"Rashomama" Discussion **Beware Spoilers**

Wow! What a great episode. One of the best in a while. Loved all the humor and the story being told from the 4 different points of view. A classic CSI episode, but, where was Warrick??
Oh man did I love this episode. Everyone was hilarious! What a well-written script, man... and they all just NAILED it! Wicked supporting cast too; kudos to them as well.

Seriously, I laughed through that whole episode. Fantastic! One of my faves this season, without a doubt. :D
While I would have liked to see more Warrick (its too bad he wasn't on the case because I would have liked to see his version of the events) Greg's Sin City (the comic book/movie not the nickname for Vegas) kept me laughing. And I also have to mention that CSI got another guest appearance from 24 (Ray Wise who plays the groom's dad is the Vice President this season on 24). Now when is Jack ever going to appear?
I thought it was a very interesting episode.

The way Greg told his account of the investigation was really cute in a way.

I especially loved it when Grissom told Hodges to close the door. However, he realized Hodges was still in his office, he told him to close it from the other side.

Poor Nicky, first his car gets stolen with the evidence and then get it back with some sort of artwork.
I agree with you about characterization, and with everybody else about how much this one is a keeper. Most of late season 6, Nick was way off his usual self but tonight, he got his skin and his hair back :lol:

Everything felt right. When all the bridemaids confessed at the end, I feared we would get a lame ending but Grissom little conclusion made the day, even if he proved himself wrong : their reports will be anything but identical...
*Walks in* Pardon me, just untacking the thread, feel free to keep discussing the episode. *Clicks the button & walks out* Thank you. :)
Delightful funny :D :D from the beginning to the end- they were all at their best and they all do have a comedic flair- Nick :lol:poor guy and yipee that his hair is back to normal- looking good Nick- :lol:Greg :lol: Cath :lol:Sara :lol:Gris :lol:Brass :lol: Warrick- on the shirt scene :lol:nice to see a light hearted one-and some great one liners- different- :eek: and the black & white- enjoyed it- ;)

This episode was a GIFT to the fans. You couldn't wipe the huge toothy smile off my lips. Soooooo many good scenes and one-liners.

I'll comment more later but I need to re-watch this eppie again and again and again (thank god for Tivo)
I thought this was funny...but just a huge coincidence. Didn't that bridesmaid Lacey, look similar to Hannah from Unusual Suspect. Well at least that was what i thought.
Not to be nitpicky, but I just realized... SuperDave said the exact same thing to all 3 CSI's (plus Brass). Tee. Technicality that I shall let pass.
This episode was the funnyest!!! Ilaughed so much!!

I loved all the Snicker moments, the Nicky being pittafull, he's way to cute!!! and all the crazyness, they should do more like this, I loved it ,and oh it was just too darn good :D

And all the flirting between Nick and Sara just made my whole day :D
Ahhhh! Awesome. Wasn't that the best episode ever or what?? Granted, my list of "Best Ep Evah!!!11!" is getting kinda long, but whatever. :p

Really, I thought "KKBB" and the psychic one were funny, but this...this was something else. Freakin hilarious! I was LMAO during the recollections, which just kept getting funnier. Was it me or did Sara seem extra pretty in hers? Nick being all lovey-dovey and actually smelling the rose - tptb and GE were totally poking fun at his character, gotta love it! Grissom was all waxing poetic and ended with "[insert bug name] fly along" complete with a swooshy close-up of said bug, classic. And Greg, what a perv! Can't. Breathe. :lol: That scene was a killer.

The teaser was great, with Gil being the frontman and the youngsters playing along with their guilty faces, which they pulled off beautifully if I might add. Hee! And after the sherriff stormed out of the parking lot knocking over all the orange road marker thingys, their expressions were way too funny.

"Close the door...From the other side." ROFL!!!

The truck graffiti! Sorry Nick, but it is a little funny. :lol:

I just *loved* how candid everyone was in this episode. Laughing, teasing, shoving each other around, sleeping in the breakroom, getting frustrated, it was all so very human. The blood on Nick's shirt was a great twist, and how glad was I that Warrick was there with him? I have an inexplicable obsession with these two guys being alone in the locker room.

I know that's not all the good stuff, but it's all I can remember for now. So, let the squeeing commence! :D

Nick's hair!! Is love. Absolute love!

And I think I heard the sound of jaws of Nick fans all over the continent connecting with the floor when that shirt came off. I for one thought tptb were just going to tease us and never actually show it, as is their style, so who knew they had it in them be so generous? :eek: :D

ariela57 said:
OK, still trying to regain brain function after shirtless Nicky. How Wendy remained alert and conscious is beyond me. :D
Wendy? Why, was she on screen or something?


(The amazing thing is, even among the giggling and laughing and snorting and squeeing and ogling, I still had a relatively easy time following the case - shocker! )
yeaaaah IM SO HAPPY!!!

This episode was GREAT!!! I was overjoyed to see again the funny witty sense of humor of everyone, with great dialogues, and the POV effect of the 4 characters was excellent :D

Greaaaat moment, CSI old school and I love it :D

*happy lurker*
samismiles2 said:
Not to be nitpicky, but I just realized... SuperDave said the exact same thing to all 3 CSI's (plus Brass). Tee. Technicality that I shall let pass.

I think they were in a group, and then they fanned out? Either that or SuperDave just ran out of catchy lines. :p

That erm..."cutting the shirt off" scene was definitely my favorite! For...certain reasons. :devil:
ariela57 said:
OK, still trying to regain brain function after shirtless Nicky. How Wendy remained alert and conscious is beyond me.

Tee Hee! I don't know if she did. She looked a little out of it when she was cutting the shirt off. ;)