Jorja/Sara Tough As Nails Thread 4.

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quoth_the_raven said:
I love that line of hers in that clip where she says when you play a character like she has for so long (going on 36 years :lol: ;)) you feel a protectiveness over that character and how she feels like she should protect Sara from any danger. :p

The Writers: So, Jorja, we're thinking of killing off Sara...
Jorja: NO! MY SARA! MINEEEE! My precious!! *starts to pet..umm.. herself? *
The Writers: Well, we are the ones who have to sign your contract too, ya know..
Jorja: NO! IT IS MY SARA! SHE'S MINEEE! *runs away*

I am new too this board but I have to say I love Sara in CSI.
Infact without Jorja Fox I would have never of even looked at CSI. I think that Jorja is highly unrated actress, I loved her in ER as Maggie Doyle and I was thrilled to see her in The West Wing which is still my favourite show. Her appearances in The West Wing were not long but she played a scene with Allison Janney that was beautiful and match Allison Janney for subtly. I also think Jorja Fox is a beautiful woman.
I have been watching since day 1 and the first episode I saw Sara come in the scene I was hooked on her ...she better not be gone ...cause it will never be the same
I don't think William Petersen would be happy is CBS didn't renew Jorja's contract, he seems to have invested a lot in the GSR story and seems to believe it important to Gil's character development too. If Sara was killed off because CBS haven't renewed her contract, I think William Petersen will be gone too.
Don't forget that the main source of the rumor is The New York Post, which is a notoriously Conservative tabloid, that will try to discredit Jorja's character because of her poltics.

I like Gil and Warwick too but Sara keeps me watching CSI, I would be unhappy to see her killed off unless Jorja has something else to go to.
I am just wondering what Jorja is gonna do this summer.. maybe some news leaks out and we'll figure out weather or not Sara lives.

My friend suggested Jorja's forbidden to speak about what happens to Sara.. but there has got to be someone who knows :p Lets's find out and blackmail him or her! :D
Hehe, is it just me- or whenever you see that "Foxy Fans" advertisement on talkcsi, you immediatly think of the lovely Jorja Fox?! I have no idea why, but it kind of tickels my sense of humour :lol:
I do wish that Jorja or her publicist would come out and say something - but I agree, she is probably obligated not to say anything. I don't know if I can handle not knowing whether Jorja will be back or not all summer. Please let this information be leaked sometime soon! If not, I am going to get an ulcer worrying about it.
gsrLOVE thanks for the clip! I think that Jorja said something interesting in it though, she said "...assuming Sara makes it out okay" I mean, I could be reading way too much into this, but I feel like that leaves the door open for her to leave or stay, unfortunatly, I really don't want to see her leave I think she is good for CSI and I think CSI will lose fans.

What i really wish Jorja would do is to come out and say if she is infact leaving and comment about the rumour. But thats wishful thinking I know *sigh* :)
*wanders in*

If they kill her, the show dies. Sorry, just the way it goes.

*ahem* Now a few words on the finale...

Sofia's totally gonna save her ass. There's gotta be something in that room to give away the location, asides from all the sketches of Sara and the little modeling tools. AND she's crawling, right? So she's still alive and has enough energy to dig and crawl. WOOT for Sara...

And she better have a bigger connection with Lady H.


BECAUSE I SAID SO. *snarlish*

Sara rules, Jorja should stay, Peace out.

*don't kill me moderators of doom*
She had to grown up. In her hurt over Grissom she was rebellious, attention seeking because her self esteem was through the floor. She needed Gris and eventually it happened and she grew up again. She became the woman he needs and wants, that trust him.
William will settle any dispute, the implication was that Sara was stuck under a car but it wasn't a car crash so she shouldn't be mortally injured. The potiental for great work between Sara and Griss is too good for it to be wasted.
The rumors are just that, she has not responded because why should she, the pre-finale interviews showed they were a happy cast and Jorja is not a demanding star. I also think if she has left CSI, Billy will follow her very soon, his best work is with her. So it would kill the show because killing off Sara has the reprecussions to break Gris.
Even Catherine being killed of would not destroy Gris that badly, though she is also too vital to leave also.
There is a (old) new article up from Jorja Fox in "Curve" Magazine (From 2005).

The article is here. She answers many, many interesting questions.

I know it's an old article, but it seems to be popping up everywhere- so it must have recently been found or something :lol:

Enjoy reading it, she's an awesome person! :D
:lol: ^ Thanks for posting it gsrLOVE :p You're right, there's some very interesting questions answered :lol: I loved this little exchange:

And you don't want to fall in love with co-stars because if it doesn't work you have to see them every day.

Jorja: I think I have been in love with every one of my co-stars at a different time or another.

and I love this:

"I also love being in Beverly Hills in my jeans and boots because it feels actually kind of scandalous. Oops, forgot my Prada today! I get a certain joy and satisfaction out of that."

^ We all do, Jorja :lol: I think we all do :p
I loved this interview. Made me love her even more.. She is just sooooo herself. Thanks for posting it...

She is so simple, so real.. she's just Jorja. And I love her :)
I'll bet this is a woman that has worked with George Clooney,
Allison Janney, Noah Wylie and William Petersen some of the hottest people on the planet. (Especially George and Allison)

That is a horrible introduction on in that Curve interview.
Jorja is not geeky and she is not androgynous either. Wearing jeans and surf isn;t an androgynous thing, she is actually very beautiful, has done some stunning photo shoot, she is sporty and feminine actually. Sara is too underneath her work persona, that Sara that was in that beautiful robe,
that looses her words when Gris returns is her girlish, womanly side that only Gris will see.
I think it's in the NEW issue of CURVE magazine...that's why it's surfacing.

And oh my! I read the cover and I was like "OH...WOW..." I'm a little nieve sometimes. :lol:

But, I still love her all the same.

And yes, quoth that made me giggle too.

I'm SO glad she's a Florida girl. At least SHE'S a good reason to belong to this state...

We need more Jorja articles. She makes me blush and laugh at the things she says sometimes. :lol:
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