Jorja/Sara Tough As Nails Thread 4.

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quoth_the_raven said:
IRMiniKiller said:
so what happens to all her adoring fans if she DOES get killed off?

We follow her wherever she goes :p

All the way.... :lol: I'll be standing behind her anytime!

Hey guys, has any one you ever heard Jorja sing? Cause I just downloaded the song Satelite. Jorja sings it. Its definitly written for a woman.. Its a love song. It was said it was also on her official site but I couldn't find it there anymore so.. I tried somewhere else.

Quality ain't too good but it can be downloaded here

Someone tried to write down the lyrics too. Here's a link to that as well
Follow the thread and scroll down...

I really have to say Jorja had some gut putting this online. This song is.. amazing due to the content. Like people are already speculating on Jorja's sexuality online (which I do not care about.. well, just a little I think) and they can see this song in so many different ways.

I just see a love song. From the sound it was recorded maybe at home or a place with real bad equipment but it doesn't change the way I see it. Its open, honest and true. Like Jorja herself.
quote the raven i'm with you. follow her to. it kinda reminds me of us living in a shoe box that in her lawn of her house by sidler i think made that comment and having to watch her and eat chocolate marshmallows and all.
cocoa_girl18.. Hehe, in a shoebox.

Yeah, I've heard that song by Jorja before. She doesn't have the most amazing voice on her Earth- but she sings VERY GOOD. I liked the song, I mean the lyrics (From what we can tell) are nice.

The song itself seems like it was recorded in an at home studio, or on some sort of mp3- which I kind of liked. The words are a bit blurry, but we still get the feel of the song.

I don't know guitar- but to me, it was some pretty amazing guitar playing :p

Yes- I think the song is wonderful, not one I will sit and listen to over 10 times, but that's because of the fuzzyness/static on the song :)

IRMiniKiller said:
so what happens to all her adoring fans if she DOES get killed off?

Follow her all the way to Animal Planet :cool:
Sorry for the double post, but my posting time is up :eek:

I just finished watching Memento for the first time.. All of it. First of all, let me say- Jorja was amazing.. I know, I know, she only had a few 30 second scenes here and there.

Her voice sounded different in the movie than it does now! Did anyone notice that, or maybe my volume was just weird.

The movie itself was a bit confusing, until I figured out what I was looking for- and was he trusting the right person? That took me the longest time to figure out, but I did :lol:

I loved the whole Reverse sequence. I've never seen it in a movie so that was kinda different. :D

Interesting movie indeed- and with Jorja it was just that much more awesome.
ok guys,im :mad: like frickin out.... im like :mad:frickin not goin to be :mad:happy if jorja fox leave the show...i mean the only reason i watch the because the frickin cas :eek:t.... i mean dude where can i git one of them? will not be the same.... im scar :(e guys, im like not likin theses rumors :confused: goin around... articles :confused: every where about jorja fox. im not likin this at all.*breaths....breaths*...WOW did i say all that? ok im frickin out a little, dont mine wat i said up there*smile shyly* :)
^^ Calm down.

I don't want Jorja to leave either, but if she does it is her choice; and I'm sure we'll all support her in making her movie, right?

However; I do not think Jorja is leaving, well I don't think she will willingly leave.

I believe she'll be back, she's just that kind of gal. To me, from what I've seen and read- the show, the fans, the happiness means more to her than any salary she gets. While it does make a big difference on how much a person is willing to stay put, I do believe that she'd rather make her fans happy- than to "quit" over a silly salary dispute.

I also believe that all this hype about it is NOT for press from TPTB.

I do believe that it started with one little mouth, to another, to four more, to ten more, to a hundred, and so on and so forth. Eventually, the press (Or the things we call "people") decided they'd write up some stupid articles that are rumoured (Keep that in mind :)) about Jorja not wanting to work because of low salary.

I do believe they decided to do this because it happened in 2004 (And whatever reason Jorja had for not showing up, or whatever is her own) and figured "Well, hey, if we haven't a word about her contract yet, she must be having salary problems.. again."

When, for all we know - TPTB are being some smart cookies- and making us hold out until the episode airs. :)
Many, many fans don't want Jorja to leave. Just look at the "Save Sara Sidle" petitions on the internet (which I signed by the way :D ).

Like said before, I don't think Jorja will leave willingly. If the story about her not wanting to shoot the end scene in which she dies is true.... that kinda says it all.

I just don't think its fair to leave us all hanging like this. We want answers, don't we? Whatever they are. I know I can use some by now. This has gone on long enough..

But whatever Jorja will do, I will follow her. All the way to Animal Planet if I have to :D
thanx guys :),its just i really :mad:hate it when people say that its her in the :(wrong,i just wanna see at least 2 more :Dseason then ill have all of them on dvd and ill be happy :D :)
I just hope Sara gets more airtime doing what she is best at... being a CSI and having fun with Nick and Greg! From the few episodes I've seen this year she's spent a lot of time being a girlfriend, not enough time being a CSI.
Sometimes, when I watch season 6 and 7, I kinda miss the "old" Sara. Kick ass, causing trouble, having fights with Catherine or Ecklie.. I loved those hughe blow ups between them..

