Last Photographer Standing #2 - Final Results Now Up!

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For the LPS:

08 - Not in focus, unsharp
09 - Same as 08, but because the object is clearer, it is second.
03 - random cutout, I can't focus on the garbage part. Going a bit closer would have helped, I suppose.

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---- LPS #2 ELIMINATION THEME 4: Garbage ----

Photo: # 03
Points: 38
Votes: 14
Contestant: araSgerG

I'm sorry to say that araSgerG is leaving us. Thank you for entering and I'm hoping to see you as a non-LPS contestant and make sure you kic everybodies behind like mine was kicked during my Kung Fu exams, with your upcoming photos!

---- WINNERS TIME ----


photo: # 7
user: _Hush_
points: 24
votes: 10


photo: # 02
user: Amy777
points: 18
votes: 7


photo: # 10
user: Missing
points: 11
votes: 6

--- WINNERS ---
[1] Each round winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) may each receive a banner
[2] The winner (1st) of the LPS may recieve a banner.
[3] When not given when the winners are announced, banners are available from me upon request via PM.


Theme: Religion
Extra's: None
Deadline for submitting a photograph:
Saturday 22nd of December 2007 at 2pm GMT (this boards time)
Late entries won't be accepted!

--- NEXT THEME ---
Theme: Street signs
Extra's: None
Approx. deadline for submitting a photograph:
Around January 6th, 2008!

--- RULES & CO ---
See initial post of this thread! Be sure to read them carefully. From now on I won't hesitate to leave a photo out if it is not by the rules set for sending in a photograph.

--- THE END ---
Any questions, please either post them here, or PM me.
Thanks and enjoy making your photograph!
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Well, I had a good go 'round in this. But, I'd like to say that zooming any farther would have messed up the actual focus of the camera and made it blurry and there was a pile of briars, vines and possibly copperhead snakes between me and that garbage. We were in a hurry to get out of there!
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Congrats to the winners, and sorry to see you go araSgerG

As for the religion one - I've already taken a photo! Miracle of Miracles. I just have to size it up for you, BlueCurl :D
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araSgerG So sorry to see you departing aswell. It was a great idea and again, to bad it wasn't a closer shot, but then snakes??? Eww, I can totally understand why now! :lol: Hope you stick around and still enter the other challenges.

Congrats to the winners....making garbage look good?? tough task but well done. Actually well done to all. It was a tough choice between them all.
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Hey just so I'm not going to feel guilty although it's your own responsibility! I don't want anyone to get hurt, busted, or anything else like that for this competition! Understood?
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Thanks for voting, kids

And congrats to the other winners :)

Well, this was a fun theme! More of this! :D
And I'm working on the religion theme. I even entered a church for this one!

Oh and Bluecurl, sorry you got your ass kicked on your kung fu exam
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Hehe! I'm not a religious type myself. I only get into the religion things with trips, weddings and funerals. But I like the whole architectural thing of churches and the whole thing of people coming together and all.

I try not to get the normal themes but some that after making those shots give you the feeling: wow my photo, weird subject! cool!

I kicked all the ones that kicked me back... And girls are known to be somewhat mean in fights :rolleyes: Don't worry! I'll hear tomorrow if I passed my first advanced exam for Kung Fu... Kinda being nervous in a good way because I just know I passed!
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With the holiday coming I am not sure I am going to be able to do this theme. I've been so busy the last couple weeks. I will try though.
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Congrats to the winners and sorry to see araSgerG leave. Snakes...? :eek: I am so with you - just outa there!
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Congrats, and sorry to see you go araSgerG, I agree with you on the snakes, stay away from them. I hate snakes

I found this theme the hardest to judge because I have never thought of garbage as art before. Thank you BlueCurl for the Challenging themes.
I have the best picture for the next theme... but wait.... aren't the rules that I can't photshop? Yes? too bad guess I have to pick another one. Well, I have one anyway, it is coming your way
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I thought that the photography competitions had dropped off completely, until it dawned on me that it had sort of combined itself with LPS.
I'll have to dig and see what I've got in terms of religious pictures. Can't wait to see everyone's!
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Nearly forgot to send in my photo....that was close...:lol: