"Rashomama" Discussion **Beware Spoilers**

this is definitely one my fave episodes ever. i just died when nick started reciting Romeo and Juliet... i was like "GAH! I WANT TO MARRY HIM RIGHT NOW!!!" :sigh: why does he have to be so perfect?

the episode was very funny in a witty way. i loved all the insights into the character's personalities (i liked sara's philosophy), loved Greg and his noir ways, loved poor old nicky (he's just adorable), loved grissom's cute poem... the bridesmaids all creeped me out though. i couldn't believe they were actually relieved that they "killed" someone.

loved flirty sara.... "i am sara.... sidle..." aw, she was stuttering! :D

nick's shirtless scene gives this episode a A++ rating. :devil:

i am not a perv, i swear.

I just have a quick question.. In Nick's recollection..he picks a rose..but isn't that sort of....contaminating the crime scene? or many not contaminating..but damaging?

but I still love Nicky :D
Just wanted to let you guys know that tomorrow morning on the CBS Morning Show there will be a CSI segment about tonight's show. I have to work, but I plan to tape it.
i loved how nick was just like im tired, hungry, and i dont freaking have a car! Then he was in the locker room and he kept saying this sucks. kinda reminded me of me
i totally loved this episode. seriously it was as funny as fur and loathing. i'm gonna watch it now and compare them on fresh :D sara, nick, greg and grissom were hilarous!! great job CSIs!! :D
OMG that episode ROCKED!!!! It was one of the funniest eps I think I've ever seen!! Greg's cell phone going off "I feel like making love...." in the middle of Grissom's "serious talk"!!! I cracked up!! :lol: I loved the "Dude, where's your car..." line too!! I also thought that was awesome how they showed each of their collections from their point of view!! That was so funny how Sara saw all the fake flowers, Nick was all dreamy and poetic, Grissom noticed the bugs, and Greg's black-and-white-old-movie account was hilarious!! :lol: :D He was checkin' out all the girls and was smooth talkin' the whole thing!! :D Oh and how about that Hodges/Grissom scene...
Grissom: Close the door...
*Hodges closes the door still in the office*
Grissom: On the other side...
I haven't had a good laugh like that for a while. Love all the flash backs. Love shirtless nick :devil: definitely be some good caps for that scene. Greg's flashback was very sam spadeish and I think he pulled it off beautifully.
Leave it to Grissom to have such a pretty poem and manage to include bugs into it. :lol:
I'm still giggling over the two scenes with Nick and Wendy. And I'm totally a non-shipper but...... I dunno...... I may rethink that! :D

The Grissom/Hodges scene was classic! But I was totally expecting Grissom to say that. :)

ETA: Okay, no..... I can't do the shipping thing. But I think the flirting was cute. (I just remembered that there was flirting between Greg and Wendy, too, a few episodes ago so... never mind.) :lol:
OK, still trying to regain brain function after shirtless Nicky. How Wendy remained alert and conscious is beyond me. :D Is it just me that wanted to adopt Nick when he said "I'm tired, stinky and I don't have my truck"? OK, hormones aside there was an episode and behold it was good. I loved how the focus was on the CSIs unique personalities and perspectives rather than on the case itslef. Sara only saw the negative aspects of marriage, Nicky the romance, Greg forever the player, and Griss waxing poetic about one of his bug friends. :D Maybe its just me but its these characters that I fell in love with and which keep me watching the show, and I loved how they each had a chance to shine. Besides, I was laughing for a good solid 40 minutes, which is a good thing. I just about keeled over when Nick's truck was brought back with naked chicks and graffiti all over it and Cath's "come on, its a little bit funny" made it all the better. Joking aside, do you guys think this case might have reprecussions down the road when it comes to the disciplinary action that wss mentioned in the end..... :confused:
ariela57 said:
Joking aside, do you guys think this case might have reprecussions down the road when it comes to the disciplinary action that wss mentioned in the end..... :confused:

Don't make us think about that just yet. :( :(
Yeah, I agree...this was one of the BEST the season.

It was so good to see Nick back to his 'normal' self...with the hair and all, you know. :D
Ahhhhh I wish I had taped this ep!!! I had no idea how awesome it was going to be!! I'd die to see Greg's recount again!! :D Does anyone know where I could find a transcript of the episode?