Jorja/Sara Tough As Nails Thread 4.

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There's a lot more scenes where she searches a car but I can't think right now.

Does Caged count, where her and Catherine's crime scene is a car?
I think Caged counts because they have to find evidence in the car. I can't think of anything either CSI LOVE, I need to watch the episodes again and keep count. So far I have 4 episodes that I don't have to watch. I probably will watch them anyways.
Well I guess it's a reason to go back through my DVD collection and help you find more car scenes. All for the good of just finding the scenes of course :)
i think i never posted in here, but when it's about episodes i'm all in :D
right now, 4 eps come to my mind where sara processing a car: Lady Heather's Box, where she takes a look at Catherine's car after it's being pulled out of the water; Bodies in motion, when Sara and Greg open the trunk with those bodies in it and then that....liquid splashes on greg's face; Killer, she processes the car of the dead girl; Redrum, i can't really remember what she's doing there, i think she finds out that this little piece of foam was from the car seat....
Wow, there are 8 episodes with Sara processing a car. I agree CSI LOVE, What a perfect time to go to my DVD collection, but only for finding scenes right. It is in the name of science. Thanks CATHWILLOWS, you helped a lot.
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