Last Photographer Standing #2 - Final Results Now Up!

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Sorry to see you are kinda leaving us Dragonfly Dreamer but glad to hear that you'll be sticking around for the regular challenges :)
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Congrats to the winners!!

Sorry to see you go Dragonfly Dreamer, but glad you will still post your photos.
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Sorry to see you go, DD. But stick around, will ya? ;)

Congrats to the winners!

I'm going downtown tomorrow for the street signs theme in the blistering cold. Boy, the things you do to me, Bluecurl. :p
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I'll have to wait for it to stop raining for five seconds so I can go take a picture. Damn.
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Wolfesgamergirl hasn't missed a theme and DragonflyDreamer only one since I started to run these competitions. So I'm pretty confident DD will continue ;) I honour that they keep sending in photos.

None the less I like everyone that has sended in photos. More = good in this case! It gives me more work but that's not a bad thing. I also like the fact that everybody here puts up with me and still hangs around! *cheers*

@_Hush_: Yeah it's cold around here huh?!?! I'm glad I can sit here and just wait for some photos to come in my PM box. Nice inside my room with heating! :p *big hug*

@Drumchick: Althoug it's not raining here it isn't very sunny so I'll do a sun dance for you ok? We can all use it!
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Oh no, BlueCurl, we need the rain here. We've been in drought for a really long time and our dam is really know so we need it. I just hope it can give me a few minutes of sun and I'll just nip down the end of the road.
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Im happy now! I'm on vacation on the beach with some friends and I thought the last day to send in the pic was today and I came earlier to the only ciber cafe around here and it was closed but now I see I'm still on time yay! :D :D

I'm sending it right now!
Congrats to the winners of the last chalenge! I'm sorry I cound't vote but I was studing like crazy! :)
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Just sent mine in. It's hard to be creative with street signs, so I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone came up with.
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Wow! We are writing history! Already have all the streetsign photos from all the contestants ;)! I'll wait until 2pm GMT.. maybe some people want to send in a photo outside the LPS!
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---- VOTING TIME ----
You can decide who's the best photographer in this round! Read the rules, watch all the photos and vote!

For the voting rules: See the initial post made!

Be sure to look which photo belongs to the LPS and which not before voting!

---- PHOTOS ----

Last Photographer Standing 2 Contestants

Photo #01

Photo #02

Photo #03

Photo #04

Photo #05

Photo #06

Photo #07

Photo #08

Photo #09

Other Contestants (NON LPS)

Photo #10

---- IMPORTANT ----

Please PM me if you don't see your photo!
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Come on, people! Voting time! :D


08 - The pole isn't straight. It might've helped to aligne your camera with the pole.
07 - The car kinda takes away the attention of the street sign. Also, your horizon isn't straight.
03 - Looks very blurry to me.


09 - LOVE it! I love the angle, the combination with the palm trees. Plus, it makes me think of the summer during these cold winter days ;)
06 - Old school sign. I like it :cool:
01 - Talk about thinking out of the box :p Love the concept :)