"Rashomama" Discussion **Beware Spoilers**

He looks way cuter with short hair like before and so does Greg oh and I cant wait to see this episode!!
Responding to bine:

Awesome. Now if we can get Greg to cut his. He looks like the end of a mop.

Sorry, I just thought of that so I had to type it. I actually like the longer look.
Toots said:
Yeah Warrick is Grissom's fave, but Nick is more qualified to do it and every one including Ecklie like him, wile Warrick is more tempermental.

So Cath will become supervisor and Nick will take over as lead CSI, plus in all the episodes where Nicky was the lead, Warrick has never done an episode like that so Nicky all the way baby!!!

Dream on. Sorry, but I highly doubt that will happen. And what makes you think that Nick is more qualified than Warrick? Warrick has more experience supervising. But Catherine has the most experience, not only in the number of years that she's been a CSI, but also in supervising a team.

Anyway, it's a moot point because nothing is going to happen to Grissom. He's there for the duration of the show.
warrick has supervised in Ellie when Gil went to that conference and bug race thing and Cat went to Rio or something as sams date
I for one am very glad Nick has cut his hair because he was beginning to look like Greg... I may be crazy for thinking that... but when they would show a promo and it would be Nick in it, I would think it was Greg and then get my hope up for nothing :(

So anyway... cannot wait to get these episodes ROLLIN'
Now, I am lost. What is the Rashomama episode again? All the CSIs have a different recollection of where Nick went to get a haircut and which style he chose? Gel, no gel? (sarcasm) Sure was a lot of talk about Nick's hair.

Does anyone have any ideas about the actual plot to the episode?
I can't wait until this episode airs. I don't think I've ever seen a show where it shows everyone's point of view. I mean, "4X4" was almost like that, but it didn't go into depth. It just showed them crossing each other's path so as to show another murder. This should be a really good episode. I have a question though. Why is it Nick, Greg, Grissom and Sara's POV? I thought I saw Catherine working the case too...I don't know if Warrick's working it or not. He could be filming other episodes. But why only those four? I guess maybe Catherine isn't in it as much as the others...or maybe Catherine doesn't work the scene or work with the witnesses as much. I don't know. This whole thread has gone way off topic. Someone needs to start a thread about Nick's hair. So what? He changed his hair. I know he's hot, but seriously. What about the other's? Their hair changes too. Catherine's mainly. Sorry if I did offend anybody. I was justing stating facts.

"Just the facts ma'am" -Joe Friday
I agree...there should be a hair thread.

For all we know the people chosen for the four POVs could have been random, or not...(dramatic background music).

I am ready to see this episode already. It's bad enough college basketball messed with two weeks worth back in March.

Maybe someone spiked the punch. :)
t's it today? when it's on.

damn they arent going to finish them by the end of may the way they are going
First of all one of the anchors says that one of the cast members says this may be the first time they have ever done a strictly comedy based episode. Also they say one cast member says this was one of her favorite episodes (assuming they are referring to Sara).


[They appear to all be in a parking lot of a coffee shop]

[Shows police chief, he has an annoyed look on his face]

Police Chief: Alright, let me see if I understand this correctly, you let one of the members of your team drive his personal vehicle to a crime scene investigation; and then even though there was a perfectly good crime scene vehicle there, that personal car was crammed with every single bit of evidence collected at a major murder investigation because 2 of you were maxed out on overtime, [shows Sara and Greg with slightly embarrassed look on their face] and then the driver of said car, instead of securing that evidence in the lab, [shows Nick with an embarrassed look on his face] gave priority to his need for runny eggs. And the aforementioned vehicle was then stolen from a parking lot filled with police cars. Is there anything I missed?

Grissom: Just this, even if we recover the vehicle, the chain of custody has been broken so all the evidence has been compromised. [Shows police chief fumbling with antacids] No judge will allow any of it to be permitted into court; also we released the crime scene so it too is compromised, [Nick glances at Greg] leaving us nothing to go back for.

[Police chief has a worried look on his face]

Police Chief: Thank you for clarifying the situation. [as he gobbles down quite a few antacids]

Brass: It could have been worse.

[Police chief peels out of the parking lot knocking down several traffic cones in the process]

Alright so what I take from this is that because Sara and Greg are maxed out on overtime Nick has to bring his personal car to a crime scene, and before going to the lab to secure the evidence he stops at a coffee shop(that is apparenlty a police favorite as the parking lot is filled with police cars) and while he is in the coffee shop getting breakfast(runny eggs) his car is stolen from the parking lot full of police cars lol.

I think I will like this episode, I love NCIS because of its humor, and I about broke out laughing several times during just this one little clip.

BTW I sumbitted this transcript on the main csifiles.com webiste, hopefully it will be approved and posted. I'm new here but I hope I'm helpful. :)
TylerDalton said:
I love NCIS because of its humor, and I about broke out laughing several times during just this one little clip.

I like NCIS too, but I think you meant CSI. ;) (It's early) Thanks for the transcript. I just watched the Early Show too. It was rather funny.
No, I meant NCIS, I said I think I real really like the episode of CSI because I love humor in an episode and I was using NCIS as an example of how they integrate humor.
shippy24 said: Someone needs to start a thread about Nick's hair.
Kyle_Elliott said: I agree...there should be a hair thread.
There is a thread for Nicks Hair generally we would preferre that hair discussion go into the actor/actresses-character discussion threads, But I don't see a problem discussing other characters hair in that one thread.