Last Photographer Standing #2 - Final Results Now Up!

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I'm going to have to use my free pass on this one. I did not get a chance to get a decent photo. I really did not want too but I have been too busy to go to the place I wanted to and get the photo done. :(
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*phew* just got mine in. I have a strange feeling that this may be my last round :p
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i'm going to have to figure out how to throw my pics in here for entry at some point lol
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@Jennis, just upload them anywhere according the rules in the initial post and that's basicly all. I can't wait to see some of your photos. If you need some particulair help just send me a PM!

@_Hush_, crazy_steph, LivingEnd & Missing get another 24 hours to send in their photo. Since 3 of you already have used your free pass you will be eliminated when you fail to send in your photo before 7pm GMT tomorrow (Sunday)!

EDIT: _Hush_ has send in a photo! Still waiting for the other 3!

Since were so close to christmas and the weather conditions made me go outdoors:

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wow, I like those. I wish we had some show. I don't live where we get much snow. I would love to take a walk down that road.
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To start with the ones celebrating: a Merry, Funny, Great, Happy, Loving, Enjoyable Christmas!

---- VOTING TIME ----
You can decide who's the best photographer in this round! Read the rules, watch all the photos and vote!

For the voting rules: See the initial post made!

Be sure to look which photo belongs to the LPS and which not before voting!

---- PHOTOS ----

Last Photographer Standing 2 Contestants

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Photo #02

Photo #03

Photo #04

Photo #05

Photo #06

Photo #07

Other Contestants (NON LPS)

Photo #08

---- IMPORTANT ----

Please PM me asap if you don't see your photo!
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03 it's the right time of year for the picture. :)

Edited to add:
This is the only one to get my vote. Sorry. :(
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# 6 - interesting picture, but there is too much glare from the over head light.

# 7 - there's too much background clutter behind the cross. I love the idea of the image, but the stuff/leafs behind it detract from it.

# 1 - The spires aren't straight.

My favorite:

#3 - The snow, the picture. Gorgeous!
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Once again, tough tough choices. Great work everyone!

06 - lovely idea, but I think the light just above the manger is too bright. Kinda making it look slightly washed out.

04 - again, lovely idea, but its a little blurry. Having it sharper, would have made a difference.

07 - I really like this idea, but the background is distracting. I tend to look past the cross, and focus in on the shrubbery. That is the only reason why I had to select this one...other than that, nice job.

My fave

02 - I love the angle, the architecture, the amazing deco and paintings on the walls. I love the way the sunlight is filtering in through the window and are they real candles in the chandelier? (if so, I wouldn't want to be the one getting up to light them :lol:) Great eye to whoever captured this photo! I'm not an overly religious person, myself, but this really did something for me!

*forgot the other!*

08 - beautiful photo as well.

01 - beautiful as well :)
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3 - Nice concept for a photograph, but the first thing my eyes went to was the snow, not the church.

7 - Amazing concept but the cross gets lost because of the busy background. Drapping a solid color fabric of the rail would have helped.

6 - Again liking the concept a lot, but the light detracts from the Nativity. Its one of the first things that my eyes traveled to, if possible toning down the light would have helped.

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04: Unfortunately, this picture is blurred a bit, especially toward the bottom.
01: This is a beautiful photo, but it seems to me that it's a bit fuzzy in places.
03: Another beautiful picture. But I think zooming in a bit would have helped. Focusing a bit more on the cross, and having a bit less blue space at the top.

02 - This picture is just stunning. Love how the light is coming in through the window.
07 - I love the idea here. Makes for an interesting composition.
05 - This looks like such a cute little place. Beautiful as well.
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5. I found the glare in this one really distracting.
1. A bit fuzzy in places and it almost looks a little like it's leaning...
7. I found the background very distracting to the picture

3. Absolutely gorgeous.
8. This is so beautiful!
2. Just gorgeous :)

This was so hard to pick ones to vote out!
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If Bev and Gaseous_Anomaly could make their votes complete.. that would be great
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oh crud. Sorry BlueCurl...

Its too late to edit, so here are the votes for my favs. I don't know what I was thinking. Gah!