She became rather "soft".. I guess that after her drinking problem she calmed down but it would be nice to just see her go straight at it once again :D
Hey SS Girl,

I see where you're coming from, but I definitely think that the change in Sara is a positive development of her character. She knows when it's appropriate to express her anger now - a trait she didn't have in the earlier seasons.

For me, I definitely enjoy a more mellow Sara - she is older, in a relationship, and is working out whatever issues still linger from her past. I don't think her fiery nature is gone - it is just more appropriately expressed.

Regarding the possible departure of Jorja from CSI - I would watch anything she was in, just because she seems like such a great and genuine actress. She is not afraid to put herself out there, and does what she feels is right. Obviously I don't know her, but if I can believe her statements and her website, she obviously has more on her mind than money and fame. It's always interesting to me to see a famous person not affected by the hype and the money - it shows a true sense of self that is refreshing in the industry. I know that I will never know what happened to cause the media trashing of Jorja re: her season 8 contract, but whatever it was I choose to believe that it wasn't a simple dispute over money. If it was related to compensation, I just think about the two-fold increase in screen time that Jorja's character has had this season. It's not fun to work an 18 hour day, and it certainly isn't fun to work more than the "big stars" (Marg and Billy) and not get compensated accordingly. If the dispute is related to money, perhaps it is a dissatisfaction with the way she has been treated even though she is a more key player in the show now.

Ok, that's my two cents. However, until I read otherwise, I expect the character of Sara Sidle to return next season.

We all expect Sara Sidle to return next season.

I saw this amazing video on youtube. No Sara Sidle. No CSI.

And yes.. that's true. CSI will lose some of its flair when she leaves.
Hmm. The old Sara. I like her better, anyhoo, I haven't watched season 7 yet so I can't judge really. I do love the season 2 Sara, she was at her best in that season. I have watched season 6 fully and I did like her in that season. She was funny, happy, flairy etc. But, she did change during that season. You could see her moving from the 'funny girl with problems but handles them good' from the more mature woman in a relationship.

I think CSI won't be the same without her but I doubt CSI will lose many viewers. Because, let's face it, Sara isn't the most popular character. When Grissom leaves, or Catherine, CSI will die, because they're the main characters and I don't mind. Sara does deserve more screentime but her being a main character won't work out, I think.
I don't think I will fully stop watching CSI but I will look at it differently. Sara is my favorite character and funny thing is I learned a lot about myself thanks to that charachter :D So that's why I like her so much.

And she just looks damn sexy :)
I see your point, MRF. I agree that if Marg or Billy left the show would have major difficulty (prob more with Billy). They are the staple characters, and always have been.

Sara was never a main character, and her screen time recently has only been because of GSR.

However, TPTB took a big leap with the Grissom/Sara relationship, and it would be detrimental to the show to kill her off so suddenly. Basically, I think that CSI has had two kinds of viewers: the fans that are obsessed (that's us), and those who tune in because it amuses them for an hour each Thursday without requiring a commitment to the storyline.

That was shaken up a bit this season, when the show became more serialized (most likely in an attempt to battle the Grey's Anatomy phenomenon). There is really no turning back after this point. Now that there has been more character development/revelation, it's hard to go back to the old formula that was CSI.

If Sara is killed, Grissom and the team will have to change. The entire dynamic will be affected. In order to be true to the storyline, Grissom will have to be miserable. Catherine will have to mourn - the team will have to mourn. To be true to the show, there will have to be some serious reprecussions to her death. In the eighth season, who wants to watch that? Fans want a wrap-up. Face it - CSI is on its way out -soon. The actors are getting bored, and if Marg or Billy were to quit it would be sudden death. Who wants the show to go out on a such a note? Do the viewers have enough patience to deal with the post-Sara CSI, and care enough about it to keep tuning in?

On the other hand, if Sara's death is forgotten shortly after it happens, it isn't true to the storyline. Why did everyone have to watch this relationship develop for a year, only for her to die and it be forgotten? Those who are pro GSR and anti GSR will be like: "why did I have to endure this?"

I guess my conclusion is that there is no beneficial way to kill off Sara. Other CSI spinoffs have been able to pull it off, but not after 7 seasons. Even though there are definitely main characters, the team is what holds CSI together. Even if Doc Robbins were to die (and I only pick him because he is a main character that has minimal drama and storyline) it would feel like a betrayal to the fans. Why did we watch this character for years only to have them die suddenly? What was the purpose?

I know this is long-winded, but apparently I have a lot to say. There is no good way to kill off Sara Sidle. You can't just go back to the old formula after a year and expect people to adjust. CSI lost viewers when it became more serialized, and gained viewers who liked the concept. I bet that the folks that tuned out in Season 6 won't be back, and those that tuned in will be miffed that a major storyline ended so abruptly.

I think that I am definitely biased because Sara is my favorite character, but I can't imagine CSI without her. The show's strength lies in the fact that their main cast has been there so long.
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