Jorja/Sara Tough As Nails Thread 4.

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i love sara character the old sara is not all kick ass and like to make fights with just anyone she just stood for what she believes in. the old sara is also funny, warm, guinely kind and a friend and know when to stop. now i still consider her to be taugh and kind. as for season 7 i only saw a 13 eppie as of the momment she was in it for a few minutes and she makes the best of it and i now love her more cause she is not all angry and like carrying the worlds problem.
and i also dont like the rumors spreading that she will not be back next season, i will miss her deeply.
^^ AMEN sista.

I CERTAINLY won't be there if she's not. I may watch time and again to see what it's like w/o her.

Seriously though? I'll follow Jorja wherever she goes...even if it's on Animal Planet. :lol:
SaraSidleRules8 I am with you on that. I will watch from time to time but not like I do now.

Realising the show will come to its end maybe after season 8, or else.. not long from now, already freaks me out but killing of Sara before the shows ends will just make it die very slowely.

On various sites online I read that people will fully or partially quit watching CSI. I wonder if TPTB realise that. They can loose viewers if they kill Sara. And, like said earlier, they were kinda trying to compare to Grey's Anatomy.. Loosing viewers is the last thing they should want.. right?
LadyDisdain said:
Hi, MiniCatherine. I'm pretty sure the exchange was more like this.

Grissom: Sex without love is pointless. It makes you sad.
Sara: I'm pretty sure I don't make you sad.
Grissom: No, you make me happy.

Earlier he says paying for sex is "bleak."

Either way, it's damn hot!

Thanks so much. I'm horrible at remembering quotes. Silly me :p. But I agree, damn hot! :lol:
so do you think the season finally will be sara centric or will it be a subtle clue for us to see if she be alive or i dont want to event think of it.?
hope it will give us more sara screen time.
Hmmm I think (hope) it will be Sara centric. She goes missing and the team runs a race against time to find her.

I get some Gravedanger visions here
Sara is my favourite CSI character, closely followed by Grissom. I like Sara, because she is a very complex character. She isn't very good with people, although she's a very caring person. But she's a bit of a loner and doesn't make friends easily. But when she does, you can always rely on her. Sara is a tough person, who doesn't give up easily. But on the other hand she is vulnerable, because she is probably the most emotional person in the team and lets the cases get to her. To the question if Sara was an alcoholic: I don't think so. She drank a little to much from time to time as a kind of stress release, but I've never seen her really drunk.
Jorja was looking hot, hot, hot- in the season finale!! Her straight hair. *dies* I love all her hair styles :lol:

I hope she stay, I don't think I could stomach her leaving!

By the way, she had an interview this morning on the early show. If you go to and go to the updates, there's a link to the clips!

She seems so optimistic, so I believe she is staying- but they're simply keeping the contract information very secret! Which, is good on their part- bad on ours :(
So, last night, I re-watched the episode and it got me thinking, since I noticed more about the case.

When I figured this out, I had a long discussion with Lindsey (my twin sister) about it. We concluded that it is a reasonable theory and it at least keeps our hopes up. :)

So, the car was pre-wrecked, so Sara wasn't involved with any accident, therefore no injuries from the car accident. I'm pretty sure that if the MCSK had attempted to kill her in any other way, they would have told us. And when Grissom asked Natalie why she killed Sara, she said that she didn't, therefore, she didn't mean to?

I'm hoping so.
I'll bet it's booby trapped to kill Grissom! It's a trap! It's a trap! It's a trap!

Squashed under a car, drowning in a pluddle of mud is just a stupid way to die.
She seems so optimistic, so I believe she is staying- but they're simply keeping the contract information very secret! Which, is good on their part- bad on ours

I agree. She seems really positive and she loves her character. I'm thinking she stays. And ya know I didn't really see all the contract turmoil in the interview, and she acted cool. All the crap the press has been writing about her must have been bs.
I love that clip you posted Sara, she's so adorable! :lol: I agree, she does seem very optimistic. One way to think about it-- would there be a cliffhanger if she had signed her contract?? :confused: :p

I love that line of hers in that clip where she says when you play a character like she has for so long (going on 36 years :lol: ;)) you feel a protectiveness over that character and how she feels like she should protect Sara from any danger. :p
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