Last Photographer Standing #2 - Final Results Now Up!

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4 -is out of focus
6 - the bright light at the top is too bright
1 -seems blurry in spots

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06 The light above is too bright. Dimming it down would've probably been better.
04 The pic's a little blurry.
01 Fuzzy in some places and not entirely straight.


And merry christmas, everyone!
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Okay, here are my picks

4-Photo's focus is blurry and shadow in frame.
6-Light on subject is too bright, darkens side objects
7-Slightly out of focus and while it is beautiful, background sort of steals some of the focus.

2-So beautiful and the light coming in just is amazing.
5- I find this one reminds me of some old country church and is just a nice photo.
8-I've been to that church. It is AMAZING!! I need to dig up my old photos of it.
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Ok, so here we go again...I hate this :rolleyes:

06. Nice idea, but the light is too bright and makes it hard to focus on the figures. Besides, I think it would have been favorable to not include the base.
04. It's a pity that the picture is blurry, which takes some of its beauty away.
07. As others have said, the background is quite destracting, especially because the cross is of such a ligh colour.

03. I love the positioning of the building, I think it was a good idea to include the trees and not focus totally and exclusively on the church.
02. Even though it doesn't look really centered, I think it looks nice and is an original shot. Also, the light coming from the window gives a special touch.
01. Nice building, nice picture

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Are there some people who still want to vote? I'll probably announce the winners and new theme tomorrow!
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I'd like to vote if it's not too late

6. I couldn't really see the picture because of the light
4. Nice picture but it is out of focus at the bottom
2. I think the light from the window detracts from the rest of the photo

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6- the light is too bright, also it could be cropped to not include the base.
4- nice concept but it is a little blurry at the bottom of the picture, would have been better if the picture was taken strait on at the subject.
1- Interesting picture, the spires do not look totally strait.

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- no need to vote from now on! I am counting them!
- happy, great, wonderfull, sporty, loveable, etc, etc 2008!
- mom and I wanted to finish a 3000 piece puzzle before 12 last night (started at christmas)... so I kinda forgot to post the results and stuff. As off from midnight we still have to do 130 pieces :p

- Puzzle finished, had breakfast, couted votes, made banners... finally huh? :D
- I did not count the vote of Gaseous_Anomaly. I asked that user to make the vote complete but that didn't happen. The rules state how you should vote.

---- LPS #2 ELIMINATION THEME 5: Religion ----

Photo: # 06
Points: 23
Votes: 9
Contestant: DragonflyDreamer

I'm sorry to say that DragonflyDreamer is leaving us. Thank you for entering and I'm hoping to see you as a non-LPS contestant and make sure you show what made of as someone who's sending in pics for quit a

while now, with your upcoming photos!

---- WINNERS TIME ----


photo: # 2
user: BonaTaylor
points: 24
votes: 10


photo: # 05
user: DJRideout
points: 12
votes: 7


photo: # 3
user: Amy777
points: 11
votes: 4

--- WINNERS ---
[1] Each round winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) may each receive a banner
[2] The winner (1st) of the LPS may recieve a banner.
[3] When not given when the winners are announced, banners are available from me upon request via PM.





Theme: Street Signs
Extra's: None
Deadline for submitting a photograph:
Wednesday 9th of January 2008 at 2pm GMT (this boards time)
Late entries won't be accepted!

--- NEXT THEME ---
Theme: Inside
Extra's: None
Approx. deadline for submitting a photograph:
Around January 23rd, 2008!

--- RULES & CO ---
See initial post of this thread! Be sure to read them carefully. From now on I won't hesitate to leave a photo out if it is not by the rules set for sending in a photograph.

--- THE END ---
Any questions, please either post them here, or PM me.
Thanks and enjoy making your photograph!
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:lol: Well, I can't say I'm surprised :p I'll stick around for the regular challenges.

Congrats to the winners!
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Congratulations to the winners!

Sorry to see you go Megan, though look forward to seeing more of your entries in future comps :)
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Sad to see you go Dragonflydreamer. Good luck in the coming rounds.
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Wonderful work everyone and congratulations to the winners. Sorry to see you go, Dragonfly Dreamer but I'm looking forward to your other entries :)