Jorja/Sara Tough As Nails Thread 4.

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haha I love that article, very cute :)

I love how she never tries to be pretty or anything but she always just is. I think it makes her really cool.
I really like Sara Sidle as a charachter and that's why I'm SO against her being killed off this way. Seven whole years have been devoted to the development of Sidle and audiences have come to really admire her for building herself from a troubled child to a CSI forensic investigator and to see seven years of charachter development pissed away by killing her off would be suicide for the show. I've seen many petitions pleading that they keep Sara Sidle on the show or perhaps if they want to phase her out, have it so that perhaps Grissom retires and the two marry and become involved in government, law, or even intelligence work both home and abroad.
aww I loved that article. I love how she is just herself, I should take some lessons. Of course hearing her talk about her Boxer, Ali was a wonderful added bonus! *squee*

I loved the part too where she talked about LA and how a lot of the people were visual artists and made sure things looked nice and all. Makes me want to go to LA all that much more now.
Just as a fun side note:
The expression, "tough as nails" originated from A Bedlington Terrier named Nails, who overcame some amazing odds in his life.
If you guys can't tell already, I love dogs. I actually show and train them so a lot of my posts will prolly have a dog blurb stuck in there somehow.
It is interesting that Grissom also has a Boxer, which was on the bed with him and Sara.

I watched Pledging Mr Johnson last night and it occured to me, that she is beautiful in a suit, she plays flirty Sara very well and that at in the interview room, she looks like a young Geena Davis. Geena Davis before she messed with her face.
Jorja is blessed with natural beauty, hers is the story that many, many girls dream of, being spotted in a shopping mall by a talent scout for a modelling agency. Fortunatly she got out before it could ruin her. But she clearly learnt about great skin care, because it is always flawless.
We see photos of the big celebs with out make up, looking pale and spotty, but Jorja's skin is radiant and even as Sara her make up looks natural.
“If we find ourselves in the situation that she’s not with us next year, we’ll be in trouble,” says Eads. “There’s only one Jorja Fox.”
Amen George, ahem. I totally agree with him. Without Jorja, the show definitly will sink, and not be the same at all.

I also like her quote:
“If I did know, I’d smile and tell you I didn’t. But I hope Sara’s alive and well and back for a sexy Season 8 romance.”
AKA: She did say, and therefore she is returning. Thanks Jorja for teaching us to read between the lines :p

"Sexy Season 8 Romance" she's so hilarious, gosh Jorja.. You better be back next year!
ooh my god love the article and it sound promising that jorja will be back thanks for posting sarasidle girl and i love how george say that there is only one jorja fox.
and it is so true, she play sara very well.
There sure is only one Jorja Fox. And she can't be replaced!

But I agree with you [gsrLOVE[/b] Reading between the lines helps and I also believe the answer given is some sort of subtle way of saying "yes"
lucyj0720 said:
It is interesting that Grissom also has a Boxer, which was on the bed with him and Sara.

That's where that dog came from?!?! I couldn't catch the show a couple weeks but I did see that one and I was like, "wait a minute, whose dog is that?" When did we learn that Grissom has a dog? :confused:
I think it is Leaping Lizards.. when Sara reads that letter that Gris wrote her. They start the scene sitting on the bed watching Godzilla and Gris gets up and his Boxer flows.
End in the last scene when Gris is in his dressing gown in his office the dog is at his feet.
Boxer's are lovely dogs, maybe Billy saw Jorja's and got one too.

You have to enter your first name, last name, and e-mail addres- then skim down the lists of "FEMALES" and voila, vote for our sexy Jorja Fox. This is for :) (Make sure you vote in both Male and Female categories as well as Internation, just to make sure your vote is counted!)

Both WP and Jorja have a boxer. But the dog that was seen in Leapin' Lizards is William Petersen's boxer! :) I think that it was a great scene for Jorja. I love when they put her "love" into the show.. You know what I mean? Like the dog, how they mention she's a vegetarian- many, many times. How they get HER to do the scenes about animals. Remember a couple years ago with the ape? They had Sara bury it. It's all Jorja, and without her- we wouldn't see those scenes, or at least half as good.
Oh thanks for posting that, I had been looking for her name elsewhere and could not find it :lol: :p

And thank God for George in that other article, honestly :lol: I had always thought the rumors about money were false (and that comment confirms my suspicion) for one main reason: it sounds completely OOC for Jorja. I don't know her in real life as a person, but she's never struck me that way. She gets along great with her cast-members, they've never said anything about it and all the show's producers/writers/etc have never made any negative comments. They all seem to get along like one big happy family :p

And happy birthday to cocoa_girl18 :)
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