed out the blood evidence on nick and the reason for him smelling, but GO BRASS getting the truck back, OMFG his poor truck. :lol:

Another good line, after watching the toast:
Catherine: Justifiable homicide? :lol:
beautiful_loser said:
I like this episode, it's pretty good. I liked Greg's recollection of the events. What a perv.

That was by far the best recollection of the crime scene out of all of them!!! I was laughing so hard!
oh, cutting nicks shirt off? how perfect was that! this episode is so very wonderful!

nick is such a shmoop lol. his recolection was all soft and dreamy. and the poor car!
Yeah during the cutting off of Nick's shirt, I was like "Oh. My. Gosh. He's flippin' hot!!!!!"

I missed his car!!! What did it look like?!